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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I really like your two tone paint, nice job. Please try to take another pic with a full side view. I would like to see a larger area
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Good for you. I guess the squeeky wheel does work.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    The dealer should replace it for nothing up to 3 year/36,000 miles
  • I had an 8 year old chevy van whose belt began to squeak after a rain or high humidity. The belt looked ok but I figured it was time to get a replacement. A mechanic told me to save my money and buy a bottle of STP Son of a Gun protectant and squirt it on the belt when necessary. It worked fine.
  • Have you corrected the problem with your climate control yet? I have replaced the controller on mine but didn't help.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I have never owned a vehicle with a serpentine belt that didn't squeak.
    Thanks for the info, i will certainly give it a try when my belt starts to squeak. My only ? is can that cause the belt to slip???
  • Since the squeak goes away I don't believe it does slip.
  • Will try to post a better photo later this week. The digital is at my office. The 2-tone paint cost me $550. I had the top portion of the front bumper done, the lower rocker panels and the lower end of the rear tailgate. I did not paint the rear bumper, running boards or the lower portion of the front bumper. I did not want the lighter color of the 2-tone paint to accentuate the lower look of the assist steps or front air dam. I get a lot of looks, it really stands out. I would like to get the GMC front emblem but didn't want to spend $89 bucks. I am getting the high/low beam relay. Door locks don't bother me - I have 2 young kids so I prefer the delay in unlocking.

    ? Is it normal for the AC light to come on when you use Auto on the climate control even if its 40 degrees outside. I usually turn it off when it comes on. Don't want any more cold air!

    Later, Debster
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Good, I am anxious to see the new photo with a greater side and full front view.
    Re the a/c light. It will be on when u are in auto mode, it goes between air and heat depending on the temp inside the vehicle, to keep it at a constant temperature.
  • My 01 DXL was doing the same thing only in the rear. In order to get any heat you had to turn it to full heat setting in Auto mode. Any other Auto mode setting would blow cold air full fan. The dealer took the whole back apart, talked with GM technical support, tried several parts before replacing the rear climate control computer. That solved the problem. The Denali has five temperature sensors for the climate control system. Mine were different by as much as 40 degrees according to the computer. Find a good service department and tell them to talk with GM technical support to resolve the problem. Good Luck!
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Hi, unless i misunderstood,debster72 did not say she was getting cold air out of the system when the heat was on. She wondered if the A/C light should be lite when in the Auto mode and she is using the heat. As i said, perhaps i misunderstood the question.I have certainly done that before..
  • I have not had a chance to take it to the dealer. It has been snowing continuously for the last several weeks and the dealer will not provide a replacement loaner. The handling in the snow keeps me driving it for now.

    Thanks for the info. jammon1. I have to take it in soon due to excessive brake squeal. I will mention this info.

    Too bad the new (larger engine) BMW X-5 isn't a little bigger!!!
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Where do u live that it's be snowing so much? I'm in Chicago, haven't had any yet.
  • I should have clarified. I was not speaking about the AC light during auto climate control mode. I was speaking about the rear climate control working with a mind of its own. The rear has been resolved and is working fine, just in time for winter.
    As for the AC light during auto mode, it will go on or off as the system determines the need for it.
  • I've had my Denali Xl since early Oct last year and for the most part have always been comfortable with the temp setting at 74 or at the 12:00 position. Its not until recently that I get to fumbling,cursing and kicking when it starts blowing cold air with the outside temp between 30 and 40 degrees. Thanks for the info, I'm going to take some of your posts with me on my next trip to dealer.Hope they don't ask me when the ac light is on or off because I'm so confused I don't have a clue.
  • Jusr had a oil change done at 13,000 by the dealer. I asked if there were any updates to the flash memory that adjusts the shift points on the transmission based on some of the posts I've read here. In fact, there was an update.

    They did the update while changing the oil and the result is a noticeably smoother take-off from a dead stop and smoother shifting between gears. It costs nothing and only takes an additional 15 minutes.

    Its worth checking into next time you're into the dealer for any service.
  • I have a three week old 2001 Yukon XL. I really am enjoying the vehicle. I have noticed that when I remove my foot from the gas peddle and coast there is a whining sound that I can only surmise is the driveline. When I put my foot back on the gas peddle the sound goes away. Anyone else have this whine and is it a concern? There also seems to be some slack in the engagement with the transmission that makes a slight clunk sound sometimes when turning a corner and then accelerating.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Yes, I have the same whine with my foor off the accelerator. I believe it to be a normal condition and have had the same whine in all of my 4x4's. I have never questioned it, but am sure someone reading this will have an answer.
    I have not noticed the clunk.
  • My 02 XL only has 210 miles but no whine (Knock on wood) yet. I did notice a whine when I was test driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I believe its from the alternator. Some whine louder than others.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Be Thankful u didn't buy the Jeep!
    The whine is a fairly normal gear noise. I would rather keep the whine than have the dealer change out the differentials. Just my opinion.
  • I just purchased a 02' Denali and LOVE IT! Power, comfort and overall ride is awesome:best in its class. One problem though... as I was driving to work the transmission "locked-up". I took it back to the dealer who inspected the transmission but found nothing wrong. I too have the 4L65 HD transmission as I will be towing my boat in the summer. They said they did a "flash-memory" service but no sooner am I pulling out of the dealer's lot when it happened again!

