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Ford Expedition



  • purpur Posts: 3
  • Ford has a free baby seat tether anchorage kit. It took about 4 weeks to order, and our dealer installed it for free since it was a safety item. It's basically a small ring that bolts to the floor behind the seat on our 98 Expy. The tether strap hooks to this ring. We've had it for several months now, and it really tightens up the car seat installation versus the middle lap belt alone. Not a very elegant solution, but it is a truck, after all.
  • My 98 XLT 4x4, 5.4 engine, 3.73 LS rear has developed a slight drivetrain shuddering in A4WD mode when I'm starting a turn from a stop or backing out of a parking space. The shuddering feels like tire scrub on dry pavement - didn't think that should happen in A4WD mode. The shuddering stops if I'm in 2WD mode. My dealer in NJ says that the front and rear differentials are "fighting each other". Sounds like BS to me - doesn't the ControlTrac system have a center diff? Have had it to the same dealer twice - both times they say that the 4wd system checks OK - warranty runs out in a couple of months, so do I have any case against Ford if the whole 4x4 system crashes after that?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    No, Control Trac does not have a centre differential. The vibration is most likely caused by the partial engagement of the front axle. Newer Control Trac systems have new software (which totally disengages the front axle) that corrects this. That's why you don't see a 2WD mode any longer in the Explorers, etc.

    I'm curious, were you always running in Auto 4WD mode? Or 2WD mode? You wrote "developed", so it seems to me as if it just started happening.

    Good luck

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  • I just purchased a new 2001 Expy EB with the 4.6L engine and with "no kidding" only 247 miles on the vehicle, it left us on the side of the road. Dealers service verdict--it dropped the #8 valve. Now dealer wants to replace the engine. I feel strongly they should replace this new vehicle with another Expy. I paid for a factory installed engine and that's what I expect. Can anyone offer any advice or similar incidents? Am I being unreasonable? Appreciate any help.
  • <<I paid for a factory installed engine and that's what I expect.>>
    You got a factory installed engine. Now that engine is bad and it will be replaced under the warranty that came with it. You are getting what you paid for. Do you expect a new vehicle every time something goes wrong? Do you think the factory scraps a vehicle if it finds something wrong in its inspections or does it replace the bad part?
  • jjmd1jjmd1 Posts: 14
    I have a 98 Expy XLT, was wondering how difficult it is to install fog lights? I am not that handy with cars, so was wondering if I could do it by myself?
  • Major engine failure at less than 300 miles?!!! I'm with you unity on getting a new vehicle. I would firmly request a new vehicle. I may do no good but I would try. I believe some states have a regulation that requires the dealer to exchange a vehicle if you have less than 300 miles or 1 week of ownership before a major failure. There is no doubt in my mind that factory installation is better than a service dept. job. If you are forced to go with the local engine change out, you can expect a whole host of accompanying problems to arise from someone mucking around in the engine compartment in a major way. If your dealer won't stand behind the product(replace the entire vehicle) you will probably be able to pursue the lemon law method within the year. Heck even wal-mart will exchange a 15.00 retail good without question. You should expect better when paying 35k for something. Good luck
  • When my wife and I started looking for a new vehicle, we never would have guessed that it would come down to an Expedition. Now, however, we are heavily leaning towards purchasing a new 4X4 XLT. Any suggestions from anyone ... any recommendations on options. Should I have an aftermarket stereo installed?

    How about the 4.6L vs. the 5.4L? What decrease in gas mileage could I expect by upgrading to the 5.4L? What gas mileage have owners seen?

