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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • jorgensen: I had configured my Denali under Webcarbook thur my Nationwide membership, I was surprised at how accurate it was, almost to the penny without destination charges $765. I had read about everything at edmonds and was ready to hit my dealerships. The morning I arrived at Scholfield in Wichita, Ks they had just recieved a Denali from Minn. in trade for a 3/4 ton Yukon XL, Garnett Red, The block heater was the only extra i hadn,t configured in my car. I bought the car for $700 over invoice $44,900. I had a price through Nationwide, a factory direct purchase, of $44,200, Invoice, but I would have an estimated 10 week wait. I got to drive this car and it was perfect, so I took the bird in hand. I want a 6 year $100,000 mile extended warranty, My dealer price was $1,800 with CNA, My Nationwide price was $1,200 with Encore, I need to spend a little more time to match terms, however they are both transferable and appear to be identical. Does anyone else have some experiance with the extended Warranty???
  • londonfinlondonfin Posts: 31
    I'm trying to decide if the Denali is worth the $4,000-$5000 extra over a fully loaded Yukon SLT. I plan to mostly on-road driving (I hope!) with the exception of some beach driving. We get a fair amount of snow/ice (Mass.) and the idea of AWD does sound good most of the time, but I would give up true 4WD. Does this really matter? Also are there real differences other than that or is mostly cosmetic? Both engines give me the feeling of good power and I don't think I'll do any serious towing.

    Thanks, Jack
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    jgmilberg: thanks for the welcome back. Unfortunately the DXL sat in the garage on this trip. Business to sunny Florida.

    Actually, the transmissions are different in the 1/2 ton YXL/Sub, the Denali XL w/ 6.0L and the 3/4 ton YXL with either the 6.0L or the 8.1L.

    All 1/2 Yukons/Subs have the 4L60-E (also called the M30), both Denali's and the Escalade have the 4L60E-HD (Heavy Duty) which is a more robust tranny to accomodate the 6.0L together with the special arrangement for the AWD, which isn't available in the 1/2 ton subs and Yukons.

    All 3/4 tons have the 4L80-E (also called the MT1), which is even heavier duty than the 4L60-HD. The 6.0L engine is basically the same in the 3/4 ton Yuk/Sub, Denali and Escalade, however in each application they have a different HP rating due to different intake and exhaust manifold arrangements.

    The 6.0L in the 3/4 ton has 315hp and 365ft/lbs, the Denali is rated at 320hp and 365ft/lbs and the Escalade has 345hp (5hp more than the 8.1L) and 380ft/lbs (the 8.1L is the grandaddy of torque with 455ft/lbs which is more the Fords 10 cylinder...nothing matches cubic inches for torque with the possible exception of supercharging. However, that's another story. I installed a B&M 174 supercharger myself on a 454 Chevy in my boat and there's absolutely nothing that compares to cubic inches COMBINED with supercharging).

    I am sure on the ceiling controls. You need to ask to see a fully loaded Sub or Yukon XL with both rear and front "climate control" and no sunroof. Or ask to see a Denali (XL) with no sunroof and then you'll be able to see the pods and controls that are used.

    I didn't see my truck before I had the sunroof installed however the dealer showed me a regular Denali before mine was shipped in. That Denali had no sunroof and had the pod with the rear climate controls. The dealer explained that is the same configuration that a DXL comes with when the sunroof is not ordered.

    jjorgenson: I ordered a 6yr/75,000 mile, $100 ded, GM Major Guard warranty from the dealer (GMS-Supplier) for $1500 which was better than I could find on the internet. I didn't want to deal with the hassles of a third party warranty for the sake of a couple of hundred bucks, so I stayed with GM.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    On the Major Guard, do you know how much more it would've cost to get a ZERO deductible?
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I did see a Denali XL with dual auto climate control, and no sunroof. It had a full length console with the sunglass holder,cd holder(only holds 3 cd's), and tissue box compartment in it. Like I said it had the main control for the rear in the front above the mirror, then the homelink and three compartments, then the dome lights then the rear controls. The full lenght, or I think the dealer calls it an extended overhead may still be and option on the Denali. My salesman was not in on Friday for me to ask about it. But I did test drive a Denail XL w/full overhead and dual auto climate controls. Does yours still have the front controls for the rear? The fron overrides the rear I think but am not sure. Like if you don't want it on you can turn it off in the front w/o turning around or messing around with the rear controls. I don't know because I dont have the pod in the back w/ the controls, because of he factory roof. I do agree that the General should have made it available w/sunroof option, you do pay a lot for the roof. If the aftermarket can do it once it is built, it should be easier to do in the build process. They would probably want to charge extra for it anyway. GM doesn't stand for Generous Motors.

