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Toyota 4Runner



  • Below is my original post. Toyota has fixed my fuel tank and gauge problem at no charge. It took quite a while for the dealer to receive the parts. They took the tank out, replaced a sending unit and some sort of pressure release tube. The labor was $180, but was free. The parts were free. The problem is fixed and it only took 1 day. I can fill the tank to over 18 gallons, the gauge works well and the low fuel light turns on when it should. Toyota fixed the problem and I am happy! Call your dealer.


    #526 of 563: 4Runner fuel gauge problem (george_kay) Tue 22 Aug '00 (08:41 AM)

    I have the fuel gauge problem on my 2000 4Runner
    as described in post #431. I called the dealer and
    they admitted there was a problem, a fix and that
    they had "updated" many 4Runners. They told me it
    was one of 2 problems:

    - Sending unit in the tank - requires tank removal
    and is usually the problem with 2000s

    - Replacement of gauge - requires sending odometer
    to Toyota for calibration/replacement and is
    usually the problem with 1999s

    Both are done under warranty for free and they
    will provide me with a free loaner car. I wish
    they had told me about this before I purchased the
    truck, but at least it will be fixed for free.
    I will post info after I get my sending unit fixed
    next week, if people are interested.
  • joecarojoecaro Posts: 44
    I have followed your fuel gauge issue with interest. When I saw your last post I called severa southern calif. dealers. Only one had heard that Toyota was sending parts and was going to cover the fix, but didn't know when. The rest didn't know anything about it.
    Do you have any specific reference I could use so these guys don't shine me on? I'd really appreciate it.
  • dgrovedgrove Posts: 1
    I am have a similar problem with my 2000 4Runner and the fuel gauge. Even when I run gas down toward "E" and the low fuel light comes on, I can only get 12.5 gallons of gas in the tank. What happen to my 18.1 gallon fuel tank?? I am going back to the dealer on Monday to have it checked. Will keep you updated.
  • I finally got Toyota to tell me that there is a TSB dealing with this problem. My dealer was supposed to get a copy of the bulletin and then order necessary parts. I think I've been waiting for about 1.5 months now. Is that how long it took your dealer to get them in?
  • I have a 1990 4 Runner I've had for about a year.
    At first I was getting 15-16 MPG, now I've been getting 12-13 MPG !! It's killing me-I hate it. I can only drive 185 miles on a 14 gallon tank.
    About 6 months ago, the dist. cap, wires, fuel filter, air filter, etc. was changed. Also, it is an automatic and 4 WD. What could be the problem or is this the norm that everyone else is getting?? Would also love to hear from 2 WD 4 Runner owners to see what MPG you are getting. Really curious!! Would love to hear from you!! Thanks. Savana
  • I thought I would add a little humor to list. I was looking around the lot at one of the large dealers in the Wash. DC area and over heard a salesperson eagerly trying to make a point about the 2001 4Runners. He stated that the new 4Runners will actually appreciate (yes, he did say appreciate) in value when you drive them off the lot. He cited the Wall Street Journal or some other financial publication. If that's true, I guess I'll pick up a dozen :)
  • newgradnewgrad Posts: 25
    Hello...Does anyone have a 2000 4Runner (or earlier) with Bridgestone Dueler H/T Tires (P265 70R16)? These tires would be part of the Sport Package. Anyways, I was reading an article in my local newspaper and it stated that Toyota had found "small cracks" in these exact model of tires which they were placing on new Tundras and Sequoias...I called Toyota and they said I shouldn't be concerned because this only affects those other vehicles...still with everything that has been going on with Bridgestone and Firestone, it has me worried. What should I do?

  • joecarojoecaro Posts: 44
    Your mileage seems awfully low. My 1999 4wd and automatic easily gets 20 mpg average. The lowest I got was 19 with all in town drivng in LA. The best was 23 with mostly highway, maybe a third city miles.
  • Lucky you!!! I wish I got even close to that-- I'd be happy. Do you have a 14 gallon tank?? How many total miles can you do on a full tank???
    Would love to hear back from you.

