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I am in the market for the 335i coupe. However, upon research etc. I find the 335i sedan is not only cheaper, but the lease deals have more attractive..better residuals AND better money factor.

I slightly prefer the coupe styling and believe it to be more exclusive, I calculated at least a $75/month savings on a 36 mo, 12k lease.

Thoughts on this? 4-door is obviously a bit more practical. Are there really any performance differences that I am missing?

Help me justify the Coupe is basically what I am asking....


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    The coupe comes with the "sport suspension" standard. If you want the upgraded suspension on the sedan, you have to pay extra.
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    I thought they both had Sport Package options?

    When I spec both out equally, the sedan msrp is almost $2k less (by memory)
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    Actually, the effect of that $2k difference in MSRP onto the monthly payment is about $25. My guess is that the main reason for that $75 payment gap between the sedan and the coupe is the fact that you are getting less discount from dealer on a coupe than on a sedan. The coupe still commands prices near MSRP, while a $1,500 discount may not be too difficult to get for the sedan.
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    The residuals are lower for the coupe... That accounts for most of the higher lease payment.. and, the money factors are slightly higher... another bump..

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  • smithsongasmithsonga Member Posts: 123
    Exactly...it is NOT just the MSRP. I could live with that, it is the residual and money factor.

    But regardless, I guess I need to drive both. I wasn't sure if the coupe was equipped more performance oriented given the same options. e.g. is the coupe Sport package more Sport for example.

    Hopefully the convertible will become the new HOT vehicle and the coupe will loosen up a bit.
  • tpjcourtneytpjcourtney Member Posts: 34
    The coupe does come with the sport suspension standard. The sport seats and larger wheels are added when you get the sport pkg. The sport suspension for both models is the same though.

    There is a slight weight difference and the coupe has a lower roof line so probably a slightly lower center of gravity.

    When I ordered my E90 335i, I had to test drive a coupe since there were no 335i sedans around. The differences are not noticeable in everyday driving imo.
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    If you are sold on the size of the 3-series platform and do not "need" the backseat for extended passenger time, a deciding factor may be the visibility afforded by the B-pillar placement in the coupe. If you are tall like me (6'4"), you may find that the coupe offers superior lateral visibility due to the longer doors and positioning of the B-pillar rearward vs. the sedan. I drive the 5-series, but have driven the 335 coupe and loved it. I did not feel as "cramped" as I did in the sedan - although both are superb cars.

    Personally, I'd lean toward the coupe and enjoy driving the car to which you were initially drawn.
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