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Toyota 4Runner



  • Odd you mention it. Just bought a 2000 4 Runner all but leather and I ended up fishtailing in a medium downpour taking a turn. Pretty disappointing, but I kept it in 4wd the rest of the way and experienced no further problems. 4wd is now the way I'll go through the rain.
  • Even with 2wd, you should not have much problems with fishtailing in a 2001-2002 models because these models have VSC. From what i have heard, VSC in the 4Runner is pretty aggressive.

    For me and my 2002 4Runner LTD. 4x4, i always use 4wd in rain. Only on dry land do i use 2wd to save fuel.

    In addition, a good set of tires is mandatory!!!!!
  • Couple of questions for you. What are your thoughts regarding the interior of the new 4Runner? Did there seem to be a lot more room? How does the exterior size look in person compared to the 2002? Thanks
  • Just wondering....
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    I wish I could answer but I do not really remember. We were bouncing from vehicle to vehicle (and the open bars and food)and talking to the different people you see at these things only a few times a year and playing with the different new features and such. What I remember most is that it is much better looking in person and there was a lot of speakers. If I remember correctly there are cup (bottle) holders built into the front map pockets. It may have been in the new Sienna. I didn't get in it and think it was small but I knew it wasn't the size of a Sequoia.
  • Greetings 4runner forum! My wife and I are looking for new "used" vehicle for her. I have done a lot of research and have come to the conclusion that a used 4runner is about the best choice out there (given our criteria).

    Now, here's the question: Do any of you have any experience (test drives or actual ownership) of a 4 cyl. 4runner? I am thinking 99 or 00 models. I have seen several 4x4's and 4x2's online, but cannot find anything but v-6's to drive anywhere near me.
    quick background: we don't haul a boat/trailer, live in Indiana (read: no hills), and don't need massive amounts of power.

    My only concern is: will the hitchhiker on the on ramp (walking with 20lb pack) beat me to merge when the a/c is on and my family is packed in? Or, will I be able to pass that semi on the highway (can the 4 cyl do 80 mph comfortably (though temporarily?))

    Any replies are appreciated, even if you tell me the six is the only way to go. (Just thought the fuel mileage (about 3 mpg difference I think) and lower cost might be worth it.)
  • I have driven both and the V-6 is the much better choice. When I drove the 4 cyl I constantly had my foot into it and therefore the gas mileage suffered,so, unless they are giving you the 4 cyl, don't bother. The V-6 is so sweet and smooth, I constantly drive over a mtn pass with 3-4 passengers and usually I cruise at 80 mph,if I am passing then 85+. Resale on the 4 cyl stinks and the best bang for the buck as far as I am concerned is the V-6.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    you will be passed by the hitchhiker! LOL

    The big advantage to the 4-cyl was the price reduction when new. If you are buying used, that advantage is reduced, although it is still there...

    Gas mileage is not much better than the 6-cyl.

    You HAVE to get the stick if you are going to get the 4-cyl.

    The 4-cyl can cruise at 80 mph for sure, but passing at highway speed is a very ponderous and sometimes impossible affair. Also, the 4-cyl will strain to hold freeway speeds over high passes and stuff. For low speed operation and around-town stuff, it is just fine.

    kjack100: IRS usually means suspension components that hang below the rear axle, reducing ground clearance, and wearing out quicker. Solid axles are just so much easier to take care of, and cheaper to maintain over time.

    I hate it if it is true they are making the Runner into a soccer-mom-mobile - don't give in to the trend, Toyota! This has always been such an enormously capable offroad vehicle, which is what I use mine for, it just can't change!

    (That is another reason I also don't want the third row seat - who needs it? It is just extra weight at the butt end of the vehicle)

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • this one has made the rounds already, but if anyone hasn't seen it, it's a good shot
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    I have driven both the 2.7 four and the 3.4 V6. First off there are some advantages to the four. First, the 4Runner has a greater load capacity. Second, the engine has a timing chain instead of a belt. The engine is known to hold up well.

