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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    The buyback money is not intended to to put owners in a new truck 'free and clear.' It's meant to provide owners with enough money to replace a vehicle with a similiar one at the retail price point, and cover tax, title, fees, and (maybe) aggravation. And, remember, Toyota is valuing all vehicles as being in 'Excellent' condition. I seriously doubt the majority of these 7-12 year-old trucks actually are.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Which just emphasizes the point. If you had a 98 Tacoma with 6-digit mileage and it was sent to the crusher,
    A) you likely won't find another 98 Tacoma that the buyback cash would cover
    B) you won't trust another Tacoma of that vintage
    C) you aren't likely to buy another brand truck of that age and mileage because you won't know its history

    So that leaves you in the position of spending money on a new/newer vehicle that this buyback won't necessarily cover. Now you're making payments again (and seeing higher insurance premiums) when that 98 Tacoma was costing you very little to own.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • modman2modman2 Posts: 2
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Admittedly, used Tacomas aren't for sale on every street corner. In general, though, I think this buyback program is more than fair for most people in most situations.

    BTW: I am the owner of a 2001 Tacoma that was taken off the street by my dealer just last week, due to hole in the frame you can put your hand through. Vehicle only has 38,000 miles, and from what I read here, I probably WON'T be getting 1.5x value like '95-'00 owners with 6-digit odometers.

    But even if I receive only 1.0x retail value (not including $1,000 new vehicle credit many in this forum are getting), it's still more than I could have ever sold it for privately or received in trade. Also, its condition was not 'Excellent.'

    I went ahead a bought new '08 Access Cab 4x4, even though my case hasn't been settled yet. I'm betting that being an agreeable, loyal customer will serve me better than being complaintive and angry. Picked up the truck this morning. New Tacoma is like a Lexus compared to the '01. Love it.
  • f3wf3w Posts: 1
    Everyone mostly seems satisfied with their offer, has anyone contacted a lawyer or product liability type? Has anyone haggled for more money?

    2000 Tacoma TRD extended cab 100k mi, excellent shape, dealer serviced;
    offer: $15.9k + 1k incentive to buy another Toyota
  • divwiddivwid Posts: 10
    Dear bigandy---As stated in one of my previous messages, I called my dealership here in Southern Ontario a few weeks ago regarding how many of the trucks are being pulled off the road. My recall letter concerns Tacomas 1995-2000 with a small no. that are supposedly shaowing frame perforation. Dealership here said that they had seen 10 Tacos so far and that 4 had been pulled off the road. We in this area of course deal with road salt for several months every year. Not a huge sample of what may be going on across N. America but just letting you know of my info. so far. My truck goes in to be inspected next week. Time to face the music. I have a 2000 Tacoma-65,000 miles?--96,000 kms. Letter says will receive 1.5 Canadian Black Book value. That will place it at approx. 15,000-16,000 dollars Canadian. Perhaps it pass inspection. Will keep you guys posted.
  • ldent1ldent1 Posts: 5
    I have a 1997 Tacoma 4X4 Extended cab with 73,000 miles and it passed inspection yesterday. There must have been 15 or 20 of them on the lot that had failed. It was truly sad and mine was in better shape than any of them so I was really glad it passed. I cannot replace my truck with what I want so I would prefer just to keep what I have knowing I have taken care of it. The dealorship said 90% are failing inspection so I really thought there was no hope in bringing it home. It is home and it is mine and it is paid for. I will have it inspected once a year in the spring after the winter salt for 4 more years. The money was good but having my truck is better!
  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    What are people paying for new 2008-2009 Tacoma's in relation to MSRP? If the trucks went up 5.1% this year. The Toyota Corp. gives a 1K check to get into a new one but that doesn't mean much if the dealers are sticking to the window sticker price.

