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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    bkosaianh: now I'm confused. If the second row mat fits for the Denali which is the same as the Denali XL, why wouldn't they have CatchAll mats for the 3rd row and rear cargo area since those dimensions are identical to a normal Yukon XL or Suburban. Something doesn't sound quite right.

    Do I have it screwed up or shouldn't they have a full set available for a Denali XL, if they have now added a design for a normal Denali plus their existing design for the Suburban. Anybody have any thoughts?

    I'm just curious why you don't have the price for the set or is it the price for the XL that you don't have? Any additional help would be appreciated.
  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58
    The only other things I've done is tint the windows darker, acquire the "new" polished aluminum wheels and replace that ugly red GMC grill emblem with an aluminum billet one. It makes the vehicle a lot more sleeker, meaner, cleaner, ..... I plan to do a video and audio upgrade in about a month or so......ALso want to add the Poron reverse/Back-up device
  • rhanson3rhanson3 Posts: 69
    Where did you get the new grill emblem
  • Does anyone know what a good price is in Canada for the Denali (non XL). Asking is about 62k?
  • bkosaianhbkosaianh Posts: 17
    Sorry I dont have the answer your looking for on the Denali XL. I can tell you that the part # I posted is in my truck now and works well.

    I am going to take a guess at why they dont have one for the XL. My guess would be that this truck either comes with or is available with 2nd row buckets and therefore you would want the area between the 2nd row seats protected.

    Your logic is reasonable because the first set I received was for a Yukon and it did not fit, so if they had to design a new set for the Denali why not design one for the XL at the same time.

    The reason I do not have a price readily available is that the truck belongs to a fleet of 32 GMC Trucks and the aftermarket dealer sold the mats to the dealer which in turn billed me for the mats, along with maintenance on 32 trucks and the purchase of (4) new GMC Trucks. I do have it but it just wasn't convenient. I'll get it for you on Friday and post.

    If I were you I would find a dealer that is willing to order or stocks both the standard Suburban mats and the Denali # I gave you. If what your saying is correct, the first row from the Denali will work, and the second and third row from the Suburban will work. (sounds expensive!!!!)

    Good Luck!!!!
  • safe1safe1 Posts: 16
    For those of you that are interested in another source for your GMC truck accessories, I have found Performance Products to offer a wide range of national brand after-market accessories to help spiffy up your Denali's. You can access their website at You can request a catalog from this site.
    They do offer such items as the Catch-All mats, clear tail light covers, etc.
    I've used their products on my '99 Denali and will likely use them again on my recently ordered '01 Denali. Happy shopping!!!
  • dwight53dwight53 Posts: 19
    You can get a visteon Nav system put in for about $1750. I had one on my Crwn Vic and had it removed. If I get a Yuk/Tah, I plan to put it in. Installation costs about $60. Many dealers carry them or you can get an upolstery shop or auto radio aftermarket shop to put it it. Looks a little tacky, vs built in, but GM seems to think that Onstar covers everyone. I am a sales rep covering many states and need a real Nav system, not onstar.
  • bkosaianhbkosaianh Posts: 17
    The price I paid for Catch -All Part# 641538 was $249.95. These mats are for a standard 2001 Denali. I called another aftermarket retailer in the Detroit area and he quoted 299.95.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    bkosaianh: Surprising that you found CatchAll mats for your Denali. I contacted Nifty directly and they informed me that have not manufactured any 2001 Denali or XL mats yet and they are 6 weeks from production. Are you sure they aren't 2001 Yukon or 2000 Denali mats? I would think it would make a difference.
  • I am about to take possession of a 2001 Yukon Denali XL that I ordered. The vehicle arrived at the dealership yesterday. I have not yet taken possession. The dealer was informed by GM that the 6.0 liter engine was defective! The engine has a definite knock. They are going to replace the engine with a new engine before I take delivery. Will this effect resale value??? Any ideas??? Am I obgligated to purchase this vehicle???
  • bkosaianhbkosaianh Posts: 17
    Heatwave3.....I called earlier this week when you asked for the part# and specifically said 2001 Denali. Did you ask them what part# 641538 was for? I guarantee it fits a 2001 Denali!!!! I have never been in a 2000 Denali or a 2001 Yukon so I can not tell you if the ones in my truck are interchangeable.