    When I drove the four it seemed to do OK until I decided to see how well it passed from about 50, the SUV seemed to stand still. I have read the reviews at "Car Review" and about 10 of the 200 reviews were with the four. Most of the people liked the SUV but given a choice most would of spent the extra dollars on the V6. The four seemed to do better with a 5 speed. Here is the site for 4Runners at Car Review:,4Runner/PRD_48_1524crx.aspx

    And here is a 4Runner on E-Bay with a 4 cylinder. It has a good picture of the engine. It was the only 3rd generation 4 cylinder on E-Bay. They are out there, but not many.

  • I did not mean to imply that I want to do away with a solid axle, quite the opposite. My point is if Toyota is going to put third row seating in the sister GX470 (which will have a solid axle), why can't they offer it in the 4Runner? It would be optional and removable, thus no added weight for the crowd that doesn't want them or can remove them. Look at the detailed photos of the GX at (Public section and type in " "GX 470" "). See if you think they are cool.
  • glzr2glzr2 Posts: 70
    I might not know what I'm talking about, but both the people that posted having problems with traction in the rain had "new" vehicles. The combination of new tires, oiled roads, and aggresive tread tires will always be scary in the rain. It took me a while to tame the 30" bf's on my zr2 and I still get loose once in a while.

    On another note... I stopped by the dealer yesterday and picked up the Taco brochure. The 4runner looks nice in the waterfall... but it might just be all wet. I like the Tacoma's too... so if the new 4runner style isn't appealing, I have something to fall back on.

    Cliffy.... any idea when suppliers can start ordering their new vehicles?
  • peter78, nippononly, beagles3 thanks for the posts on the 4 cyl. It looks like I am better off with the 6 cyl, and not much worse off for mileage. probably better on resale value as well.
    thanks again!!!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    While it is true that the third row seat could be removed if you didn't need it, it is still something that justifies a price increase (boo hiss), as well as one more item that lends to the trend of making the Runner into a soccer-mom-mobile, which is bad for those of us that want it to be as offroad-worthy as it ever was...

    Apart from that, if they are keeping the solid axle, I have no other objections!

    BTW, if it has third row seat WITH the solid axle, that must be a seat strictly for small kids, huh?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • While I agree with you about your tires, I disagree about your assessment of aggressive treads in your formula. If you have a Blazer, not an S-10, then your BFGs on your ZR-2 are made specifically for the Blazer, and are not the same as regular All-Terrain T/A KOs. The tread on the BFGs for the Blazer are not as aggressive as the regular T/As, like the ones I have on my truck. I have a '98 GMC Jimmy 4x4, with 30" BFG All-Terrain T/A KOs and a limited-slip rear tranny. While in 4WD I have pushed it to the limits in rain, without slipping while driving on streets. I've punched it turning corners, and was completely amazed that it grabbed the pavement as if it were dry! I feel very confident in the way my truck handles, especially with the aggressive tread design of my BFGs. I've even had to make emergency stops in heavy Monsoon down-pours, with excellent results.

    While the 4Runner does look really cool on the back of the Tacoma brochure in that waterfall, it's the best shot I've seen, so I'm hoping like you that it's not "all wet," and that it looks cool in reality. The Tacoma wouldn't be a worthy replacement in my book.

    We can only hope...
  • if you missed the previous posts! The '03 is going to be featured on MotorWeek:

  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    What channel can you find Motorweek on? The local PBS doesn't seem to run it. By any chance is it on speedvision?
  • can anyone provide me some links to the 2003 4-runner???thanks
  • If you have a little time, you can just scroll up through the last few pages of posts and you'll find all of the links to the only existing pics of the 2003 that we know about.
  • Just wondering if anyone else has received their GX mini-brochure that you could order on line, yet. I got mine Friday, and while there isn't really anything different from what we've already seen, there is a close up of the instrument panel and center console. There you can see the height-adjustable gauge that tells you whether you're Hi, Neutral, or Lo, and you can see the control switch on the console in front of the shift knob that regulates the adjustments. Pretty cool stuff!

    Just thought I'd pass it along...
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    know for sure if the height-adjustable suspension is going to be available on the 4Runner, or only on the GX?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Just a comment on the soon to be older model 4Runner.

