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Ford Expedition

meredithmeredith Posts: 577
This topic is a continuation of Topic 176....

Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. Please continue
these discussions here. Thanks!

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  • I searched the earlier topic on Expeditions and found some people posting questions on replacement shocks, but found no answers.

    I have a 1997 Eddie Bauer 4x4 without the load leveling suspension and 50K miles. I would like to upgrade the shocks.

    Does anyone have any first hand experience?
  • Does anyone have any pics of 2001 or page that has them?
  • I have 1999 Ford EB Expedition. It use to shake between 67 to 70 Mph. The fix is as follows:
    1. Have the tires re-balanced and indexed. The
    indexing I'm not sure what it is. My guess
    is that the tire stem has to be at a certain
    location with respect to the tire.

    2. The drive shaft has to be re-indexed and

    Those 2 steps should cure your shaking problem.
    It cured mine.

    One more thing once the drive shaft is re-balanced and indexed you'll need the tires re-aligned. The balancing of the drive shaft caused
    my truck to go out of alignment.

    GOOD LUCK...
  • I have put Edlebrock IAS Shocks on my Explorer (before it traded it for an Expedition) and a Jeep Wrangler. Huge improvement in cornering,no sacrifice in ride. Best results were on the Explorer. It rode like it was on rails. Of course the Jeep is still a Jeep, how good could it possibly get? It did improve, but not to the degree that the Explorer did. Monroe has been advertising a similar shock lately. The Edlebrocks are not cheap, around $75 each, the Monroes are around $79. I am going to put the Edlebrocks on my Expedition shortly.
  • I had the reindexing done also, as well as the drive shaft. Still have the problem. I'm waiting (although no so patiently anymore) for a new computer control module. We'll have to see how that does.
  • Can anyone give me an Idea what I will have to pay for an extended warranty on a 00 or 01 exedition Eddie 4x4? Just about to take the plunge and it will be my safety net.
  • I am looking at buying an expedition that has a little 4-6" tv that folds out of the roof. Has anyone owned this type and how did it work for you?
  • Our '98 Expedition has been non-stop problems. Yes, it was previously loved and had 27k when we got it- beautiful white w/tan leather - size matters. Unfortunately the beauty was only skin deep. Rear WS wiper- 4 times, rear A/C stopped, rear tail lights quit, short circuit that drained battery, passenger side seat heater (6 months to get heat element). End of warranty - check engine light (#4 cylinder coil)$140, A/C gasket $242, starts and goes dead and we're trying fuel filter change and PCV valve change. Worst vehicle we have ever had. We put 158k on '88 Taurus and 170k on 4Runner and '98 Expedition has spent more time in dealer service bay than those other 2 vehicles combined. Average mileage for 13,000 miles is 13.9 - highest tank mileage was 18.9 - lowest was 9.8. Now trying full synthetic oil to see if I can get better.

    Anybody else had as many problems as me?
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    did you do a History check on it? Sounds like a good candidate.

    Unfortunately, sometimes that information gets "lost" depending what state is involved.
  • after 2yrs with my 98 EXP & no mechanical problems (just a rear wiper they took 5 tries to finally fix) I'm every 24 the mags and ALL seem to LOVE Tahoe/Suburban. Drove both. Suburban seemed "overburdened", felt slow, and I wondered about all the praise for the Chevy engine (which is the constant criticism of the Ford). My EXP seemed like a race car by comparison. Decided to drive a Tahoe which did feel distinctly quicker than the Suburban,and perhaps a bit stronger than my Ford 5.4. But not enough to justify all the praise for the Chevy engine. Both Chevy's rode a tad better (if softer is better). That said, everything else about the my 98 Ford feels and looks better than the 2001 Chevy. The center console on the Chevy looks like an ice chest, and that cassette deck sorta shoved above the cupholders looks like something in a 78 Oldsmobile. The whole interior of the Chevy looks a decade behind Ford. The stereo in the Chevy which brags about a 9 speaker system with a subwoofer sounds weak. My Ford system with 4 speakers sounds much better. If you compare the Tahoe with the EXP (which is really the comparison) the Tahoe looks smallish through the rear view mirror...maybe a foot+ shorter behind the rear seat. Something as small as the power window switches on the Chevy looks like a throw-back to the square "no ergonomics" 1970 while my EXP door design sweeps gracefully following the natural curves of the human body. I'll get another Ford. I will never understand all the hipe about Chevy or why they get such positive comment while Ford EXP consistently gets a "so-so" review. I EXP rode a bit softer, and that it got a bit better gas milage (12 in town and 16+ on the road) but otherwise I love the thing.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    New Silverado with 5.3 and new Expy with 5.4, both 4x4's. Even though the Expy is about 500 pounds heavier, it still has much more noticable power than the Silverado. And it should since the 5.4 has more Torque.

