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Saturn VUE



  • I have about wrung all the use out of my 95 SL1. I am seriously in lust with the Vues. I had a few questions for you-all if you could help:
    1) I've noticed a few references to the Vue "blowing around" in the wind. This is a real concern for me; one of the few things I never liked about the SL1 was its handling in a rainstorm (a frequent occurance in Florida). I always felt as if it wasn't really holding the road well. What's your impression of the Vue's "feel" as far as holding the road, esp. in rain? Do ABS brakes help?

    2) Did anyone pay for extras that they later wished they hadn't bought? Given my druthers, I'd get a stripped down model with automatic, no fancy trim and NO CD player (if I get a model with a CD player I'll make them take it out) but I'm not the only one making this decision and my SO wants every bell and whistle ever imagined.

    Thanks so much for any help!
  • millspdmillspd Posts: 106
    I've had my AWD V6 for six months now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed having it! We can get some pretty fun weather here in northern Illinois, and my AWD Vue (with ABS) has performed just fine in rain, snow, and wind (and all the various combinations of those three that this climate will throw at you!).

    I didn't buy every option on my Vue, but enough options (ABS, CD/cass. upgrade, sunroof) that it had a nice price tag. I don't regret them at all -- can't live in this climate w/o ABS and the sunroof is a joy.

    If you are looking to eventually trade in/sell the Vue later on, I think having the CD player would be a selling point.

    If you can drive stick, the Vue with the sport option package is such a deal.

  • I am very easily distracted and I decided long ago that CD players (and before that tape decks) represented a serious safety hazard for me :) Same with manual trans. ... I can drive them, but I'm really hard on them. The obvious fix would be to not be so inattentive (LOL) but I yam who I yam.

    We are in for rain this weekend so I have the chance to test-drive a few in icky weather. I went by the lot on the way to work and they have a few dozen, so I'm sure I can try both the AWD and the FWD.
  • millspdmillspd Posts: 106
    Yeah, I have been known to spend too much time figuring out which track to play on the CD. :-)

    I haven't tried one of the four cylinders with the Vti transmission so I don't have anything to say about them except that they should be cheaper than my AWD V6.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  • Would I be wasting time getting more quotes on a Saturn? After several days of exhaustive research, it seems as if they all sell for one price - the "wiggle room" is on the trade-in and possibly - possibly - having one or two options thrown in for no extra charge. Since my trade-in is pretty much a beater, it seems that the only benefit to shopping around would be to get the exact model/options I want, and I already know that vehicle is sitting on the lot less than a mile from my workplace. (Even the right color - silver.) As long as it performs on the test drive, is there any benefit to hitting other dealerships?
  • millspdmillspd Posts: 106
    You are correct to assume that there is some wiggle room on trades, though I don't know how much there would be from Saturn to Saturn dealer. I certainly noticed it when comparing a Saturn dealer to a non-Saturn dealer.

    If you know of anyone who has purchased from the Saturn dealerships that you are considering, I would ask them what they think of the service after the sale. If you don't know anyone, I think it would be worth your time to talk to the service manager and/or service writer(s) at each dealership and see what you think.

    My two cents. Good luck!
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    In terms of negotiations, we had car mats thrown in as well as 3 free oil change coupons. Not much but it's something. You mentioned concern about wind and the Vue being pushed a lot. We have so far not experienced anything like that, the Vue feels pretty solid on the roads.

    We drove through some snow this weekend from that big storm. The Vue performed flawlessly and we got home last night safe and sound. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.
  • The service department has been very good to me. The sales department did pull one fairly dirty trick on me the first time (the "whoops! your trade-in is worth far less than we told you before you started signing papers" routine) but I was defenseless against it because 1) I didn't know how much my tradein was really worth and 2) I didn't have the guts to stand up and say "Oh, gee, sorry, no deal."

    This time around - thanks to sites like this - I know my trade-in's value and what I need to make this deal happen and still give them a decent profit. I am also not in "panic" mode, so if I have to wait, I'll wait.

    I was curious about one thing you said. When you referred to the difference between Saturn dealers and non-Saturn dealers' view of trade-in value, did you mean that non-Saturn dealerships are less likely to be generous in trade in allowances on Saturns?

    vuefor2 - Several friends have told me they had floor mats thrown in. Actually, that was the other thing that irked me about the last deal - they said they would throw in floor mats but in the end they charged for them.

