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Ford Expedition



  • Renardo, no doubt about that, 10 days ago I drove out Park Cities with 2002 EB 4.6 EXPI at $30177.03 that include TTL. Hope you get one, the milage computer is lousy, but other than that everything excellent, in city I got around 16 mpg, on highway maybe 21.4 mpg
  • why some people are waiting for the 2003 Expy. That thing is going to be ugly. Its just like a big exploder. We dont need another. There is no way to even make the new 2003 look good considering that modifications wont be enough. I like the 97-02 Expy so why does Ford have to ruin that for us. Its the same thing that happened in 99. Ford started putting the cheap front bumpers to save on expenses. I guess the 97-98 was to expensive with its chrome. I waited for the 99 F150s because I know that Ford styles them the same as Expys. I ended up buying a 98 F150 to go with my 97 Expy so I can still have a normal bumper. Whats up with Ford? And the 01 and 02s were also changed in a bad way. Have you guys seen the muffler. Its sticking out and is way to low. I know I wont be buying another Expy for a while. Maybe an Excursion would be a good idea.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    None of this would have ever happened if they just left the model T alone!!!
  • bornzobornzo Posts: 19
    I have to agree, I own a 2001 expy xlt and I would love to have some of the improvements the new expy has but I cannot get over how the expy looks like an explorer. I don't like the look. I wished they would have left the expy looks alone.
  • cmitl138cmitl138 Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a 1998 ford expedition eddie bauer 5.4liter
    i heard of a problem with internal leak in the motor
    i also am having a problem with acceleration the truck shakes the check engine light blinks then goes off. the computer shows no codes for a problem. need some insight and if anybody else has had this problem cmitl138
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Sounds to me like you have a bad ignition coil pack. I to had this problem on a 1998 Expedition but I had the 4.6L engine. The engine would idle and run roughly. The check engine light came on and signaled a missfire. I am not sure if you are talking about the head gasket oil leak that affects some 5.4L engines but some claim that they smell a burning oil smell while having the heat on or window open when the problem surfaces. If you have this problem I have heard of people that have had Ford either replace the whole engine for free or cover half the costs for a new engine if the vehicle is out of warranty, because they are aware of the problem.
  • I attended the international car show here in New York City and my Main interest was to see the 2003 Expy. Well to make a long story short I was very upset at how Ford changed the Expy. The body does look nice and I can bear that but the side exterior mirrors that they put on that truck look so incredibly ugly. They are basically large rectangular mirrors that look extremely ugly. I like the old round ones better. In my opinion if they would have kept the old mirrors the new expy would look nice. Ohh one last thing it seems to me that the new one is bigger than the old one. I just had to share my grief.
  • cmitl138cmitl138 Posts: 3
    does anybody know if the fuel filter should be changed every 15,000 miles on the 5.4 liter
    does doing this make a difference in the truks performance
  • s76drvrs76drvr Posts: 15
    Look at around 30-35K to change the fuel filter. My dealer will do it for $30 which after the special tool, filter, and mostly mess is well worth it.

    MSNBC had an interesting link to Ford recognizing a problem with the 5.4 (99 on). Worth a check.

    I like the 03 3rd seat improvement, but REALLY like the new Lincoln "Aviator" about to come out. Center shift and a little smaller. 300HP.

    I've had my fair share of woes with my 99EB (38K), rebuilt tranny, #4 coil pack, cd player, roof rack, and new seat covers (bottom front). Disappointed in fit and finish for $40K vehicle.
  • orkwisorkwis Posts: 82
    Any of you folks tinker with using synthetic oil in your Expedition? Does Ford have a problem with using it from a warranty standpoint? MB and BMW routinely use it in their vehicles and suggest 12k miles between changes based on oil sensor data. I'd like to avoid the extra shop visits if possible.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Started using it @ 5000 miles, have 15K on the Expy now. Change it every 5K, which Ford says I MUST do to maintain the warranty. Ford also requires that I must keep a log and receipts for all my oil changes (that I do myself).

