dzuldzul Member Posts: 9
I've been using RainX on both my cars for
about nine monthes. It considerably helps
visibility in the rain and I don't have to use the
windshield wipers a lot.
Does anyone have any home-made recipies to
put on windshields to repel rain like RainX? (I've
read that glycergin works well).
If you have used RainX, what have your
experiences been? How do you apply it, and how


  • enigma23enigma23 Member Posts: 36
    Use RainX on a regular basis, about every 6 months I apply it. Works great. At highway speeds even with a steady downpour I don't need to use the wipers. And the wipers make less noise, streak less, when you do use them.

    I apply just like it says on the back of the bottle. Take a rag, pour some Rain-X onto the rag and apply on windows in a circular motion like wax. Once it forms a slight haze wipe off with another dry rag.
  • classic1classic1 Member Posts: 8
    I'm not a big fan of the RainX products, especially the invisible windshield wiper product. My reason, primarily, is because you have to keep applying it on a regular basis. If you don't, the windshield wipers eventually smear your windshield (which is next to impossible to clean off). For my money, nothing beats a good vinegar, water, lemon solution to clean the windshield combined with a good set of wipers. By the way, since I drive a sedan and don't have a wiper on the back window, I DO use the RainX on it. Rear vision in a rain storm is exemplary.
  • dzuldzul Member Posts: 9
    After you apply the RainX and let it come to a haze, how long do you wait to wipe it off? I find that when you let the haze sit for 5-10 minutes (longer than the directions, I know), the RainX works better and lasts longer. Just wondering.
  • bheplerbhepler Member Posts: 101
    I don't know about lasting longer, but I have found that it's easier to wipe off if I let it sit overnight.
  • enigma23enigma23 Member Posts: 36

    I usually let it sit on the window's for about the same time, about 10 minutes. But only in the garage. In the sun you should wipe it off after only 5 minutes or so. It does last longer when you let it sit for 10-15 minutes, that's why I do it too.
  • doickledoickle Member Posts: 12
    This morning I tried pulling up the Rain-X home page. Didn't have any luck, ended up with Quaker State Motor Oil. Anyway I did some net serfing and ended up with the BMW page, they (BMW) say stay away from Rain-X.
    Don't get me wrong, I like Rain-X, the only thing I dont like is when you have to use the wipers you get a big smear on the windshield. This can be dangerous at night if your meeting a car head on.
    I like Rain-X on my mirrors helps keep the rain off and you sure can see a lot better.
    I would like to e-mail the people at Rain-X because I have some questions only they can answer, does anyone have their e-mail address?
  • enigma23enigma23 Member Posts: 36
    My wipers don't smear the windows with Rain-X applied to them. Are you sure you took all of the Rain-X off of the window??? Maybe you left Rain-X residue on the window.
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    I've never had Rain-X smear. I put it on my truck after 120K miles for the first time, and became a true believer. My only complaint is that it doesn't last very long (approx 2 months).

    How long are other people's lasting? Have you tried their Rain-X glass cleaner? It's suppose to make your Rain-X last longer.
  • enigma23enigma23 Member Posts: 36
    The repelling power obviously goes away with age but my windows continue to repel some water even after 5 or 6 months.
  • enigma23enigma23 Member Posts: 36

    THe reason your rain-X applications may only be lasting 2 months is because you are putting on a very thin layer. YOu might want to try to apply a thicker layer or apply 2 or 3 layers of rain-X, one after another, every time you apply rain-X..
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    I'll give that a try. Remanants of Floyd is suppose to pass through tomorrow.
  • blugillblugill Member Posts: 36
    My windshield wiper moter broke, and because of rain-x I didn't bother to fix it for over a year. (Intermitant peoblem, when I got the truck the wipers didn't work in winter, eventially they went out in summer. I didn't care, with rain-x I never used them anyway.

