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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • rcoolercoole Posts: 10
    I spoke to the ISG person that handled my buyback about a 1099. He said that this is not a profit or loss situation and he understood early on from Toyota that there would not be a 1099.
  • My tacoma was inspected by a local dealership here in Davenport, Iowa in November. They dented the frame, but still stated the frame was "sound for now". Boy that sure makes me feel good. I contacted corporate Toyota once I discovered what they had done. The person at Toyota was not helpful in the least, only told me that "until it is rusted through, they won't buy the truck back". I offered to take a hammer over to the dealership and try denting a frame on a new tacoma and even asked if she would have her family drive around in a vehicle that the frame can be dented by a hammer with "light to moderate swings at 12 inches" like it said in the instructions outlined above.

    So with that said, I filed a complaint with NHTSA in case I am killed in a traffic crash involving the frame of my truck failing. It's pretty hard to feel safe in a vehicle like this. It has NO resale value at all, and the longer Toyota stalls buying it, the lower the "deal" will be. It dropped significantly between October and November of this year alone.

    I am attempting to add some photos to this posting as well. I hope they work.
  • the pic u posted with your finger pointing at the dent, that is where it will fail eventually.
    your dealership sux for not failing it.

    what year is your truck ?
  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28
    if ISG makes you an offer and you accept you get a loaner for 30 days.
    The Service Manager at Kerry Toyota in Florence, Ky, where mine was inspected,
    said I could:
    1) have it right away if I left the vehicle,
    2) Ikeep driving my vehicle, until the day I turned it into ISG and the ISG paid me for it, THEN I could get a loaner for 30 days while looking for another vehicle to purchase. I suggest # 2. You don't know how long it will be until you surrender vehicle, keys and title for the payment. So why not keep driving it, then use a loaner for 30 days while you look for another one?

    They said it was MY choice, so your service mgr. and ISG rep should allow you to do it where you live as well.
  • he said that he spoke with rich ellessi ( woburn toyota service manager)

    claims, "they" are working on my case with the boston regional rep.

    claims there could be another inspection ??

    which i assume is a stunt to determine which is cheaper for them..

    buy me out or replace the frame...

    will keep posting updates here.. I fear they are going to try to replace it.
  • Just got of the phone with the toyota rep who told me they will be extending the 95-00 rustrecall to the 2001 model and they will be shipping out letters to owners in 2 weeks.If you haven't recieved it by late january give them a call.The reps name was Fernando from 1-800-go toyota.
  • Actually, your frame looks pretty good. There are no rust holes in it and you cannot stick your finger through any of the metal! Wait 2 more years and test it again. Mine broke on the way to the dealer to get it inspected. There were holes big enough to stick your fist through. Barely enough metal left holding the rear springs in place. Sway bar mounts up front had 1" diameter rust holes to the rear of the mounts! You at least have solid metal. Surface rust is not total failure of the frame.
  • If this is true, I am one happy Tacoma owner! Has anyone else confirmed this???

  • Owners of 2001 – 2004 Tacomas have begun to receive letters informing them of a Customer Support Program for frame perforation caused by rust. This warranty extension will be offered for a period of 15 years, five times the original coverage, with no mileage limitation from the vehicle's in-service date, for this specific condition; some conditions apply and these are explained in the Owner Letters.

    I can assure you we have gone to great lengths to fortify the integrity of this extraordinary program. Here are some details of the program and what we have done to prepare for this event.

    Based on our experience with the 1995 – 2000 Tacoma, we were able to determine that greater than 97% of the perforated frames came from twenty specific Mid-Western and North-Eastern states where road salt use is prevalent.

    Owners in the twenty states will have until October 31, 2010 to visit their local dealer for an inspection and application of a corrosion-resistant treatment process in order for the extended warranty to be applied to their vehicle. Toyota is currently preparing the dealerships in these specific twenty states to apply the corrosion-resistant treatment. Customers will receive a letter from us when dealer preparations are complete. Further details and limitations will be provided in the owner letter. Owners in the other thirty states do not need to take action for the extended warranty to be applied.

    We encourage owners to wait until they receive their letters to ensure the dealer has ample time to spend with their vehicle.

    If the frame is confirmed by the dealer to be perforated, it will be repaired. Obviously, this new program is different compared to the earlier model Tacoma and here’s why.

    When we announced the 1995 – 2000 Tacoma program, frame repair was not an option for us or our customers. At the time, we no longer manufactured frames for many variations of these vehicles. In the case of 2001 – 2004 Tacoma, replacement frames are still in production.

