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Jeep Wrangler



  • Hello,does anyone know if any mechanical features have been changed to the 2003 wrangler sahara. what I mean, is there any change in the engine suspension brakes ect... or is it the same design as the year before. thank's hope everyone is having a good time this holliday. curt
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    CONGRATULATIONS! Like Toad asked, what color?

    And, if you don't mind, please tell us what you paid in relation to invoice. I sure ain't in the market, cause I'm happy with Thelma Jane, but others who come here could benefit from having this info.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    What a sweet, wonderful, glorious, beautiful, super day! Wheeled all day long!

    Went to Turkey Bay and with two other Jeeps and hooked up with three more once we got down there.

    The last Jeep to join us just fell in behind us on the trail, and it turned out that the four occupants were some Bosnian kids from Bowling Green, Ky. Their TJ was bone stock, and the kid driving did a great job.

    Ross Allen had a great time, as usual, but the heat and the days activities took their toll on him. He is sound asleep on the bed beside me.

    I got to play trail guide for a good part of the day, and I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. I got us on some fairly challenging trails but not in over our heads. The guy who took over for me also did real well. We had a blast!

    Hope to go back tomorrow.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • I picked the same color as I currently have, Flame Red w/ Tan interior and tops. I am getting rid of a 2001 Red SE : NO POWER = BIG MISTAKE!! Oh well it over...

    I paid $300 over invoice, went through a on line company to get the bid.

    Did some wheeling today in my SE before I give it up. A little hot about 105 degrees, but still a blast. I need rain so I can go muddin!! Its so damn dry here. Its all dusty and brown. Well I have to go and have a Labor Day weekend Beer. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend....
    Remember Fly Your Stars and Stripes!!!
  • i went out wheeling up by tahoe on sat. . did some trails and some rock crawing . i hit the trail at 6:00 am. the wheather was nice i could'nt have asked for a better day. went over the carson pass on hwy 88 to look at some old mines . [too much snow last time there above tree line] then back over the pass to silver lake for the rock crawing .then back to my mom & dads house on hwy 88 by 12:00 pm .
  • Well, while everyone else enjoyed their day-off.
    I LABORED away. Cooking for all these hungrey Alabama folks.
    Glad everyone had a GREAT day, Sounds like fun..

    CONGRATS Chef!! sounds like a beauty.. now dont go and get it dirty. Keep that JEEP shining.

    Keep Jeepin
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Sounds like a great car - congrats! Our trip home from your home town was pretty tame for a holiday weekend. Left Vegas a little after 8, got home around 2:30. Not bad! No 'wheeling, and a quiet weekend. Can't complain - there's always next weekend.
  • Congratulations on your new Baby !!!

    and GREAT choice of color.

    Enjoy !

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi, Curt, and welcome to this board. Sorry no one has responded to your post, but it was a holiday weekend, and the posting in general has been real slow.

    I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer to your question. There is a four speed auto for the 03's, but not just limited to the Saharas, but that's about all I know about the 03s.

    It would sure be a super time to buy and 02, assuming that they have extended the 0% financing for 60 months. It was supposed to have ended today, but they almost always extend those incentives, and sometimes even increase them. Gee, maybe they are giving no interest/ no principle loans now? :) Wouldn't that be nice?

    Hang in here with us. Glad you found us.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • So, has anyone driven one? I took my 92 YJ on the Rubicon Trail several weeks ago and there was a group of 20-25 Jeep employees driving pre-production Rubicons (all Inca Gold!). They seemed to do extremely well although a few had some body damage from the trail - most likely from "pilot error". The local Jeep dealer says it'll be mid-September before they have any in the showroom. I'm surprised that the details aren't posted on Edmunds yet.

    Anxiously awaiting in Placerville........ :-)
  • Here are some sites that might be able to help you with regearing.













    These were all from adds in JP magazine.

  • tluketluke Posts: 52
    There are some changes for '03 that are worth considering if you are going to purchase. I just got an '03 on the 18th and it was my first Jeep. My knowledge of past models mainly came from reading and viewing this board. I don't have any experience with past models. So consider my input with that degree of weight.

    One thing I ordered when I learned that it was available was the 4 wheel disc brakes. It is a cheep option with a $150 list price. I really like the brakes on my Sport and I am crediting the fact that they are the 4 wheel disc type. I believe they are only available with the Dana 44 rear axle option, but you will most likely get that anyways.

