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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • sarah_jsarah_j Posts: 2
    I'm also in Mass. I actually haven't gotten anywhere, due to a consuming personal life, but I'll be getting on it soon, since I'm moving south and have to put a motorcycle in the bed of my truck. I'd rather pay for the check up than find out the hard way. Keep me posted on your situation, and good luck!
  • toyojoetoyojoe Posts: 3
    Yeah I know...I gotta get a life...I agree 100%. I just can't stand the thought of losing my truck really. I looked at the new Tacomas the other day and they are "pretty" but pricey too. When I bought my Yoda I wanted to keep it for life. I paid it off in two years and have driven payment free for 8 years! This really does suck.
  • toyojoetoyojoe Posts: 3
    Advice well taken. We all do have some great stories though. This IS a great truck. I really have been able to COUNT on it. Bottom line is I TRUST this truck. I'd drive it to Alaska tomorrow. I'm not afraid to get into tight spots...I've never been winched. We used to run tandem or triple 4x4 runs and I could easily do anything my son's Wrangler could do. My son's buddy had an earlier Yoda and it was pretty rough so we used to use it for all the abusive stuff...and we always were amazed at how it just kept going.
  • dr7464dr7464 Posts: 1
    I am in Massachusetts too. I have (had) a 2001 Tacoma w/ a rotten frame. It's been a long, unnecessarily drawn out process. My process started May 1, 2008. I'm still waiting. I hear there is only one claims processor doing all of the 2001 claims. So the backlog isn't her fault. Toyota was ill-prepared to deal with this. My free loaner vehicle is being taken from me on June 20th.
  • quazi222quazi222 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 tacoma x-tra cab which failed frame inspection the rep told me I would probably get 100% of kbb and not 150% like the 95 to 2000s I feel this is not fair ! just because it's a year older it has the exact same problem what do I do when they only offer me 11,000 instead of 16,000 still owe 7000.00 on truck?? :sick:
  • quazi222quazi222 Posts: 3
    Hello my name is mike from pittsburgh I have a 2001 tacoma that failed frame inspection .I am waiting for a decision on how much I am going to get for my truck If they say just a 100% of kbb that is not fair when did they stop using this defective steel and how can we find out when it was manufactured? my e-mail is maybe we can trade advice and info?
  • kelokelo Posts: 5
    Thanks big05 for the documents. We just had our 2000 Tacoma inspected on Friday and was told by the dealership that it may take about 6 to 8 weeks before a Toyota rep will be in contact with us. They did say it could be sooner as the case loads have calmed down a bit. I guess its now just a waiting game. They did tell us that we qualify for the 150% suggested retail price and we also asked them about extending the loaner since it appears it will be more than 30 days before everything is settle. They said they would. Course it could be because we put a deposit on a new Tacoma and told them we'd make the final purchase once the check form Toyota arrived. Since Toyota has a 3rd party company addressing these issues, there is no way the dealership can lean on them to expedite the process. We'd like to have this all settle and the new truck in our possession before our daughter moves back to college. Crossing my fingers for a quick resolution, wish us luck!
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    why is the loaner being taken from you? we have an 01 with the same deal. we got our loaner on may 16. we got another 30day renewal just last friday. this is a big mess with the 2001's. we saw a 2002 at the dealer being inspected too, it failed.

    everyone who has one of these trucks should file a complaint with the National HIghway Traffice Safety Administration, the Center for Car Safety and your state's Attorney General. Sorry I don't have the links but if you google them I'm sure they will come up.
  • I have an 01 Double cab that just failed State Insp here in NH..

    Purchased it less than a year and a half ago from Grapone in Conc. 82K on it
    I brought it down to grapone after it failed and had a case # opened. Toyota called and I have to Let Grapone inspect it tomorrow and see what they say. Should be pretty straight forward as there are Holes through the frame on both sides of the frame in front of the shakles..

