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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • badsparkybadsparky Posts: 1
    My friend's husband at work just turned in his Toyota. He took it in for inspection and they wouldn't let him drive it home. They always made fun of me and my Fords and how crappy they are.... who's laughing now! Toyota must really want these off the streets to offer 150% of value for them! They love Toyota so much are buying a H3 this time around. Another guy tells me how great Nissan is - I just reply "if they are so great- why don't you have one". Get the best GM/Ford you can for the money Toyota gives you - you can get a lot more American car than foreign for the same money. Don't finance!

    I have driven many different vehicles but I always have owned Fords (and one Jeep) and never have problems with them. They only time I was left stranded was the time I was driving my old boss's Toyota (engine block split down the middle)
  • gr8rotarygr8rotary Posts: 7
    Well I like most others have lost my Tacoma. So sad. A 99 with 185,000 miles that was in near perfect condition. My truck went in Thursday for inspection, and failed. I was told under no circumstances was I leaving with my truck. So I asked the dealer for a box and collected up my stuff. They had Enterprise show up with a 2008 Dodge Dakota for me to use for the next 30 days while I shop. I live in upstate NY, and was told by the dealer that of 200 Tacomas that they have heard inspected in our region, ONLY 5 have no rust!!! 195 failed. Unbelievable. I was in Canandaigua NY this weekend looking for a new Taco, and behind their dealership looked like a boneyard. This is a HUGE problem for Toyota, but everybody I know keeps telling me what a "gift" this is.... I know what they are saying, I'll end up with a check for more than I paid for my truck when I bought it 7 years ago. BUT I had a great truck and NO payments. Struggling between new Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. Guess there will be some sleepless nights for the rest of the month.
    Good luck to the rest of you.
  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    HI, I would be VERY interested in knowing what the buy back amount will be they extend to you.... mine is a 2000 extended cab in excellent condition with 161k on it........
    do you mind letting me know? I will be bringing mine in very soon, I already have seen the gaping holes in my inside frame........ and like you not happy about letting it go. I estimate they will give me about 14k.........
  • gr8rotarygr8rotary Posts: 7
    I'll be glad to keep you posted tylorkitty. I'm in waiting mode for now until I hear from ISG.
  • Mine is a 99 tacoma short bed.....reg cab....185,000k 4x4. I put it into Kelly BB.....I put in excellent conditions and retail value as another post said to do......being careful not to add things like grille gaurd, and the cd player I installed. I got a retail value of 7,655K. My question. If my truck fails the rot test is THIS the amount I can expect.....or is it 150% of this amount? Thanks in advance.
  • kowitzkowitz Posts: 7
    > I got a retail value of 7,655K. My question. If my truck fails the rot test is THIS the amount I can expect.....or is it 150% of this amount?

    You'd get 150% based on the blue book value determined. If it's $7,655, you should expect to get $11,482.
  • kowitzkowitz Posts: 7
    > I finally decided to call Toyota regarding the recall. Seems the dealer I took the truck to and their service department were full of it.

    A follow up on my experience. After calling Toyota (1-800-331-4331) after getting the dealer run-around, they called my dealer and I had the inspection. My '98 Tacoma failed an initial visual inspection ... no hammer needed. There were holes clearly visible on the inside on both sides near the front tires.

    I now have a loaner and am awaiting a callback / offer. The run-around from the dealer cost me a month and during that time the KBB value has declined. What would have been a 12.5k offer now stands near 11.5k. I intend to argue the point and get the highest value they'll agree on.
  • What do people think is the liklihood that my truck will fail the rot test and be eligible for a buyback? Its a 99 reg cab 4x4 tacoma, 185,000 miles. I drive two hours a day with it in Upstate NY. Salty roads......bad weather etc. etc?
  • gr8rotarygr8rotary Posts: 7
    Your truck will fail. I also had a 99 reg cab 4x4 with 183,000 miles and drive it two hours a day in upstate NY. The frame had a section over a foot long that had no metal left in it. The dealer I spoke with said that about 99% of the trucks that they have seen have failed. My advice, don't wait. Get your truck in before there is a huge log jam ahead of you. I am already having trouble finding a new truck that fits what I want, and with a lot of Tacoma owners without wheels, finding a new ride is going to be VERY difficult in the next couple of months.
  • tcmatcma Posts: 8
    My Tacoma was a 1997 ex-cab 4x4 198300 miles. ( THEY DO COUNT THE MILEAGE) 2.7L 4cylinder. They dont count any after market items you put on the truck. Mine was inspected on 5-5-08 got a call on 5-8-08 that they received my packet and on 5-12-08 was offered 10,100 dollars. Guess i will get a car that gets good gas mileage. I have not had a vehicle payment in 7 yrs. Oh! By the way gas just hit 4.45 a gallon in Ohio as of 5-12-08. can you believe it. :cry: ">
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    Well its a sad day! Maybe not sad, but I bought the 2006 nissan frontier loaded. You just can't seem to find 2.7 liter tacomas around here. Also, the dealers are asking and getting top $$$$ for them. What a bunch of mother f ers. It's so great that some dealerships are taking advantage of people who want another tacoma. They all know of that 1000 dollar loyality crap cert. Well, just lost a loyal tacoma owner. Yup, it doesn't matter either, because they know they will sell every friggin 2008 that's out there. Thats the price, pay it or get out. Squeeze every penny out of them. I have owned all toyotas and this is the 1st nissan. I am sooooooooooooo :mad: . Well, maybe it's a good thing!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  • mattz88mattz88 Posts: 9

