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Lincoln Navigator Suspension



  • ken110ken110 Posts: 2
    Can anybody tell me how to attach the front lower sensor arms on a 2003 Navigator?

    The front lower sensor arm on both the left and right sides periodically fall off, and that side of the vehicle becomes lower (and in some cases higher) than the other side, along with a bouncy ride. When it happens, I simply slide the arm back on; it stays on for a while and then falls back off. I don't know if I'm attaching it correctly, or if there are any special clips I should use. Can anyone help? The suspension system works perfectly while the arms are attached.

    Thanks alot.
  • ken110ken110 Posts: 2
    Did you ever find the answer to your problem? I am having the exact same problem with my 2003 Navigator, and I'm trying to find out the same information you were looking for.

  • How hard is it to replace the ball joints? I know there's a special tool needed but what other issue's would I run into? I'm not a mechanic so I really don't have a clue but money being as it is doing it myself is my only real opion.
  • koeserkoeser Posts: 1
    Please help! I took my 98 Navigator to the shop for air suspension, they replaced the control module, and a sensor under the front end, and it still does not work $900 later. :mad: The compressor was replaced about 6 months ago, so it's fine. But the rear end is all the way down. We disconnected the rear air valve from the compressor, and used a air hose to test the bags and lines. No leaks they hold air just fine... untill we plug the air line back into the compressor. ( We did all this with the car running, and compressor switch on) We think it may be a height sensor or the rear solenoids, any ideas?
  • evawevaw Posts: 1
    I have been told that when running level ground on some SUV's that 4 cylinders will shut down to save on gas. Does anyone have any knowledge of this??? If so please let me know which auto's and just how much does it help and on which of the larger SUV'S. Looking at Denali's, Escalade's, Navigator's, & Enclave's!!
  • rtbnsn1rtbnsn1 Posts: 1
    My 2005 navigator is lower on the driver's rear than the passenger. I replaced the solenoid on the rear strrut but it still hasn't leveled out. The solenoid cost $166 at the dealer. I have checked all fuses and there is no leak in the system. Can anyone offer any advise since I am very $$$$reluctant to take it to the dealer.
  • I just wanted to say that this forum has been so helpful. BUT I have a question, if the suspension in the Navigator is giving all of us this much trouble shouldn't Ford take notice and address the problem. Well friends that is what I have been trying to do with passion for the last 48 hours. Of course Ford is blowing me off. I implore all of you to make a big deal out of this as well. WHY? Because Ford assumes that since we own Navi's we have the money fix the car ourselves multiple times and that it will no longer be our problem. I don't care if it was $10.00 or the $1000.00 that my local dealership wants to put a new relay and compressor in mine. I work hard for what I have, and have no desire to shell out any of my money for something that is FORDS fault. I mean look at all the websites and business dedicated to this issue alone. When you buy a car you have regular wear and tare, this is such a big deal that it don't seem that way. When you get a car modified it is usually to improve the car from the factory, not to take a step backwards. I mean be honest those of us considering either the Steel Shock conversion are doing so to remove all headaches of the Air Suspension. We aren't talking about racing clutch in a Mustang for performance we are talking about having to get ried of the factory componet for an inferior item just to keep them on the road. Please contact Ford so they will resolve some of these issues. Just go to the Lincoln's owner page, and go under contact, you will get a very prompt reply, telling you that they really don't care. God Bless and have a great Day.
  • cissicissi Posts: 9
    I live in Sweden and started this line about the air suspension. Because I didnt get any help from Ford.
    They dont deal with so many cars like this here so I needed help to know what it was so I could tell the garage and find out if this is a problem they could fix. I couldent take it on a truck and move it from place to place. But help , absolutely not.
    So I will never again own anything from Ford. I have red they are in finance trouble becuase of the world financial crize , but they behave as they didnt needed any more customers.
    I am really so angry over that they even can behave like this . So my money will they never get again.
    If anyone has a good idea in somehow making some sort of a protest list . Maybe
    facebook ? If everone who feels the same will sign ?
    So that Ford gets this . You know also in big company things like this the board never maybe hears about. So people "on the floor" who deals with customers can really do damage to a company.
    I feel also that this is a issue a lot of lincoln owners has problem with .Even if it stands that they shall be changed when service after so and so many miles.
    On my car they went about exactely on this miles. And my service appointment was not before 14 days after. They should absolutely keep good over this limit .
    So no even if I love my Lincoln ,never again. And never Ford because of their ignorance for their customers.
  • I am new to this forum and any forum for that matter. How do you find the answers to the questions that other people post?
  • My 01 Navigator seems to riding a bit higher that normal. Also it does not make the clicking noise that it used to make after i park it. I think that clicking noise is what the owners manual refers to as normal for deflating or lowering. Also my check suspension light has been coming on intermittently for a while now. I have tried to switch my 4x4 switch to low range to see if that would reset it, to no avail. Any suggestions to help me trouble shoot this problem? I just want my normal ride height back.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    If a "proper" reply is made to a question then the original posting will contain a link to the reply. "Proper" means that the reply was made using the "reply" link near the title of the posting. Otherwise, just scroll down through the messages and look for replies.

    You can also "subscribe" to a topic and receive notification when additions have been made to the discussion.

