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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • The same thing happened to me, and the vibration went away when the dealer replaced the muffler.
  • jnl333jnl333 Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone

    I have a 2002 Denali and really love the truck.. The one complaint that I have concerns wind noise that I only get at high speeds. The noise seems to come from the front windshield on the passenger side. The sound is best described as sounding like crunching plastic. Anyone else experience this.

  • Define high speeds.

    I've been at 75 and its very quiet.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I seem to have an odd situation with regard to wind noise. On my car, I get a fair amount of wind noise from the area of the outside mirror on the driver side - but only in a narrow range of speeds. It's not there below about 25 mph or above 30 mph but there's a distinct whistling type sound in between.

  • campo57campo57 Posts: 94
    There have been many people that have had problems with the rubber gasket that surrounds the windshield. Most have had the dealer glue it back down.

  • jnl333jnl333 Posts: 2
    Usually 65mph or higher
  • I had a 95 Chevy G20 van at any speed over 25 had a nice whistle from the drivers side mirror where the black plastic frame met the mirror case. I used black electrical tape to eliminate the noise. Sometimes it very difficult to determine the cause.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    jnl333: I had some wind noise at the windhield. First you need to be sure its not coming from a sunroof. If you have no sunroof the dealer can easily address the noise by a special adhesive applied to the gasket around the windshield, particularl on the upper half.

    I had an ASC sunroof installed which needed adjustment which eliminated 95% of the wind noice I was hearing. Good luck.
  • The Escalade's 6.0 engine has a larger throttle body, ports and cam, and 10:1-compression heads.
  • According to Popular Science Mag GMC has solved the problems with the Vortex V8 4-6-8 variable engine. Can't wait for post on this one.
  • lalanelalane Posts: 39
    Thanks for the vibration input. Question: Did you go in (to the dealer) specifically to have them replace the muffler or was that their idea. I'm coming up on 15K maintenance checkup, thought I take care of it then. Your thoughts.........

  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    There are 11 speakers. One in each A-post, 2 in each front door(tweet and mid range), one in each back door, one in each of the rear pillars, and the Sub in the back.
  • I went to the dealer about the vibration specifically. They drove it around, I drove it around with them in the car, they hit the muffler a few times with a hammer, drove it some more, and then ordered a new muffler. I am at 22K miles right now, it was replaced about 5000 ago, and it has not come back since. I have been looking at Borla exhaust systems (headers back). If the vibrations comes back, I may just replace it all with the Borla stuff.

    I never really sensed any power loss, but I just couldn't stand the annoying kazoo-like sound.
  • I have a tweeter right over the drivers head. That makes 12.
  • campo57campo57 Posts: 94
    That grill over the driver's head is not a tweeter (or speaker) it is a sensor that has a fan that sucks in cabin air for the automatic climate control system.

  • lalanelalane Posts: 39
    Took the truck in yesterday for my 15k service and had them check out the cause of the vibration. According to the service mgr, the vibration was caused by the misalignment of the heat shield for the muffler. So, they repositioned it and it seems to be corrected. We'll see....

  • Been a while since I have posted. Regarding your message: What did you find out about the engine knock when cold. I have a mazda miata that does the same thing and the knock goes away. I assume it is normal and just getting the lifters or valve tappets lubricated.


    I have a list of small items that need to be fixed, and I was just waiting to find all the small stuff for one visit. Here is my list.

    1. Engine knocks when cold
    2. Engine pulley squeaks (which one?)
    3. 2nd row driver side seat heater doesn't work
    4. Rear roof rack does not latch on passenger side
    5. Rear hatch is very prone to not latching
    6. Steering wheel off center... Just kidding!

  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I have the same knock. The dealer says GM knows about the knock and it will not cause any harm.
    I took out the extended warranty with GM, so we'll see what happens.
  • 9rfan9rfan Posts: 6
    I've had my Denali for 3 days & 110 miles and so far my OnStar has gone out completely requiring a new unit and while driving home last nite the "cargo door ajar" message flashed on my message center, subsequently causing the interior lites to go on & off like a strobe lite around each turn & every bump inthe road. I stopped to check the cargo door & it was secure!! Anyhow, it' s now at the dealer for 2 days awaiting the new OnStar & they are checking out the malfunction with the interior lites/"cargo door ajar" lite show.....Has anyone else experienced similar problems and is this a precursor to more problems????
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I had the cargo door problem. The dealer adjusted it and it was fine. One interum solution is to push the button next to the light switch that prevents the interior lights from coming on.

    One other thing. Make sure your cargo mat/line is not preventing the liftgate from closing fully.
  • Hello~
    I have a 2001 Denali and this issue has been getting Progressively worse and now it is to the point that I am going nuts when I accelerate, it is a humming "Vrvrvvrvrvrvrvrvvr"( yes that is How it sounds dont make-fun :) ) sound when I am cruising and it is only when I press the pedal Accelerate the dealer put dye in the differential to see if their is a leak that may not be the problem , but I dunno it just has been getting worse and now It is time to do something about it , so If anyone knows what this may Be PLEASE post , because I dont Want to Have to deal with GMC going back many times trying to find the problem, Thank you very much.
  • 9rfan: can't speak for the OnStar issue but the door ajar was easily adjusted in my DXL. There are two latches on the bottom of the rear cargo opening that the door attaches to. These are adjustable and can be moved in and out. I believe when the door gaskets are new, such as your brand new vehicle, they tend to push the door away from the door ajar sending switch even though the door is properly latched.

