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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • Hey, buy whatever you want, but this kind of ill informed rant against Ford adds nothing of worth to this thread. Instead of reacting hysterically to the fact that there is a recall, learn the facts of the recall. Then consider that these are cases of could fall off, or could leak, or could jam. Further, the number of units affected has been very limited.

    What these recalls really indicate is that Ford did encounter some production problems, and they have a procces to correct them.
  • I think I have heard that Ford has one highest owner loyalty rates in the business. I have purchased 3 new Ford products and have not had any problems with any of them. One of them was a 1994 Mustang (The first year of the new design)I Never had a problem.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    All cars can be affected by recalls, but NATURE of the defects makes the difference.Rattling door handles or peeling paint, may be annoying but will not cause accidents. Streesed sway bar is an indication of the bad PROCESS or MATERIAL, not just bad part. Soft (unhardened) steering wheel nut is an indication of the bad PROCESS and LACK OF CONTROL. Rattling door handles will not sent you to the hospital, where exploding fumes from the fuel leak, stock trottle cable or wheels peeling off will send you and people around you not only to the hospital, but maybe even further. I don't think that anybody is bashing Escape, because Escape is a great vehicle. However, there were very few vehicles that had 3 UNRELATED SAFETY recalls DURING THE PRODUCTION and 4 SAFETY UNRELATED RECALLS in the first 6 months of production.
  • ruahruah Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any info on what safety rating (5 stars?) Ford expects to earn for the Escape/Tribute? Thanks.
  • drew37drew37 Posts: 62
    I'm getting steamed about how people have let Mazda, Ford, and their dealers off the hook on this Triscape thing. People keep complaining about the fuel smell. If you read the nhtsa recall report for the fuel line problem you will read that an indication that this fuel line problem exists is a fuel smell. This affected about 5500 or so Tributes. If your dealer tells you they checked it out and everything is fine, and you still smell fuel (and not just that "new" smell of an engine breaking in) then what do you think it might be? THE FUEL LINE PROBLEM. It could be the smallest leak with no visible signs of liquid fuel. If I had an actual fuel smell I would demand that the dealer change the line. Don't take their word for it. They will lie until they can lie no more. Gee, I wonder what that fuel smell is in my brand new car the has had a fuel line recall? DUHHH !!!!

    And while I am steamed, I have to comment about the guy who let the dealer slip in an extra $299 (or whatever the exact amount was) at the very end of the deal at signing. This is nothing personal against this guy, I'm sure he's a nice guy and all that, so please don't take this personally but, HE LET THE DEALER GET AWAY WITH IT. HE PAID THE MONEY !!!!!! Instead of getting up and walking out, HE PAID THE MONEY!!!!!. The dealer told him that "everybody was paying it", if he didn't charge him he would be "liable for a class action law suit". HE DIDN'T LAUGH IN THE DEALERS FACE AND GET UP AND WALK OUT. HE SAID OK, AND HE PAID THE MONEY !!!!!!!
    People, when you buy a vehicle YOU are in charge of the deal. It kills me to hear that someone let these scummy salespeople get away with this BS - and even when they know it is BS. GET UP AND WALK OUT (and while you're walking check and make sure you still have your wallet), AND YOU WILL SEE HOW FAST THEY CHANGE THEIR TUNE. In all fairness I must say that I have known many honest and trustworthy car salespeople. Okay.....I feel better now.
  • Drew37, calm down, breathe in, out, in, out, count to 100. Okay? Feel better now? Good.

    Another possibility for the gas smell (hopefully not another recall) is a faulty O-ring on one of the fuel injectors. I read a post on the Yahoo boards from someone who had the gas smell problem and replacing the o-ring was the solution for their vehicle. IT WAS NOT THE FUEL LINE. At least people now can suggest something else to look for if they have the problem.

