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Chrysler Town Country Audio/Entertainment Systems/GPS

When I try and stick a dvd into my 6 disc changer the radio shows error and the number 1 button is always flashing. Please if anyone could help me out. thanks


  • rdwilkesrdwilkes Posts: 3
    i live in the UK and have just picked up my 07 T+C Limited, it has the RB1 SAT radio and 6 dvd changer, i know the sat wont work over here but radio works fine, my problem is dvd i have bought region 1 discs the changer excepts them but the screen remains blank no life at all, i have connected my mpe via aux and still nothing, it came with remote and koss headphones, the remote is the one pictured in manual.
    al fuses are fine there 9is a power supply to screen roof mounted. once dvd's are inserted they dont seem to be spinning and the centre orange light on changer goes out, it will not respond to the remote either.
    someone plz help
  • ddaydanddaydan Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2005 T&C Touring with a RAZ Radio / CD player and 6 Disc DVD player with RCA input jacks. When I use my external MP3 player with the RCA inputs, the audio system seems to wait to detect a signal from it before it will play through the system. Between files it will lose the signal and will take 5 – 10 seconds to play again, missing that length of the next file. It is very irritating. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so how do I correct it? It makes using the MP3 player with this audio system almost intolerable.
  • jennypjennyp Posts: 1
    I have an '07 Limited Edition Town and Country. It came with a 6-disc CD/DVD Changer, but not the rear LCD Screens. I was going to have an after-market DVD player installed, but want it to be integrated with the factory installed changer. Does anyone know if the Chrysler systems have audio/video output wires on the back of their system so I can do this? I'd rather get a non-factory DVD player since they are higher quality/larger screens/lower price.
  • I was wondering if anybody happen to know a way you could get around watching movies while driving on the main, front, screen. My son likes to sit in the front seat and I didn't think about it when I bout the van, but I didn't get the screens for the second and third row. So he can't even go back and watch something. If anybody could help I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    There's a way but it isn't cheap. Do a Google search for FreeGIG. It's an aftermarket plug-in module that requires you to plug it into the rear of your MyGIG (you might have to remove it to gain access).

    At around $350 it's not cheap. My opinion on the price is that I could purchase an entire stand-alone DVD player with a larger screen than what's on the MyGIG for less than 1/2 of what this FreeGIG costs.
  • That is true. I was just looking for a way around having to buy a whole new screen. But it would/could be cheaper. Thanks for your advice.
  • rds5rds5 Posts: 2
    Has anyone out there experienced a problem with the Video system cordless headsets not working on the 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Limited?
    They worked fine until I had to have the 6 CD changer replaced, then they quit working.
    The dealer has no troubleshooting information on the system. DVD sound comes through the normal speakers just fine.
    Is the signal to the cordless headsets transmitted from the video display unit?
  • Is there a simple way to add GPS with a navigation DVD? I already have the touch screen with the myGig and the Sirius Satellite radio.

    Is there any additional hardware I need to get GPS? Am I only missing the software?

    Any ideas on how much it would cost to get the Chrysler GPS put in? What are other options out there?

    Thanks so much in advance!
  • We bought a used 05 Town & Country & the DVD (single disk) player did not work so they have replaced it with another used one. I have tried 6 DVD's in it and only one of those have worked. I have tried Cd's and one time it will work the next time it doesn't. The Dvd's are newer ones (all within a year) and none of them are scratched. Anyone have any idea why the DVD's are not playing? or do I need to call the place we bought it again? Thanks!!
  • jeepdtjeepdt Posts: 15
    Has anyone noticed that the 2008 MyGig system doesn't display correct CD info for anything newer than 7/2007. How annoying is it to have all NEW CDs come up as untitled track#. :confuse:
  • jeepdtjeepdt Posts: 15
    Make sure its legal in your state to have a movie playing in the front while you're driving also. :)
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I was wondering if anybody happen to know a way you could get around watching movies while driving on the main, front, screen.