    I am going to stop by ASC to find out about a controller that will auto close the roof when the ignition is turned off. Will keep you posted as to what can/can't be done. Really want that feature, only used the roof once and know I will leave it open if I am in a hurry to get somewhere.

    As for the trans, I have a 3/4 ton 6.0L and the 4L80E trans. I did not know of a HD variant of the 4L60E. Learn something new everyday! Thanks.

    What is the top speed on your boat?! What type of boat is it- size,cabin,ect..
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    Now I'm confused. I wonder if the factory is putting out different versions for the ceiling consoles based on whats in the parts bin? The full length ceiling console is not an available option on the Denali that I am aware of. In fact even the Denali literature shows the short version front console without the sunroof.

    I have the controls on the dash for the front climate control, a second set of controls above the rear view mirror that has the lockout feature to deactivate the climate controls on the rear pod. And then, the rear climate controls are duplicated in the stand alone climate control pod accessible to the second row passengers.

    BTW, the boat is a Stingray cuddy cabin with the 454HD (roller timing chain, roller rockers, 4 bolt main, custom Holley, the B&M 174 Blower and lots of other "goodies"). The boat does 82mph which is a wild ride in a 26' boat with only the last 12" of the boat actually in the water.

    obyone: I don't recall the GM Major Guard warranty for the $0 deductible exactly, however I think it was $250-300 more than the $100 deductible. I believe the thinking is that with a $0 deductible it will take approximately 3 additional repairs to pay off the additional upfront premium for the higher priced policy versus the $100 ded policy.
  • nrossinrossi Posts: 47
    Hello all. I am shopping for a new Denali, can you give me an idea of what a good deal is on a lease? If you could give me figures for - 1 monthly payments, 2 down payment, 3 cap cost, 4 money factor (annual rate) - I would really appreciate it. Any other info you think would be useful would also be great.

  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Maybe my dealer was installing them after they got them. They had 6 when I test drove one w/o the roof. They had 2 with factory sunroof and 4 w/o. All 4 w/o had the long console. The Denali XL brochure I have is for a 2001, and on page 4, I found the only picture of the roof console, and if you look between the map lights there is the switch for the roof. This may be the cause of the confusion. Sounds like a real handful of a boat you have there too! Is it an inboard or an I/O?
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I was just looking at the Denali brochure and realized once again I may have misled some of you. The wood trim kits for the Yukon XL will fit, but it will not come with the part to go over the console between the seats. The Caddy one won't work either because the whole section that is like brushed aluminum is wood grain, and the outer "ring" is just plain plastic. On the Denali/XL the "ring" is covered in the wood trim. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution to the problem shortly. The wood trim kit for the Yukon XL will fit and will change the look dramatically but I am not sure how it will look with the center being the original gray wood color. The other option might be going to a gray carbon fiber kit that will blend in with the "wood" left over on the console.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    heatwave3, "The boat does 82mph which is a wild ride in a 26' boat with only the last 12" of the boat actually in the water". Sounds like a plane trying to take off! :-) Wow!

    Wood trim/carbon fibre/brush aluminum kits, try . We have a Wood/carbon fibre/aluminum trim dash kits discussion topic in the Aftermarket & Accessories message board. Feel free to participate in there if you wish.

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • rbarker3rbarker3 Posts: 4
    nrossi: I'm assuming you are looking for Denali lease and not Denali XL? Can give you an idea for the XL - via GMAC on a discounted MSRP (Cap cost) of 44805, no downpayment, the money factor is .004860, interest rate of 11.49%, monthly pay including the monthly sales tax pay of 6% is 951.19. This is for a 36 month/45,000 mile lease and residual value of 25,400.