    They better not give me that 100% KBB bull because I still owe 15K on it....
    I will update tomorrow after I have it inspected..
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    I think you would be able to tell if you ran it up on ramps and looked. Our muffler guy told us. Remember you still have extended warranty right?
  • kelokelo Posts: 5
    It has not been taken away. I just asked because I have read that some dealers were not extending beyond the initial 30 days and others were only telling customers they would only have the loaner for 20 days. I'll keep you all updated.
  • sadtacomasadtacoma Posts: 1
    This seems like a good forum to throw my 2 cents in……….Like some of you, I traded my 1999 Tacoma limited (only 142k) and bought the Highlander in mid January 2008 because my mechanic told me that the entire passenger side frame of the Tacoma had rotted out. Until recently did I discover through the news that there was an announcement by Toyota that they initiated a warranty extension and possible 150% buyback for Toyota Tacoma owners. However, as I spoke with Toyota, that this would not be the case for former owners. I wrote a letter to extend a full explanation of this past trade-in and purchase of a new vehicle in hopes that Toyota would see that I would be deserving of a fair and satisfactory monetary compensation similar to what all the other owners are receiving for their Tacoma. I would not complain, nor would I have wrote the letter if I sold my truck years ago or before this problem was discovered. The frame rust perforation issue was, first and foremost, the only reason I traded-in my truck and purchased a new vehicle. My plan was to keep the Toyota Tacoma for as long as I could. Toyota evaluated my letter and offered me $200 over the trade-in and $500 for the Highlander. I am still upset over this and have not taken their deal. I know other former owners have been shafted as well, but has anyone done anything else about this? I would be interested in hearing others opinions. I can be emailed at :mad:
  • muradsaymuradsay Posts: 2
    When I heard about this mess I was immediately under my taco with a flashlight and a screwdriver, looking for perforations, cracks, sheets of metal peeling off the frame. I saw none of that. I did see that the frame's coating was coming off in sheets and that rust was getting a good start. FYI: I live in Maine and winter salt is a reality. So, I was pretty surprised when the service dude came out to the waiting room yesterday and told me my beloved taco had failed and they would be initiating the buy-back program.
    I hear the fellow's pain around having a good truck, been to hell and back, through 10 Maine winters, 4 wheeling in Utah, lots of memories....and was thinking it was good for another 150k or another ten years. I actually teared up, just a little, when he broke the news. And, no I can't afford a new one to replace it.
    What I want to know, is how the hell Toyota let over 800,000 trucks get through the build process without the right coating on their frames. What is the story about how this monster screw-up happened?

    BTW: my understanding is--as of now, but subject to surprises--that the buy-back is based on 1.5x a truck owner might feel almost okay about that, in some ways anyway. And, I am taking the Leer cap, tow frame, lights, and the aftermarket alloy wheels (with almost new tires) off before I turn it in. Damn right.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    you're right damn right.

    almost like they are rotting from the inside out. february we get new tires and everything is fine. may we get a baffle on the muffler fixed and half the frame is junk! and we have an 01!
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    We took our 2001 Tacoma in last month . It failed no problem . Now we less then a week from our rental being up . They will not give us any information. I guess Toyota really does not want us as a repeat customer!
  • quazi222quazi222 Posts: 3
    I also failed frame inspection with a 2001 tacoma xtra cab they told me today a 100% and thats it !!! I am furious still owe 7000.00 on it what do I do now?????just be prepared when they only offer 100%
  • mysportmysport Posts: 19

    I've been watching these posts for a while now and was wondering if it was true that the 2002's were effected too? I don't see a lot of rust except for a spot on my rear bumper chrome. Is the only way to tell when you bring it to the stealership? I live in the NE and love my taco. It has 112K mi on it and I want it to keep running till 200K.

    Should I be concerned?
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    i have seen a 2002 fail inspection. my dealership said they willl inspect and if it fials you don't have to pay for the service. apparently they used scrap metals up to the 2002s. i think someone even marginally knowedledgeable could tell you if you might have a problem. they are rusting from the inside of the frame first so you really have to get underneath them.
  • releaserelease Posts: 8
    I hope nobody accepts 100% KBB. Why would the older models receive a different compensation package than the newer ones (other than the fact that it is cheaper for Toyota). Clearly, this is evidence that the whole buyback program has little to do with taking responsibility or they would compensate us all fairly and equally.
  • Well, I took it in, as suspected they failed it...The people at the dealership have been criptic and have the same "case-by-case" reply..They did give me a rental and didn't say how long i can have it or when Toyota will get back to me..
    Pretty frustrating...I would be happy as a clam if they did the 150% and am going to be [non-permissible content removed] if they come back with the 100%.