    To develop this new program, engineers here in Los Angeles, working with Toyota engineers from Japan, created a more comprehensive and less intrusive disassembly and reassembly process with built-in quality. In doing so, they identified all of the major and ancillary parts needed to complete the repair.

    Along with a frame, dealers will receive kits that include all the necessary nuts, bolts, washers, clips, mounts, etc. Additionally, they will replace specific major components like leaf springs and lower control arms as necessary. They won’t replace mufflers, brakes and other wear items as part of the program. However, if the owner wants these parts replaced, we provide the opportunity to take advantage of labor savings.

    We have allocated a generous amount time for dealers to complete the work and to address the unique challenges specific to each vehicle.

    We are confident with the unprecedented steps taken with both programs to minimize the inconvenience of our customers and to protect the value of their vehicles. It is our intention to deliver on the “total ownership experience” and to maintain loyal Toyota customers.

    We sincerely appreciate the feedback we receive from sites such as If you have any concerns with your Tacoma or other Toyota vehicle, please call our toll-free help number at 1-800-331-4331. Thank you.

    Brian R. Lyons
    Safety and Quality Communications
    Toyota Motor Sales USA
  • SDubSDub Posts: 1
    So are we going to get salvage/reconstruction titles? Anything for the dramatic drop in bluebook value? Is this a bad joke?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    A reconstruction title would apply if you used the frame directly from another in-service vehicle. As these would be brand new frames that are built as repair parts (and do not have a VIN), it's no different than replacing a fender with a new one as far as title is concerned.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    Holy Cow I had been offered 13000 for my truck so I sent in my title and reg and signed the forms. I then went out and bought a new FJ I. hope they still are offering the 13000 Buy back because if they renege I am so screwed. I would have never bought a new truck if they didn’t make the offer of buy back
  • I had a 2001 Tacoma with perforated and split frame that was deemed not road worthy. It was hard dealing with the help dept. at toyota and was told for over a week that someone would call back but they never did until I went to the dealer and showed the service manager the problem. He contacted them and then things started to happen. They came back with an offer of 11K and my immediate response was "that's not acceptable." She didn't really know what to say and proceeded to give the standard answers,, blah blah blah. I ended the conversation say I was not going to accept the offer and that I was going to the state attorney generals office for advice. I had pictures taken and forwarded them and sent some letters to other agencies list in some of the forums. About 2 weeks later I received a call and they upped the offer to 15,295. I said that was more in the range I expected and I would accept the offer. I am now waiting for my check and have a Tundra at the dealer waiting for me as soon as I receive it Moral of the story I guess is to wait them out, but it is frustrating. Hope you can settle to your satisfaction.
  • if you accepted an offer then you should be getting the money..
    however :( dude..
    the FJ cruisers have a subframe issue..
    look it up..
    the front right inner stamped frame along the top of the fenders are literally cracking
    in half and then the front bumper drops because of the split,,
    it has been a prob for a few years.

    check these out. he-armor.html 1187501670-engine-bay-body-rips-dsc03059w.jpg
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    Hi Thank for your answer I went on the websites you sug. .... I miss my tacoma :cry:
  • i hear you dude :(..

    i still havent heard back from tosuckya. I still have a bad feeling they are going to attempt to tell me they are going to "offer" to replace the frame.
    I am going to try to call them today.
  • I turned in the keys to my 2001 Tacoma in early December. Toyota wouldn't even give me what the KBB value was. I was told it was unsafe to drive, and when ISG came to take it the rep told me aside from the frame the truck was one of the best he has seen. I put a lot of work into it. Now Toyota is accepting the 2001+ models (fantastic) but offering owners the option of a frame fix. I feel like a kid at christmas who got an expensive toy he did not want. I am really overjoyed that Toyota is doing the right thing now, but in all seriousness, it is bittersweet. I was pressured to sell what Toyota might consider now to be a perfectly good truck for far under its value. If there was any way to give back the $10k Toyota gave me, and get my truck back - i'd consider it but the vehicle is long gone by now. Sad end to a sad chapter.