    Using our Credit Union, cap cost is same, no down, money factor is .003450, interest rate of 8.16%, monthly pay with tax is 847.96.

    My dealer did not recommend going the lease route for this unit (I have yet to lease a vehicle anyway!) so I just wrote a check for the thing instead.

    Hope this is of some help.

  • willardh3willardh3 Posts: 18
    Has anyone got any info/news on what might be changing for the 2002 models which will be built in June or July?
    Hopefully they will have the Auto Climate nailed down on the sunroof and also the pest problem of cold feet for the passenger.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    For those who asked, I used the '92 K2500 Chevy Silverado Sub and will be using the '01 GMC Denali XL to tow my boat which is a Stingray with a Bravo 1 outdrive attached to the Blown big block (dyno at about 530HP).

    Definitely needs the trim tabs to avoid lift off not to mention chine walk, but it sure is a great ride in warm weather and calm waters on the either the lakes of western PA or on Barnegat Bay, NJ.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I was at the dealer today, and found out that a Denali XL comes standard with an "extended" or full length roof console, unless ordered with a sun roof. The short separate ones like yours are installed by the aftermarket roof installer and come from the Yukon w/o extended console. Parts dept said they get orders for them "all the time, 10-15 sets at a time". The same thing happens when an aftermarket roof gets installed in a Yukon/XL with SLT pkg.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58
    I too have an '01 DXL and none of the DXL's at the dealership where I purchased mines (Maryland) had the extended overhead console. I don't have a sunroof and i too have the two seperate heating/ac controls without the extended console containing the extra compartments. It must be something special in your living area.......
  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58
    I spoke with a Nifty Product Rep this morning and she stated that the part number for the complete set of mats for DXL(front, 2nd, 3rd, and rear cargo) was 6612-53 (same as yukon xl and burb). Can anyone who has already purchased these mats confirm or deny this info? Thanks
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    It is probably an option, an when the dealer orders them for "lot" sales orders them with the extended console. Oh well, wouldn't be the first time I got wrong info from the dealer. It would seem like a big hassle if you had to get the long console and wanted an aftermarket roof, and ordered it with that intention. I am still mystified as to why they don't include the 2nd row seat air/heat controls on the factory roof equipped models.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    Are there any '01 Denali XL owners out there without a sunroof? If so, is the ceiling console extended from the mirror to the rear controls or is it two separate components? Sounds like we could use some feedback from somebody that owns one versus what the dealers are telling us.

    CatchAlls: has anyone ordered these mats for a Denali XL? For those of you that purchased them for a '01 Suburban or Yukon XL, are you satisfied with them? What other brands did you compare to and what are the advantages of the CatchAll brand versus others?
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I have them in my XL. It took a little getting used to. The have a 1 inch lip on the outer edge that holds the water in, and for about 3-4 days I got my foot caught on them exiting. Do a wonderful job of protecting the original carpet. The bad part is if they fill with water your pant legs will get wet. When it is reallywet I will go to the local DIY carwash and use the big vacuum to suck out the water. I have a friend with a Sierra and he has the custom fit rubber mats with all the ribs in it so your pants stay dry. They were only avalable in black when he got them, might be available in other colors like grey, tan by now.
  • I replaced my Firestone Firehawk Tires on my
    2000 GMC Yukon Denali to Michelin tires after
    6000 miles... I had complained to GM that the
    Firestone tires where unacceptable on delivery
    in August 2000 The Firestone tires gave me a soft
    ride. I find the difference terrific and handling
  • drb2002drb2002 Posts: 72
    "Are there any '01 Denali XL owners out there without a sunroof?"

    Why yes... Every day I drive the sucker, I wish I had a good place for my sunglasses! I will really be steamed if GM starts to put full consoles in the DXL's! My DXL was built 1/8/01, and I have yet to see any in Salt Lake City that have the extended console... Does anyone have a part# for the Gray ext console?

    CatchAlls: has anyone ordered these mats for a Denali XL?

    Why yes...BUT the manufacturer is supposed to drop ship them to me weeks ago. They hadn't shown up when I picked my DXL up in Idaho, so the dealer said they would ship them to me for free. I paid $235 for the "Complete" end to end set. I called Monday, and the parts girl said they should be here by today. I will let you guys know how well (or bad) they fit.