    Chevydude, have you heard anything else regarding this?
  • How does one find out which transmission they have? My sticker says 4 SPD Auto trans, electronic. Is this the 4L65 HD?
  • larry91,

    I live in Central Oregon at the base of the Cascade mountain range. The western part of the state has had rain for a month, but it comes down as snow on the east side. We have had continuous snow and ice for almost three weeks now.

    I commute about 60 miles round trip and the DXL has been great. I put a set of studless snow tires on it and it goes anywhere. Even freezing rain has been no problem. The traction is almost scary. It handles even better than are Quattro. That's why I hate to take it in for these little annoying problems.

    Again, GM has missed the little touches. The Audi has an indicator on the dash that lets you know when the vehicle's traction control is coming on due to loss of traction. This would be nice in the Denali. It lets you know that it may be time to slow down.
  • goodguy2: Both Denalis have the 4L65HD trannys. All Yukons (Tahoes) and all 1/2 ton Yukon XLs (Suburbans) have the 4L60 trannys. All 3/4 ton Yukon XLs and Suburbans have the 4L80HD trannys. The 4L65HD is dedicated to the AWD Denali's and the 4L80 is dedicated to the heavier towing capacities of the 3/4 tons.

    As a side note, for those of you with Yukon XLs, Subs and Denali XLs, the third row seat overhead light does not have on/off reading light switches. This can be easily upgraded by ordering the second row light with switches from The part #s are 15765710 for the Tan interior, 15044370 for Shale and 15765711 for Pewter. The light runs about $21.00 plus shipping.

    To install, turn off the overhead dome lamps at the dash. The old lamp is easily removed by using a small screwdriver to open the lens of the existing lamp (look for the small notch to pry the lens open). This will enable the light to simply be pulled down from the ceiling. Disconnect the wire plug from the old lamp.

    Next take a pair of strong scissors and simply cut the ceiling along the lines impressed into the ceiling by the original lamp (the old lamp is smaller than the new lamp). Plug the wire connector into the new lamp and test the lamp briefly by turning on the overhead lamp switch at the dash. Reinsert the new lamp into the larger opening with the lens open. Once the lens has been closed, the new lamp with switches will be locked into place.

    Its an inexpensive upgrade that will enable your third row passengers to do some reading or coloring on any long trips at night. Unfortunately, you can't perform the same upgrade on the cargo area lamp unless you run a ground wire from the third row lamp and change the wire connector to incorporate this extra ground wire.

  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    OUCH, that's too tuff a climate for me, I like Sun and Heat.
    I understand perfectly what u are saying re the Denali, I love it too, but are really ticked off about the seemingly little touches that the GM designers forgot. Maybe they didn't forget, but didn't think necessary, anyway, maybe Lutz can shape them up????? Also Fit and Finish is a bone of contention, it's really POOR. However, after listening in on the Sequoia forum and the problems some of those folks are having, i mellow somewhat about my tyrates about GM. Guess none of the auto mfg's really have it all together.
  • Hi all, I have a 2001 GMC C3, which has nearly the exact same interior and other furnishings of the Denali's. Same engine, same AWD system, it's just the pick-up truck version. The only thing I don't have is the Bose system and the Auto A/C. Otherwise, interiors are same material. I have found that my truck is put together superbly. No squeaks, rattles, or any fit and finish problems. Mine is black with the two tone pewter interior. Also should note that ALL C3's were
    built in Canada. Not sure if that has anything to do with assembly quality but I wanted to bring that up since I think most or all Denali's are built in the US.

    Anyway, this truck is the only new vehicle I have never had mechanical or warranty related items to address. It is just as pleasurable to drive as my 99 Lexus GS (which had numerous warranty issues) and I am thinking about selling the Lexus and just driving the C3. Anyway, just thought I would jump in with my comments since our vehicles are pretty similar. Just wish the C3 and the Denali's came in more color choices (I only had 3 choices)
  • jphdxljphdxl Posts: 32
    I've been lurking in the forum for some time now. Thanks to everyone for the great tips and ideas (hi-beam relay, radio troubles, replacing 3rd row "reading" lamp, etc.). We got a new '01 DXL last summer (no sunroof, 2nd row bench). My only complaint with the DXL is that I couldn't get the sunroof because it took off too much headroom (I'm 6'5"). Thanks again for all your help!!
  • On page 2-19 of the Owners Manual it describes an Engine Coolant Heater. (If Equipped).

    If equipped to me indicates its an option. I thought the the DXL only had two options. Moon roof and center buckets.

    Also, can somebody explain what the black female plug under the dash on the drivers side is for?

    The outside temp is now 44 degrees. Fan was blowing hot air under two minutes after engine was running. Never had a heater work that fast in any other vehicle. Not bad.
  • goodguy2: Other than color there are only three options to choose from on the Denalis. 1) Moonroof 2) Center buckets instead of split bench 3) plug in engine heater.

    I'm not sure what the female plug is, however I suspect its for the service computer to be plugged into when diagnosing and servicing the vehicle.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    The plug on the dash is called an ALDL socket. ALDL stands for Assembly Line Data Link. It is used by the dealer or mechanic to service and program certain features on your vehicle. If you have had any GM car/truck built between 1982 and now with a computer they all have them in the same approx. location. Also, if you purchase one of those power programmers it hooks into the same plug for performance programming or tire size changes. Hope the info answered your question.
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