  • While reading through the manual a few days ago, I read that at about 65,000 miles I must change my PCV valve. They said that it would be done at no cost to me. But when I went to the dealer, they said that they dont change PCV valves unless I serviced my car at the same time. Is this service necessary? What would happen if I dont get it replaced? Any comments or suggestions appreciated.
  • 2000 EB 4x4 5.4L gets avg 14mpg around daily drive 50% interstate, 50% city. Recent trip got 16.5mpg interstate only.
    My favorite option in the expy is the premium sound system and subwoofer. It really has great sound. If you don't decide to do the aftermarket thing consider a factory premium system like in the EB versions.
  • kd7kd7 Posts: 2
    aminth posted a comment that by joining something called "experimental aircraft association" at, he was able to get access to ford's x-plan pricing. quoted a seemingly incredible deal from ford on an expedition xlt conv/5.4, etc, 28.4k out the door, 2.9% for 60mo.

    looked into this briefly, and sure enough, has a big ford logo on the page. didn't go much further. anybody else look at this???

    looking to replace 95 explorer with something with a 3d seat. wife likes tahoe, so do i, got offered a "costco buying club" price for a tahoe LS/leather/conv/3d seat for invoice+500 in los gatos CA. does this sound good vis-a-vis Edmunds TMV??

    ken in SF
  • The 28.5K price may be about right. Apparently Ford may have moved to $2K rebate now. With few options this is possible. Look at a major newspaper ad on Saturday for the one or two only loss leaders.
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    If you check the past posts you'll see a strong
    leaning to the 5.4 If you get the 4.6 you'll probably find yourself hitting the gas hard which isn't great for longevity or gas mileage. The 5.4 cost adder is very reasonable to boot.

    Lastly, if you haven't looked at the new Toyota Sequoia you should check it out just to have piece of mind with your Expy purchase.

  • We finally got to meet with the regional ford rep. regarding the vibration at 65-70 mph. He told the dealership to replace torque converter and then offered us an extended 5 yr./75,000 mile warranty for free. We got the car back yesterday and the vibration is even worse, it shakes so badly now that my kids faces bounce back and forth when in the car and my 4 yr. old daughter cries whenever we have to go somewhere because she says she's going to get sick. As for the A4WD shuddering we too have had that same problem. It feels like we are going in and out of 4WD -- dealership can't replicate the problem, so can't fix it. We are now considering mediation with ford to get them to buy the vehicle back from us.
  • I have been told that Ford has a problem with oil leaks from the head gasket on 4.6 engines. My 99 Expedition has developed a leak at 45,000 miles. Since there is no official recall yet, has anyone with this problem been able to get Ford to pay for part or all of this repair ($900.00) on a vehicle that is out of warranty.
  • ranwinranwin Posts: 15
    Can anyone explain the different benefits of having the 3.55 or 3.73 limited slip differentials.
  • linzilinzi Posts: 5
    I installed a set of 98 Expedition fog lights on my 1998 XLT. I bought them from for $129.US. The light installation is easy enough as the lamp harnessed are right there at the inside of the bumper. However, Ford is pretty clever- The headlight/fog
    module does not have a necessary contact on it ,required to energize the fog lights. Therefore
    you will have to replace that light module- for the one that would have been installed, had the fog lights been factory installed. Except for one
    extra contact and a little LED that lights when you turn the Headlight switch to the ON position,
    and pull to energize the fog lights - the modules
    are IDENTICAL. To buy the replacement module would have cost me $115.CAN plus 14% tax. Therefore purchased a 1997-1999 HAYNES Expedition
    Repair Manual #36059. I removed the module as per Chap.12-7. I got extra internal light circuit module diagrams from my Ford dealer. I then installed an extra On/Off switch on the dash just below the headlight module. If this is too
    difficult to tackle, you might find it easier to
    buy and install the required module. Linzi
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Let's talk about Limited Slip first. As compared to an "open axle" (non-limited slip), a Limited Slip axle will provide better traction in slippery conditions, as it won't let one wheel spin if that wheel is on ice or in mud. If you go 4-wheeling, a Limited Slip can only be bettered by what's known as a "locker", which actually locks both rear wheels together, not allowing any spin, even if one wheel is up in the air. Lockers are expensive and only used by hard-core 4-wheelers.