    As I stated before the original set I ordered did not fit and the aftermarket shop said that was all that was available. I contacted Nifty direct and was advised of the part#. I called the shop back, and they called the warehouse they deal with and they stocked them.

    If I had a digital camera, I would show you!!!

    Good Luck!!!!

    MBCLK430....I need to know where you purchased the aftermarket GMC Emblem for the grill? I too hate the look of the factory one. I figured I would be changing the entire grill. Please post!
  • larrys7larrys7 Posts: 35
    Spoke with that compay last week when my 01 YDXL arrived - Customer complants forced them to remold the mats. Due out mid May I was told. Will post new part #s ASAP. I had a set & sent them back. I'll wait - great product.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    bkosaianh: Thanks for the additional feedback on the mats. No offense meant by the questions to confirm your info. Was just confused by the info supplied by Nifty. I will wait until they have the full set of DXL mats.

    Any quibbles on the mats since you installed them and did you consider any other mats?

    I also am interested in replacing the GMC emblem on the grill, although I happen to like the overall look of the stock grill. I am also interested in any info on a replacement billet GMC emblem for the front grill
  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58
    Sorry's the info on the grill emlem..........Manufacturer: Empire Motor Sports.....Autobahn wholesale, telephone number 1-800-750-1120, website: is the place where I first saw it ($79), but I shopped around and purchased for $56....cant find receipt to give info on retailer I purchased form. The emblem can be seen at on exterior misc. accessories......its listed for $72.50 through them.....will try and find my receipt!!!!
  • Does anyone have any advice on paint protection? Has anyone done it through the dealer and at what price? Any aftermarket products that make more sense? Please advise.
  • I shopping for a full-size GM SUV. Should I get an optioned out Tahoe LT/Yukon SLT or a Denali? Is the $9,000 premium just a way for he dealer to get more of your money or is it with merit?
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    Compiled this info from for a response on another site and thought the readers here might find it of interest.

    All sales figures are in units sold for the months of Jan and Feb 2001 compared to the same months in 2000.

    FORD: 2001 vs 2000

    Explorer/Mountaineer 54,277 vs 73,840 down -26%
    Expedition 27,494 vs 31,683 down -13%
    Excursion 5,238 vs 7862 down -33%
    Navigator 4789 vs 6215 down -23%

    GM 2001 vs 2000 (GMC, Chevy and Olds models combined):

    Blazer/Jimmy/Envoy/Bravada 49,950 vs 59,371 down -16%
    Tahoe/Yukon 40,113 vs 27,253 up +47%
    Suburban/Yukon XL 31,061 vs 28,974 up +7.2%
    Escalade 2084 vs 3788 (The sales for the Escalade were almost exclusively in Feb. for 2001 as this is a new model and sales were very minimal in Jan. compared to 2000. If you doubled Feb sales (2x 2723) and compared to Jan/Feb 2000 sales were up +43%).

    FYI: The Sequoia is not in the same league in sales at 9,494 for the first 2 months of 2001. Time will tell if they become a real competitor to Detroit.

    For those making purchasing decisions on popularity, the newly designed full size GM designs are clearly the growth leaders over Ford and Toyota.
  • bkosaianhbkosaianh Posts: 17
    Heatwave3...... Didn't take offense to your questions re: Catch-Alls, just trying to help. I received a catalog in the mail today from Performance Products. They carry both Catch-All and Cargo-Logic mats. The Cargo-Logic line has listings for 2001 Yukon & Yukon XL. Might be worth a shot!!! (

    Thanks for the lead on the relays, just installed them tonight!! They work well. You were right on getting the kick panel back on. That was the hardest part.

    mbclk430......Thanks for posting the info on the grill emblem. Can you tell me how you installed it? It appears that the factory emblem snaps out , does the new one snap in, or is it a universal two face tape deal? Also does the size look right? I noticed today that the "perforated" style grill appears to be solid under the factory emblem. Wondering how the new one will cover? Please post.
  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58
    Yes, the current one snaps out. The billet emblem screw into the same holes (4) with washers and locking nuts. Soon as I find my digital camera........I'll take a picture and post it or send it via e-mail.
  • dhill3dhill3 Posts: 11
    mbclk430: I went to the web site you listed to look at the Billet GMC logo - very sharp! I'll be buying one for my 2001 DXL for all the same reasons (seeker, meaner, cleaner), but before I do, I'd like to know where you got one for $56. I'd much rather pay that than the $72.50 at the web site you listed.