  • iv2000iv2000 Posts: 6
    I've been looking for some time at getting a 4Runner. I almost bough a '00 a couple of months ago but then I heard the '01 would be coming out soon so I waited. I too wanted a manual and of course you can't get that in the 01. I heard about the incoming Highlander, and in reading these posts, I have the feeling that will be more up my alley (yes, I'm a "soccer mom"). Does anyone have any more info on the specifics of the Highlander, price for one? Is there a picture or something of what it will look like? I understand from the posts it's expected to make it's debut in February 01. I'm willing to wait for the Highlander if I feel it will better suit my needs, but if it doesn't I'll go for the 004Runner now. Thanks.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    You have a 14 gallon tank? I've been wrong once or twice before in my life but I'm nearly positive that we have had an 18.5 gallon tank since '90. How are you arriving at your gas mileage figures? I know this sounds basic but there are many people who don't know how to do this. They take their total miles between fill ups and divide by their tank size. They of course end up reporting very low mileage figures.

    Your truck is 10 years old and while your mileage seems a bit low, it is not completely out of hand.
  • DO YOU WORK FOR tOYOTA OR ARE YOU JUST AN AVID Toyota lover?? I am positive that I have a 14 gallon tank. It states that in the manual with the stats and most often when I am very close to empty and fillup, it is always between 13 and 14 gallons. I am figuring right from the previous fill-up and God forbid that I would have an 18 gallon tank, because that would mean i was even getting worse mileage than I am NOW!!!!!
    I wonder if they increased the size of the tank another year?? That would have been a smart move, because it is much too small for a gas guzzler like this. I feel like I am always visiting the gas station!! Do you get good mileage?? Do you think I should check out the oxygen sensor. I know that can affect mileage alot sometimes. Even though I am a woman, cars do interest me and I have learned alot from asking questions and knowing how to do some things on my car myself. Very helpful!! Any other info you could give me would be appreciated.

  • joecarojoecaro Posts: 44
    I think it's>
  • joecarojoecaro Posts: 44
    Service Bulletin Number: EL01099
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 100
    Date of Bulletin: 9912
    NHTSA Item Number: SB610059
    Model: 4 RUNNER
    Year: 1999

    Holy cow! It worked. I cut and pasted this fron the NHTSA site
  • tilertiler Posts: 15
    For more info on the Highlander go to Toyota web site. In the site search box type in Highlander. With this being a new suv like the Sequoia, you might not find out prices before you you see it on dealer lots. The site mentions an auto trans but no manual. Not saying it will not come with manual but look at the 01 4 Runner. The Sequoia is expected to sell at msrp. Don't know if this will be the same with the Highlander. A local dealer here is selling all 00 Toyota's at 1500 below invoice.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    A couple of things here. First, I am a salesman. I do the Internet sales at Alexandria Toyota in Virginia.

    When I began in sales in '94, the fuel tank capacity was 18 gallons. It would shock me if there was a change in this between '90 and '95. The only changes were cosmetic (such as the location of the spare) between those years.

    I talked to my shop guys and much to my surprise, we have nothing in writing on the fuel tank size that anybody can find. It was suggested that you give me your VIN (its a 17 digit number on your registration starting with JT) and I can look it up on our TDN computer. This may or may not help but if you e-mail me at, I'll see what I can find.

    Finally, how would having an 18 gallon tank mean your mileage is any worse?
  • iv2000iv2000 Posts: 6
    Thanks a lot for the info. Checked out the site and saw what the Highlander will look like, I like it! I would like to know what price range we'll be looking at though. Because if it's going to be too much out of my price range I won't even bother. Now I'm caught in a dilemma: Do I wait for the new Highlander? Do I get a 2000 4 Runner now? or do I go for the 2001 4 Runner? Again, if the price of the Highlander is going to be any more than 5k compared to the 4Runner I'll look to getting a 4Runner now. Suggestions are welcomed.
  • Thanks for offering to help. I will e-mail you with the vin #. As far as the reason I would be getting worse mileage on an 18 gallon tank is because if I were only able to drive 185 miles on an 18 gallon tank, I would be getting approx. 10 mpg and as it is now, I am getting 12-14 mpg. Makes sense!!?? Boy, you have really got me baffled about only having a 14 gallon tank. I will e-mail you.