    Even though the 5.3 has 20 more HP (on paper), its so high in the RPM band that its basically useless.

    What I was really impressed with was the difference in drivetrain components (Axle, driveshaft, differrential, tranny, etc) between the two vehicles. When you look underneath, the Silverado (1500) shows its expected 1/2 ton related parts, while the Expedition surprisingly shows 3/4 ton components.

    If you don't believe me, check the two side by side sometime. It also explains the heavier weight and the lower gas mileage in the Expy (more along the lines of a 3/4 ton).

    I have not looked under a Tahoe or 1500 Sub, but I bet you find the 1/2 ton parts.
  • I just finished reading all 511 posts in the other area and summarize problems as follows:
    1) There is a vibration problem between 60-70 that post #128/ of 511 seems to know how to fix, but how do I tell if used 97 Expeditions I am looking at have fixed these problems

    2) There seems to be potential for transmission to fail

    3) Rear wipers seem almost a certainty to fail

    4) Newer models seem to have intermittent problem with engine suddently turning off at slow speeds or turning at slow speeds

    Does these seem excessive or comparable? I have always liked Fords am very interested in the Expedition but should I look at Durango or Suburban instead?
  • I have 2 EXPYs: 97 4x2 4.6L & 2000 EB 4x2. The '97 has 180K Mi and the 2000 has 40K Mi. I have had a grand total of 2 small problems with the 97 (both covered by warr.) and zero problems with the 2000. I think the info you are getting from these posts is the result of a great compression of data. There are hundreds of thousands of Expeditions across the USA having few or no problems. The 20 or 30 situations you read about here though unfortunate still still show the results of a tremendous job on behalf of the folks at Ford in putting "Quality First".
  • I've had the well know rear wiper problem, but nothing else......2 years into this car, bought new, no rattles, no problems other than the rear wiper.
  • I have a 2000 EB Expy, only 1000 miles and I now think I only have 26 gallon gas tank instead of the 30 gallon gas tank my equipment list says I should have. Only reason I care is because of the gas mileage on the 5.4L the larger tank means more time between gas stops; additionally on longer trips It means I don't have to stop as often. Twice now I've waited for the mileage indicator to say I have less than ten miles left, and the gas gauge is firmly on empty. I can't put more than 22 gallons of gas in the thing.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I've talked to the dealer and they're hemming a hawwing about all tanks have a reserve. Reserve yes but not an 8 gallon reserve. Anybody know if I may cause damage (create new rattles) having the dealership look around in there to confirm the gas tank size.
    Any comments appreciated.
  • Try resetting the trip computer - it calculates your mileage (if you are watching the readout) and for the first few tankfulls it isn't all that accurate. Try using the odometer to gage how much gas you will need to put in, you should probably be getting around 14 - 15 mpg. You will also notice that you need to nurse in the last few gallons on a big fill up, as it will usually kick off the pump around 26 or 26.
  • I've got a 2000 Expy EB 4x4 like bear36 has... got about 2,750 miles on it, the first 2,000 or so were short trips & city driving. A couple of weeks ago, I filled the tank and set forth on a 375 mile drive from NYC to Virginia. Knowing that the Owners' Manual does imply that the mileage estimates returned by the overhead display can be unreliable until you hit 3,000 miles (if I recall correctly), what I observed on my drive was the "miles to empty" number increasing as I proceeded. Keeping in mind that I've doing a steady 65+mph, therefore improving my fuel economy, the system's recalculating based on those factors. The low fuel warning light on the dash - which, if I remember correctly lights at the 4 gallon mark (correct me if I'm wrong)- lit when the overhead told me I had 8 miles left. I wasn't worried because I figured it simply didn't have enough data - based on wide enough range of driving/fuel usage history - to accurate calculate that number.