    Another thing I do like even though I did not initially want this option was the new 4-speed auto transmission. The wife really wanted this option and I resisted until she won. I do like it and it seems to be very well matched with the 4.0 L. I have the 3.73 gears which is also something worth ordering. With this option the RPM's are approx. 1750-1800 at 60 mph.

    I also got the new self dimming compass/temp rear view mirror. Not a necessity but a nice gadget. It seems to work good.

    As far as color goes, I got the new Inca Gold. I like it but it is controversial and not widely accepted by everyone. I bought it for me and not everyone else. If you would like to see what it looks like go to "photo gallery" in the Edmunds "Jeep Owners Club".

    Although the seat type is not an option, there was a change for '03. The new seats seem to be noticeably lower. I guess the change was made to accommodate taller people, one of which I'm not.

    I hope this information helps you in some way. If not there are plenty of very helpful people on this board that know much more than this "new guy".

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thanks! I'll be sure to check out some of those places.

    For those who don't know what we are talking about, I am thinking about regearing Thelma Jane from 3.73 to 4.10. I want to eventually have 33" tires, and the 4.10 gears will bring me back to the orginal factory RPMs with the 33s.

    I will have a little extra gear while I am still on my 31s, but that should be OK. I will have a little more acceleration and more RPMs at highway speeds.

    I want to get a locker for the back, and there's no sense getting a locker for 3.73 and then have to get a new locker when I go to 4.10. That's why I am thinking about getting the gears now, even though it will be a while before I can go to the 33 inch tires.


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  • tsjay,

    I believe that some lockers are available for a range of gear ratios (e.g. 3.54 and below, 3.73 and above, etc.). That being said, if you're going to open up the diffs to replace the gears, it's the best time to install a locker. If I were you, I'd save my money and do it all at once.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Guess I didn't word my post very clearly, cause that's what I am planning to do... get the 4.10s and have a Detroit installed in the rear at the same time.



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  • Cool - it makes a world of difference!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    How bad does a Jeep behave on the highway with a Detroit in the back? Am I going to have a hard time getting used to it? Will I have to change my driving style very much? Never driven a vehicle with a locked rear end before.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    have you been properly welcomed to the board? I just happened to think that you are new around here, and I don't think either I or anyone else has said "howdy and welcome."




    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Welcome, and congratulations!
  • I got a phone call a few minutes ago that my Jeep wont be here till tomorrow. I am bumed out.. I had today off and I got up early, couldn't sleep too excited. Then I was told tomorrow, maybe...They are killing me.... Well I am going with my buddy to check out a 2002 Sport for him. He heard what a great deal I got 0% intrest and he wants to check one out too....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    This will give you more time to study the delivery checklist:

    twylie Oct 1, 2001 8:26am

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  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    about DC's new policy for Jeeps? They are apparently putting out new ads and now have a new standard for what makes a Jeep. They are doing away with the rule that all Jeeps have to make it on the Rubicon Trail. Now they just have to be "more off-road capable than other vehicles of their size and class" - whatever that means.

    I just hope they don't mess around too much with the Wrangler. I know it isn't a perfect vehicle, but I'd rather put up with the poor handling in the wind if it would mean that they turn it into another "cute-ute" or take away its stock off-roading ability.
  • Who knows what they at DC have in store for the Wrangler. My wife's lease was up on her 99 Cherokee but she refused to look at the Liberty. She said it looks like a Kia, Tracker, Honda CRV, and a Rav4. I agreed and we looked at a Grand Cherokee. They wanted a TON for those. We ended up going to the Toyota dealer and getting an 4 Runner. But getting back to the subject, If DC does to the Wrangler what they did to the Cherokee ( a VERY beefy offroad SUV) and turned it into a Soccer Mom car. I'm done. I'll never buy a New Jeep again. But I think they have some form of cense, i.e. the Rubicon. If they were going down that path they would have introduced a Jeep with doors that dont come off, a power convertible, Goodyear Eagle GT tires and and power windows/locks. Not a Crazy Stock off road ready vehicle.. I'm rambling.....

    PS : Still waiting for my new Jeep......
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    You still don't have your new Wrangler yet? I hope you get it soon!