    By the way: I did walk out of two dealerships before I found one willing to sell at the price I wanted. I am still awaiting the arrival of my Trib.
  • Drew, thanks for stating (ranting) what I have been thinking.
  • drew37drew37 Posts: 62
    the official report says, "The O-ring seals in the fuel line connector at the outlet end of the fuel filter were damaged when the line was connected to the filter during vehicle assembly. In some cases this damage could result in fuel odor, or possibly in fuel dripping from the connection"...... "Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the fuel line".....
    You don't think for one minute that a dealer is going to replace the fuel line unless they see fuel dripping from it do you? Maybe to get a better view they need to light a match.
  • Dealers and mechanics make more money replacing parts than checking for leaks. I work for a company that supplies ford dealers - so far every escape has had its fuel line and sway bar parts replaced - 100%.
  • crum2crum2 Posts: 1
    I'm glad I didn't buy the tribute I had my eye on recently...At first< I was mad...3 trips to y local dealer and they didn't even have a brochure available...finally after some research, I decided I had better test drive the vehicle...well, wasn't I surprised...I have waited 3 weeks and I still haven't been able to test drive...apparently, the tributes are in such demand..they are all spoken for prior to even arriving at the dealer....well, after reading about all the problems the new tributes are having...I am grateful that I didn't jump the to speak....I wouldn't buy one now if the chairman of Mazda/Ford came to my front door!!! Thanks for all the info...this site saved me from making a very costly mistake.....
  • I test drove a Tribute this past weekend and found the seats to be very stiff and uncomfortable for driving any distence. Has any one else experienced this or is me?
  • I have been waiting the arrival of the Tribute since May. In September I test drove one and loved how it handled. The only thing I didn't like were the seats. I would have to agree with mrmadmax, they were very stiff. Decided to wait until December to buy one. Good thing I did considering all of the problems which the Escapes/Tributes have been having. I am still on the fence on whether to buy one. Today I test drove an Xterra. The ride was good, but it didn't have as much pep as the Tribute. Can anybody offer any advice on what I should buy? 20+ is a big investment.
  • kate5000kate5000 Posts: 1,271
    I really enjoy mine... soon will post pix of great off-roading in that little beast.
  • I concur with other test drivers of Tribute and Escape vehicles, the seats are a little on the stiff side and are uncomfortable. I've test driven the cloth and leather variations of each vehicle and have come to the same conclusion. Any one else????????????
  • I was set with my check in hand to by my XLT at a
    killer price then I test drove my car before
    signing. I was boxed in a parallel parking spot
    shifted back and forth from D to R about 8 times
    finally made it out of the very tight spot. I
    pulled about 30 feet forward to the intersection
    and the tranny or transaxle locked I was stuck the
    sales man tried it and called the mechanic over who
    could not even push it Whatttts Uuuup! was this a
    lemon? the parking brake was off and it was stuck
    like a dog! Should I still want an escape anyone
    else have this problem maybe the switch from auto
    to 4x4 on was 1\2 way any other ideas? What should
    I do by an ugly forester or a poor repair record
    jeep I want utility and ability to drive on deep
    fluffy sand in Long Island NY
  • Too bad, I liked the Tribute and intended to buy one but with all the problems I think it is a risky proposition. Possibly in a year or two the vehicle will be perfected and a safe buy, but I don't believe I will wait that long. So now it is back to the market place.
  • I have my Tribute ES for two weeks now. Two annoying problems: (1) The center storage console is too wide. The fit between it and my right side while wearing a heavy coat, creates an entangled struggle to latch in the seat belt. (2) The steering wheel is too far forward which makes it necessary to hold out ones arms as though sleep walking. Is anyone else experiencing these two annoyances? By the way, a Tribute fitted with ABS brakes, has four wheel disk brakes while without ABS the set up is front disk and rear drums.
  • I have the Tribute ES with a six-way electrically adjustable leather seat. The seat does get uncomfortable after a half hour of city driving, no matter how I set or change its position. In my opinion, the back rest needs a little more lumbar support to correct the discomfort.
  • Take the vehicle to your dealer and tell them exactly how and when you smell it. If they get to smell it after testing your truck they will fix it. A good dealer shouldn't give you back your truck smelling like fuel. I don't think this fuel odor has anything to do with the recall on the fuel line. The recall line is attached to the gas filter which is under the rear part of the vehicle. The odor is coming from the engine. Pop the hood and let the technician smell it. They'll fix it once they smell it.
  • I got a 4x5 Tribute LX-V6 a few weeks ago and love the car, except for one thing. I have only been getting about 15 mpg, with mostly city driving and some highway. This is significantly lower than the 18 to 24 as advertised. At first I figured I just had to break in the new engine (I also like to accelerate quickly), but now after reading these posts I think there may be fuel leakage. I'll take it to the dealer to have it checked soon.
  • Post #50 was supposed to say 4x4 (not 4x5).
  • If your Tribute is leaking gallons of gasoline you soon may not need to worry about how many miles per gallon you are getting.
  • I have 525 miles on mine. Yes, I did have a gas odor that seems to be disipating. I really noticed it after starting the car and then sitting in it reading the manual. I actually thought I had spilled gas on myself. I have tried to duplicate this since and I cannot smell it anymore. I don't smell it when I open the hood either. However, when I bring it in for the first oil change I will discuss this with the dealer. Gas mileage has been good. Moderate stop and go I am getting about 21mpg, about as good as my VR6 Jetta which I sold. I do notice a slight thump in the front susp. which was alleviated somewhat by reducing the 42 PSI! of air in the tires down to 35. Still more than the Mazda recommended 29psi. The motor is great, the trans shifts extremely smoothly and the wind noise is not as bad as I have read (to me anyway). Overall it is roomy, way more fun to drive than any SUV (I have owned a Rodeo and a Trooper) I have driven. I think the value for the dollar is excellent. I drove the Ford and this rig's styling, interior, better suspension settings, nicer wheels etc. sold me. Comments?
  • 3 mpg off factory ESTIMATE is great considering that you like to accelerate quickly. How fast do you think they were going when they did the test? Have you factored in cold starts which require more fuel usage than there testing temperature required? Have you considered what the usage of oxygenated fuel could do to the economy on this vehicle? 20% economy reduction from that stuff alone. Enjoy your 15 mpg and your new Tribute.
  • I couldn't have said it better myself. I have 1300 miles on mine and every day the smile gets wider. I think its extremely well built for early production. A vehicle this unique in the market place is one that I don't mind having a few issues with.
  • I bought my ES with all the trims back in early September. I drive 60 miles a day to work, so I am up to 2600 miles. I am 5' 9" 175 lbs, and I don't find the seats uncomfortable nor I have problems putting on the seatbelt.