    If you believe, as I do, that using synthetic is just a good thing to do, then OK. Ford will not cut you any slack regarding extended mileage between changes. They have only ONE process, and it applies to EVERY Expy. No exceptions.
  • thom3thom3 Posts: 2
    I've been thinking of buying a used Expedition, '99-'00. Two vehicles ago, I had a new'97 F150 and loved it. Since then, the IIHS offset crash tests came out and nixed the idea of another F150 pickup. I do not find any record of an offset crash test for the Expedition. Do they consider them the same as the F-150, hence no additional test? I notice the same trend for the Chevy 1500 and Tahoe/Suburban. Is the front end of the Expedition identical to the F150, or are there additional structural modifications that set it apart?
    Thanks for the input.
  • jptjpt Posts: 7
    I bought Motocraft 5W20 Oil at Walmart for my last oil change and noticed when I got home that it is a "synthetic blend". Certainly, if the official Motocraft Oil recommended for the engine is somewhat synthetic, there should be no reason to avoid synthetic. I also would avoid the extended drains and do them myself on schedule.

    FYI, the oil filter is pretty hard to get to for me. You have to be patient to remove it bit by bit.
  • I own an F150 supercab (2 regular & 2 1/2 doors) similar to the one used in the offset crash test. I think the reason that it fared so poorly in the test is that the design to get the two rear doors was rushed, and the B-pillar is effectively removed. (The B Pillar is the structural beam in most cars that runs vertically behind the front set of doors). The lack of a B Pillar on the F150 seems to allow for too much 'flex' in the cab, and the passenger compartment takes much of the crash energy as a result. Because you have a full B pillar in the Expy, I doubt you would have the same problem. I believe that previous F-150's had decent crash test scores prior to the 4-door supercab intro.

    The usual disclaimer: All above is my own opinion, which should not be confused with actual facts or knowledge : )
  • cmitl138cmitl138 Posts: 3
    i own a 1998 eddie bauer expedition 4wd
    shopping for tires could use some insight
    i have the goodyears on now
    looking into michelin or bf goodrich any ideas please let me know
  • Yokohama, a great improvement over stock. Also try Pirelli.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    We have Michelin LTX M/S on our 2001. Totally great tires. Transformed the handling & steering are compared to the original Firerocks. Quiet on the highway, perfectly adequate for light off-roading and superb traction in the snow.
  • s76drvrs76drvr Posts: 15
    Looking at other sites, the concensus is with Michelin Cross Terrains or BFG's KO's. I'm planning on going with the Cross Terrains myself. Going to larger size also. I have 255x75x16's right now.
  • mrtuxmrtux Posts: 2
    Any data of 2000 vs 1999 would be helpful. Need to get the vehicle in the next 3 weeks. Any good experiences with Warrantybynet extended warranties?
  • This is an esoteric question. I am about to order a 2003 Expedition. Does anyone know if the radio will be equipped for the new Sirrus or XM satellite radio services?
  • ljsparksljsparks Posts: 1
    We have an 98 EB with 5.4L. This weekend I noticed the truck had poor pickup(Not sure how long this was going on since Wife's truck) Thursday a sparkplug blows out from head. Called dealer since this seemed pretty unusual. Truck has 61K miles. Dealer says could have been bad plug, coil or week casting of head. Needless to say, big $. Has anyone heard of this problem on Expeditions or in general? Thanks
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    There is a known problem with left side cylinder heads. It may not be as bad as you think as Ford is offering assistance to correct the problem. There is also a known problem with cracked blocks due to some machining debris getting caught between the cylinder head and the block which can get pressed into the block and cause it to leak at the head gasket. The last line of the TSB reads "if the depression is more than .001" deep, replace the motor". That is one fifth the thickness of a hair for those keeping track!
  • codavecodave Posts: 6
    Alwaysford, can you copy/paste the TSB re: 5.4 engine into the forum? I think you also mentioned earlier you weren't dripping oil but having to add - how much were you adding? Were you getting oil in the antifreeze? Were you able to see the evidence of your problem or did the dealer have to check?
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    I was definately dripping, but it didn't make it to the ground. It was hitting the exhaust and burning off. I didn't have any swapping of fluids. You can see the evidence underneath if you look at the rear of the motor on the passenger side - go under with a flashlight. Under normal situations everything should be nice and dry. It was going at about a quart every 500 miles, and if I hadn't checked it on a whim (not sure why I did) it would have run dry.I will get the TSB info from my home computer and post it in the next day or so.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Head Gasket - Right Hand Side Oil Leak
    Article No



