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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • halifax69halifax69 Posts: 1
    My '01 extended cab has wicked frame rot (and in the rear bumper and tailgate) ... 150k miles, was expecting to go another 100k at least ... I hope Toyota takes care of us.
  • me and my husband sent our last payment in on november of 07 for our 2000 tacoma acess cab,extended bed,tow package,4x4 with 101k miles.(took so long because it started as a lease,and then bought it.BIGGEST MISTAKE we made,ended up paying a whole lot more)anyway we didnt know anything about the rust issue until are local news reported about it.WE NEVER RECIEVED ANY LETTER. so we took the truck to local dealer for inspection on june 17,was schocked it failed. We have no problems with truck in 8 years,besides oil changes and plugs once. but anyway they said that toyota rep would contact us and sent us home in our truck. Asked person if it was safe to do this,he said oh yes. We were not offerd a loaner or anything, we didnt sign no waiver either. My husband is driving it to work every day.I worry something might happen.Anyway I was wondering if they let you drive your truck after it failed.I hope we have a smooth transation as you did.
  • releaserelease Posts: 8
    Iam under the impression that you should be issued a loaner for 30 days (which you could probably have extended if they haven't completed the buyback). As far as driving the car, I was given the option of either driving mine home or accepting the loaner (I chose the loaner) but was told that I would need to sign paperwork if I was going to take it. If you are worried, I would get back in touch with them.
  • kelokelo Posts: 5
    Yes. We did drive our truck home and was given the option for a loaner. We needed the truck for some pre planned items so they gave us a waiver to sign and we'd have the longer waiting for us next week. If all goes well, we'll only need the loaner for a few days before the check is ready. Go back and question them about it. You should of been offered the loaner and signed a waiver if you took your truck home.
  • donnyxdonnyx Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Tacoma for which they've offered me kbb + $2k plus 1000 to buy another Toyota of any kind. Almost 3 weeks since they told me it would be about 2 weeks to finish this. Not thrilled with the offer but stuck in needing a drivable vehicle and needing to get this over with since it started in April. It seems now that they're only now offering Kbb + 0? Hard to believe that they've lowered their lower offer now but they've dicked me around enough that I suppose I can believe any stupid thing they do. I guess they think 2001+ owners are stupid or sheep.

    Best idea I've heard about for fighting back beyond lawyers and filing complaints is picketing dealerships. I've heard this worked against Toyota in cases involving engine sludge failures. Picketing can hurt sales and maybe get on tv too.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    did anyone catch the news tonight on channel 4? good job channel 4 for re-reading the toyota press release. where is the news in that? i guess it gets the word out there to owners who don't already know but really only half the story. what about all the owners of 01s and 02s etc? they should have told people that just because their tacoma wasn't in the buyback years doesn't mean that it isn't possible that the frame isn't rusted.
  • stormpupstormpup Posts: 2
    If you opt to take the 30 day loaner, then complete the settlement in less than 30 days, can you keep the loaner for the full 30 days? Or, must you turn it in after receiving the check?
  • stormpupstormpup Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 tacoma which i have had frame rot repairs done twice prior to 3-08. This was pretty costly, about $1,700 , and was needed to pass
    NH state inspection. Just wondering if anyone else has had frame rot repair bills and was reimbursed for them by toyota?
  • where did you take your truck?
  • how bad is to bad you thiink for them to buy it from you?
  • kelokelo Posts: 5
    Good news, meeting with Toyota Rep on Thursday to sign the final paperwork and check. Looks like we'll have the new truck on Friday. Good luck to you all, I hope you all have a quick resolution.
  • muradsaymuradsay Posts: 2
    While I have been waiting to hear from the Toyo rep on how much they will give me for my '99 X-tra cab SR-5, I was on the Honda lot and a salesman told me that one dealership was using NADA to calculate the value--which is a lot higher--and others use Kelly BB. By my calculations, and those of a Toyo salesman who said he's been pretty close, I would lose almost $1500 by letting them use Kelly.

    But, this all sounds kind of odd. Wouldn't you think that it was the regional Toyo rep and corporate HQ that would be setting the policy on this?

    Also: as you might expect, there are people in this area--Maine--who are going around and buying Tacos from unsuspecting sellers, and then getting them into the buy-back program. One fellow has sold back SEVEN trucks. Sheesh. Human nature I suppose.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    right, i have never heard of dealerships using nada for trade-in's. wouldn't that be nice. anyway yah i don't think the buy back price is figured by the dealership. isn't there an outside contractor is...something that toyo hired for all this?

    i know someone who bought a 99 to do the very same thing. ha it passed the inspection! i guess he should have gotten under it before he bought it da.
  • if you wanted your tacoma to be bought from you where would you take it in kentucky?
  • doug70doug70 Posts: 4
    Well, I have a 98' tacoma here in the NE. 119,000K but after replacing leaf springs brakes brackets etc... I still passed inspection in Johnstown NY!. Since I will still have it for the time being I mind as well replace the rear bumper.. Anyone selling one?? probably not bc they all rust. . I can purchase it for $300/chrome new.
  • I live in upstate NY, bought my 98 brand new in oct 97. Have the frame, doors, box walls and gate sprayed every year for about 80 bucks a pop. Not a mark on her with over 150 thou on. The only thing I have ever replaced is the muffler (once) and two brake jobs. Truck is solid as a rock and long paid for. I feel your pain, but amazing what a little preventive maintance will do. I highly recommend the spray job. I got the first one done at a rust check dealership but I found that my local walmart will do it for a third of the price. Just something to think about with you "new" trucks and your "new" payment plans.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    i think you can. you should email toyota cust svs on the website. they got back to me pretty quick (even though now i am waiting almost 2 months). they may want to inspect it though, which i have heard can take a long time for the second inspector to come out. we happened to get lucky and call the day before he was going in to that particular dealer.

    be persistent.