    Thanks so much,

  • tilertiler Posts: 15
    I have read somewhere that the Highlander will be priced between the RAV4 and the 4Runner. You might find more info in topic #2595 Toyota Highlander SUV.
  • joecarojoecaro Posts: 44
    From your explanation in post 54, I don't think you are calculating mileage correctly. It's not how far you can go on a nominal tank of gas (well indirectly I guess it is.) Let me explain. Fill your tank. Note the miles. Drive around (the farther you go the more accurate you will be). Fill again. Note the exact amount of gas it takes to fill. Note your miles at this point. Subtract your earlier mileage reading giving you the number of miles since the last fill. Divide the number of miles you got by the number of gallons it took to fill. Wallah- your mileage. Do this a few times to get a consistent figure. The number of gallons your tank holds has no bearing on the mileage per gallon. Hope this helps.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    joecara is correct on how to calculate mileage. I kind of suspected this was how you were doing it when you reported your low gas mileage. It is a common error. You divide the miles between fill ups with the amount you actually put in the tank, not the amount the tank will hold.

    I'll look for your e-mail and get back to you on the capacity issue.
  • Just joking!! (but I really am not blonde),

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I am calculating the mileage exactly as Joe described.
    I learned how to do it when I was 16 and got my first car ( and that was over 20 years ago!! )
    But the reason I was also mentioning the miles on a tank, as alot of people do, because I am not able to go very far on a 14 gallon tank of gas. I used to have a Honda Accord and I was able to go 355 on a 14 gallon tank, so this was a real shock!! I just wanted to let you know this so you didn't think I was a complete idiot!! ha ha


  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    Folks - I had a '91 4runner until 12/31/99 when I bought a 2000 4Rnr. The '91 absolutely positively has a gas tank size of about 14 gallons (I think it is ~14.5 to be exact). The mileage you are reporting is ridiculous. When I traded my '91 with 104,000 miles (V-6, 4x4), I was getting 17mpg around town and 20.5 on pure highway driving. I would suggest there is some other problem affecting your mileage.

    By the way Cliffy - This is my 3rd consecutive Toyota and no one from Toyota has mentioned a "loyalty" rebate to me by mail or phone!! Why Not? Am I too late to get a retro-loyalty rebate on my last purchase??

  • Thanks so much for confirming the fact that it is approx. a 14 gallon--- I started to wonder if I was losing it!!!
    Did you have an automatic V-6 also. Because that is the mileage I am getting and a full tune up has been done 6 months ago. I thought about checking the oxygen sensor and maybe just trying t add a gas treatment(which I have never done before) I would really like to hear back from you regarding the auto.--V-6 question. Thanks.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    From time to time, Toyota runs loyalty rebates. The last one they ran was in August and I can't remember the last time we had one. I think it was a good two years ago. The August program would have needed to be submitted by the end of September so I am afraid it is too late.

    If it makes you feel any better, I've owned Toyotas since '87 and buy new cars every two to three years and I haven't been able to time it to take advantage of the loyalty programs myself.
  • joecarojoecaro Posts: 44
    That reminds me: A blond was standing next to her car, her hads on her hips looking perplexed. Her blond friend comes up and asks her what the problem was. "I've got a flat tire and am trying to figure what to do next." Whereupon she gets on her hands and knees, puts her mouth to the exhaust pipe, and blows. "You idiot, that'll never work!" her friend cries. "Why not?" "You forgot to roll up the windows, you dummy."

    Ba da boom.
  • joecarojoecaro Posts: 44
    Since there have been a few gripes about fuel gauges I checked it out with Toyota and a dealer who daid there is a fix. I gave the service manager my vin, and he called back to say I am eligible for a fix, and scheduled it for next monday. The NHTSA bulletin I posted before is an old one. Toyota has issued a newer one (not on the NHTSA web site) addressing the fuel gauge issue. I called around, and most dealers had not heard of it. Only South Bay Toyota, in Gardena took the time to check it out and get back to me.
  • Can this be? Will Toyota really not make the 4Runner with a man. trans. any more? I've been in love with the 4Runner for over 12 years now, but I would not buy it with an auto trans. (personal preference). I was getting close to the point in my life where I can afford a 4Runner, and it seems like I'm hosed now. I looked for a basic 2000 SR5, but they come so loaded with stuff I don't care about that they end up out of my range.. This is so depressing.. The only truck I want, and it won't come with a stick anymore...
  • I'm going to buy a new '01 4Runner Limited or an '01 Montero Sport Limited ( 4x4 ). Is the extra 5 grand or so worth it over the Montero, especially with Mitsu's financing deals? Please help. Thanks everyone!
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