    We still haven't driven a 2003 to compare seating yet - we ended up not doing much except taking my Mom out to eat while we were in Vegas last weekend, playing computer games on her computer and going to church on Sunday.

    I hope that you are right - that they plan on leaving the Wrangler more or less alone. They are planning on expanding the number of models they will offer under the Jeep name, and that isn't such a bad thing. If I had been your wife, I might have just bought out the lease on that Cherokee - that's what we should have bought instead of that (hated) Taco!
  • Thanks for the welcome and sorry for the delay in responding - had to get my modem replaced.....

    I'm not sure about the driving characteristics with a Detroit - I went the ARB Air Locker route. From what I've heard about the Detroit, I think you'll find that you'll get an occasional chirp of the tires where it's been slow in releasing. I think that would happen if you were cornering and accelerating at the same time - like making a turn from a stop sign. I don't think you'll notice it at all on the highway. Maybe somebody else can share more.

    Bummer about the DC policy on Jeeps. Some DC guys at the Rubicon Jamboree said the Rubicon Wrangler was only slated for a three year run with no follow-up plans. I thought that was strange, but it may play in with the change in policy.....
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    That's an interesting comment, and it would dovetail with another thing the article I was reading said. Apparently DC wants to have parts be interchangable so that they don't have one vehicle that stands alone. The requirement that all Jeeps be able to traverse the Rubicon Trail means that they are built heavier and stronger than all of their other cars, and so do not allow interchangable parts.

    So on the one hand they say that the Jeep line is under-utilized (don't recall how they phrased it, but that was how it came across to me) and want to use it more. But at the same time they are going to change it from what it is. IMHO changing the line will be short sighted - they will be killing the goose that laid the golden egg.
  • I couldn't get what I wanted for the deal I wanted so everything was pointing to the fact that I just couldn't swing a Wrangler right now with my current situation. So, I went back to the dealer that low-balled me and asked to see another rookies please! ;-)

    Well, I was quite pleased with the salesman I got. He was not uptight or anything like that which put me more at ease when it came time to drive and deal on the Cougar....Yes tomster I said C-O-U-G-A-R ;) My first love is still the Wrangler, but it'll have to wait for a while longer...and I am pleased with the practical car that I have purchased.

    I got approved for up to $17,000 at 5.65% for 5 years, so the payments will be around $263/mo. I was to be honest shooting for closer to $200, but the original car I drove was sold (it was a base model) so I upgraded to a Sport model with more features. It didn't have a sunroof, so I got a moonroof that will hopefully be installed Monday so I can pick it up Monday before I go to class. Hopefully I'll have time to bring it back by the house to show Mom and Dad. I know Mom will be thrilled to see that I didn't get a Jeep this time. As I've told her before if it doesn't work out right now to get a Jeep...I still plan on getting one eventually and I'll have all the options that I want to get on it.

    I still plan on posting here, so to those that think I'm betraying the Jeepsters here remember...once a Jeepster always a Jeepster (whether you have one or's the fact that you love and celebrate all that is JEEP ;) )

    It's just a dream postponed that's all.

    dwrangler...or maybe for now...dtopcat ;)
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    You could have gotten a REAL nice used Jeep for that money you are spending on a Cougar! You could have probably gotten one with some factory warranty still on it.

    Oh well, I guess you did what you thought was best, but I sure don't agree. It's your money though, and I hope you will be happy.


    Have you hugged your Cougar today?
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Just think of it this way, you might have a new cougar, but you are still in the market for a Wrangler - in about 3 years. So that means you can still post here. I still haven't done anything about dumping the Taco and probably won't be able to before April at the earliest, but I'm still avidly reading about Subarus, and we still haven't ruled out getting rid of both the Taco and the '98 Wrangler on a new Wrangler. So I'm sort of Wrangler-shopping too!
  • I knew someone would understand ;) I pick it up either tomorrow or Tuesday. I had them put in a moonroof because I didn't like the sunroof that comes from the it has a lifetime warranty from the installation company. Again thanks for the support...things haven't been working out the way I planned this year that's for sure.

    I know that Tomster is really supportive too ;)
    I'm kiddin tomster :) I still have that email you sent telling me to keep my chin up :)

    Well gotta go...long day tomorrow..and school too

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