    For anyone that is getting a hard time from Toyota in terms of the Toyota Tacoma Frames rusting out please try this website The Center for Auto Safety It has alot of valuable information on it and you can file a complaint if you wish. Another website is Home | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) | U.S. Department of Transportation file a complaint and they will start investigating your complaint. Hopefully this can help alot get many of these defective vehicles off the road and correct corporate irresponsibility.
    Thanks 109-4.html as/
  • ekappyekappy Posts: 1
    Hey, I won the toyota tacoma frame rot buyback lottery. I cashed in big with the following…

    1998 tacoma, 4x4, sr5, w/ gun rack, 192k miles, leaky fluids, bent rim, hole in exhaust, rusted out rear bumper, inoperable climate control, etc

    Toyota gave me 11k for the above truck

    And what I got was a 2008 tacoma, 4x4, access, sr5, 2 miles

    Msrp total + tax+ tags was 26k

    And with my redneck accounting things worked out like this
    +26k – 11k (buyback) – 1k (Toyota loyalty cash) – 1.9k (dealer discount) = 12k

    I got a bunch of equotes and was able to get 1.9k off the price which surprised me but I guess business is really slowwwwww

    And financed that 12k at 0% 36mo

    from inspection to check was bout 21 days

    a few notes... the dealer CAN NOT keep your truck no matter what (similiar to a vehicle not passing inspection)... if you haggle over the buyback price expect to wait a long time to get your check... 2009's are comming out this summer but kbb prices are dropping... good luck
  • I was just under my 99 tacoma reg cab 4x4 (4 cylinder) with a creeper. Live in upstate new 2 hours a day....everyday....have 185K on the truck. Found holes in the rear passenger frame member right above the leaf spring mount nearest the passenger side. Also could put a hammer with no effort through the bottom plate of the frame right under the passenger door area. I think I will qualify.......the thing is tha most of the other parts of the frame seem somewhat solid.......but I wish I could post the pics of the described problem.......this will be enought to fail the rot test right???
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    Toyota is doing something NO OTHER manufacturer would ever do. Not Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Buick, etc. Chevrolet would not even replace paint that peeled off like paper on many of their vehicles.

    Take the money and run. :shades:

  • mattz88mattz88 Posts: 9
  • dmc2005dmc2005 Posts: 2
    although they are making a good effort it is not all roses. I have been waiting 9 days after accepting offer and still no word. My rental is about to run out and called dealership who said one thing, Toyota says another. Not easy to trust. Dealer wants the car back after the 30 days ( three days from now) and Toyota said not to turn it in. They have my credit card though. Also there are Toyota folks on here leaving messages. The same ones who say "Go Toyota!" just before they hang up.
  • pazman3pazman3 Posts: 2

    I am posting to inquire about any reported rust problems on later model Tacomas. My 99 is in the process of being bought back by Toyota so I'm in the market for a 2003 or 2004 model, before Toyota decided to blimp out what was a perfectly sized truck. Is the rust problem evident in these years as well? Thanks for any input.

  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    I am all for education-hard to believe that most of these owners were not aware of the condition of their vehicle before the buyback. Maybe many were aware, I do not know-but Toyota apparently did nothing previously.

    They did jump through hoops when the problem escalated and the lawsuits were forthcoming.

    Not likely that many used Tacoma's will be available since all the vultures will buy them up to get the $150% buyback.

    I wasn't being contrite but rather just emphasizing the fact that people should be thankful for any buyback--how many people got money back for their pinto or their corvair or their vega or a bronco II? All dangerous cars.

    Just buy a Ridgeline!!

    Brad :shades:
  • Got a call this evening from Toyota asking my opinion on how my buyback worked out. I told them that I thought Toyota was a terrific company that builds quality vehicles and stands behind them if there is a problem. I bought another Toyota after my truck was bought back.

