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Acura TL Electrical System Problems



  • brianjrbrianjr Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    My headlights (low beams) intermittently go out on my 1999 Acura TL 3.2. Often one or the other, sometimes both. Occasionally, both go out when the turn signal is also in use or just deactivated. Usually turning the lights off/on one or several times makes both turn back on. Rarely (twice), I have had to pull over at night because they both went out and wouldn't turn immediately back on.
    There is no condensation and the HID bulbs were in place for six months before intermittent outages. High beams work fine, even when one low beam is out.
    I appreciate your thoughts.
  • newmarknewmark Posts: 2
    I live in the Bahamas and have a 1996 Acura 3.2 TL - purchased in Canada. The DRL is not working (which is fine by me) but the DRL on the dash board stays on. Can I stop this by removing a fuse?...Thanks...Robert
  • newmarknewmark Posts: 2
    Me again..The ABS system on my 1996 Acura 3.2 TL is not working (which is fine as I do not drive in bad conditions) but the light on the dashboard stays on while there any way to turn off this light...I would appreciate your advice. Newmark
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    edited June 2010
    My '04 had a drained battery about 2 1/2 years ago. They installed some part behind the nav unit pursuant to a TSB. Then that winter, due to a series of snow storms, my TL was parked for about 2 months. The battery died. The dealer recommended a brand new battery. I regularly park my car for a week or so at a time, but just recently, with vacation and such, it was parked for about 5 weeks, and bingo, the battery died again.

    So it seems a week or so should be no problem, but anything over 1 month and I'll be on thin ice. I asked the BCAA guy who came to jump start it, if it is normal for a healthy battery to drain in a month, and he said it's possible due to all the electronic accessories and stuff in modern cars that will continue to drain the battery even after the ignition is shut off.

    Now I know I don't even need to crank the ignition to know that it's dead. The doors wouldn't unlock with the remote, and the alarm blinking LED on top of the door would be off.
  • jenbenjenben Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Acura TL. 70k miles. my battery is draining due to my navi, radio and clock display ALL STAYING ON even after i've turned off the car, taken the key out and locked the doors!! the other day, I noticed it was the radio that wasn't turning off, and I dismissed it, after turning the radio off manually... the following day, my battery was completely dead. After having my battery jumpstarted, everything seemed to be fine, but noticed that while as it should, the radio needed to code, but the navi didn't and was staying on as well as the clock dash......
    Any suggestions?
  • kymlkyml Posts: 1
    I had the same thing happen, My car is currently in the shop and they just called to tell me that it is the part the tells the Computer the cut the power from the Bluetooth and the Homelink and it draws ALOT of power and kills the battery. I have an 06 TL and have gone through 4 batteries. Thank GOD that someone took the time to find out the problem. Acura does know that they have this problem Call 1-800-382-2238 they can help with this problem.

    My 05 Acura TL battery was dying after 4 days of non-use. Also, when I selected the HFL on the computer, it continually said "Booting." When I felt the map light console at the very front left corner by the rear view mirror, it would get very hot. So, it seems that the HFL malfunction was the culprit for draining the battery.

    The replacement procedure can be found in this TSB:

    I pried the sunroof switch off using a small eyeglasses screwdriver, it was quite easy. Then, I reached into the hole on the rear of the car side and pulled down. To remove the HFL cover, you simply have to remove four bolts using a rachet.

    I disconnected the HFL plug. I believe this should fix the problem, since there will no longer be any power going to it. If not, the unit will likely have to be replaced. It can be found for around $399 online and should be an easy do it yourself.
  • As a follow up to my earlier post, disconnecting the power to the HFL has solved my battery drain problems with the TL. Best of all, I don't have to give another $800 to the dealer!

