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Chrysler Town Country Audio/Entertainment Systems/GPS



  • csteinbecsteinbe Posts: 10
    I was under the impression that the MyGig radios on the 2008 Caravans had a place in the glove box to plug in an interface cable for an iPod. This was supposed to be on non navigation equipped MyGigs.

    I have a REN code radio, no navigation and no Uconnect and no plug in the glovebox. Is there something I'm not getting here, or is this supposed to be on Uconnect equipped models only?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    There might be an add-on for the iPod but I believe the standard connection is just the AUX jack that lets you listen to your iPod through the vehicle's speakers.
  • csteinbecsteinbe Posts: 10
    I think you're right. The part I was looking at: pc=7603

    seems to indicate the Bluetooth Uconnect kit is required.

  • claskeyclaskey Posts: 3
    We purchased a used 2005 Town & Country limited a few months ago. Finally took advantage of the unconnect service and paired my phone last week and everything was working very well. 2 days ago my son wanted to check it out and pushed the voice recognition button. Afterwards we made a call and my husband couldn't hear us but we could hear him - thought it might be muted but it wasn't. Next day we noticed I noticed I could no longer hear the radio, cd, dvd -- no sound. Called the uconnect people and they suggested I reset the system. Did this to no avail. Light indicating sytem working has never come back on again - only the mute light when it is pushed. Didn't get the warranty so really want to find out if this is something we can fix -- UGGGG!
  • kameltonkamelton Posts: 1
    How do I play the two DVDs on the separate rear screens? I don't have the satellite TV, just the radio and my gig setup. I can't find it in the manuals. Does it even do this?
  • asdrew1asdrew1 Posts: 19
    Use the remote to select different inputs for the screens. There's a lever kind of thing on the right side to select screen one or screen two. Then press mode at teh bottom left and select the screen's input source.
  • girlcat1girlcat1 Posts: 1
    Two questions, We have a dual tv in the back. Whenever we put sirius satellite radio on in the back the screen says "updating channels." How do we fix this?
    Also, in the back we try to put on one station on AM or one on FM, or the same (both FM or AM) and we can't do it. Whenever we change it to Fm or AM the other person's screen changes to that to. Or whenever we change the station both have to listen to the same thing. How do we get separate channels (FM etc.) and separate stations?
  • captfuncaptfun Posts: 2
    We have an '06 Town and Country that came with the RB-1 Navigation Radio and the in dash 6 DVD Changer, it does not however have an overhead screen. I want to add an aftermarket screen (since the Mopar ones are only 7") The problem I am having is that Chrysler wants $300 for the cable from the changer to the screen. Any ideas where I can find one or even just the connector,

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Is it a standard type connector, such as an RCA jack, or is there more to it than that?
  • captfuncaptfun Posts: 2
    I wish it were that easy. It is a rectangular connector with very small pins and approx 25 or so conductors. From Mopar the part is almost $300. I've tried some junk yards but no luck so far.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Try a Google search for "MyGIG Lockpick" or "AllGIG". Those are aftermarket systems intended for the MyGIG entertainment systems but they sell a wire harness that goes between the MyGIG and an aftermarket video system, backup camera or other audio/video add-ons.

    I know you don't have the MyGIG but the 25-pin connector sounds close to what they sell. They have pics on the websites of the harness and maybe you can determine from that if it's what you need. Email them for more info. From past experience I've gotten much faster response from the AllGIG website. I think the harnesses sell for around $50-70.

    I'd post a link to them but my company firewall blocks me from getting there.
  • I had the same problem, but looking around these forums I found there is an easier and cheaper solution. Check this out. :)
  • theroofatheroofa Posts: 1
    Did you ever get this issue resolved. We just bought a new 2008 town and country and are having a similar issue. Everything was working fine, and then this morning, turn the car on and no sound. Can't figure how to get the volume back. When turning the volume dial, we do not get that little graph showing higher and low. Curious to know if you have found out how to resolve. Granted we can bring it in for service, but would like to know if there is a quick fix. Thanks in advance
  • I have a 2006 Grand Caravan, with Navigation/DVD/6disc CD changer.

    Is it possible to utilize the MP3 player capability, while my children are watching a movie with the wireless headphones in the back?

    When I plug my MP3 player in the Aux jacks, located next to the changer, it automatically turns the movie off, and turns 'Aux' on---then the MP3 player comes through the speakers. The movie comes back on immediately after removing the Aux input jacks.

    Can they be enjoyed at the same time, or am I stuck with Sirius while my kids watch a movie??
  • nulalnulal Posts: 1
    Hi all, My 2 year old son jammed some pennies into my Town and Country
    dvd and cassette player. The whole system has shut down. Radio/DVD everything. does anyone know where i can get a used system? Chrysler wants 1700.00 for a new one.
    Only those with 2 year olds can relate i'm sure!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    does anyone know where i can get a used system?