    Also, if you are still interested in a back-up system, I would highly recommend the Rostra system which uses microwave-based sensing technology (not hindered by weather conditions, mud/dirt, etc). The technology allows you to install the two sensing units behind the plastic part of the Denali's rear bumper, making it invisible. You cannot install in this way on a regular Yukon because of its all-metal bumper, but a small portion of plastic on the Denali's bumper assembly allows you to get away with it. And it does work! I purchased one locally for $156 (best price around by far) and installed it last weekend. It seems to work great. I did a lot of research on these products including Poron and several other "cheaper systems, before deciding on the Rostra system. It is also call the ROSS - Rear Object Sensing System.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    dhill3: What advantages did you find on the backup warning system you installed vs. the Poron? I am looking to install a warnign system on a 2001 Denali XL and liked the digital readout and audible signal of the Poron, but haven't made a purchase. How difficult to install was the Rostra system?

    Isn't the Poron system also microwave technology?
  • dhill3dhill3 Posts: 11
    As I understand it, the Poron and other systems that have been out on the market for a couple of years use more of a "line of sight" or optically-based technology, which requires the sensing units to be visible from the rear-end of the vehicle. That, in addition to the more accurate and reliable sensing ability of the ROSS system is what sold me. I did, however, give up the digital readout feature offered with the Poron. My two cents - I don't want my eyes looking at a digital display on my dash while I'm backing up a 3 ton piece of steel. The tone warning (piezo unit) on the ROSS is okay but the three little (and I mean little) display lights (green, amber, red) that come with it are pretty lame!
    Installation was extremely easy and is well documented and supported by photos (specifically of the DXL) on Rostra's web site. Total installation time took me about 45 minutes. It probably could have taken 30 minutes, but I'm very particular.
  • bkosaianhbkosaianh Posts: 17
    MBCLK430 Thank you for the lead on the grill emblem!!!

    I purchased it today thru E & M Wholesale (1-800-924-0647) The cost was $64.95 + shipping. Looking forward to the new "look".

    I also noticed today a slight ticking or knocking noise coming from the motor, has any one else noticed this. After reading post about Denali delivered with bad motor it's got me a little worried.
  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58
    What's the web address for this system?
  • dhill3dhill3 Posts: 11
    mbclk430: the address for the ROSS system is
    I'm sorry I didn't post that info in my previous message.
  • tag9tag9 Posts: 39
    I think you may find this somewhat of a wash.

    I was in a Chev dealership recently and saw a loaded 2001 Burb which listed for over $47k. It did not, however, have a sunroof. It did have extra trim stuff such as lighted running boards, tailight covers, bug deflector, wood on the dash, steering wheel, etc. Very nice except, as I said, it was over $47k without a sunroof.

    Note that this vehicle did not have some of the Denali XL features. For example, it had the 5300 engine. Further, unlike the Denali, it did not have audio controls on the steering wheel, heated second row seats, theater-dimming interior lights, projector-beam headlights, and a few other Denali-specific features.

    In short, I think you'll find the price differential here to be a lot less than $9k. Of course, that's based on MSRP; your results may vary depending on the dealership. It's been my experience that the Chev folks have been much more willing to deal than their GMC brethren, at least in my area. My local GMC dealer obstinately refuses to budge, even a nickel, from MSRP.
  • stoli2stoli2 Posts: 6
    I know there has been some conversation of late regarding the billet grill for the yukon xl. Can someone list the url again where I may look at the grill emblem
    many thanks
  • dhill3dhill3 Posts: 11
    Question for mbclk430: I noticed the grill emblem on the Denali has black painted plastic in the "voids" between the letters and inside the letters "G" and "C." The billet emblem has these voids open. What does it look like behind the original GMC badge when you pull it off and stick this new one on? Does the perforated chrome continue on behind the logo? or is there just a flat panel, and is that chromed? I just want it to look decent.

    BTW, I just ordered the GMC polished aluminum billet grill emlem (13-1/4" x 3") for $60.00 + $4.75 shipping from
  • stoli2stoli2 Posts: 6
    Can someone tell me what my options are for a new 2001 yukon xl. Are there some aftermarket companies selling high polished wheels for the yukon or can anything be had from the dealer. If so what are some of the urls for the wheel companies
  • dhill3dhill3 Posts: 11
    Our recent postings have been discussing billet grill emblems, not grills. You can find a picture of the emblem at
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