    Then I got a job in the city, where I had to deal with stop and go traffic. Rain-x is worthless at less then 20 mph, and of questionable worth at less then 45. For the times when it rains and traffic is not bad I like it.

    Just remember that even though you can see better with rain-x in heavy rain then wipers, doesn't mean your can't hydroplane. Keep the speeds reasonable for the condidtions.
  • lwittorflwittorf Member Posts: 96
    I have used rain x for about 3 years and I like it real well. When I put it on I let it haze over put on one more coat let sit till cloudy wipe with a dry paper towel then get one wet and go over it real good this keeps it from streaking and it lasts for about 2 months but from my expreance you have to wipe with a wet towel or it will streak and cause all kinds of trouble.
  • buntain1buntain1 Member Posts: 2
    I have had no problems with smear using Rain-X , but it is a little work to get it all off when applied. It seems the harder it rains the better it works.
  • bvaidyabvaidya Member Posts: 1
    i've been using rain-s for several years and i've been applying it straight to the windshield and using paper towels to smooth it around and buff. i don't think that this has any deleterious effect on the product - however, I never wait to take it off and it still lasts me about 2 months on the windshield. for the above post who said it doesn't streak, how do you apply it? the worst is driving in the city with streaking and lots of lights. i'd like to correct that if possible. thanks.

  • todo1todo1 Member Posts: 1
    In addition to hand-appling the Rain-X, buy the
    windshield washer Rain-X Additive.
    The combination seems to provide better protection and hold up much longer.
  • NovemberNovember Member Posts: 21
    After reading all this great stuff about Rain-x, I put some on the windshield. I wiped and wiped for a long time to get it off and it looked clean from outside the car. When I am inside the car, though, there seems to still be a slight haze on the windshield. If I use the washer fluid and wipers, it smears really badly, but then dries. Is there anything I can do now that will help or do I have to live with it? Is there any way to remove this stuff?
  • vac23vac23 Member Posts: 118
    Try cleaning the windows with windex. That usally works for me. The rain x will still work afterwards too.
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
    I tried Rain-x for a year and ended up hating the stuff because of the extreme streaking in city traffic. I stopped using it all together.

    Instead, a friend who drove a Seattle Transit System bus told me that they use ordinary "Cream of Tartar" on their windshields, it's an ordinary kitchen spice - I believe.

    I place the powdery stuff in a shallow soup bowl, add tap water to make a paste and apply to the windshield with a wet sponge in a vigorous circle pattern. Then, rinse off with a garden hose or, with a clear wet sponge until the glass is clear. I mean to tell you that the paste cleans every molecule off of the windshield - almost like a miracle. If you want to really clean a windshield - try it once or twice to see the results.
  • ccotenjccotenj Member Posts: 610
    hmmm... interesting method....
    how think of a paste do you make?
  • tonewheeltonewheel Member Posts: 47
    Take big kosher hot dogs and slip them over your wiper blades. Then, turn your defroster on high and wipe away! The dogs and the cream of tartar sauce make a great snack! :)
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
    The cream of tarter paste consistency is about the same as a pancake batter mix - maybe a little more body.

    Are the hot dogs beef, pork, pork and beef, deer sausage or Italian sausage?

    With your comment, I take it that you think the process with cream of tarter is a farce?? I say to you --- try it -you'll like it.
  • spookyfishspookyfish Member Posts: 1
    Rain-X Weenies...hmmm...*munch* *munch* *mun-* *FAINT*
  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    about the cream of tartar, sounds interesting, you use it on the inside as well, and wipe it off with the sponge? I have a 6 month old car with leather seats, and the off-gassing on the windows is intense, do you know if it gets that off well?
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
    So far, I have used the cream of tartar only on the outside glass surfaces. Never occured to me to use inside - though I see no reason why it won't work. Try it, but be careful not to get the mixture on leather or fabric. I seriously doubt that it would hurt anything - but - it would have to be scrubbed off - a pain.