    My 02 Thundercloud Sport Edition is 10 months old with 19K miles. This truck is flawless, only been to the dealer for an oil change at 1000 miles. I change the oil every 3000, will take it in for items I cannot do. I added the TRD air filter, it is worth the price. Purchased filter from Romania Toyota

    My truck is really too new and too good to trade on the 03 Runner at this time but I will compare and look at. I'm sure the new Runner will be outstanding, hope so, I want this next generation to be my next truck in 2 - 3 years.

    Once you make the comparison between the 02 and 03
    and feel that the 02 may be the best deal (03's if in demand may be selling at MSRP or higher for awhile), do not wait too long to buy the 02. With 0% or low interest rates, the 02 may be a bargain, may even be in demand?

    And I am getting 21 mpg highway traveling at 75 mph. Best truck I have ever owned.

    I doubt the 02 will be will become, as some people have indicated, obsolete with the new model introduction. I would rather think of the 03 as just another step in the refinement of the best SUV ever made.
  • I'm very worried after comparing the GX specs on the Lexus site to the 3rd gen numbers. Even if the new 'Runner has the height-adjustable suspension, it had better go another 3 inches higher (which I'm sure it won't), or this new truck is NOT a worthy replacement.

    I was excited about the idea of the body raising, because the rocker height is the thing I'm most concerned about with regards to clearance. But now I'm pissed to read those numbers and realize the 'Runner will go from 11" with the optional tires, to a little over 8" with this new platform. What the HECK?! I was figuring that the ground clearance would remain about the same as the 3rd gen, but then we'd get the ADDED bonus of being able to adjust the height too!

    Okay, Toyota had better not screw up the 4Runner like this, or they're going to have a major back-lash on their hands. If this is the case, then I think all of the talk about price-gouging is out the window. They won't be able to give this thing away to the off-road crowd, who, according to their market research, is the reason there aren't any 3rd row seats, making them a big part of the market! So, let me get this straight. We don't get the 3rd row option, which is removable any way, because the off-road customers said they didn't want it, but we also don't get the great ground clearance the off-roaders purchase a 4Runner for in the first place?! I don't think it's any more than marketing bologna.

    I'm beginning to feel you are very right in your assessment, intmed99, and I'm going to be very pissed. 8.3"?! I can get that in an Envoy or Trailblazer, but I wouldn't dare attempt to take them off-road with their low rocker and front bumper heights. Or I could get less mileage but more clearance in a Durango or Grand Cherokee (with the Up-Country suspension), but still not 11"! If only Chevy would have offered a ZR-2 version of the 4dr Blazer, or slapped a new version on the Trailblazer...but it wouldn't have the dependability or resale... Oh, Toyota...what have you done?!
  • Md2002, the Motorweek site says the broadcast window for the 2003 4Runner show begins September 20th. Speedvision (now Speed Channel, ugh) airs MotorWeek on Thursdays at 7pm and midnight and Fridays at 7am, all times eastern. So, maybe this is the week. I wonder if the tested model(s) are going to be the ones we saw in the spy pics.
  • TBCREATIVE, where are you reading these specs on the 03? Can you post the link? Thanks.
  • This week they are reviewing the new Nissan 350Z. Not a bad alternative if the 03 Runner turns out to be a loser. In Colorado, Motorweek is also on a local station (6) and it airs at 12:30am.
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    Nice picture. This is the first picture where the 2003 4Runner looks like a 4Runner. Maybe the waterfall hides the ugly parts. Anyway the look of the 2003 is now much better. (Oh by the way, great copy of the picture, good job.)
  • Now I am a little worried, hope they don't ruin a great truck.

    After reading the post from tbcreative, I may have made a great decision to purchase the 02 last November. I may decide to keep this truck a few years longer.

    We need to wait and see. If we do not like the new version, most of us will keep driving our old Runners until the wheels fall off - that could be 600,000 plus miles.

    We do not mind some change, just don't make it into a car like crossover vehicle, we have enough of them to choose from!
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