    On an update to this, there is a new product out now called MyGIG Lockpick. It costs less than the FreeGIG I previously mentioned and has more features. The Lockpick website (Google search) has a demo that shows how easy it is to install - takes around 3 minutes.

    I'd said that I didn't think the MyGIG was worth it for the price. However, this Lockpick thing is so cool that I'm considering getting one. I am mainly interested in adding a backup camera and this makes it easy to view it through the MyGIG.

    It does enable in-motion front seat video, in reference to your original question. I would guess though that no states permit this.
  • rdwilkesrdwilkes Posts: 3
    will this mygig fit 07 model voyagers as its same size?
  • deevmandeevman Posts: 2
    I just took my 2008 T & C to the dealer for the same problem. All the cars in the showroom with My Gig do the same thing. It's annoying since you can't search or make a play list with unknown artists and tracks. I was going to contact Chrysler tomorrow
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    will this mygig fit 07 model voyagers as its same size?

    Are you looking to install the entire MyGIG unit? I know that the MyGIG was available for some second half 2007 model year vehicles. My 07 Sebring has MyGIG with nav.

    If you are going to get install MyGIG be sure you get the correct version. Read the warning below that I saw on another forum. Check with your Chrysler service department to see which on you have.

    Verify the correct MYGIG RER radio part number is being installed. There are 2 versions. One for the CAN B bus and the other that operates on the high speed interior CAN Bus as used in the KA (Nitro), KK(Liberty), JK(Wrangler)and RT(2008 Caravan) vehicles. Installing the incorrect version will take down the BUS
  • deevmandeevman Posts: 2
    It turns out that the My GiG system uses "Gracenote Database" to identify the data on a music CD. The problem is that the system doesn't automatically update. Chrysler said that to keep checking with the dealers. In the meantime any CD that is newer than 3-4 months ago will probably not be recognized.
    What a disappointment!!!!
  • Is anyone having trouble with the phone? All of a sudden when i push the phone button on the system it says "sorry the phone is not working? I've called Uconnect and a couple of dealers. Of course they don't know anything and haven't had any other complaints. I had to make an appoint to take it in next week. UGH!
    I hate this crap. Somebody has to know something. I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty but the uconnect is the same on all Chrysler products. This is the one with the 7" touch screen display in the dash.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Did you try pairing the phone again? I know I had to do this after I updated the MyGIG application software to v9.561.

    I don't know if it could lose the pairing for some other reason but that would be the first thing I would check.
  • Just tried to resync the phone as you suggested. The system won't even allow me to get to the set up. When i hit the phone button it asks me what i want to do but when i respond I get "sorry the phone does not work"
    How did you update your software?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    How did you update your software?

    On a Nitro forum there's a whole area devoted to talk on the MyGIG. One of the topics has to do with the MyGIG update. I believe it will only work if you have the nav option.

    I'd post the link but the firewall here at work won't let me get access to the website. Try a Google search for something like mygig 9.561 update.

    You have to download the update, then burn it to a DVD. If you follow the correct procedure on the website the update will install automatically when you insert it in your MyGIG. It takes around 20 minutes.

    I also found an update to the Gracenotes database, if you're interested. People have been complaining about newer music CDs and the song titles not being recognized by MyGIG. It's an 854 MB download but it supposedly will fix that problem. It was still downloading when I left for work. I will update mine later tonight.

    Again, try a Google search for mygig gracenote update. If you can't find it I'll try to help after I get home later.
  • We recently purchased a 2006 T&C, standard wheelbase. The DVD player in it is the single DVD, not the changer. Rumor has that there isn't any way to get headphones (wireless or wired) to work. It appears the only thing that we can do is play the audio through the radio - except we are getting tired of the kidz vidz!! Any tricks or solutions - or even an aftermarket product that would solve our problem??

    Also, this was purchased as a used van, there wasn't a remote for the DVD - should there have been?

