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Jeep Wrangler



  • lvcheflvchef Posts: 52
    Has anyone other than myself heard of the LATCH system for baby car seats?? Well it was mandate by the Feds for any vehicle built after Sept 2, 2002. It is a new way of securing Baby car seats to the vehicle. I called my local Jeep dealer and they were completely clueless to what I was talking about. I explained it and they still didn't know anything. I got a call this AM and they were like sorry we don't know anything. Well the funny thing is that Daimler Chrylser is sponsoring this program and are converting vehicles that dont have this LATCH system. What should I do?? Should I call Jeep and pressure there consumer help line??
    The reason that I'm looking into this is that in 4 more months Im gonna be a Dad and want the most secure possible system for the baby car seat.
  • shill3shill3 Posts: 124
    I have been able to plob our car seats into the back using the shoulder belts. These are not the newer seats, but they are still held securely. Problem is that if you only have one kid, you want them in the middle and with the Wranger, there isn't a middle belt. I put in a lap belt for ours, it's pretty easy.

    I know that this is not the safest alternative, but let's face it, if you are in a serious accident in a vehicle that basically has no sides to it, how safe are you going to be anyway?
  • shill3shill3 Posts: 124
    How does your Noble Black Steed run? If you are happy with it, why trade it for a new car payment and higher insurance?
  • 01r101r1 Posts: 280
    Mtngal- You're getting a Rubi, aren't you?

    LVChef- Yes, I've heard of the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren), I've got them in my Honda Pilot. My 02 Wrangler doesn't have them either and I think they would be a big improvement. I've put car seats in the back of the TJ using the old-fashion seat belt method and that didn't work that well.

    If you can get DC to retro your TJ for LATCH, do it!

    The one problem with normal car seats in the back of the TJ is you can't pull the seat belt all the way out for lock-up mode that allows you to ratchet that belt real tight to hold the car seat. I know, in an accident, the belt will lock like they say. But, in real life, when driving along (especially off-road) that loose belt holding the car seat lets the seat move around and almost slip right off the permanent seat. I've had to reach back and re-position the car seat several times.

    Let us know if you get the LATCH installed, I for one would also like to get it done.

  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    If you have the Add-A-Trunk, just wrap the little demon in bubble wrap and stick it in the back. Just be sure and leave the kid's nose and mouth uncovered.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I'll definitely look at a rubi, but not sure it will fit our needs for a comfortable long distance daily commuter car.

    The main reason why we would be trading the Noble Black Steed in with the Taco is finances. I'm still around $3,000 on the wrong side of the note for the Taco (it is a 2000 and has over 98,000 miles on it - would be over 100,000 now if it had started Friday). The Noble Black Steed would help compensate for the upside down note on the Taco, even though it is a '98 and has over 109,000 miles on it. I had been planning on keeping the Noble Black Steed and replacing the Taco in about 9 months with something like a Subie, but I really hate the Taco, and having 1 vehicle would be cheaper than having 2.
  • Thanks for the tip.

    Stephen & the dirty97
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Let us know how you come out on the problem with your Jeep. The moisture in the distributor that I mentioned as a possibility could explain the missing, but I can't see how that would cause the fast idle.

    Good luck.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • jutahjutah Posts: 15
    I talked to three dealers today and they told me that the 0% for 5 was only good for the Grand Cherokee.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    My bad - read the article wrong. Thanks Jutah!

    Steve, Host
  • jutahjutah Posts: 15
    Hi all,

    After a week and a half of dealing with numerous dealers I finaly put a deposit down on my first jeep. I have wanted one since I got my license, but the insurance was always too high. Now that I am 26 the rates have dropped considerably.

    I will have a new Kahki 03 SE with the back seat and AC. I'll have to get my own sound system put in. Any thoughts? Finding one like this was very hard. It seems not to many dealers want to deal with SEs b\c there is not too much profit in them. I would have got one from jeepwarehouse, but my car died on me and I was desperate.

    I was wondering two things.

    #1. An SE has command part time 4 wheel drive. What does that mean. Is it like fake 4 wheel drive?

    #2. Since I couldn't find one with the 23N my back will have no carpet. Is it easy to find a place to put carpet down?