    After using tartar mixture inside, dry the surface and finish the job with Windex and a rag or paper towel. It will really be clean then.

    Some in this chat room poke fun at the process - but, it works well. they probably are insecure??
  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    Y'know, washing inside windows is such a pain anyway! (My car has pretty severe slopes in the front and back.) You hadn't mentioned the windex, you do that on the outside to finish up?

    And to get back to the topic, you said you had used RainX - does this cream of tartar method provide similar effects in the rain as RainX does?
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
    No, using cream of tartar does NOT provide the same effect as does RainX. The single purpose of using cream of tartar is to CLEAN the window surface.

    Then, if you are a believer in RainX, you can apply RainX to the clean window surface.
    Using this process gives you very clean windows and RainX of course, puts a coating on that lets the rain water run right off - straight away.My objection to RainX is that after a while, the glass surface streaks badly. I will not use RainX again for that reason - even though I have a couple of large bottles that were given to me.

    Finally, yes I use Windex on the outside glass to finish up.
  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    Gotcha, thanks, I may just try it out some weekend.
  • dgeminidgemini Member Posts: 161
    I love Rain-X and similar products like Aqua-pel etc.

    When it rains I hardly have to use my winsdshield wipers. I love the way water just flies of the windshield.

    I have friends who used to use car wax on their window. Surprising this does work, but it just makes the water bead on the glass. It doesn't run of quickly like Rain-X.
  • ccotenjccotenj Member Posts: 610
    that's because wax is "wax" and rain-x is "polish" (i believe, anyway)... two different things...
  • selrahcselrahc Member Posts: 1
    When you guys get through choking and puking on Rain-X weeners, try reading the directions on the bottle. Rain-X works best when applied in layers and will offer assistance in helping one see through their windshield when they're driving through heavy rain showers, however no matter how many layers you apply, Rain-X still still wont permanently bond to your windshield much less replace anyones conscious efforts to stay alive.
    The quickest way to remove Rain-X from your windshield is to drive your car through any ordinary car wash. Soap kills that stuff!
    The quickest way to ruin decals and/or remove them from a car is to allow Rain-X to come in contact with them, especially base decals!
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
    The first sentence of your post #32 is repulsive. Are you a truck driver or something?
  • bigsidbigsid Member Posts: 3
    Lighten up...it wasn't out of context. He was referring back to post #21 where someone recommended putting big kosher hot dogs on the windshield wipers to spread the cream of tartar someone else said worked well to clean a windshield...
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
    Then, the original poster (in #21) was the ditto head - first?

    What we need is some decorum around here. A little class.
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Member Posts: 423
    If you don't like the tartar powder route try Bon Ami. My family car is outside all the time. I noticed the last time it rained that the wipers were streaking badly (no Rain-X - built up grime). I sprinkled some BA on a damp sponge and did all the windows before I washed the car. Also cleaned the wiper blades. What a big difference. Wipes like new. Use sparingly and try a test spot first. Some glass may scratch. What are opinions on Rain-X on all glass surfaces except the windshield. Seems it would keep the side windows and back glass clear where there are no wipers. Do you get bad water spotting?
  • trip3trip3 Member Posts: 9
    I agree with the use of a very fine powder on the outside glass surfaces, lightly, of course. Other places to use Rain X include the outside rear view mirrors, which get little help from rain to clean them, just to spot them. and don't forget your house windows. The rain, snow, etc. have a much harder time spotting them up. I use it once or twice a year, and it works great.
  • sosterhubersosterhuber Member Posts: 5
    There is a company called Griot's Garage; great stuff for cars, particularly their glass cleaner, rubber and vinyl protector and carnuba wax. The glass cleaner was previously a liquid the consistency of chrome polish, now its a soft paste-like material. Clean your glass once a month with this before applying Rain-X and you'll be very happy. They have a web-site at griotsgarage.com. Some items very affordable for the quality.
  • scotianscotian Member Posts: 1,064
    Their window cleaner is in a pump spray bottle -- hardly suitable for "a soft paste-like material." Is this their version of Windex? Do they even sell the "soft paste-like material" any more?
  • scotianscotian Member Posts: 1,064