    Anyone get a hard offer from Toyota on an 01 buyback? Can you negotiate the price?
    If so, how long did it take?
  • dvincentdvincent Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I bought a 2001 Tacoma a few days ago from a dealership (now I know they're crooks). I thought it needed shocks and took it to be looked over at my garage. Frame is rotted and has been patched in the past. I went right back to the dealership and they wouldn't make good on the truck. They insist the frame is just fine (even though I can push right through the steel in places. I'm sick. I'm going to a Toyota dealership tomorrow. I don't know where to turn.....I now have a loan for junk. Pieces (chunks) of rust were falling off while I was driving down the road! I never noticed it while test driving the thing.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    omg! what state? check your lemon laws. threaten, bager and nag. complain to the attorney general and whoever will listen.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23

    lets get real people! on the 01's and newer. who has ideas on what we can do to make some noise? and make a difference! we need to assemble. does anyone know an attorney that would point us in the right direction. i can't keep listening to these stories. toyota knows that they used bad stuff in the 01 frames and they know exactly what trucks they used it in. it is not a coincidence that all these 01s are failing inspection.

    i have said before. everyone should file a complaint with nhtsa and the center for car safety and their states attorney general.

    we have been without a truck since may 13. it seems more and more people with the 01s are logging on every day.

    we should be able to do more. my friend suggested contacting tv stations. i might just do that in my area.
  • jbclimbsjbclimbs Posts: 6
    Ah? because they are older and not worth as much?

    So you don't think it's fair that someone that's driven their taco longer and further, or might not have the options others have should get less then those with newer vehicles where people have paid more for them. The fact that Toyota is taking responsibility for this may be marketing and in the long run may make them more money. It's a very smart move on their part. Please don't condem them for attempting to make money and save as much loss as possible. That's the way commercialism works! Oh wait, I'd bet your an Obama voter!
  • Okay.....Just got word from the third party rep. $12,000 for my 1999 tacoma short bed 183K. Just signed my offer and scanned and e-mailed it back to the rep. Should have check in hand in 7 to 10 business days.

    I have no idea why you guys are getting the run around on the 01's and later models. If anything shouldnt you be getting more money than someone like me????
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    I've followed the complaints of frame rust since the beginning. It took a while before Toyota announced the recall on the 95-2000 models. If your 01 is still safe enough to drive, my suggestion is to hold off for a bit while Toyota decides what to do with the 01+ Tacomas. If the extent of the problem is as wide as it is with the 95-2000 models are, they may extend the 150% buy back to these as well.

  • kelokelo Posts: 5
    Offer letter signed and faxed back yesterday for $15,900+ to buy back our 2000 Tacoma xtra cab, off road package. Truck was inspected w/130k+ miles on it. We should have the check in 7 to 10 days. They moved pretty quickly, it was only 3 business days between the time we had the truck inspected and the offer letter arrived (they called us on day 2 and left a voicemail message stating they had overnight the offer letter). I hope the speed of this process continues to travel in this same path and we'll have the check by the end of the week. We already have a new Tacoma on deposit. Although my husband LOVES his old truck and planned on having it for another 100k miles, he can't wait to take the new baby home. Course my daughter is disappointed, she's been trying to talk him into buying a new truck for 2 years so she could take the old one back to college with her. It will probably be another 3 years before he lets any of us drive it (that's what happen with the last one).
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    recd word today that they are still working on our claim. this is the 3rd msg of this type. and that the person handling our claim will be out for a week. well oh joy!
  • mehuntermehunter Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard of any 2002 Tacoma crew cabs being recalled?? I was wondering if I should schedule an inspection for my truck.
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