    If have this problem, but absolutely can't live without the HFL, it can be found for around $399 online and should be an easy do it yourself. The part number is
    77120-SEP-A01ZA. Below is a link where it can be purchased. Best of luck! catcgry2=2004&catcgry3=4DR+BASE+NAVIGATION&catcgry4=KA5AT&catcgry5=INSTRUMENT%2B- PANEL&ListAll=All&vinsrch=no
  • LT? no mine came that way I guess they reveresed when applying the emblem. Well anyways, I am having an issue with my 2007 Acura TL-NAVI. it suddenly shuts off the electrical when driving. My wife drives the car and at first did not beleive it! but then saw it myself we were doing 70 MPH and the instrument panel power cut off suddenly and she said the power steering is getting tighter. Pulled off the road as the engien was running turned off and started again without a hitch. She said she has experienced this at least 4 times over the past 3-4 weeks, Took it to the dealer and no luck as they could not duplicate or diagnose. Called Acura service and they said nothing reported similar to what we are experiencing. Now I am driving the car and see if it happens to me. Just wanted to know if there is anyone else out there who has experienced this issue?
  • moira1moira1 Posts: 3
    I had the exact same problem with mine - it would should off and sometimes start back up on it's own. My mechanic finally diagnosed it as the ignition switch, replaced it, and I haven't had any problem with it since. Good luck!
  • snipeinc86snipeinc86 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    Hi I'm having the same problem on my Tl '05. I'm wondering if I need exactly the part number with same year car??? Thank you ****** I'm talking about HFL part (module)
  • omarmdomarmd Posts: 2
    Also Acura TL 2005 and same problem. Started by the HFL going into booting and nonworking mode. Then the first "Original Battery" died and after a few jump starts we went to sears and replaced it. Surprise the HFL started working again but we didn't use it as the quality if the conversation on it has always been poor. 6 months later the Sears battery died! went back to sears and the battery was BAD so it was changed under their warranty. Then a couple of months later that battery also died! went to the Dealership this time and oops the Cables to the battery are bad $200 replacement. A week later the Battery is dead again and back to the dealership and now the battery is BAD and can't handle the new cables!!!! another $100 for a new battery (number 4 in total). We asked about the HFL they claim it's not the source of the problem (I am convinced it is). We asked them to keep it for a couple of days and then test it again before they give it back to us. I will buy one of those battery meters that you can use in the ashtray plug to monitor the battery while it's parked.
    ACURA should own up to this error and stop costing people hundreds of dollars and just replace there HFL (We already paid $400 in total which is what the HFL replacements costs)! In addition to the time wasted jump starting the Car!!!!
    If the battery dies again I will just follow the manual and remove the HFL! this is disgusting
  • whoodywhoody Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I am now on my 4th battery in one year. 3 months ago I took it in and they spent several days examining the electrical system which they thought was draining the battery. $300 later they thought they solved the problem. Today it would not start again---put in 4th new battery. I drive car at least 6 out of 7 days----they think I don't drive enough miles to keep it charged and want to put on a battery tickler if it happens again. The problem usually surfaces after I have not driven it for 24 hrs. Also, my bluetooth stopped working about a year ago. They think maybe the bluetooth is causing the problem and say cannot disconnect it as it is part of a bigger system???
  • I just picked up a 06 tl for my wife and it has the same problem with the battery dying. I put in a new battery and it died within a few days of not being driven. I am a auto tech by trade and after noting that the conections ,grounds and charging system are all working properly I googled the symptems and found many forums discussing the hfl problem. checked the overhead with car off and sure enough it was warm. my hfl is still working properly just apparently not shutting off. I think rather then spend $400 on a new hfl unit I will try something different. I am going to source the hot wire in the plug going to the hfl and divert it through a on off toggle switch. I will get back to you guys as to if this works without disturbing any other functions , if so I will just tell my wife to always throw the switch when she is going to be out of the car for a extended period.
  • mythatchermythatcher Posts: 1
    Hey tim635csi,