    "For uncoated glass only" -- Does this apply to some (i.e., my) cars?
  • cowboy23cowboy23 Member Posts: 5
    The instructions for Rain X say it cant be used for wind shields having any kind of coating. Does the mitsu eclipse have coated windshields or something ?
  • odie6lodie6l Member Posts: 1,173
    I took my Wheel covers off my 98 Dodge Stratus and placed them on the driveway.... after cleaning the brake dust residue off, I used Rain-X on the Wheel covers (Hubcaps) and not as much brake dust gets on them... probably from the water washing it off when it rains I dunno. Has anyone else tried this to, and will it work on Aluminum Wheels being I am getting a new Escape which has Cast wheels.
  • odie6lodie6l Member Posts: 1,173
    I also use Rain-X a couple times a year with a piece of imitation wool and give my car a nice coating over the paint... It hasn't hurt the car (yet) Water runs off really quick and things (pollen, birdie-poo, bugs) don't stick to the car as easily.

  • deuce56deuce56 Member Posts: 46
    I haven't used Rain X yet, but I use a similar product and it specifically says "NOT to be used on painted surfaces." I would bet that Rain X says the same thing.
  • firstnamefirstname Member Posts: 45
    It's supposed to be invisible, but I'm reading about all these problems with "streaks" when the wipers are used.

    For somebody that can detect the slightest speck of dust, does having proper layers of Rain-X applied to the windshield cause it to be "hazed" or otherwise less optically clear, if only in the slightest way?

    And if so, does simple dishwasher soap remove it entirely?
  • lwittorflwittorf Member Posts: 96
    I have been using rain x for several years and the only thing I have found is if you don't put the 2 coats on and let them dry then go back with a wet paper towel and wipe the excess off so that you have a good shine you will have some streaks but if you do I haven't had a bit of trouble.
  • firstnamefirstname Member Posts: 45
    Now that I've tried it (on my rear window only -- and in my bathroom mirror!), I've got two questions for you long-time users:

    1) The bottle directions say "do not allow product to contact painted surfaces." But it's bound to happen accidentally, if just a little. What happens to the painted areas that get contacted?

    2) It works so well when applied properly on the exterior, why not also on the interior? What problems would arise?
  • scissorsscissors Member Posts: 12
    From what I've noticed those supposed "streaks" are actually thousands of tiny droplettes of water formed when your wiper blades are old, nicked, and/or dirty. It's just that the Rain-X works so well that even tiny drops are possible.

    "If it ain't broke, hit it harder."
  • scissorsscissors Member Posts: 12
    I'm a long-time user.

    1) I've allowed it to contact painted surfaces and I just wipe it off *immediately*. I've never tested what would happen if it sits there. I've never noticed a problem.

    2) Don't use it on the interior because fog will form more easily and because some windows have a special coating on the inside surface that it could damage.

    "Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!"
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Member Posts: 1,118
    Here is the procedure I use to get rid of the Haze. Before I wash the car I clean the window, apply RainX and buff as well as I can. I then wash the car normally using a good car wash. I prefer KIT, and Meguiars. Wipe the windshield again as you dry off the car. The light haze should be gone.

    The windshield washer additive is very good if you don't let it freeze in it's concentrated state. Keep it inside. Otherwise it precipitates into particles that clog the nozzles. Make sure the concentrate is cloudy, not a dark pink with gunk in the bottom.
  • cooldude1755cooldude1755 Member Posts: 22
    I'v been using Rain-X for over 15 years. Multiple coats help. I remove the haze by just running water over the windows, no rubbing or buffing. Mostly, I apply Rain-X just before a rain and let it do the removal for me.
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