    It turns out that, 8 miles to go was about 2 miles short of my destination. Pulled into the local Citgo... pumped in around 26 gallons (the tab was around $42, and gas prices were around $1.62/gal... do the math).

    Speaking of gas, I use 89 octane in my 5.4l v8 Expy, despite the Owner's Manual indicating a 86 minimum. What do some other folks use?

    And speaking of tires, my EB came with Firestone Wilderness ATs. Now, I'm not all panic-stricken about the situation concerning the 15" (mine are 17") - I'm actually more concerned about something that happened on my return trip from VA. Cruising along at around 50mph in a moderate rainstorm, rounding a gentle, slightly banked curve, I - in the inside lane - starting hydoplaning. My truck started sliding "downwards" ever so slightly off the road and towards the grass median. I never actually went offroad, but for a seconds it looked like I might. I stayed cool - eased up on the gas, kept away from the brake and held the wheel steady, and within a few seconds I was back in control (whether the Auto 4WD kicked in or not I couldn't tell). Anyway... no harm. But, when I got home I stated looking into the Firestones. I specifically ordered this truck with safety in mind - big, Auto4WD, Reverse-sensing system, - because I wanted my family and I to be glued to the road. So, I'm left a little disconcerted. As it turns out, the Firestone's have a Traction rating of "B"; I've looked into some Michelins (LTX M/S and the Pilot LTX) that have "A" ratings and - knowing Michelin - are likely to be much quieter, too.

    Anyway... I'm sorry to say that if my EB's off road, I'm likely to be slumped unconscious behind the wheel, a spent airbag in my lap. I live in NYC, so all-season, street/highway performance - supreme, all-weather street/highway traction's what I really need, not all-terrain charactertics which might compromise foul-weather performance. Any tire experts out there like to recommend a tire, or tell me the aforementioned Michelins are a good choice? I'm likely to do something, tire-wise, within the next month. Maybe I'll get lucky and Ford/Firestone will pull the plug on all Wilderness AT's.

  • Dealer agreed to exchange my Firetone AT 17" on the Expiditon to Michelin LTX. It appears Michelin has quit taking orders as they are over 1 year behind due to demand. Does anyone have a suggestion on a Quiet, dependable, safe replacement for the Firestones. Dealer will do anything I suggest.
  • My Expedition came with Goodyears, as did my Explorer, and my Bronco before that. I have always had good luck with the Goodyears, with the exception of a set of GT+4's on a Monte Carlo SS in the 80's (I think that may have been youthful exuberance). On the trucks they ride smooth, with little highway noise. I am in Fairfield County CT, so we have similar weather. I do drive a lot, and in bad weather, and have never had an issue with them. I don't go offroad per se, a little beach stuff here and there, and some construction sites.
  • Had an explorer with goodyears as well. Liked them much better than my last two with Firestones. Did you get fairly good wear miles on them ie: 40-50k before replacing them?
  • I was very pleasantly surprised at the mileage. Got 65,000 out of them on the Explorer, and when I replaced them they were still not completely down to the wear indicator. I'm pretty sensitive to not pushing the limits when it comes to vehicles, as I drive a lot, mostly highway, and don't want to have any issues. It may be a different thing if I just drove around town. I currently have Goodyears on my Jeep Wrangler, but no matter what tires are on it, it will still be a bad ride.
  • If you have trailer towing package or a 4X4 then you have the 30 gallon tank. I have a 2000 EB 2WD with towing package and have the 30 gallon tank. I can only fill up the tank to about 25 gallons before pump shut off. I have to trickle the last 4 to 5 gallons in. I found out on an Expy owners web site that due to the design of the fuel tank, many owners have experienced the same problem. My parents have the same problem with their motorhome that is on a Ford chassis with the V10 (Of course they have a 75 gallon tank but pump shuts off at 64 to 65 gallons). You have to be patient filling it up, I have put in nearly 30 gallons on a couple of occasions ( I usually don't let it get that empty, fill it up as soon as LOW FUEL light comes on). Good luck.
  • I have a new Eddie Bauer Expy with 3,300 miles on it. On 09/10/00 I had a Firestone Wilderness AT tire explode. Returning from a camping trip, my buddy noticed a strange road noise. He said we better pull over and check. Right rear tire was bulged all around the sidewall like fist sized balloons. Since we did not relish the idea of changing a tire along a busy interstate we put the flashers on and attempted to limp to a truck stop 1/2 mile away. After only 40 or so yards the tire exploded. Was told this was road hazard related as there was a tiny puncture of some sort in the middle of the tread. These tires seem very flimsy and I am in the process of replacing them all now. I have no confidence in them at all at this point. Expy has been a great rig so far with no problems.
  • I have a 98 EXP XLT 5.4 and according to the window sticker I saved it's a 26 gallon tank. When I run the tank close to empty the gas cuts off between 18-22 gallons. On the slowest notch I can get close to the 24 gallons. But if I "nurse" it in I can get not only the 26 gallon capacity in but another 4 into the tank. Curious, but not too bad a problem, all things considered.
  • Thanks for the comments everyone. The dealer indulged me and actually dropped the tank a few days ago to confirm the size, and it was a 30 gallon tank (wish I heard about the special filling techniques before they dropped it). I'll try the nursing technique,I'm sure it will work.

