2007 Outlander XLS Remote Car Starter

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...Has anyone installed a remote starter on the XLS (bypassing FastKey)? If yes, what brand/model?


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    larrys1 said he had one installed, and it works with the existing FASTKey. I wish he can post more details on this, and if he can make the effort of getting the brand name and model for this remote start since it's not original Mitsu OEM part.

    Read here: larrys1, "New Mitsubishi Outlander Owners Give us your report" #151, 16 Jan 2007 2:58 pm#150
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    I had a cross-reference posting of the identical question on Mitsubishiforum.com. (Thread Link...)

    As one forum user responded:

    I have been told its impossible.
    Because the Fast Keyless system looks for a code built into the chip for the keyfob.

    There is no way to replicate that system, so there is no way to remote start

    From what I hear, Lexus and Mercedes owners have the same problem.

    Why Mits choose to not have a remote start option on this car is beyond me.

    I also asked if it were possible to remove the FASTkeyless system, and was told by MMA, that its intergrated into the ECU, so no luck there

    If anyone comes up with a way,

    Im all ears
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    larrys1 - if you're reading, please post what brand/model you have installed on your XLS.
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    I am anxiously awaiting info from Compustar so I can have the remote start I pulled out of my VW Beetle installed. I have put a bug in their ear to check into it. They said with this new technology it can take up to 6 months.
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    Since a remote start isn't in place yet, in cold North Dakota you have to warm up the car in BELOW ZERO weather. Does anyone know how to lock the door with the engine started? The lock on the remote will not lock it, nor will the button on the handle. If there would happen to be valuables in the car, I'd like it locked.
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    Close the door then use the spare key to turn the lock manually. Worked for me before I got the remote starter put in.
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    THANKS!! I'll try that. Please tell me about your remote start. What brand? How difficult? I'm having a hard time with any installer. They tell me I must wait for some type of module to bypass the FASTkey and there isn't one available yet. I have a CompuStar remote start waiting to be installed.
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    I have the LS, so no fast key. Was told the same thing you said about the fast key from my installer. I had to have a dummy key made to the tune of $200. My remote start is pretty basic, but works great. I was originally told that I would not be able to operate the remote door locks when using the remote start unless I upgraded to the one with unlock option included. That turned out to not be the case. Everything works fine.
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    I received a call from my auto start dealer and there is now information available to install my Compustar autostart into my Oultlander XLS. I will be scheduling the install next week. He said there is a module available so that they will not have to install the FastKey. I'll post again after installation.
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    This indeed is fantastic news; Haven't heard of any updates on the XLS for a while.

    What's the model # of your Compustar autostart btw?
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    I have the 2W9000FM It is a 2 way start. It has worked like a GEM in the previous cars I have owned.
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    My remote start was installed today. Works good so far and the fast key still works. The only bummer is that once you get into the outlander, you have to press the brake and the car shuts off. Then you have to re-start it. Not that big of deal....but it seems odd that it has to work that way.
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    any suggestions what brand or kind of car starter should i install to my LS 2WD?
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    I have had an astrostart, a python and now a compustar. They all worked good. Since you don't have the FASTkey, any should work great for you.

    I learned after the install that if I use the tiny key in the FastKey rather than just trying to turn the knob...the car doesn't have to shut off. It then works like any other auto start would.
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    wow, thanks for the advice i think i would have one installed soon!
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    I noticed nobody has really updated this post in a while. I was wondering if their was any new discoveries on a remote starter that bypasses the smart key? Also that has alarm capabiliies along with two way paging. If anybody can give me an update I would appreciate it. I'm scheduled to get my XLS in August so I would like to get the low down so I'm not screwed for the cold Canadian winter that will creep up fast like it always does. :cry:
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    I as well need this information.. anything you can provide about the module would be great.. my dealer knows nothing about it. Thanks. XLS.
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    I have a compustar 2 way auto start. I do not have the extra alarm stuff, but I'm sure it's available if you want it. It is the 2w900fm model. Check out the web site.

    It can work 2 different ways with the smart key. You can start the car while away from the vehicle. The smart key entry will still unlock the door when you are near. Then you have the choice to either kill the start by pressing the brake and restart the car....OR WHAT I DO...is pull off the knob over the ignition and place the small key into the ignition and turn the ignition to the on position. This way it works like any other remote start system. I hope that answers your questions. In the future, there may be a better way to make it work, but for now, I'm happy it at least works!!
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    Hey there,

    i am trying to get a remote start installed, but no bypass
    list for the fast key? Do you have the part# or brand of
    bypass they used on yours?? or did you have to give up the
    little key in the fast key fob??? Any info would help alot
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    I have a call into my installer to find out what type of module was used. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. I did not have to use a key for the install.
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    Hi Linda,
    Any news on this?
    Remote start is a requirement for my wife. This small detail, is actually gating me from buying the Outlander XLS. My dealer says remote start won't work with the XLS.
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    Thanks very much. Was there a part# on your invoice??? that might help my installer. Thank you again :)
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    I called the auto start dealer again today. His installers were gone for the day...but the info he gave me is that Astroflex makes it. It is the Mitsubishi-2 module if that makes any sense?? If you have further questions....call Team Electronics in Fargo ND at 701-492-9009 and ask to talk to an installer. I beleive Astroflex is the company who makes the "AstroStart" starters....so that is what they must have used. This module was what "bypassed" the security stuff so I didn't have to have a spare key wired in to the car. My auto start however is made by Compustar...so somehow it works together.

    Good Luck. It DOES work!!! and it is FANTASTIC!!!
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