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Ford Expedition



  • 1400 on 6yr 100k mi ford premium care extended warranty. Had offers as high as 1850. Any others out there get it for less? Plan to go today to finalize the deal. Supposedly under cost for the dealer, but they asked I give their service dept a chance to win my business.
  • Howdy,

    I just purchased a used 1998 Expedition/Eddie Bauer w/54K miles. Runs/looks like new. Had a Ford dealer go thru it for 3 hours and found minor issues, front brake pads wearing uneven, tire scollop, and idler arm. My question is should I consider a 3 yr/36K mile extended warrenty from used/private dealer for $1450/w $200.00 deductable or 1Source warranty that Edmunds advertises for $1300/$0 deductable??

    Also anyone have any comments on Edmunds 1Source extended warrenty program??

  • I have a 2000 XLT, 4X2, with 4.6L. Purchased new in May. Engine has vibration when accelerating and hits a resonance at high rpm (about 4200 RPM). I brought it into the dealer, Team Ford , Marietta Ga. They worked on it for a full day. Service advisor acknowledged there is an engine vibration, but said they were not successful in fixing it. He said they spent entire day talking with ford engineers and hanging weights off the engine and exhaust system. They believe there is static unbalance in the engine. They advised me to bring it back when I can leave it with them for a few days to do further diagnosis. Has anyone heard of this problem? If so, what was the remedy?
  • My 2000 Expedition 13,500 miles, Leaks water from the A/C Condenser housing. I noticed problem 100 miles into a long trip when I slowed suddenly and heard rushing water. Upon investigation I found that the carpet padding had gotten soaked, then the water filled up the wire tray under the passenger door threshhold , with several pints of water. This could have been happening for months, since most trips are shorter. Carpet is rubber backed, so never gets wet on top.

    Been to dealer twice...they can't duplicate the condition in the shop. A/C drains normally when they look at it. Whenever I go on a long trip, sometime along the way, something stops up, water stops running through drain, and then runs under foil insulation blanket, under carpet, soaks padding through then fills up wire channel. Getting very frustrated. Dealer is D&D Ford in Greer SC. Dealer says he cannot get an OK from Ford to disassemble dash or condenser housing unless he sees water leaking from under insulation. He says he has cleaned drain tray (???external part???) I am always on a weekend trip when this happens, so no dealer is open for me to get it checked when it happens.

    If anyone has any info that might help...please post response. I have called Ford in Dearborn, but no action has been taken as of yet.

    Vehicle also suffers from high oil consumption (3/4 qt over 1000 miles) Anyone else have this problem?? Fords policy is to do nothing unless it uses over a qt in 1000 miles. 5.4 liter Engine, Tow, 3.55 rear end.
  • I have the 2000 EB w/ about 3500 miles. I'm bothered by an annoying wind noise which seems to be located at the lower center portion of the windshield. The noise manifests itself at about 60-65 mph regardless of relative wind direction. Also seem to have a very minor water leak coming under the windshield while driving in heavy rain. Possibly the two problems are related. Anyone else experience this?
  • The two problems are related. Bring it back, and they will hunt for the leak using soap solution and compressed air. They will probably try to reseal it locally as opposed to removing the glass and replacing/resealing the whole thing.
  • Update to No. 35 of 37
    Still no fix on the A/C undercarpet leaking. Transmission was leaking (slow drips). Dealer, dropped Transmission, found stripped bolts in housing. New housing was built up with components from my transmission and unit was reinstalled. Vibration and noise increases are now very apparent. Idle vibration greatly increased as well as noise (Engine? Trans?) at highway speeds. Im am afraid that dealer did not index or balance something in the torque converter or transmission some how. Comments anyone?
  • jr182jr182 Posts: 1
    I bought my 2000 EB Expedition in May 2000. Traded my 99' F150 (5.4L) for it

    The Expedition has an intermittent Horrible Exhaust odor. Dealer has R&R'd Catalytic Converters, PCM Module, Mass AirFlow sensor and still about every 4-6 days the exhaust smells REAL BAD.

    Dealer just swapped it out for another 2000 EB Expedition after the dealer offered a $4000 Owner Appreciation Certificate rather than continue the Lemon Law Process. I am a Ford X-Plan buyer so I get to buy at 4% over A-Plan. This come sout to about $800 under invoice.

    Ford just lowered the interest rates on left over 2000 Expeditions to 0.9% for 24 or 36 month, 1.9 for 48 month or 2.9% for 60 month. If you can find a 2000 that meets your needs it's a good deal.