    But since we are on the topic of gas. The owners manual is pretty specific about only using 87 octane gas. That's a good thing since it's the least expensive. Does anybody know if there is a benefit to using higher octane gas? Or do you just end up spending more money, or perhaps even lessoning engine performance.

  • I love my Expedition. I can haul just about anything, and it is tight and rattle free 2yrs and 23K miles later. Can't say that about many cars. I do wish it got better milage. 12mpg around town.....pretty bad.....
  • Have a 2000 EB Expedition. Does anyone have any recs on floor mat liners and cargo liners. Would prefer a carpeted kind over rubber. Suggestions on best fit, coverage, cost, and where to get them are appreciated. I think the types with raised edges to contain spills may suit me the best. Have two rugrats creating multiple stains in other previous vehicles. I have the oak interior.
  • I bought an Eddie Bauer Jul 99 and it has been an excellent automobile! There were two minor recalls, for which Ford provided a free day rental, and no mechanical problems at all. We already have 14,000 miles, and have driven 50 miles on a nice 4wd trail in Colorado.
  • i'm new to this post, but by way of intro, i've been a ford driver since my '73 ranchero to the current f250 crewcab powerstroke (with a short lapse to "suburbia" - 2 trannys and 3 rearends on a '96 with 21k miles)and now i'm looking at '01 Expys (the present big diesel is too much truck for my current needs).i'm responding to bear36's question about gasoline. i buy and sell gas for a living (typically a million gallons at a time) so i'm well versed on the "specs".if the manual says 87 octane, there's no advantage to paying the 10 to 20 cents/gallon diff at the pump. (btw, it only costs "us" about 3 to 5 cents to make 93 octane vs 87, the rest is "good marketing").for you navigator owners reading this, i'd suggest trying a few tanks of 89 and see if the engine "pings", especially under hard acceleration, or if your mileage suffers. if not, then you'll be okay. (this goes for anyone currently buying 92/93 or 89 octane for any vehicle.) i did have a '90 explorer (87 octane per ford) that complained with less than 89 octane, but i'd driven it pretty hard prior to that point. listen to your engine and you'll know. otherwise, save the $$.
  • getting ready to buy a year-end Exp....these guys have 11 dark green that look ok to me...they are definately steering me to one of their many green ones....but is this a bad color to buy or did my local dealer just get too many?....can't figure why they have 20 2000 EXP's on the lot and soooo many green would suit me fine but don't want one of those colors nobody wants either now or 2 years from now when I trade again.....
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