    The last deal I did with this place DID leave a bad taste in my mouth - but in retrospect that was as much my fault as theirs. I was just too ignorant! Since then, I've gotten to know some of the (non-sales) people there through other channels, and now know which salespeople to avoid. I've also met the general manager, who is new since the last time I bought a car.
  • millspdmillspd Posts: 106
    Hey DBwordgirl,

    Actually, our local dealer has offered higher values for our trade-ins (one a Saturn, two others non-Saturns) then what the market seemed to be saying those cars were worth at the time. I just chalked this up to them taking the price of the new Saturn down to make the deal happen without them actually being willing to say that was what they were doing. :-)

    Given the car you are trading in, I don't think you can expect too much as I suspect they have no interest in retailing it themselves. :-(

    Our VUE has been wonderful -- a pleasure to drive. I think you mentioned that you wanted a silver one -- excellent taste (that's what we bought too!).
  • oarloxoarlox Posts: 45
    We drive our AWD VUE in very windy conditions 2 out of 3 days of the week. We drive along Turnagain Arm here in South Central Alaska regularly, a normal day we have 25 mph winds but it is not uncommon to have gusts to 75 mph. The VUE seems to handle it fairly well. There is not a vehicle made that can drive under those conditions and not feel a strong gust. Our other vehicle is a 4X4 Suburban, I would have to say that the VUE doesn't get shoved around as much as the Big 4X4 in the wind. The one area of driving that the Suburban far excells the VUE is in very deep snow, it seems to lurch around a little when you go thru the mush and pilled up snow. They both do well on the ice. But the VUE will stop MUCH better than the big 4X4, which is no suprise. They both have ABS, studded heavly sieped winter tires. The VUE gets twice the mileage of the Suburban though!
  • If it does well in Alaska, it should be fine in Florida ... not a lot of deep snow here least not the kind that would present a driving hazard.

    I just made an appt. for a test drive and expressed a bit of disappointment that rain wasn't in the forecast (I do want to TD in the rain.) He said "I'll get a bucket of water and throw it on the road." LOL.
  • Well they said they can't write papers on a car until it has left the warehouse, so no go on trying to lock in the 0%. I just have to sit back and hope that they don't get rid of it at the beginning of the year.

    Does anyone out there have a pet net for their Vue? If so, how do you like it, and how does it work?
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    they end 1/02/03 you better get one in stock if they cannot lock something in...or try another dealer and ask them if they will????
  • The dealer is repairing the two problems with my Vue. It is a four cylinder sport package with 8400 miles on it. It seems the spray heads have been bad on a lot of Vue vehicles. They are replacing all three of mine with a new style sprayer. They also fixed the thumping when accelerating. There is a notice from Saturn when someone brings in a vehicle to tightened the front axle. It is nice to hear people are buying new Vue's with options and different colors. I enjoy hearing about problems with the Vue and how well they are repaired by the dealer. So far Saturn service is well beyond Toyota in service.
  • jb173jb173 Posts: 1
    Bought my 4 cyl VUE with VIT transmission on the 23rd and it failed yesterday on the 27th. It locked into the lowest gear and would only go about 20 mph!!!

    To be fair I haven't heard what Saturn thinks caused this yet. But I think I'm getting out while I can.

    I've seen no comments on this message board about this new transmission and frankly I'm very suprised.

    Has any-one else had any problems?
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    Wow bad news especially when I was about to buy one. Guess you have 1500 mi or 30 days to change your mind---but not good news either way. Let us know what happened.
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -Congrats on your BLUE VUE. You obviously have great color sense !
    -"Miss Viv" is happy to welcome one of her blue 'sisters' into the pack !