    The dealer should simply loosen the latches and move them closer to the interior of the vehicle by less than a quarter inch. That should do away with the inadvertent door ajar signal.
  • 9rfan9rfan Posts: 6
    Well, 3 days after purchasing my Denali, it will be in the shop for 6 days (it wont be ready until late monday, the 11th) seems like I need a new OnStar unit or something & the it has to be ordered from back east; the dash is all apart & they dont want to have to reassemble for the weekend....Jees, I didnt even want the damn thing in the first place really & was ready to tell service to just yank the darn thing out....what a pain!!!!

    LOBSENZA & HEATWAVE3: Thanks for the insight on the latch problems, I will try to tactfully tell the service techs to try your approach!!!

    I've almost forgotten what my new truck looks & feels like...... :<
  • The vibration I experienced is probably this same humming. My noise went away with a new muffler (under warranty), but the problem may just be a misaligned heat shield (see above). So far as I can tell, the noise is the result of anything mechanically wrong that would be a safety or performance issue, but it was enough to irritate the heck out of me and any passengers.
  • Hello all:

    This is my first post to this forum, though I've been following it intently for the last couple of months. My wife and I finally made the move two days ago and traded in her leased 2000 Acura 3.2TL/Nav for a 2002 Garnet Red Yukon Denali. All of the information that you guys have provided here was instrumental in our decision to go with the Denali (also considered Acura MDX, Cadillac Escalade, Ford Explorer, and even Range Rovers). We've been very pleased with our Denali in the short time we had it. I must also say that the Edmunds TMV figures and information aided the purchase process greatly. The dealer was trying to convince me at first the this vehicle sells about at MSRP, and the $2002 cash back was all I should be looking to get off of the price. But, as soon as I whipped the TMV printout out, the dealer changed his tune. I wound up negotiating to $1200 over invoice!

    Also, the posts here also seem to be getting browsed by some folks at GM--I say that because many of the do-it-yourself upgrades (such as the relays for the auto-opening sunroof, the door unlocking when shifting to park, and installing map-light equipped dome lights on the rear seats) are already incorporated in the Denali we just bought (build date 11/01).

    Well, my real question was: has anyone attempted to install the cargo cover from the Denali XL into a base Denali? It appears to have the slots right behind the second row seats to hold one, and the hooks molded into the rear interior panels at the tail gate to catch a cargo cover when extended. But the GM site I looked at (and the Yukon brochure) seem to indicate that the cargo cover is not an option on the base Denali, only the XL. Is this the case?
  • JT

    I don't know whether the cargo cover on my 2002 Denali XL will fit your base Denali but if you call 1 800 462 8782 between 0800 and 2300 hrs you can get an answer from GMC customer assistance.

    What is an auto-opening sunroof?
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Cargo covers are standard on all short wheel base SUVs without a 3rd row seat. I am sure that that carco cover will fit. It is probably the same as an XL cargo cover, but I am not sure.
  • jtstrick: Did you mean auto-close on the sunroof? If so, I have to say I'm surprised that the GM lawyers let them have it. The ASC sunroof which is the same sunroof as GM's factory model, comes with a different electronic controller that enables one-touch open and close and an auto-close feature which closes the sunroof 10 seconds after the ignition is turned off ( nice feature if you leave the sunroof open by accident and it rains). These features combined with the ability to have climate control in the rear compartment with the aftermaket installed ASC sunroof is why I chose it over the factory unit.

    Also was curious if the 02 Denali enables both the low and hi-beams to be on when you activate the hi-beams? Or do the low-beams automatically turn off when you activate the hi-beams? Do you have to turn the fog lites on each time or do they stay on the next time you start up the vehicle?
  • Activating high beam turns off lows.

    Fog lights stay off after re start.
  • Hello all - Just purhcased my '02 DXL (pewter w/ a sunroof) 2 weeks ago. So far, it's a heck of a ride. I had two concerns with the truck and wanted to see if you folks have had similar experiences.
    1) I hear a strange whining coming out of turns from the front drivetrain. It only seems to happen at low speed ( either that or I can only hear it at low speed ) and tends to go away within a few seconds after straightening out the wheel. I'm assuming it's the AWD system .. I used to have a Jeep GC with the full-time AWD and heard all kinds of drivetrain noises but nothing quite like this.

    2) I'm hearing what sounds like an electric pump from the rear when the car is running. I am guessing this is the Autoride, but I would have figured that this noise would go away after any load leveling was done ... of course it could be the adjustable damping .. .

    3) I noticed something kinda scary the other day leaving a stop light .... the transmission seemed to slip for about 1 second before I let off the gas and then it caught and has been fine ever since.

    Anyway, that's what I've noticed so far. If anyone has any input, pls let me know.

    We've been averaging ~12MPG around town ... to put that in perspective my old JGC with a 5.2L ( 318ci) and full-time 4wd used to get about 12.5mpg around town. Color me impressed.

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