  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    1: No,it's not fake. It's real 4wd that you engage when you need it. Study the owners manual and the video (if they still provide one) for details of when and how to use it.

    2: You can buy a custom carpet set from many places on-line. I don't think that you'll need anyone to fit it for you.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    CONGRATS! Welcome to the Jeep family!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that khaki color!!!

    The four wheel drive system on Jeeps is a "part time" system, which means it is supposed to be used only part time. It is NOT supposed to be used on dry pavement. That will cause binding in the drive train and excessive tire wear.

    Use four wheel drive only when the tires have the opportunity to slip some.

    Any kind of indoor/outdoor carpet should be OK, if you want carpet at all.

    Once again, congratulations, and be sure to post some pics of that baby in the gallery.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    I had the stock stereo w/cassette in my 03'Sport. I bought the Alpine CD/stereo model 7874 from Circuit city for 199.99 & free installation. It's probably one the best decks for the money. It rated 4.6 or 4.7 out 5 by people that have bought it. Even with the stock speakers, it sounds great. It's certainly much better than factory. Eventually, I will upgrade the rear speakers.

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Congrats on the new Jeep - you will love it! All Wranglers have the same 4x4 system, so yours is the same as a Sahara or my Sport. As tsjay says, it locks the front and back wheels together so they turn exactly the same. If you are going around a curve the front and rear will not take the same path (look at treads left when you turn a corner in fresh snow) so the front and back tires aren't turning at the same speed (I remember watching an old fashioned LP album in a science class to demonstrate this - do they still do that?). If you are on a paved road with 4x4 on, the tires won't be able to travel at different speeds, which causes all kinds of problems. If the road is icy, dirt or slippery, then the tires will be able to slip a bit, and you are OK.

    I also love that Khaki color.

    Hey, oceantoad - how are things in your neck of the woods? Are you surviving all that ice?
  • You can find more aftermarket stuff for your Jeep than you can ever buy. I'm thinking one advantage to a carpet might be to cut down on the tire noise from the road. The catalog I have shows a deluxe carpet for the entire vehicle for $140. It's fit to your Jeep so no cutting involved. Do a search and you'll find tons of Wrangler stuff.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    It has taken me all week to finally get around to telling you guys about our Hot Springs trip, but here goes.

    Last Friday, Ross Allen, Thelma Jame, and yours truly headed out for Hot Springs, Arkansas, to go wheelin' at the Superlift ORV Park. We left a few minutes after 8 AM and got to the motel in Hot Springs about 5 PM. It was a drive of 445 miles.

    Our timing was good, because we had no more than checked in when Alan (eARS) pulled up. He had driven down from his home in Joplin, Missouri.

    Larry (Larry18) got a later start and stopped by about 9:45 PM. He had dropped off his wife and daughter at their motel by that time, after driving down from his hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma.

    The next morning, we hooked up with seven other Jeeps at Superlift, so we had ten Jeeps in the group. The other guys were all from the Memphis, Tennesse, area, including David, who was the organizer of this outing.

    Talk about FUN! We had a blast. We spent all day Saturday wheelin'.

    It was the very first time for Alan, while Larry had some prior experience from his Colorado high country Jeepin' and from last year's Camp Jeep. Both of those guys did great! Their Jeeps were stock, except for 31" tires, but they went through some pretty tough places.

    If you would like to see some pics, go to and then to the photo gallery there. I go by the same username there, tsjay, if you want to look at my albums. Be sure to check out Alan's and Larry's albums too.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • oceantoadoceantoad Posts: 186
    Survived the ice storm of 2003. They closed the post for two days. I didn't have anything to do except play on the internet. Didn't loose power for over three days like the last time.

    Researched new vehicles for buying 2 years down the road. Took me three years of researching to buy the Wrangler so it is time to start. I was hot on the Scrambler, but I think I am backing off from that. Am leaning toward a Liberty and keeping the Wrangler instead of trading the Wrangler for a Scrambler.