    Anyone else have this problem. I had a 98 F150 w/5.4L 99'F150 w/5.L that were great
  • I have a '99 Expedition, EB edition. It has 29K miles on it and has recently developed a rear suspension squeak very similar to what the older (60'70's) mustangs did. I hit a bump in the road or go over a speed bump and it squeaks loud enough I can hear it with the radio on. Does anyone else have this problem or have experienced it?
  • knauknau Posts: 1
    Just wondering if anyone knows if EB's come in deep wedgewood blue? i have seen some sites that say they do, while others dont list that as an available color. thanks....
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Does anyone know if the homelink feature on the 2001 can be retrofitted easily to a 99? I have it on my Lincoln LS and it's molded into the visor but I can't tell if it has any other components.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    It appears that it's only available on the XLT and not the EB. Call a dealer to confirm.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    I have a very strong gasoline odor coming from the Expedition. It is strongest near the drivers door on the outside, but will invade the cabin at drive-throughs or in traffic. It can even fill the garage with the gas smell overnight. Does anyone have any idea where it is coming from?
  • Sanandton - Were you able to get the Ford 6/100 0 deductable for $1400? If so, could you tell all of us the contact information for your dealer?

    I just recently bought an 2000 EB 4X4 and my wife loves it. Got a great deal on the vehicle, but the dealer wanted $1895 for the warranty, so I declined it. Now that the shock of dropping so much money on a new vehicle has almost worn off, I am looking for a Ford Premium Care 6/100 $0 deductable warranty. Anyone else know where to get a good deal on the warranty?
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    The warranty is the Premium Care with a 50 dollar deductible. Just tell them when you call that you want to give the service dept. your business and offer 1400.00 for it. It actually cost the dealer 1450.00. Don't know what that means as if they acutally purchased the right to it, but it was consistent at all dealers we approached. Where do you live? If it is in the SE I can give you the exact person to speak to in Upstate SC.
  • Not quite two years ago, I studied these town hall postings and struggled with the question of whether or not to buy a Ford Expedition. I made up my mind then, that if I did buy one, I would report back my experience to help others with the decision.

    Well, I am sorry to say, I have been very, very unhappy with the service I have received for my vehicle. We have tried 3 Ford dealerships in the middle Tennessee area about 80 miles East of Nashville, and have met with complete frustration and disappointment with each one.

    Just for one example of many: the vehicle has a problem with the steering, and after about 6 attempts, I have determined that they simply WILL NOT fix it. They try to hide their laziness or incompetence and say it is "normal". One time, the mechanic rode with me and admitted something was not right with the steering. I left the vehicle with them, with their promise they would call me when it was fixed. After about a week, I phoned them, and they said it needed some parts that were on order, etc. They kept the vehicle 12 days and never did call me to say it was ready. When I finally called them again, and they said it was ready, I drove to pick it up. Upon arriving, they announced they were not going to fix it because it was "normal". In short, they are Liars!

    And not just that, but there was a loud rattle that took two trips to fix; they advised us wrongly about the tire rotation; they leave their greasy hand and palm prints all over the fine leather we try so hard to keep pristine, etc. etc. etc. The inconvenience they have caused us would take more paragraphs to write than I am probably allowed in this forum.

    So, for those of you considering buying one, take my advice and don't. We surely regret it, and are now trying to get rid of this one, even at a heavy loss in depreciation.
  • I've e-mailed about 10 local dealers over the past couple of days asking for their best price on a Ford ESP Premium Care 6/100K $0 deductible warranty. Five have responded and the best price so far is $1895 and the worst is $2095. I know that I can by this warranty from any Ford Dealer so I'm going to continue to look around.

    Sanandton - or anyone else - If anyone got a better deal than that, please e-mail me at with that price and dealer contact info. Thanks.
  • You could have seepage from a damaged fuel line (it is mostly not metal, more like plastic), a leaking joint where the fuel line attaches to the fuel rail, or a leaking joint where the fuel rail connects to the injectors. You should have the dealer find the problem. There is a combustible gas detector that he could use, if he has one. If you keep parking in the garage, make sure that you have a good fire insurance policy and life insurance policy.
  • could be coming from leak around gas filter. It is located inside frame rail under driver side door.

    Rmacisit... definitely get the extended warranty. You'll need it.