    As to the disscussion on how may trucks are failing inspection. Some dealer's must be grading harder than others. Our Canton Ohio dealer is flunking every one that comes in as far as I can tell then selling most all of them a new vehical..
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Here in western PA, I paid $22,750 ($23,750 minus $1,000 rebate) + tax for '08 Access Cab 4x4 V6 Auto base model. Only options were sliding rear window and mats/door sills. MSRP was $25,139. Dealer had to locate due to color. Could have had one on the lot for $200 less. I probably could have trolled the internet for a dozen quotes and saved a few hundred more, but my dealer has been helpful with the frame issue on my '01. Inspection is tomorrow.
  • divwiddivwid Posts: 10
    Dear Ident1--Have now spoken to 3 local Toyota dealerships in the Southern Ontario area. Road salt an issue here every winter. The stats. here are as follows according to the "service person" that I spoke to at each dealership. Toyotatown-London, ON-10 Tacos in (4 pulled off road), Competition Toyota-also in London, ON (20 Tacos in (4 pulled off road), Exeter Toyota-Exeter, ON (8 or 9 Tacos in (4 pulled off road) Also, Exeter Toyota allowed pulled Taco owners to take trucks home and remove anything of value such as newer set of tires, etc. etc.. Not sure if that affects the Canadian Black Book Value they received however they could return truck after they had "stripped truck" My truck goes for inspection tomorrow. Will update then via this site. My truck has 96,000 kms.--65,000?? miles. What a pain in the butt this situation is! DIVWID--Lady Taco owner in S. Ontario
  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    Thanks for the responce heywood1.

    Looks like the dealer can come down 5.5% from the window sticker, before the $1000 Toyota Corporation rebate. The dealer has about 9.2% to play with inbetween MSRP and invoice baced on th enumbers from Edmunds.
  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    You know this whole thing sucks, I started my ordeal 6/25. Took truck to dealer, failed inspection. On 6/30 got offer letter. I signed it 7/2, once I signed it Toyota Customer Care turned into [non-permissible content removed].On 7/7, ISG requeusted check from Toyota. On 7/14 I was contacted by my ISG Local agent, meeting her tonight for the " big payoff". There is confusion if I can or cannot keep the rental for teh full 30 days, so lets see tonight, will Toyota pay me off an dleave me stranded 45 minutes from home? or allow me to keep teh rental till this lousy check clears and I can buy another vehicle, lets see how far the CUstomer Appreciattionreally flows! :confuse:

    Now I see that 2008 Tacos are hard to find...... the 2009 are 5.1% MORE $$.
    Who has bought an 2009 Extended cab AUTOMATIC SR5 with just the Option #2 package? What did you pay?
  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    I am terrible at these things, so if the online MSRP is 27k, what are you saying the actual haggle them down too?
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I'm not sure the dealer was getting (full) holdback since it wasn't on the lot.

    Also, '08's with rebate seem to be disappearing quickly, due to plenty of frame issue buyers and the big price increase of '09's-- which are already on dealer lots with nothing new except some color changes. There were only a handful of '08's left of the color and model I wanted in Central Atlantic region.
  • Just to let you know.... My Taco went to the dealer on May 31. I left with a loaner. As soon as I was contacted by ISG for another copy of my registration I started car shopping as I noticed all Toyotas used and new went up in price. By June 5, a week later I had an idea of how much I was going to get in my head. So I went and bought a new car. They knew about the Toyota buyback and let me give them a personal check for over 4 grand and said they would hold onto for 30 days. I got financed for the rest, got 2 grand off in manufactors rebates signed over to the dealer, plus the dealer took $1500 off the sticker price on the window. I got my check from Toyota on June 26 and it cleared overnight. I wouldn't worry too much about how long it will take to clear. The check came from Bank of America and my bank told me there was no hold on it. I got a check for $10400 for my 97 Toyota Taco. It was almost $1000 more than what I figured. And I believe my paperwork said you get the full 30 days for a rental. And another week if needed to buy a car. They are hoping you buy something from the dealer who took your truck in for inspection of course. But they offered to let me keep the loaner. I kept the loaner on purpose so as not to put a lot of miles on my new car. I figured Toyota owed me that much since I lost my truck I worked so hard to pay off as a single mom when I first bought it 11 yrs ago. The dealer than wanted to know if I wanted to check out any of their cars/trucks. I said no. And turned the loaner in. Then got to the bank before 12 noon and the next day had a bank check to take to the Hyundai dealer. I showed him my stub what Toyota paid for my 97 and he asked me if he could show it to a few guys in finance and I said sure. Hey...they let me leave with a car almost 4 weeks before that holding onto my personal check. And I figured let these salesmen have some fun seeing how Toyota is going to suffer a big loss buying back these trucks. I loved my Taco. I still miss it but I love the new Hyundai I bougtht. Lots of luck finding another Toyota truck if that is what you are going for. My advice is do what I did. I paid for a month of carfax and ran vin numbers on used vehicles for a week before I decided when I saw what I could get that Hyundai for not to buy used. But that month of carfax helped me not make 2 big mistakes on some chevys that I thought were a good deal. It was worth $30 for an unlimited month.
  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    If the dealer invoice is $24,725 and they mark up 9.2%, for the window sticker, it would make the MSRP $27,000.
  • divwiddivwid Posts: 10
    Dear Taco Owners--Had my Taco into dealership here in S. Ontario. 2000 Taco-65,000 miles, 96,000 kms.--8 years old. They said that there is "one small hole" in frame" and they would not pass it. They rummaged thru glove compartment, photocopied ownership and insurance info., took photos all around it. Then with this file together came to me in waiting room with the news. Suggested I leave truck there now. Told them no. Needed time to look into situation further and drove Taco home. Found local buyer for good tires on truck. Have local mechanic "doublechecking frame." Info. sent to Toyota Canada. Letter with money offer in 2 weeks. So far no call from insurance company. Would I be covered in an accident with this truck in the next year if I refuse the offer?? Offer should be about 15,000-16,000 Canadian. Paid 19,000 + taxes=22,000 5 years ago--Canadian dollars. Considering a basic Corolla (auto.)- approx. 16,000 Cndn. dollars. Should I refuse offer over this "one small hole"?? Please, Somebody, ANYBODY--what should I do when offer comes?? Lady Taco Owner in S. Ontario
  • I would take it at the price goes down each year. And that small hole is just the beginning of what is going to come. I was also told that Albany NY is going to be notified of who keeps their Tacos and don't turn them in to Toyota and that NY will not do an inspection on them if they get the vin#. There is a reason they want to buy it from you for that "small" hole. Its just the start. Don't forget that small hole came from rust probably and rust is like cancer, it spreads. Would you rather have a bigger amount of money this year or less money next year? I hated getting rid of my 1997, but they showed us where the hole was. And my husband being the driver of an 18 wheeler had already noticec what was going on with my Taco last year and paid to have the rust sandblasted off and repainted to help. Plus my truck had been undercoated for salt when I bought it. And it still got a hole. Just remember the insurance companines are starting to find out too when trucks are being removed from their policies. You might not be able to insure your truck come your next renewal.
  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    My insurance agent, flat out told me, that once I was told the frame was defective/unsafe, they would not insure me if something happened because of the frame.