  • Hello you will need a remote
    to turn the rear audio on
    press 1 on the remote control on some of the radios the headphone icon the radio will be displayed for 15 seconds on the other radios channel A or channel B will be displayed
    to use the headphones the rear audio must be on or the headphones will not operate
    If you need the remote you might want to look on e-bay

    Look for an VES remote that is the model you will need

    look for an e-bayer with above a 700 score with 99% or better you you will get great service
    Look for FACTORY PARTS there are knock-offs and aftermarkets on e-bay and you will need the FACTORY PARTS to get you headphones working
    Thank you
  • nance5nance5 Posts: 1
    We just recently purchased a 2005 Town & country LImited. It has the DVD player and also a single cd changer/gps system and a 6 disc cd changer. The book says we can watch a dvd and listen to it with headphones at the same time as playing a different cd and listening through the speakers(If the adults would want to listen to music in the front of the van) : . It doesn't explain how to do this , though. Can anyone tell us how we accomplish this?? Every time we try to listen to something ,other than the movie playing.... it turns the movie off.
  • rdwilkesrdwilkes Posts: 3
    I want to replace my RB1 satelite head unit with an after market head unit, i also have a 6disc dvd attached i'm not fussed about this tho, is there a particular harness i need? 2007 T&C Limited speakers are not amped there is a stand alone amp in rear quarter.
  • I bought an 08 Chrysler T&C Limited about 2 weeks ago. I got the Sig Series package but the dealership did not have the van I intended to purchase. I really did not want to leave without a van so I bought a cheaper model which did not have uconnect or navigation. It does have the MyGig system with the VES (2 screen rear video). I checked into site which offers the Lockpick.
    This solves my problem of watching tv and sat tv while driving, as well as the back up camera, but I really want the uconnect feature to work as well. Is there any way around having to buy a NAV radio unit in order to use the bluetooth function? The radio in my van has the buttons, shouldn't there be a way to unlock and use the feature? I know i'll have to add a microphone as well. Any help would be great.
  • asdrew1asdrew1 Posts: 19
    The coastaltech site says that there is a factory kit available from the dealer that can "connect and integrate these functions in the non-nav MYGIG radios." (

    They don't specify what it is called by Chrysler, but hopefully your dealer will be astute enough to know what it is (unfortunately not all of them keep up with the tech stuff enough).
  • Yeah, I havn't had any luck so far with dealerships. I'd go ahead and buy the NAV radio unit but I like my Garmin and don't need the feature. I've seen so many things for MyGig online but nothing to solve uconnect on a non-NAV MyGiG unit. It makes me curious if it is really possible and if so if the voice recognition is available as well since that feature is mainly for the NAV.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    It makes me curious if it is really possible and if so if the voice recognition is available as well since that feature is mainly for the NAV

    A friend of mine has a T&C with MyGIG. He has the non-nav version but he does have UConnect with it.

    I have the MyGIG with nav but I rarely use UConnect except to make a call.

    I read on another forum where another owner was inquiring about UConnect. One day, he/she was sitting outside to pickup their child from school. While waiting, they pressed the UConnect button and said something into it. It responded. Apparently they'd had UConnect for several months and didn't know it. They said it wasn't part of the features listed on the sticker.

    You might try that and see what happens before investing any money towards something you might already have. The microphone might at least be in the mirror already.
  • sudwelsudwel Posts: 3
    We recently purchased an '06 Grand Caravan, and are having the same headphone issues - even the parts guys at the dealership can't get the headphones to work with the DVD player - even with the headphone icon displayed! (We do have the remote).
    We still have warranty left on the van, so it was suggested that I have them take a look at it... and it just happens to be there today to get the A/C fixed under warranty - so they are also checking out the radio - I'll let you know what I find out!
  • sudwelsudwel Posts: 3
    Bad news - dealership told me on Friday that our radio "didn't come with the wireless headphone option"!!! We get the headphone icon, speakers in the van turn off and everything - but it wasn't an option on our vehicle - crazy! :confuse: So, our mechanic, who we bought the van off of, is going to look for a radio at the wreckers with the transmitter - I don't think I can handle listening to the kids' DVDs for another 5 hour stretch (one way!!) - I feel your pain!!
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