    I never heard of the big three making that kind of offers after some of the junk that they have produced over the years. Back in the 70's I had a Plymouth Volare that was the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned and it literally fell apart. Also, I bought a brand new Jeep Commando back in '73 and had an inch of water on the floor when I drove it home in a rain storm from the dealer. I won't even talk about the International Harvester Scout that was an absolute disaster. Toyota is a rock solid company that supports it's customers and makes good on it's mistakes without the customer getting a royal screwing. Which is more than I can say for the big three (which will be the little three in the future).
  • tcmatcma Posts: 8
    Everything was going smooth in the buy back process until i asked the dealer for the loan vehicle. they told me you only get one if the vehicle is unsafe to drive on the road. then i quoted them the re-purchase plan word for word from the toyota corp and they were stumbling over their lie to get me one. wonder how long it will take to get the loan vehicle. I know two other dealers who are offering the loaner as soon as they see holes in the frame of the truck. I chose a toyota dealer out of newark ohio, what a mistake. I just faxed my acceptance letter to isg for 10057 and was told it would be 5-10 working days before i got the check. There communication from corp to dealer is a joke.
  • tcmatcma Posts: 8
    I will forward this document to any one interested. this is their policy for handling the repurchase of tacomas.
  • j81j81 Posts: 7
    That's what I'm saying, I worked for a Toyota dealership in "PARTS" when are they going to recall the Tundra, T-100, and 4Runners that are doing the same thing?People keep praising Toyota for buying them back. It's a safety issue for crying out loud. It's pretty bad when you have to buy a new rear end for a 2002 4Runner because the diff oil is leaking because of "RUST". Yeah, something full of oil rusting. They need to do something about leaf springs too!
  • j81j81 Posts: 7
    I just hope you didn't buy a Sienna with run-flat tires, your opinion will change very quickly when you go the run-around with them on that issue. Glad to see it's an 06, the 2004 & 2005 have about 10 recalls from Radiators, P/S hose to Seatbelts.
  • j81j81 Posts: 7
    I still keep in touch with the Toyota Techs I worked with, One told me the recall was revised and now includes 2001-2004. I personally don't know If there is any truth to it. I think it should, because I've personally seen the later models pretty bad. To be honest, I've seen some 2005 Tacomas have a pretty good bit of surface rust underneath, or at least more than I would be happy to see if It were my truck.
  • rachel518rachel518 Posts: 3
    I got my offer in the mail - $11,300 for my poor rusty and sad '98 regular cab.

    It will be very sad to have to leave it there and not know where it''ll end up. Feel pretty attached to the truck - it was my first one ever and I've loved bouncing around in it for the last three years. :cry:
    So I expect the Transfer Agent to call me next week to set up a time. I wonder if I could meet them at any dealership, particularly the one I'll be buying my new vehicle from? They haven't offered me a rental, so I feel like I have to have some strategic plan. I like smooth transactions without having to put forth too much effort

    I've almost given up on finding another Tacoma - they are getting pretty few and far between around here. And I'm not all about paying what they're asking. I guess I don't need another that bad, and the Highlander is looking pretty nice right about now.
  • I have an appt. to bring my 99 regular cab 4x4 in for the rust check. I live in Central New York and drive two hours a day on salty roads...truck has 185,000 miles on it. My frame has some holes in it lots by the rear passenger...and some on the bottom plate right under the passenger side door. What should I have with me when I bring my truck in? I know it needs to be registered.....but what other important things should I know? Also.....what is the 'rust rot test' is it performed??
  • kowitzkowitz Posts: 7
    Clean out the truck before you go in. Your truck is going to fail and they won't give it back to you.

    The test initial puts it up on a lift and they do a visual inspection. If there are visible holes in the frame it fails. If there weren't visible holes, they'd hit it with a hammer and see if they can make a few holes, but they won't bother if you already have visible holes.

    Once they verify that, they will likely bring you out to the truck to show you, then explain the buyout process. You *should* get a rental car paid for by the dealership that you can use for 30 days.

    You'd need to have your registration for them to get the forms started for the buyout process. Also, make sure you update their records if your address or phone number has changed. They'll do the paperwork and submit it.

    Within a few days, you'll get a call from the company doing the buyout process. For me, they verified the buyout amount and then overnighted the paper work I had to review and sign. It basically says you agree to accept $x.xx for the truck. The offer for my '98 Tacoma with 75,000 miles on it was about $12,500. You sign the form and then make a copy of your title and either fax those two back, or return it in the overnight envelope they provide.

    After that, you've accepted the buyout. You wait for the company to send the check to the dealership. Then you go to the dealership and they hand it over. I'm still waiting on that step.

    Good luck.
  • tmiller159tmiller159 Posts: 25
    I want to know what company made those frames? I want to know where they were made? I want to know if they are ISO9000 certified? I want to know if I can get their certification revoked for not meeting quality standards and what corrective action they are taking per their ISO9000 certification procedures to correct this. I want to know if I can get someone fired over this!! I would lose my job if I pulled this on my customers. This tragic loss of our beloved Tacoma's should not go unavenged!!
    Tom "I'm pissed as hell" Miller :mad:
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    Did my turnover today at 11:30. hated to see the truck go :cry: . I received 8760.00 and some change for my 96 std bed, sx model. The whole process took about a month from inspection to getting the check. I now have a 2006 nissan frontier that's loaded. I wanted a 2008 tacoma, but they are hard to come by. Most dealers in my area are getting msrp for them. The frontier was a parts manager truck with 15,000 miles. Soooooooo, looks like I will have this truck for at least 4 yrs. I think I will like it. Now, lets hope my wifes 96 RAV lasts awhile longer. frame again!!!! Hope not! :confuse:
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