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Toyota 4Runner



  • jak001jak001 Posts: 6
    I have a 2003 V6 Ltd. Like a lot of things about vehicle. However, have a couple annoying problems that I wonder if anyone can relate to. there is an annoying squeak coming from front end suspension. usually notice at slow speeds. also the drivers seat has a squeak that is annoying. Dealer has not been able to solve either problem.
  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127

    Similar things have been brought up in here more than a few times. Try searching for them, and you might find some answers that were written well back then.

  • beercoll1beercoll1 Posts: 88
    Do you know where I can purchase this system aftermarket? I also have an 03 V8 Sport, and would like to check this out.
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    They have a website,

    I ended up just searching for it on Google and found it there. The setup looks fairly interesting. I don't know much about putting in aftermarket exhausts or how hard they are to install, though. Looks like they wanted $869 for the '03 4Runner system on their site. Wonder if anywhere else has it cheaper....
  • jak001jak001 Posts: 6
    jared, Thanks for your suggestion. I searched and only remedy I found had to do with side air bags. I do not have side air bags. Also, loking for input on suspension squeaks.Have another appt at dealer next week and would either like to offer solution seeing as that dont have one or else show them this a common problem on 03 4 runner
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    What is a Borla factory dual exhaust? What does it do? Any drawbacks? Is it really a factory option? If so, how much does it cost. I did not see that option on any of the Toyota literature?
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    For those who asked, I inquired with my "insider" source at Toyota. He said he did not know about "any new colors yet." Take that for what it is. He previously told me he expected that there would be some new color options. I'll post an update if I get any more information.
  • rlopez2032rlopez2032 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the response, I also have the V8 although mine is a Sport Edition. I definitely will use regular unleaded next time I have to go to the pump. Just bought my first full tank yesterday and spent over $30.00 on premium unleaded gas. For somebody who is used to driving a 4 cylinder Honda, this is quite a shock. Don't exactly know how much less it would be a full tank of regular unleaded but it should be much less than $30.00, I hope.
  • car_geekcar_geek Posts: 8
    In my area the difference in price between regular and premium is about 20 cents, so on a tank of 23 gallons your talking about $4.60 extra. Of course that ads up over time.

    BTW - my friend has a Porsche and the dealer 'caught' him putting a tank of regular in his car. He brought it in for service and it showed up in the computer when they ran a diagnostic - they asked him about it !
  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    Check out Performance Products, they offer the Borla cat-back for $750ish. The Borla is a Port installed set-up that has stainless dual pipes, I noticed last night that it also includes a Borla intake reusable filter and free flowing intake. Performance claims that the system can be bolted on in your garage, just two screws and a gasket. I paid about $500 for the option from the dealer. Also, I am not noticing any sulphur smell from my exhaust. I held my hand up to the Borla stacks last night and it smelled like roses. The Borla makes the rig sound like an old Cobra SVT that my brother had, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, SWEET! I hand washed my rig for the first time last night, the gray cladding is very nice, no streaks, runs or other headaches associated with a painted surface, the water/soap just floated gently away.
  • jorgjorgjorgjorg Posts: 8
    Thanks for all your updates. Has you been able to confirm with your insider that they in fact will still produce 4WD Sports with V6 in 04. Still getting wishy washy answers from various dealers.

    I'm really questioning when they say not in production as really meaning not part of the cookie cutter stock send to dealers, but the factory will still make 'em. Any insight much appreciated.
  • car_geekcar_geek Posts: 8
    Narrowed down my choices between a 4Runner SR5 and Sport Edition - Sport has a few extra options such as side airbags, leather steering wheel w/audio and of course the X-REAS suspension. They're offering the Sport for about a $1000 more. Opinions ?
  • olrockerolrocker Posts: 16
    My driver's squeaked like crazy (no airbags); they had to order & install an entire new seat frame. It's silent now (as it should be.) If you're not getting satisfaction from your dealer, email Toyota from their website. That seems to do the trick.
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    I was looking at the Sport, and endup with a black SR5 that came w/ 17" wheels, side/curtain airbags, moonroof, leather steering wheel, 10 speaker JBL... The only thing really missing that distinguishes it from a Sport model is the hood scoop, the rear spoiler and the XREAS suspension. None of which were important to me. Note on the suspension.. was talking to one of the service guys and he noted that although the XREAS system is great, servicing costs could be substantially higher for any suspension work.
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    I wouldn't buy a 4Runner without the side airbags (for safety)and X-REAS (for performance, and because its just so damn cool). You could order an SR5 with airbags, but you have to go Sport or Ltd to get X-REAS. So I'd suggest you get the Sport for the extra grand. I think you also get better brakes with the Sport too.
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    Interesting. I hadn't heard of the dual exhaust as a port-installed option offered by Toyota. Are you sure it was port-installed and not a dealer-installed aftermarket upgrade? Sometimes dealers trick out vehicles with aftermarket stuff, like fancy rims and better leather interiors. Maybe I'm wrong. Even if it is aftermarket, sounds super cool anyway... And for $500 sounds worth it. Can you tell me more about the air cleaner? Is that located in the engine compartment or connected to the cat-back system? How often do you change it?
  • uktruckeruktrucker Posts: 14
    My 2003 Limited V8 is about to go in for it's first service at 3K. I'm still getting a vibration under load which peaks around 1700 rpm and disappears above 2000 rpm. It can be felt though the pedals and steering wheel, and heard as what sounds like exhaust resonance. The problem occurs if I torque brake the truck and rev it to 1700 rpm, so it's definitely engine induced via the exhaust, engine mounts, skid plates or something. Looking around the web it looks like some people with the Lexus GX470 have the same problem, so I supect I'm probably not the only 4runner owner with the problem too. Has anybody got anything definitive on this issue I can tell the dealer before I get an "they all do that" response...