    Hodge52... I feel your pain. We kept our '98 EB Expedition for 1 year and could not take it any more. I took a financial enema to get rid of it. Bought a Honda Odyssey... more room, much better mileage, hopefully more dependable.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    George and Chuck for the suggestions. The leak is not bad enough to allow dripping of gas. Makes it harder to track, but I will get it in to be checked if I can't locate the leak myself soon. Don't have enough time on my hands to take it in a leave it or wait at this time.
  • I have a 1998 Expedition. My check engine light is on for the third time since July. The dealer has reset it each time but offers no explanation other than that is related to the emission control system and may also be related to the gas cap. I think the gas cap theory is wrong because I have tightened the gas cap and refilled the tank per the manual and the light stays on. Any thoughts?
  • sml13sml13 Posts: 1
    Go back and make the dealer fix whatever the problem is that is causing this light to come on. The check engine light is only supposed to come on when the engine's computer, which constantly monitors conditions within the engine, detects something that indicates a problem. It is not solely related to emissions. The owner's manual for my current car says that extended driving without correction can cause additional damage to the engine.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Once the "check engine" light is on it will not go off, even if the problem that created it is fixed. It has to be reset, usually by the dealer. So if you were having a check engine light on for a gas cap being too loose, it will not go off even when tightened. Had the same problem on my 2000 already. The service tech gave me this info.
  • should register a code into the truck's computer which the dealer can read. There should be no guess work.
  • Posters are correct that the check engine light indicates problems other than the engine. Had a new transmission put in my '97 expy at 52000 mi.
    Less than a 1000 miles later the check engine light came on.Turns out the torque converter in the trans. was bad. The computer code told the shop about it, also info in there about the new tranny. Your dealer should be able to read the code and I.D. the problem.
  • bob88bob88 Posts: 1
    First of all the light will go out on its own if the problem goes away. It takes so many run cycles. If the problem persists it will stay on.

    Second-- For those that are unhappy with their dealers, go to a Lincoln Mercury dealer. That's where I go (Ray Price in East Stroudsburg PA) and they treat you a whole lot better than Ford Dealers do. There was also a TSP released that advised dealers about how to handle Expy owners. It was TSB 99s12-s1. I'd love to see what it says.

    I had a 97 Expy as well as 99 EB which was destroyed in a tornado in Wisconsin and currently own a 2000 ( build date 7/2000). I LOVE THEM ALL.

    I'd buy again--Bob
  • anfanf Posts: 6
    I purchased a new 2000 Expedition EB about 5 days ago.

    I'm experiencing a slight vibration, or shudder, that seems to start at about 30 MPH and continues up into highway speeds. The vibration is worst at about 45 MPH. It doesn't seem to be related to acceleration, deceleration or rough roads. There also doesn't seem to be an associated noise, or moan. My vehicle has load leveling suspension (if that matters).

    I plan to take it back to the dealer, but want to gather some info first.

    I've seen several other postings on vibration problems, but they seem to be described as a driveline "droan" that appears at higher speeds around 65 MPH. A suggested fix for this is to replace the driveshaft and install a vibration damper on the rear axle.

    There are also a couple of vibration-related TSBs. One is "under low speed acceleration". The other is "vibration/moan at highway speeds".

    Neither the problems reported on this board nor the TSBs seem to describe my problem exactly. Does my problem sound familiar to anyone? Could it be the same as the drone problem?

    Thanks -- anf
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Brand New 2000 EB Expedition. Check engine light on again for the second time in 3200 miles. This time asked them to check out the strong gasoline smell around the drivers door area. Conclusion: Bad fuel control valve, and gas cap not sealing properly. Allowing "inappropriate" venting of the gas tank. Well, I have had 4 previous Fords, and if this fixes the problem it will be the first time one trip resulted in a resolution. Fingers are crossed.
  • Vabedouin,
    I am also experiencing the suspension squeak problem you describe in message # 40. I have 20,000 miles on my '99 EB. I have not yet tried to solve the problem. Have you discovered a fix? Anyone? Please advise!
  • I have just purchased a 2000 4x2 EB Expy. Think I got a good deal. Loaded with second row captains chairs, third row seating, heated seats, towing package, 5.4 L engine, 6 Cd changer, power everything. Payed 34,600 with .9% financing.

    One problem. The truck is clearcoat black with gold trim. I love the color but it seems that the hood and top of the vehicle has what seems to be acid rain damage. I noticed this on the first truck I took delivery on and returned it. The deal, Banner Ford in Atlanta Ga, gave me a new vehicle that I have now noticed has the same problem.

    I went to a new dealer and showed him the truck. He said that it is normal and unavoidable to have this problem and that my truck was in better shape than the 2000 models he has on the lot, especially the black Expys. I told him that I would return my truck and buy from him but he said that he honestly would not have anything in his inventory in better shape.


    Has anyone else had this problem? What should I do?
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