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  • Where did you put the air to get it in the bags? I know its a temporary fix, but my kids can't be bouncing around in the back of the car. LOL
  • mybadcarmybadcar Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    right side will not stay inflated, after compressor stop after a minutes or so.
    if upulg full solenoid it will hold air. code c1725
  • s2kneons2kneon Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if the rear coil springs that come with the strutmasters and similar kits are the same as the OEM springs purchased from Ford?
  • silvernavisilvernavi Posts: 16
    I have a 99 Navigator and am considering switching the suspension to non-air. I see there are a few companies that offer conversion kits. Is one companies kits better than the others or are they basically the same?
  • lincoln03lincoln03 Posts: 13
    I have a 03 and changed to coils over 2 years ago. Can't speak for the other brands but I used Suncore and at first she was sitting a little high and the ride was a bit stiff but once i put some miles on them they softened up. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference in ride if i don't tell you. Air ride is great new but after a few years you have to stash some money away for the inevitable check suspension light when it gets cold. I don't know about you but these days i know of better things to use my money on than giving it to the dealer.
  • betajdlbetajdl Posts: 3
    I have a 02 Navigator that had the air suspension replaced with shocks/springs. I failed to have the check suspension light disabled at the time.
    What is the recommended method of disabling the light? OR what is the easiest?
  • s2kneons2kneon Posts: 3
    On my '98 2wd, I just went to Advance Auto Parts and picked up a pair of TRW Springs for $85. Part number CC80841. Same as Moog. I've had them on for about 2~ weeks now and no issues at all. Rides great!!! The TRW springs, although not advertised as a conversion kit, comes with directions on how to do the conversion.

    Don't pay for the overpriced 3rd party springs if you don't have to.



  • I have an occasional check suspension light. Rear of truck is just above tires. Can i do something to raise rear of vehicle before i have to pay for new suspension?
  • jphipps10jphipps10 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 navigator. the compressor Hasnt kicked on in like a month. the back end of the navi is riding really low almost on the tires....what do i need to do? any suggestions to help me out? my kids and wife dont like the bouncing around so much.haha . where is the compressor located? or the sensor? or relay? anything really... Thanks.
  • lyof8lyof8 Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    The other day i had a general fuse problem stero, vents,lights, there were a few. About the same time the rear suspension deflated and riding right on the tires. I replaced feses and got it all working again, except for the suspension. There is still one fuse that isn't working it dose not light up why when its tested. # 20 a 5amp fuse there is nothing and the fuse itself is good. I have not seen a check suspension light at all, I have flipped the switch but nothing. I checked the part behind the headlight when testing it would make a loud click and it sparks. The sound is as if the compressor is tying to engage but than just stops. How and whats next to test the system.
  • yellaboyyellaboy Posts: 1
    OK. Last saturday while coming home at 1am. The front of my 2003 Navigator slowly descended until it was touching my 24in wheels. I have had the problem where the senssor needed to be unplugged and replugged and the car would raise. NO GO this time.

    So i had it towed home, and bought a new sensor since there was no sound from compressor. NO GO

    I followed the "compressor test" by using a wire to jump points A and B on the connector. There was more sparks, and no compressor music. From dealing with electronics, that tell me either the compressor or relay has a DEAD SHORT. That means that there is little or no resistance. So bad compressor. I am picking up 1 today for $150 here in Houston, remanuafactured.
  • 1mbdriver1mbdriver Posts: 2
    My ABS activates constantly, even when the car is not running. At times the ABS light comes on and off. Also, on ocassion, my rear is very low. With out spending an arm or a leg, I've notice similar ABS problems posted on Edmunds. Any suggestions......
  • 99naviguy99naviguy Posts: 1
    I have 1999 navigator that the rear has drop for the third time in 2 1/2 yrs can any one explain why this keep happening. i've had the dealer repair it twice so far? :confuse:
  • nonosnonos Posts: 6
    change over to strutmasters, i did it and love it, the car is always ready to go. your problem is most likely the height sensor, if the height sensor is bad it will never rise
    i got tired od that problem.
  • rick1964rick1964 Posts: 1
    My check Air Suspension System message came on today and the rear end is riding low. I read a post about an '03 and to check the relay. Where is the relay on the '07?
  • I know your post is a couple of days old, if you haven't changed to coils yet you should think about that. I have an 01 Navi, went to advanced auto got the trw cc80841 coil springs it even come with conversion instructions. I've seen this remedy all over this forum. As of last weekend I am a believer. Easy job, faster with two people..
  • I am having problems with the rear of my 1998 Lincoln Navigator. I have taken it to a mechanic and the dealership and have heard two different things. At one place it was the compressor and suspension relay and at another I heard that it might be the motor (which was replaced) and the air bags. I did notice about 2 weeks ago a hissing noise coming from the rear of the truck. Now, the dealership is telling me that both airbags need to be replaced, at a cost of $800! Would it be better to convert from air suspension to coil shocks? Do I really need to replace the air bags? I just want to get it repaired because I want to get rid of the truck!
  • So yesterday I park my 2003 Navigator in Walmart parking lot. I come back out about an hour later. Start my truck and drive off to the gas station. While waiting in line to pay for my gas I look out the window of the gas station and realize the right front end of my SUV is tilted toward the floor. Does anyone know why only the passenger side of the front end will not rise and the issue isn't with both sides?
  • I have a 99 navigator went to start it the other day and compressor went on (but the rear is not lifting. i just joined on here and have seen the problem come up before. i'm going to try reseting by unhooking the battery for a bit. and the union fitting looks ok (but unsure). I can also hear an air leak I think that was not there before, need a hand here. :confuse:
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