    As far as axle ratios are concerned, a higher numeric ratio (lower gear ratio) axle (e.g. the 3:73) gives you better accelleration and provides more torque during towing or off-road situations than a higher ratio axle (the 3:55). However, the trade-off is that you will likely get slightly worse gas mileage with the 3:73, as your engine will be operating at a higher RPM at a given speed.

    I chose the 3:73 axle for our EB because we live in Colorado and the extra "grunt" is nice when taking a drive into the mountains.
  • linzilinzi Posts: 5
    go to In their Ford Pickup/SUB Accessories catalog, page 2, they list
    the Fender Flares for the Expedition as Part# F1010, priced at $269.95
  • linzilinzi Posts: 5
    Go to In their Ford pickup/SUB Accessories catalog, page 5, they list
    the rear floor liner You,re looking for- as Part#
    F1015 for $129.95
  • I just purchased a 2001 xlt expedition w/ the comfort/convenience group, sport group, and 6 cd changer, and paid 32,150 total plus tax--300 over invoice--and financed for 60 months @ 1.9%. By the way, edmunds invoice prices are a bit higher--perhaps they haven't been updated. There was a dealer incentive for the sport package that made the price 600 less.

    I would recommend calling as many dealers as you can to see who has the vehicle you want in stock, and negotiate over the phone. If they have it in stock, they want to unload it. We did all our negotiating over the phone, and just picked up the car once we agreed to the price.
  • I have have a 2000 Exped. XLT 8cyl 4.6L. I would appreciate any info on its possible engine problems or info on a site that would have up to date info.
    Thank You.
  • Do you currently have a problem, or or you just wondering if there are any known problems?
  • Well, it looks like we've decided on the 4X4 XLT with a 5.4L, comf/conv package, rev sensing, SAB, tow pkg, & limited slip. For whatever reason you cannot get the upgraded stereo system which comes with the Eddie Bauer in the XLT. I'm probably going to end up putting in an aftermarket system and adding a subwoofer which is made to fit where the factory sub fits.

    Sounds like everyone's getting pretty good prices. My wife works for Ford, so we get the employee discount, but it's not a whole lot better than what everyone else seems to be getting! (It's around 4% under invoice.)

    My wife currently drives an Acura Integra, so I'm sure she'll be shocked when she fills it up for the first time, but we are fully aware of the change in gas mileage!

    Thanks everyone for your input!
  • Someone mentioned that the invoice price is less than what Edmunds says. It is, but I think it's only because the invoices that Ford dealerships have do not have the dealer holdback included.

    I.e. the base price for the Expedition XLT 4X4 is 32,860 retail, 29,106 invoice incl. 3% holdback, 28,120 (or so) invoice not incl. holdback.
  • The Mach stereo from the EB has never been available in the XLT. It is one of the ways they try to make the EB a premium package (both in Explorer and Expedition). Crutchfield sells subwoofers that fit right into the rear cut out where the EB's sub is.
  • Is there any way to make my garage door opener work with the overhead console? It looks like the console is designed to work with a different type of garage door opener--mine is a Sears brand. When I press it in it doesn't reach the opener's button.

    Also, I read that Ford can provide free installation of a tether strap, but my dealer knows nothing about that. Can someone tell me if they've gotten a tether strap installed in their Expedition?

    Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
  • etjlaetjla Posts: 3
    After you strap the remote into the console with the velcro that came with the Expedition, you will take the 5 or so little blocks that look like legos and size them to fit so that they touch your opener button when the console is closed. You must attatch that stack of blocks onto the right hole so it hits the opener button when you press in on the console. I have a sears opener and it works fine.
  • 1997 ford expedition xlt loaded front.rear ht/ac lowlow miles 39xxx (no big deducts like the 99,xxx models)cd, tow package,new tires metallic green. priced to sell $21,900 or trade for 95/96 corvette conv. owned by nashville recording artist. toll free 1-877-532-1705 southern/central Illinois.
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