    On some vehicles there may be an oil leak from the right hand head gasket at the rear of the block/head joint. This may be caused by metal chip debris lodged between the head gasket and the block.
    Verify oil leak. Inspect for metal chips, impressions or dimples in the metal at the right bank cylinder head and block deck areas behind cylinder 4 at the area of the cast triangular recess in the cylinder head deck. Also inspect around the oil hole breakout in the block deck. Refer to the following Service Procedure for details.
    If such damage is spotted, check for flatness with a straight edge over the dimple or impression. If the dimple or impression on the head measures over .025 mm (.001 ") deep, the cylinder head, gasket and bolts should be replaced with new. Refer to the parts listing table that follows.
    Check for flatness with a straight edge over the dimple or impression. If the dimple or impression measures over .025 mm (.001") deep, the engine should be replaced.
  • codavecodave Posts: 6
    Alwaysford, thanks for the info. My oil consumption is up to about 1 qt every 1500 miles, getting high for normal. On occ I have had a couple drops on the floor, and I have a burning oil smell after longer drives. I've been avoiding checking, first because of the cost, but now that I hear I won't have to eat it all it is mostly having to hassle with the two bad dealers near me. If I have a leak I might drive to a better dealer.

    Thanks for the TSB. I mentioned my problem at one dealer a few weeks ago and they said that Ford would never be replacing a motor for an oil leak and there hasn't been any problems reported. I wanted to ask if they ever read the TSBs, but since I hadn't read it yet, only heard of it, I thought I should bite my tongue at the time.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Not a problem. Obviously I just put in the major points, the actual bulletin has pics, part lists, etc. The repair for mine took 3 days, but it was just a head replacement not the whole motor. I did get a lot of other little things for my $500 - new plugs all around, coolant flush and fill, new gaskets on the other cylinder head, oil and filter. Overall not too bad for $500, especially since it could have been $2500.
    Where are these two bad dealers?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Everything’s different, even though it looks the same. Ford’s has upped the large SUV ante with an impressive, all-new Expedition.

    First Drive: 2003 Ford Expedition

    It may not look much different, but the 2003 version of Ford's Expedition is practically a whole new vehicle from the ground up. But is it enough to overtake the competition?




  • giridgirid Posts: 19
    I am being quoted one for $898 above invoice (for the options I want), and $131 below Edmunds TMV. Not one dealer quote from the ones I got was higher than 1400 above invoice. Unbelievable huh? Can anyone else share what they are getting (especially people that have already ordered)
    thanks in advance
  • codavecodave Posts: 6
    Alwaysford, I checked. It looks like I have a small leak on the passenger side. Not a big mess, but more then I would like and more then the driver's side. On the driver's side there is a slight line of oil along the gasket. On the passenger side oil is running oil the block and onto the engine mount, etc.

    As for the dealers I have had some trouble with... both on the south side of metro Denver. Courtesy Ford has no concept of service in their service dept. Not only that, the service writers tend not to come across as knowledgeable. The technicians seems to know what they are doing, but ... The quick lube has good service and does a good job. This is just my experiences, but I have tried them several times and service has been terrible.
    Medved Ford is relatively new. I have only had an oil change and tire rotation there, but when I looked over and saw all my tires in a pile I knew I had problems. The technician had no idea which location they came from or where to put them. Not much to go on for the overall all dealership, but... A friend with Chevy to her Trailblazer in for an oil change with the adjacent Medved Chevorlet and after the oil change it wouldn't start. Three weeks later she got her vehicle back. While we would like to blame this on it being a Chevy, there were too many unanswered phone calls, forgetting to order parts, etc. for my comfort. Not much experience here, but I would take my vehicles to either.
    Just my opinions above. Courtesy does have some of the best prices around. Largest Expedition dealership there is. Good deals, poor service (in sales and service departments).
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