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Does anyone out there know how to do an oil change in a Solstice? I have done many on my other cars, but when trying to purchase one, I found that the Solstice' oil filter is just "the guts" with no outer case. Not sure how you would replace this, and the owners manual says nothing.


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    do a goggle for solsticeforum...then look it up in the tech section......its easy....the filter somes in two parts....believe you maintain the outer case and simply replace the "guts'
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    I have put up with the brakes for 6 months and the dealer was given a fix by Ponitac to repalce the vacuum system with the hydralic in the 2007. Has anyone had this done--does it work---the dealer says this is costing GM $2,000. I don't know if this outside of the dealiers ability to repair.
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    havent heard of this one...seems a bit overboard for a fix....i would ask to see the TSB....also you might want to ask over on the GXP forum as well....just do a google for pontiac gxp forum...or you may even want to check out the tech section over at solsticeforum..as well
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    Have you read the posts on the Saturn Sky Redline forum? They relate to your issues...
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    trying to hookup a chip from slr motor sports to ait sensor not sure wires to hook up to thanx russ
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