  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    that's a nice added expense. i suppose it works BUT the point is TOYOTA messed up.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    i don't think it works that way
  • we recieved our offer today from toyota for our 2000 tacoma acess cab 4x4 extended bed tow package. it was 15,400. Have not accepted yet,thinking about it.The truck was worth more to us since we just got finish paying it off in november. we been trying to buy a 2008 tacoma but it seems like the dealers here have inflated the price. It is not fair , they know the former owners of the recalled tacomas would want another tacoma.We are so discussed with whole thing. I t been one big pain.We went and looked at some honda ridgelines,was very impressed,you can more truck for less money. We are probaly buying the honda.SO THERE TOYOTA YOU LOST ANOTHER FAITHFUL CUSTOMER.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    first of all if you are seriously considering buying another toyota ASK what incentives they will give you in addition to your buy back check. you never know what they will come back with.

    second regardless of whether you buy another toy or not; if the offer isn't what you thought it was going to be (basic math) by looking up what you think the kbb is and taking 150, tell them and why. i read about someone going back and saying no because it wasn't what they calc at and they showed them how they got the numbers and toy changed their offer.

    honda is a good motor. :) :)

    yeeeessss the whole thing is disgusting. :( :(

    best to you.
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    Nice to see that I wasn't the only one finding this out. Some dealers did inflate the price. They lost me as a customer after I had 2 tacomas in the last 10 years. I bought a nissan frontier and so far so good. I don't blame toyota in calif., they have stepped up and were very good to me. The dealers suck!!!!
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    Just got an offer from Toyota for our 2001 double cab 4wd tacoma. it has the trd offroad pkg and we have a supercharger in it that we put in before we even drove it off the lot and have been saying all along that we want something for it. We were told before that they prob wouldn't consider it and looked like we were only going to get 100% kbb which was only around 7500. and drum roll please..................they just offered us $14,161 and an extra grand if we buy another toyota. they said it would be a couple of weeks, okay we all know that means 3 or 4 but we are very happy with this numbr.

    every one wiht 01 and NEWER; keep pushing for that number that you want!
  • 14K IS 100% KBB.....I have the same 01 double cab WiTHOUT TRD/Turbo and it books for that!!???
    It has been 3 weeks and I have heard NOTHING! many miles on it?
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    what do you mean 14k is 100% kbb?

    it has 170k and the kbb is about 7775 wihtout the supercharger. it took almost 2 months for us. clearly they gave us something for the super charger say about 1700 and they gave us 150%! i think that is good news for everyone else with an 01.
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    My 2001 Kbb is 12,995 that is only 100 % I would take that ...It has been almost 5 weeks and we still have our rental and have NOTHING from Toyota! I guess we are just stuck waiting for them..This has been a discouraging process...everytime I call ..."We can tell you anything more because you are a 2001 owner" is all I ever hear....I guess they really want to make sure I never want another Toyota truck!
  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    HI, Ok, I had to do it, inspection was due and registration....... I KNEW I had gaping holes.... brought my 2000 Tacoma Extended Cab, 163, 700 miles on it.
    left dealership Wednesday June 25th 10:30 am EST . Received call from ISG on Monday June 30th 10:45am EST saying an offer letter is being overnighted and if I do not receive it within 2 days to call them back at an 1-866 number. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!! I am sitting here waiting.............Dealership in Southern NH was good, got me a rental with Enterprise, a DODGE!! EWWWW 2008 Dodge Nitro, I am so :mad: :cry: lost without my Taco!!!!
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    you must have low miles? do you have lots of options? and doesn't it go by your zip code too? ours kbb must be low because of the miles. do you think?

    you should hear soon. it was 7 weeks for us. call again and ask them if they changed their policy on the 01s yet. the dealership said to me when i talked to them saying the 01 was not in the buy back "well not yet". i would call again. it can't hurt.\

    good luck. i'm sure you will do good. keep posting. i'd like to hear.
  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    MY TRUCK WAS TAKEN JUNE 25th 10:30 NH Dealer :

    Well UPS just showed up, 7/1/08... offer was NOT what I had hoped for. :mad: My truck is a 2000 extended cab, SR5 with Power steering, casette/cd player, 4wd big 4 cylinder auto, sliding rear window...... they def are taking mileage into consideration. KBB with 100 miles in excellent retail is at 11k, but when you change it an add the 163k miles it drops to $9k. NOT happy, plus I had spent over 4k on adds on like alarm, electric start, runnning boards, fender flares, tonneau cover, sprayed bed liner etc etc. Offer was only $14,500.

    This whole thing sucks.
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    I have 95,000 miles on the truck and it is loaded ...Spent the money to up grade the truck!!...To bad it did not last!!
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