    1) Windy City:-
    -I read a review months ago about the VUE shifting in high winds and it has often entered my mind as I drive in Winter weather that it was so wrong. Now my little Tracker has to fight all the time, but the VUE is great.
    -I follow (oarlox)'s comments closely. I figure if them folks have a good time in Alaska with the VUE ... 'nuff said. Put the wind issue right out of your mind.
    2) CD etc:-
    (dindak) is right. Keep the CD, just don't turn it on.
    3) Options Buyers Remorse:-
    -Nope. Not really. I have the roof rack. It looks cool. I have never used it, but I am sure going to be glad the one time I'm at Home Depot and I "just gotta have it" something that's too big to go inside. I nearly bought the back bumper cover, but glad I didn't. Like (dindak), I love the Sunroof. No regrets on ABS/AWD for sure !
    Lots of luck ... get 0/0%
    Later ....
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -I have followed the POSTings about whistling side mirrors with confusion as I have only ever noticed an infrequent whistle from the roof rack once I moved the first strut back a position.
    -But, I took Viv to an auto car wash Saturday and was surprised to see that the side mirrors were adjusted. I like them way out so that I can catch those folks that sneak up on ya, and I have only noticed that valet parkers move the mirrors. As I was contemplating this I also heard mirror whistling for the first time.
    -I hit the down window button and pushed the mirror to check whether it had been ' folded ' back fully after the car wash. It hadn't. The ' wipe down ' folks hadn't adjusted the mirrors, they just hadn't fully extended the mirrors. THE WHISTLE WAS GONE !
    -Food for thought.
    Later ... happy travels ...
  • oarloxoarlox Posts: 45
    Seems that we have darn near killed talking about which color is the prittiest and which engine makes the most noise. How about silly license plates. Beings we are skiers and live in serious snow country ours is "MOGUL" we had this plate on our previous car which was a New Beetle and tell ya the truth that thing looked like a Mogul when it was covered with snow. The VUE looks more lika a box with head lights covered with snow.
  • I didn't know the mirrors on the outside of the car move, is that something that comes standard or did I misunderstand what you were saying?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I have only heard of one other person on the board that had a CVT and no complaints from him. I would let your dealer take a look before getting into a panic about it.
  • mmspealmmspeal Posts: 122
    yes the mirrors on the VUE fold completely in towards the car - my garage is so narrow that I roll down my driver's window and pull that one in before entering - just gives me a little more room to play with.

    To all those that are concerned that the 4 cyl. 5 speed VUE may not have enough kick - mine had enough to get me a $271 speeding ticket on the highway last night!!! I think someone was right when they said that the "red" screams "write me a ticket" as I was travelling in a whole group of cars flying down the highway and I was the only one they picked to pull over!!!
  • Carguy:
    I've relied on the oil change light twice. I changed oil the first time at 5000 km. The light hadn't come on.
    I waited the next time and it took about 7,500 kms (4,500 miles). I changed it and it's just come back on after another 7,500 kms.
    Since many manufacturers recommend changes at 10,000 or more kms, I'm happy relying on the light.
  • 2003 4cyl FWD. I test-drove two and put the brakes on both through he--, could not get them to lock up even standing on them with both feet. So I went ahead and took one without ABS so I could get in on the 0.0%.

    It's silver (my first choice) w/power package and, yes, the CD player. On its own, the radio would have been distracting enough - I don't know if it's a fluke of the weather or just that it's a much better antenna, but I'm picking up stations from hundreds of miles away on the FM band. Those 12 presets will have to be considered verrry carefully.

    I liked the VTi very much. I will keep a close eye on it, though. I did inspect the trim on the one I got to make sure it was all flat and tight. The thing I really liked about the one I got was that it had no dealer-installed accessories - like pinstriping, etc that you end up having to pay for. My SL1 had the pinstriping and the back "N" eventually peeled off, followed by the "R." So for awhile I was driving a "SATUR" and I traded in a "SATU."

    I have to admit I did shed a few tears when I took my stuff out of the SL1. It made me feel better to know that it would probably be fixed and resold. (At least, that's what they told me and I'm just going to believe it. OK? OK!)

    (gehe} My Dad was lobbying hard for the rear bumper protector but it seemed to me that it was basically glued on, right? What I figured was this - if and when I scratch the paint back there, I can get the protector.

    Thanks to everyone for your advice! I will keep reading this board and (almost certainly) asking questions.
  • millspdmillspd Posts: 106
    I hope you are as happy with yours as I am with mine!

    Again, excellent taste in color! :-)
  • I've had good luck with my 2003 FWD V-6 VUE. Haven't had any of the fan motor problems or wind noises other have mentioned. On the subject of cost, ALWAYS refuse to pay for the dealer added decor package. They will always knock that off. I got mine with no option (nope, not even floor mats) and they waived the decor package that even included window tinting. Great car! Agile, peppy, roomy!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632

    How do you like the feel of the VTi / CVT ? Is it strange not feeling any shifting?
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    Great news on the new Vue. We love ours and I hope you like yours just as much.

    We have been driving around a lot these past two weeks through snow, slush and rain and it's been flawless. We are going to a cabin to meet up with some college friends for New Years eve tomorrow. Can't wait to show them our little red truck!
  • Does anyone know how to program the Remote Keyless Entry transmitters. I had a 96 Saturn and the maintenance manual gave a way to match the transmitters to the car. I don't think it is the same on the 2003 VUE. I have two transmitters that came with the car and another one I would like to program to work on my new VUE. Any help would be appreciated. Anyone bought the maintenance manual for the 2003 VUE yet?
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