    Also, for some reason the cover over the dashboard centre speaker has started to rattle. Anyone know how to take it off?

    Other than these issues this is a great truck. If they could sort out this boom and buzz it'd be even better.
  • hannerhanhannerhan Posts: 18
    It is a port installed option in the Southeast region of the US only. I believe there are also 18 inch wheels available down there...

    I am not in the Southeast, but I think I will buy the Borla when I get my Runner, and install it myself.
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    A while back some people were commenting on how cool the Global Extremes 4Runner looked. For lots of good photos, check out and go to prodcucts/toyota, or go to projects/global extremes. Way cool. This is the company that outfitted that vehicle.
  • rokinkrokink Posts: 25
    I had a '96 4runner that had this high frequency vibration that I felt in the gas pedal, shift lever, and steering wheel. I later learned that it was in the Land Cruisers and previous 4runners as well. I am not surprised that it is in the GX as well. BTW, it is in my '03 V8. I would not worry about it. It is normal for Toyota trucks.
  • khaugkhaug Posts: 64
    Uktrucker, I strongly suspect they do, in fact, all do that. The demo I drove did and our V8 Limited does also. It's really pretty minor, and I don't have a problem living with it. I'd guess that it probably involves a harmonic resonance that they weren't able to tune out.

    As mentioned above, our '98 'Runner had a similar problem, although it occurred at 2700 rpms.

  • dust90dust90 Posts: 169
    Drove at highway speeds with the back window down for the first time today. Needed to haul some 2x4's and had to let them stick out the window. Got the sulphur smell when I had one or more of the side windows open, but if all that was open was the tailgate window, I didn't get the smell. Actually the smell was kind of invigorating and it cleared my sinuses!! I LOVE my 4Runner, even if it isn't perfect
  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Posts: 625
    dust90, do you have a V6 or V8?

    BTW, a week or so ago I was driving behind a Camry (looked at least 5 years old), and I could smell a mild sulphur smell, so it looks like this problem has been around for a while. Shame on Toyota for producing stinky cars, it's just not cool :-(
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    and all cars and trucks do it a little bit sometimes, folks! It is often worse from vehicles that have not been kept in good tune, or are under load (steep hill, pedal-floored acceleration).

    I notice it from all cars whenever I leave California...Seattle is one of my favorite destinations, and I'll be darned if less than about one in ten cars there stinks exactly the same way. I always used to attribute it to the fact that they have much less stringent emissions standards up there, and since it is people in federal-standard states that are reporting this problem, I have to believe there is at least some validity to my little theory!

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • reddfishreddfish Posts: 54
    I was offered a v6 limited with nav for $37600, is that bad or good?
  • rokinkrokink Posts: 25
    reddfish: Tell us what other options are on the vehicle.
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    I think this problem with the sulpher smell may be bigger than we thought. Yesterday I was walking behind my son, who was riding is tri-cycle. Sure enough, I smelled the sulpher smell. I investigated and foud that Toyota also has a company that makes trikes--Toyotricycles. I'm calling my congressperson...
  • reddfishreddfish Posts: 54
    6 disc cd changer, plus all the standard options on the limited. no mention of any others
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    That price sounds high, unless its out the door. I presume its a 2WD. Isn't the invoice on Edmunds for that setup about $34K? Have you looked at the message board, "2003 4Runner...What did you pay?" It seems you should be getting them down close to invoice. The SR5s and Sports seem to be going considerably below invoice.
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