    Re: Mr. Lyons post - I hope Toyota learns something from this fiasco. I spent nearly as much time looking for the perfect Tacoma as I did driving it. It lasted me one winter. It's really a shame how the company handled this - betting today's bottom line against future customer loyalty. When it does come time to buy a new car, a vehicle with a Toyota badge line won't be in my consideration.
  • Yes this is true. Was having a boat load of work done at an ASE certified shop on my 2002 built in '01when I got the call. My mech. stated they went to lift the vehicle and heard a loud CRUNCH. He said that the frame was rotted through and they could not do any of the exhaust, water pump, and timing belt work. He said it can't be safe, and informed me of the 95-00 buy back program so drove it 8 minutes down the road to HARR Toyota of Worcester, MA (charged the 58 bucks they SUCK) they called me said it failed come pick up your vehicle we are getting snow and it will be in the way. Brought vehicle to Herb Chambers Toyota of Auburn, MA (30 Min away) were I bought it they started making calls right away, got me a loaner (only after I bugged them for 3 days with harrasing phone calls) and said the frame replacement program starts in about 2-3 months. Toyota and the dealers have some logistical stuff to iron out before the program starts up. A lot of work. I loved my truck until I got that call. I will be shatcanning it as soon as I get it back. Will No longer be a Toyota Family. So much for Toyota Quality and Longevity the wife has a 05 Highlander man those are junk 2. :lemon:
  • Grammyd. they owe u the 58 bucks back... thats [non-permissible content removed]..

    the frame replacement is true.. they are going to do it.. However I suggest if you have an 01 or newer, to fight this decision. your truck will never be the same and it will not be worth a penny after its done.. You will have squeaks and rattles, you will most likely have intermittent electrical problems.. this is my professional opinion.
    I am a master ASE cert tech. I can assure you NO tech in any dealership has experience doing a frame swap. NO tech is going to have an incentive to do any part of the job to perfection. Flat rate pay will be the reason for the failure to do the job correctly.

    This is encouraging however, from this entry posted,
    "2001 -2004 Toyota Tacoma Customer Support Program by BrianTMS"

    "To develop this new program, engineers here in Los Angeles, working with Toyota engineers from Japan, created a more comprehensive and less intrusive disassemble and reassembly process with built-in quality. In doing so, they identified all of the major and ancillary parts needed to complete the repair. "

    but I still believe it is NOT the right thing to do.
    I managed to get them to NOT do my frame and they put me in for the buy back program on my 01. The toyota rep from Boston also claims they will contact me within the next few months with an offer that should be 1.5x KBB.
  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28
    To Daleyplanit..."charge the 58 bucks they SUCK". I agree with the others that you need to raise hell and get that service fee back. When I took my '99 Taco in for a radiator flush, AND have the rust inspection done, at Kerry/Performance Toyota in Florence, Ky., they too would not complete the radiator work as the the truck "flunked" the rust test, meaning, it qualified for buyback. They did NOT charge me any shop fee, since they would not do the radiator, and they proceeded with the buyback paperwork. That IS [non-permissible content removed] and I would raise hell until I got the miserable $ 58.00 back. Talk about trying to make a buck on your back..... - TimCincy
  • exactly,
    they cant charge you for a frame inspection..
    get the money back..
    call them, if they dont give it back, call ISG and get your case # and tell them
    what happened.
  • Wow...I am shocked to read so many issues with Tacomas! My son found out last week his frame is cracked on his 05 taco. Anybody out there with newer tacos and troubles? Obviously in SE TX it is not a rust problem as we have no ice/snow/salty road conditions to accelerate rust. I was told that Toyota came out w/ new frames/body styles in 05. The motor mount (?) is attached to the frame and that is where it is cracked. Of course, right at the holidays, there is no "management" at the dealership or at Toyota HQ to get a move on things. My son purchased this car truly with blood, sweat & tears..."combat pay"...a few weeks after returning from Iraq. He then continued with his college education and graduated 5/08. Obviously, I'm a proud mom, and am trying to do some ground work for him prior to communicating with dealer, HQ and filing complaints. Any advice and/or news about late model Tacomas?
  • Do you have the phone number to the rep out of Boston?
  • If you have a 2001 Taco and it was manufactured in 2000 does that qualify for the buy back program?
  • Id say yes and I would fight for that.
  • Mine did, although it was just before they announced the frame replacement program.
    I sent back the offer letter with a copy of title about a week ago. Haven't heard anything yet.
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    Just got back from getting my check from Toyota The rep said I was one of thre last ones to get the buyback they now are replacing the frame
  • If I were you,
    Id get in writing, some sort of new warranty. The truck is going to have problems as a result of the frame swap.
  • The cooling fan recently started making a racket on my son's 05 Tacoma 4x4 so he took it to the dealer where they told him there was nothing they could do as the frame was cracked at the engine mount! The body shop they sent us to says the frame is too flimsy to be repaired and they recommended totalling the truck, but insurance says NO, they must disassemble the body and install a complete new frame. Toyota is so far refusing to honor any kind of warrantee on the frame as it has 85k miles.
    My son unloaded this turkey yesterday, but at a big loss - the dealer gave him $7000 toward a new F150 (joint Ford/Toyota dealer). He's done with Toyota!
  • You should have fought that...
    toyota has to warranty the frame..
    thats [non-permissible content removed]..
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