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Jeep Wrangler



  • Today was a beautiful day here in Montgomery. Unfortunately, I have too much work to do and can't go Jeepin'!

    Regarding the tunes, here's my story...

    I started out with the factory sub and the tape player only, no CD. I knew I was going to be spending lots of time in the Jeep and wanted to have a CD player and a Changer for all my music. So I decided to save my $$ for an after-market CD changer. Upon doing further research, I found that the CD changer was going to take up too much valuable space. I resigned myself to getting a single CD player. Then I came across the CD/MP3 player. I can put around 150 CD quality MP3s on a CD that will play in my MP3 reader. It has detachable face (security) and sounds great, even on the factory speakers.

    The tape player sounded OK, but the base from the sub overpowered everything else. I could not control the sub very well with the controls on the tape deck. Either I had no base, or too much base.

    I also installed the poly-fil in the sound bar (thanks twylie) and have some baffles to install in the front.

    The bottom line...

    There is definitely an improvement in sound, at all levels of volume. The receiver allows me to fine tune the sound, which was important to me. I can get as much or as little base as I want. The sound quality at louder volumes is also better, although that may be attributable to the source (CD/MP3, with the previous unit, all I had was the radio and reception was not that great).

    I will probably upgrade the speakers at a later date. But for now, it sounds great, top on or off. And there are other things I'd like to spend my $$ on.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • anybody heard any rumors about Jeep discontinuing the Wrangler altogether ?

    sometime in the next 5 or so years ?

    I know they're working on a couple of concept cars, one of which I heard

    is supposed to replace the TJ ........... (I think its the Willys)

    all I know is, it doesn't look like the doors come off of any of these .....

  • Is the factory CD player worth the dough ?
    I'm not a big sound freak, but I want to be
    able to play some CDs now and then on a
    decent player.

    I just need to know if the stock model is really a
    piece of crap or not ......
  • jeepheadjeephead Posts: 49
    I've got the factory CD player, and I haven't yet taken the time or money to upgrade. I like music, but I'm by no means an audiophile. The factory system sounds pretty good, except it doesn't have a whole lot of power, especially with the top down. However, the sound is clear and player seems to work well (few skips, etc.). I have a 2000, so I don't have the factory sub. From what I have heard, it makes a huge difference for the factory setup.

  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    to me..the factory reciver/player sounds very good,for it to be a "factory" model. i've heard worse (nissan) and i've heard better.
    I agree it doesn't have alot of power. I feel that it will do. I really dont want to replace it with another system. I dont wanna give anyone a REASON to break in. I feel if i add an amp & replace the speakers (really need some tweeters.. the sub is overpowering.) It will be great.
    Now I gotta figure out where to find the $$
    Just Empty Every Pocket.

    Keep Jeepin'

    Trey...I appreciate you help...
    where did you get the XTC foam baffles?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, everyone, Gill's chat room is open for business again!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • There is alot of speculation as to what's next. Supposedly there is an off-road version of the wrangler coming out in 2003, but not for sure. It's supposed to include D44 axels front and rear, no-slip lockers, a mild lift and 31" at tires. As for the complete change in style, it might happen in 5 years and it might not. The Willy's supposedly isn't going to be the "new" wrangler but another vehicle called the ICON is a viable contender to take the slot. It will have independent suspension front and rear. A modular top (a hard top that will come apart in pieces). And is uglier than the Liberty. Again, none of these are for sure. They are still concepts and I hope only the first one happens.

    Happy Jeepin'
  • Finally! I have made pictures of the Jeep, the Wilderness Rack and the trailer we tow.

    Go to our home page listed below and then go to our "Jeep Worship Page".

    Always enjoy reading the posts in here. We are working on upgrading our sound system now and find the information found in here very valuable!

    Thanks Guys!

    Mary Ann

  • wheelsdownwheelsdown Posts: 250
    Mary Ann

    Great pics of the TJ and trailer. Any idea at this time just how much of a hit you took on the gas mileage while towing the trailer?
  • scomoscomo Posts: 39
    JackNimble: Where did you tap into power for the power windows setup? Are there quick disconnects for the power going thru the door so the doors can be removed? Was it a true "no drilling" install? Sorry for all the questions..!

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    I don't know how much weigh they are pulling, but when I towed a 5'x8' trailer down from Oregon a couple months ago (about 2200 lbs) I averaged 11 or 12 mpg on the highway, compared to my usual 19 mpg. It was better than I expected, and the 4.0L engine had plenty enough power to do it.
  • Boy, that Dakar would sure put a sting in Liberty sales!! (and Explorer, and Escape, and Isuzu,Toyota,Nissan,Chevy, etc.)!!!!
  • The Willys looks OK. (As long as doors are removable!!!)
  • 2 simple points of clarification:

    1997 Wrangler sport with sound bar.
    Can 6 1/2 speakers fit?

    filling the soundbar... do you mean that white puffy fiber fill grannys use for stuffing pillows and such? Would spray in foam-in-a-can insulation stuff work? (brand I have handy is called "real good stuff" or something like that). Is the point to block the sound from passing through entire bar?
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    The Dakar ain't gonna happen. Or rather, it already did--it was the inspiration for the Liberty, which also took clues from the Jeepster concept (recognize that grill?). That's the whole point of these concepts, to try out new designs. Most will be discarded, and elements will pop up in new vehicles. People seem confused about the Icon--that is not the "next" Wrangler, just a design exercise. Some parts of it may end up in the next Wrangler, but that's all. Chrysler is not going to shoot its own foot off and bring a vehicle that ugly to market. That would be GM (Aztek, anyone?).
  • goducks :
    I totally agree. I couldn't fathom a world w/o a true Jeep in it, which none of
    those concepts are. thats why I was concerned when I read an article saying
    that the Willys was intended to replace the "aging Wrangler".
    and I've heard that sales are down for 2001, but I'm sure thats mostly the

    anyway, so far, the only big change I've heard that the Wrangler's gonna get
    for next year is the 3.7L V6 from the Liberty.
  • sajeepsajeep Posts: 4
    Wondered if anybody has replaced their seats with either Steel Horse or Bestops brand of seat
    This jeep is used on a ranch and we really want something durable not fancy. Cost is also an issue I've found both for under 125.00ea. new but just don't know which way to go. If someone has replaced their seats with one that they really like and have found to hold up to a lot of abuse PLEASE post and tell me which you used and where to get them cheap!
  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    Stopped by the shop where I got my alarm installed and they said they could put keyless entry in for about $170.00. What do you all think? (That would use the same transmitter as my alarm.)
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    image 6-7pm Pacific/9-10 pm Eastern. Hope to see you there!

  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    How much did they give you for your 30" tires when you traded them in? Also, how many miles did you have on them? I may have a chance to get some 31" BFG AT T/A but don't want to get hosed on the 30"'s that came with the Jeep! Thanks!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi! I was quoted a price of $641.00 for five BFG 31 X 10.50 All Terrains mounted, balanced, tax and all. I thought that I might as well forget the idea, since I couldn't afford to spend that kind of money.

    I asked about trade-in allowance, and the guy said for me to bring the Jeep by the shop and they would make me an offer. I went there during lunch hour the same day, and the guy looked at my tires and made a phone call. When he got off the phone he asked me how $95 for the spare and $83 apiece for the other four sounded. I THOUGHT I WOULD PASS OUT! I said, "When can you do it?" He said "Right now."

    I ended up spending only $188.63 instead of $641.00!

    The spare had never been on the ground and the other four had 10,500 miles on them. I think the guy must have screwed up somehow: I can't believe those trade-ins of mine were really worth that kind of money. But, hey, I wasn't gonna argue.

    I wouldn't count on getting that kind of deal, Davidb. I hope you do, but that must have been one of those once in a lifetime deals.

    Hope this helps.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try and squeeze their arms as much as I can. I don't know if I can squeeze that hard though...
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    Madman - thanks for the info. on the Sony headunit. I'm sure the features on that unit allow you to shape the sound a lot better than before. I'd like to get a changer but have not done it for the same reason you mention (space). MP3 seems like a good way to go. I did find out that the Pioneer 1.5 DIN unit (fully fills the opening) has an AUX input that I could run an MP3 player or my laptop into for longer trips.

    Bama - I got the XTC baffles from and they were $7. You may be able to get them from a local stereo shop.

    Sas - Poly-fil is pillow stuffing. The object is not to seal it off. The Poly-fil "tricks" the speakers into reacting as if they are in a larger cavity then they actually are. Dampening the speakers gives them a better bass response and a more natural sound.

    Perfect Jeep weather in ATL...

  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    Perhaps I'll try twisting their arms instead of squeezing them... Wow, a senior moment at the age of 29. Looks like it's gonna be confusing for me in the future. :D
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    I swapped the visors on our Jeep last night (left to right and vice versa). I started by removing the brackets, but they are not interchangable. Next step was to pull the visor from the silver bar it's attached to. Once I had removed the visors, I installed them on the other brackets and reinstalled. Now I don't have to see the annoying govt. warning stickers reminding me I'm driving a vehicle that will tip over.

    I figure this will be a hit with nkelly1 as he strikes me as the kind of guy who would appreciate less govt. intervention and warnings. I'll have the before and after pics up by next week.

  • Hey, dfahy68,
    My wife's '98 Sahara had almost a crackling sound from the rear end. (Not hers, the jeep's...) It was always when taking off and turning. It also would never happened cold, so it was hard to duplicate for the mechanics. They checked brakes, wheels, and yes even shocks. Nothing helped. Well, after moving back to North Carolina we found a great service guy at Auto Park Jeep in Cary, NC who said we had a bad rear axle. He replaced it, problem solved. It was after the warranty, but since there were service records showing our complaints they had no problem with fixing it. Good thing since it was well in the $1500 dollar range if we had to pay for it. If you would like the details on what was replaced I would be happy to find the receipt. Let me know.
  • Do 6 1/2 inch speakers fit the sound bar?
  • I just looked in my Crutchfield catalog, and it says the max in the soundbar for 97-01 is 5 1/4. I believe that is what I have in mine.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    The general consensus is that ANYTHING made by Steel Horse is to be avoided. The poor quality of their products is legendary, whereas Bestop has a very good reputation, at least for their tops. I also seem to remember reading on the web somewhere--not here I don't think--about a Jeeper who yanked his Steel Horse seats out within a couple months because they broke down so quickly. Go for the Bestop ones.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    Also, I saw today on Quadratec's website that they have the Bestop rear bench seats 30% off, if that helps.
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