    I have a couple small issues; there is no light on the ignition key, which makes it hard to find; the floor mats for the back seats are way too small; the antenna is not automatic.

    These are the only issues I have. I am getting about 20mpg since I drive mostly in highways. So I really would recommend this car to anyone.
  • I am/was considering a Tribute or Escape but after reading the postings here I am getting real nervous about purchasing one. Does anyone know if the problems are fixed on the Tributes/Escapes being produced now - stressed sway bar, bad fuel lines, bad steering wheel nuts, etc. I know no truck is perfect and I thought these were a good value but now I am not sure.
  • All of the items you mentioned have been fixed. There is no guarantee that there won't be some more in the future, but that did not stop me from taking delivery of my ES tonight.

    They come with a 3 year/50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Any problems should come up during that time. (If your still worried get an extended warranty.)
  • I spoke to my dealer about the fuel odor and they said, "bring it in and let's look at it" They have been very proactive and are concerned that I am not happy, even after telling them I really like the car. This is a good dealer. They are aware of this problem as they read Edmunds Town Hall regarding Mazdas in general. They believe Mazda will issue a recall on the fuel line thing in a week or so. Regardless they will examine the car. Regarding seating, I am 5ft10in. and 170lb and I did have to fiddle with the LX seat. I now have it set up where it is very comfortable, even after a 4 hour drive. I had a GTI on tailgating me in the country the other day and lost him! I'm sure if the young punk were a better driver he could have stayed with me. But even so, I was very impressed with this SUVs handling.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    dongor: "The RAV4 is the only price competitive vehicle in the running but I'm leery of the sewing machine under the hood!"
    I'm curious -what are you leery about?
    Adequate power? Quality/durability?
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