  • rbarker3rbarker3 Posts: 4
    >>Are there any '01 Denali XL owners out there without a sunroof?"

    Why yes... Every day I drive the sucker, I wish I had a good place for my
    sunglasses! I will really be steamed if GM starts to put full consoles in the DXL's!<<

    I am in the same boat as Dave - '01 DXL picked up one week ago from dealer - no sunroof, two control areas in roof - one up front at windshield, the other 24" back, just beyond rear of front seats for the mid-row passengers. Didn't know that some have full length with the extra compartments - don't let the wife know (it's really her vehicle) 'cuz she, too, would appreciate the sunglass and tissue holders. Can't give you the build date right now since wife has it at work. Will call my dealer and get his story.

  • andyl2andyl2 Posts: 84
    Nifty has decided not to make the second row floor mat to fit the Denali XL (all other mats fit). The 2nd row mat from the Yukon XL will not fit properly. Theresa Brewer is the customer service director. If enough people complain, Nifty may change their mind. Their phone number is 800-356-5666, ask for Theresa Bower. Tell her that you were told that Nifty will not be making a Catch-All for the second row of a Denali XL. If you want the mats, please call and bug her. She is on vacation until 3/12.

    Thanks for your help.

    In the mean time, any other mat suggestions would be appreciated in case we can&#146;t get Nifty to change their mind and make the second row mat for the Denali XL.
  • rhanson3rhanson3 Posts: 69
    What michelin tires did you go with, size?
  • nrossinrossi Posts: 47
    Can anyone tell me what the differentials are on the Denali's - front, center and rear?

  • I've had my DXL for a week and still in love, I was a little disalusioned when I tested my tire changing equipment. My spare was a Firestone Wilderness AT 265/75R16, but the tires on the ground were Michelin Cross/Terrain P265/70R17 blackwalls, 35psi, 6 plies, 2535 lbs max. My dealership said this was normal I'll take their word they have treated me right, but I think I will be a little nervous if I have to change to the Firestone with my 5000lb boat in tow. Will the 16" rim do any damage if I have to use it?
    The dealer put 40psi in the tires, but the door plate says use 30psi? Do I increase the pressure with my boat in tow? Matts, I'll call on them also, I have buckets on the second row, has anyone found Matts to fit the Buckets???
  • drb2002drb2002 Posts: 72
    I too have the 16" spare... is this a problem?

    The Numbers...

    tire Diameter
    2*(265mm*0.75%)+(16in*2.54mm/in) = 438.14mm
    tire Circumference = Dia*Pi
    438.14mm*3.1416 = 1376.46mm

    tire Diameter
    2*(265mm*0.70%)+(17in*2.54mm/in) = 414.18mm
    tire Circumference = Dia*Pi
    414.18mm*3.1416 = 1301.19mm

    Circumference Ratio
    1376.46mm/1301.19mm = 1:1.05785

    At 2000RPM(tire), the spare tire will rotate 2115.7 times. Do the additional 115 rotations per minute cause damage to the differential after some period of time? I really don't know!

    Is there a mechanically inclined reader out there who has factual knowledge about the "Denali's" pumpkins?


    PS. The tire ALWAYS outranks the door plate psi ratings!
  • rbarker3rbarker3 Posts: 4
    Dave: Spoke with my dealer today about my 16" spare vs. the 17" four for the road. He said GM wants you to get your 17"er repaired quickly and back on the vehicle. This rationale is akin to the "donut" spares that come with some cars - not full size and recommended for short-term use while flat full-size is repaired.

    Also had queried dealer about the full size vs. two mini roof consoles on DXLs with no sunroof. He can find no information from GM reps that indicates it was ever possible to get a full size. I wonder if the guy's with the long one wasn't an aftermarket add-on?

  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58
    My vehicle came delivered with 42 psi per tire. I deflated to 30 psi as tire stated and the tires looked almost flat and drove horribly. I put 35 in as the door plate suggest and the tires still looked flat so I put 42 back in all of them. I wonder if there was a mistake somewhere along the line.
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