    Try eBay. I've see some good deals listed there in the past. Examine the seller's feedback carefully before you buy.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    Also make sure it is a system from a Town and Country or Grand Caravan. I'm not sure of specifics, but some vehicles use a high speed bus (GC, T&C and maybe Nitro) and some a low speed. Again, I'm not sure of specifics, but have read and been told, the two are not compatible. Maybe someone with more knowledge can enlighten and elaborate.
  • deirdrefdeirdref Posts: 9
    I'm trying the rear radio/ dvd for the first time and everything works great except for the sat radio. It just gets stuck saying "updating channels". I have the 2 rear screens and it does it on each of them. The am and fm radio work fine. The sat radio works fine in the front seat.

    Any ideas?
  • de8212de8212 Posts: 6
    Getting ready to take a road trip and have some questions.

    Can I listen to radio/satellite radio in the front while my kids watch a dvd movie (or watch sat. tv) without the headphones?

    I think I have read that the kids can watch a dvd on the second row screen wiht headphones on while we listen to radio in the front. How can this be done?

  • joels1017joels1017 Posts: 11
    de8212, no, you cannot listen to the radio/satellite in the front seat while the rear speakers tune to the dvd/sat. tv in the rear. For the passenger speakers it is once source.
    The kids can watch and listen to different things on their own tv's though. To do that you have to navigate into the VES area of the mygig, you then have the option to set what each tv user wants for their entertainment. For example, you can set the second row tv to sat tv, and set the third row tv to dvd. Your manual you received with the vehicle explains how to do this. Once you have set the video sources for each tv, you have two headsets that you can then set to each listeners position. One the side of the headphones select either 1 or 2, this corresponds with which row the watcher/listener is in.
  • howell727howell727 Posts: 1
    How did you fix this?? The same thing happened to me this morning!! How frustrating!!!
  • tiger3ptiger3p Posts: 30
    This is not covered by the warranty? I'm curious if this is covered by the lifetime B2B warranty that we purchased...
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    How did you fix this?? The same thing happened to me this morning!! How frustrating!!!

    See if you're running the latest MyGIG application software and do an update if it isn't the most current. Some owners have said their no volume problem cleared up after they did this.

    How to check your current version:

    Menu > System Setup > System Information

    MyGIG updates:

    Unofficial MyGIG Information Site

    Be sure and d/l the correct application update, depending on if you have nav or not. RER is for MyGIG with nav; REN is for MyGIG without. There should be a tiny 3-letter code on the front of your MyGIG, near the bottom right corner.
  • Did you ever find a solution for this? Mine has been stuck updating channels on the rear VES for many weeks. I downloaded and ran the latest MyGig update software today, but it didn't help.

    2008 Dodge Grand Caravan REN
  • claskeyclaskey Posts: 3
    Hmmm...I hope this response gets to everyone of you who I received an email from asking me had we solved this problem yet. While on our vacation I was shared our challenge with my nephew who kinda has a thing for everything automobile related. He suggested that we unplug the battery completely for a while and then plug it back up to assure that the electrical system is being reset (vs just turning off the engine and opening the door like the uconnect reps told us to do which resulted in NOTHING :mad: . Anyway we finally did this on yesterday and IT WORKED :blush: !!!! We only had the battery totally disconnected for a few minutes and when we hooked it back up we had SOUND again AND the uconnect service started up again. Boy are we thrilled that we didn't take it in and get charged hundreds of dollars for a technician to do the same thing :)!! This may not work for everyone but thought I'd share anyway. It's certainly worth trying!!! ;)
  • No I haven't. I kind of forgot about it but just went out and tried it and it still says updating channels. I didn't find any solutions online. Guess I'll call the dealership when I get a chance.

    We did also have the no volume issue once but turned the van off then back on and it worked ok.
  • This worked perfectly! I went out to my wife's van, popped the hood, and disconnected both terminals from the battery. I waited only a minute or two max, and rehooked everything. When I turned on the van, I set the front to FM then got in the back of the van. The screen said "updating channels." I thought, "Great..." But, I waited patiently (not something I usually do), and after a few moments, the SAT came up in back! AWESOME!! Thank you (and my wife thanks you!) for this tip! I should have followed my own advice: When all else fails, pull the plug and reboot. I just never thought I'd be doing that with a VEHICLE! then again, I also updated the MyGig with a CD, too... Bet our grandparents would never have seen that coming!
  • Thanks for the reply. I guess I will have to call my dealership, too. If they have a solution, I will post it.
  • Update on the Updating Channels forever problem: I did not want to call the dealership and I did not want to undo the battery cables myself, so I tried taking out the fuse (M10 in my vehicle) for about 5 minutes (I put both rear VES channels on FM radio first), and that worked! After I replaced the fuse and started the vehicle, the "Updating Channels" message was gone and the Sirius satellite radio was working again.
  • ralf8ralf8 Posts: 1
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