    The 4th ID will be pulling out at any time. I can see picking up another large dog from one of the departing soldiers and the Liberty would be good for 2 or 3 dogs. Last week the paper had a Bull Mastiff and a Great Dane for free. Soon they will be dumping lots of dog and cats as the division leaves. Same thing happened during Desert Storm.

    Still a happy camper.
  • huck6huck6 Posts: 37
    Finally, snow in Northern AZ. I took the kids out into the woods for some sledding. The snow was not bad on the forest service roads, about a foot in places, but not too tracked out.

    Had a near miss as a Durango hogged the road and started sliding towards us as it passed. Luckily my Jeep was nimble enough to plow through the snow in the ditch and miss his slide. He missed us by about 5 inches, only just missing my side mirror. All of it in that dreadful slow motion of winter accidents.

    Man am I glad I drive a Jeep. She popped right out of the ditch and kept on going. The Durango sat still for a minute before moving on. I guess his wife was having some words with him.

    Many thanks to the good Lord and a champ TJ!
  • jutahjutah Posts: 15
    Hey evereybody,

    Thanks for the confidence :) I am picking it up tonight! I'll get some pics and post them. Thanks again!

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Good deal! And, once again, CONGRATS!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • What are most people using for oil? I'm thinking of using Mobil 1 Synthetic; I run it in both of my other vehicles and was wondering if anyone in this thread uses synthetic.
  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    Hello Jeepers..
      IM back from AWOL.. sorry been away..
    i dont really have a good excuse.. Ive been thinking of one..
      Tazz is doing good.. 16,000 mines on him..
    still looking showroom clean, I know that hurts all you off-roading jeep purist..
      welcome to all the new jeep owners. You will Love it..

      C YA!!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Good choice! That's what Thelma Jane gets... Mobil 1 every 3K miles. I have used Mobil 1 for years in my various vehicles and firmly believe in it.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    oceantoad - Wow - they never closed the post when I was there. Must have been some awful storm, and I'm glad you made out OK. I had never thought about the fact that single troops living off post might have major problems dealing with their pets. Makes me want to go there and pick them all up (NOT!). If you spot a Newfoundland, let me know. A friend of mine lost his 13 year old one recently and would really like another one.

    Oil - I've just used regular 10W30, but up until last year I was getting oil changes about every 2 months (3,000 miles). My '98 just passed 110,000 miles today (guess I should do something about the Taco one of these days, especially with the price of gas going up so).

    Tazz - great to see you are still around! It's wonderful to hear from someone who doesn't get their Wrangler dirty. Mine had a bath today, so I guess tomorrow's hike will be somewhere less accessible than today's Mt. Pinos trip (paved roads to the trailhead, then a snowshoe trip beyond).

    jutah - How did it go - did you pick it up? Are you still smiling?
  • x90071x90071 Posts: 8
    hi guys, i have 98 wrangler with 45K miles. for the past 9 months it has been making squeaking sound under the hood while the engine is on. two mechanics told me it is the distributor! and it will cost $300+ to fix. I have been putting it off and the car has been fine (except the annoying noise!)

    1- How long do you think i can put it off?
    2- Is there a less expensive way to fix this?
    3- What do you think caused it in first place?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It's not an unknown problem. The bearing eventually seizes and the shaft breaks, leaving you stranded. The Camshaft Positioning Sensor inside the distributor is often damaged as well.

    A new distributor from the dealer is about $200, and you can easily fit it yourself.

    I guess the answer to "How long can I leave it?" depends on how lucky you feel.

  • wheelermanwheelerman Posts: 113
    hey tom, we had another good day at h.h. yesterday. and i laid my jeep on its side for the frist time. nothing bad happend . i just got one debeaded tire .it took like 30 min.s to get me going again. you can see photos over at under trail report in the m.b. ben
  • earsears Posts: 20
    I use Moble 1 in all three of my vehicles (including my '99 Sport) and have been very happy with it. I try to go 5,000 miles between changes.
  • Another option to getting rear carpet would be to get some Herculiner and cover the rear section with it. Herculiner is basically like the Rhino liner stuff they use for beds of trucks. If you would use the Herculiner, you would never have to worry about the rear section of the Jeep being wet. You can get a can of Herc from for just over $100.

    Just thought I would give you another possibility.
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