    How did it go? sounds like it should be a good option.
  • gmejia3064gmejia3064 Posts: 1
    Hey, I was wondering how Acura helped you at the 800-382-2238 number? I am having the same battery draining problem and I've had my car for less than 4 years!
  • omarmdomarmd Posts: 2
    Thank you for your post and your link. I disengaged the HFL and the car had no more problems starting at all. Even if unused for 2weeks! The dealership should have done this for us or at least not charged us $300 between battery and cable changes. Thanks again.
  • I have the same situation. What was the outcome?
  • Ever figure out what this issue was on the overheating, idling up? This began happening to my 2003 TL (currently has about 145,000 mi on it) about a year ago. The dealer can't figure it out as it has yet to "malfunction" when he has it.
  • i had a 2008 tl type s... after many batteies, and 2 months in the shop.. m,uch accura diagnostics... they couldn't find anything

    i heard a motor running after the engine was shut off... i told the service people... a relay in the aC WASN'T SHUTTING OFF... the running motor drained the battery... many batteries...

    after they changed the relay.. all was good.

    for battery issues... listen for motors not shutting off... ask them to check the ac relays...

    good luck

  • my drivers side turn signal will not blink,replaced bulb socket and wire connector,still no go,any ideas,,, Thanks Jeff
    PS it is the front one
  • Good evening!

    I have a friend... who happens to be a woman... who made the mistake of purchasing a 2007 Acura TL that she can't afford to maintain AND make car payments on. Unfortunately she is experiencing the dreaded HFL battery drain. She's mentioned that the bluetooth "Hands Free Link" is currently active and that's what seems to cause the problem.

    I've seen reference to a number of similar issues and was most interested to hear from "tim635csi" about the specific details of how the HFL was disconnected from the circuitry.

    While I don't have a lot of experience with what I refer to as "electronic cars" (like the TL)... I do have lots of experience with more traditional electrical systems and have restored a few cars in my day.

    I'm not afraid to jump in and give it a try... either disconnecting it or replacing it but I'd like to learn of the details and/or read links to details about disconnecting the HFL. Your input would be appreciated!

    Thanks for reading!

    JT (aka jt_the_brat)
  • After a bit more time with google and my laptop... I found this post elsewhere on one of the forums. I'm going to give it a try and will let you know of my results. Happy Holidays everyone!
  • hpokohpoko Posts: 1
    With all the problems with HFL and dead batteries in TLs----mine died 3 times, 3 batteries in 5 years----I was wondering if I did not hook up my phone to my new hfl, will the hfl still draw on my car's battery?
  • kurtc1kurtc1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 TL and the battery went totally dead 3 times within the first 2,5 years. The third time I had a new battery installed (at my expense) and within 6 months, the car wouldn't start. It has very low mileage (17M) and I'm told that I need to drive it more. I did note in the recent issue of Consumer Reports on used cars that the 08 TL is rated poorly on "electrical"....but not the same models for 04 - 07 which are pretty much the same car. The electrical system was tested by the dealership and the second battery installer and passed their tests. Every time I go for service at the Acura dealer, they tell me my battery did not pass their tests and should be replaced. I have added a "battery tender" so I'll see how that works out.
  • Is your bluetooth working?....if its not or your not using it unplug it from the power, this may be your problem I know it was in my 05 Acura TL..Good Luck
  • Hi, I have the same problem then you. Do you found the problem?
    If yes, what kind of problem is it!!

    Thank you
  • I noticed nobody replied to this but I wanted to see if u had any luck fixing it. I am a 2008 with nav and everything. I am having the same problems and then some, my vsa and abs lights are stuck on too. The rear window goes down whenever the driver door is closed so I pulled the fuse, the alarm goes off in the middle of the night randomly so I pulled the horn fuse, the abs and vsa lights stay on all the time and my blinker freaks out and doesn't blink. I'm convinced when uhaul installed the light cable for my hitch they shorted out the electrical system somehow. Please tell me you figured it out and it was cheap.
  • '05 TL: When the key is inserted into the ignition, the overhead light comes on. When the car is started, the dash warning of an open door (right/rear) lights up. When the driver's seatbelt is buckled, these both go off. Now, the battery is drained everytime the car is left over night or all day without being started. Any ideas? I've heard that these are common recurring problems. Does Acura cover the cost of whatever repair is necessary?
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