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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Are these the '02 models that you were referring to?
  • buttabutta Posts: 44
    The next generation Escalade will be considered an '02 model.
  • can someone please email me and tell me where to find them?
  • buttabutta Posts: 44
    You can either check out the current issue of Motor Trend for a pic and some basic info, wait a few weeks for Caddy's official release, or email me and I'll send you what I was able to capture off the net.
  • phlphl Posts: 15
    Finally found a GMC dealer who had a clue, wanted my business and had an allocation --placed an order for me(I have the six digit order code) - TPW is 9/11. Couldn’t find an invoice price for the 2001 Denali but made an invoice plus deal---MSRP is 46,650 only option is sunroof 900 +color. A big thank you to Clifford for all the terrific information in posts and on your site as well as everyone else on this board for making me much smarter.
  • buttabutta Posts: 44
    Is the order for a 2001 Denali or Denali XL?
  • phlphl Posts: 15
    It is the the 2001 Denali not the XL. Why?
  • dsedse Posts: 1
    What part of the country do you live in. In my area, none of the dealers have any allocations yet or prices.
  • phlphl Posts: 15
    I spoke to someone at GMC who gave me the MSRP and confirmed that the Denali could be ordered now, if the dealer had an allocation. Supposedly the dealers should know their allocation on this vehicle through the end of the year. I had to talk to many dealers(actually eight). Most had no idea of what to do, telling me to come back or call in October. Two sought out the information but didn't have an allocation. The dealer that made the extra effort and had the allocation was Ken Stuart at Condor in Catskill, NY. and they're only a 40 minutes away.
  • hpyhpy Posts: 3
    Has anyone heard that the metallic red for the 2001 Denali XL cannot be ordered at the present time? How much below MSRP should I be expecting to get?
  • I tried calling gmc for info they told me to talk to a dealer. Does anyone know where I can get price. I do know that they are going to be released three weeks early. Should be 2nd week in october. I want to order one but haven't seen colors. What does TPW mean and allocation?
  • phlphl Posts: 15
    Great resource on ordering info is Clifford Martin's site-
    I believe allocations for Denali's are separate from regular Yukons.
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    It seems that the 2001 Denali has taken a step backwards in regard to the headlamps. The 2000 models have the special muti-lens assy. but he 2001 looks like it has a stock lights same the Yukon. Anybody notice this? I think the current 2000 model looks better from the pictures I've seen!

    Both Denali and Escalade had upgraded headlight assemblys to dictate the higher end offerings. It seems that they are saving money on this one and not trying that hard to differentiate the "look" anymore.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    still can't get the two tone leather in the regular Yukon...not that it matters...
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    did for me too! Plus when someone asks what's that, that you're driving...tell em it's a Denali..and they go... huh?
  • Yes, but the people who do know what it is make up for those who don't with their reactions...
  • Don't you think that the New Escalade would be much better than the Denali? I mean the complete recognizable differences between the two. Even though the Escalade costs more wouldn't you rather spend your money on something that isn't just another copy cat?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Escalade has been reborn and is considered quite unattractive by many...something about the Batman like style of the headlights...quite frankly I would rather have the new Hummer than the Escalade. just my opinion.
  • How come the less expensive jimmy's come with a trip computer and the yukon doesn't even offer it as an option. I'm glad The denali finally does offer it.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    the yukon doesn't even offer the trip odometer as an option? I could have sworn that there is one when I test drove it. There's a little button in between the tach and speedo. When pressed, it changes from odometer to trip odometer...hold the button in for a few seconds and it will reset the trip odometer. Or was that on my silverado? No...I think that they are that way on both...
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    I think he means the extra display that gives you MPG, Miles to Empty, etc.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Ah yes, the thing that changes with your driving habits and come on most GM cars...thank you for clarifying, I can rest easier now... ;)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    when he posted that question. You should see the response he got in the Yukon topic when asking about it...eeeh!! they can be so cruel at times...
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Don't even get me started on that topic...
  • cwmartincwmartin Posts: 89
    I have added 4 technical drawings about the 2001 Denali, that GM supplied to me, to the photos page at my web site.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    They look familiar, wait a minute, they are mine. I took them at the Minneapolis Auto Show this spring.

    I didn't know you have stuff on your website from "jerks" like me.
  • buttabutta Posts: 44
    I had the "privilege" of seeing the 2002 Escalade
    earlier this week. All I can say is that that thing is one bizarre looking SUV. Caddy has gone way the far with there new EVOQ inspired styling. Why they would completely disregard the muscular, forceful styling of the current Escalade to replace it with what looks like a bolt on grill from a Mad Max movie?

    With the exception of the front, and a few minor
    styling details its still a Denali/Yukon. The only
    interior difference I could see was a "really
    useful" analog clock in to lower dash array.

    So, all of you waiting for this new luxo SUV to go
    on sale, had better seriously consider the new
    Denali (same improved mechanics, none of the
    horrific Caddy 21st century styling)unless you've got a pair of slick leather pants and go by the name Road Warrior!

  • jimvetajimveta Posts: 96
    exactly what i was thinking butta! hehe..
    with aztek, evoq,.. i dunno what to make of gm's
    design except maybe they're big mad max fans
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