    The ISG people, handleing the buy back, use the kelly blue book like a bible. You can reject their offer, wait for toyota corporate to call you and try to reason with them. I was told by toyota, that the manufacture added options not listed on KBB, I just have to eat and not get any credit for.

    I have been getting some real hard [non-permissible content removed] talk from the local dealer and toyota corporate that I WILL sign off (take all liabillity off Toyota) on my truck if I keep the truck. If I don't are they going to send some one to my house to rough me up? Between toyota corporate and the local rep, I have been lied to so much my head is spinning.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You don't actually file a claim/complaint. Your truck must be inspected annually by a Toyota dealer to keep the 15 year warranty in effect. Once the truck fails, the process begins.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Ok... I know what you are going thru. I was really stressed out over this with my truck. When they told me they found a hole I sat there and started crying. And they had to nerve to tell me what..its only a vehicle. That was MY vehicle that I busted my butt off as a single mom to pay off. And kept it up so good that it had almost all original parts. With 131,000 mile on it I only replaced the radiator, water pump and 2 oxygen sensors up to the exhaust manifold and belts done 3 weeks before toyota took my truck.

    But if you have an accident because of the frame, and you don't have liability and its your fault you are going to be sued if someone gets hurt.

    Now, look at me.... go see what I have been posting the last few weeks. I lost my truck which I trusted my life with. Go check out the Hyundai Elantra forum posts I have been posting.

    I hate it Toyota took my truck and now I have more stress to deal with. I would do it all over again though as I have seen some of the trucks that were a yr older than mine loading onto the 18 wheelers to get taken away. And they were 96's and 95's. I had a 97.

    And Toyota would not give us any of the money back we paid for repairs in April because I didn't get a letter in March like other people did and also, they wouldn't pay us for the rust we took care of.

    And I complained and for a week was pestered by Toyota to turn the truck over. Yes, they probbaly can make life miserble for you and if you don't carry insurance here in the US its against the law not to have liability insurance. You can drive with no colllision and pay yourself for damage but you can lose your DL if you don't carry basic liability if you should cause an accident. Please do look up my postings on the Hyundai board too.

    And then remember.... I was stressed over my truck, now I am double stressed.
    My husband was almost killed 3 weeks ago because of a manufacturer defect and the car he was driving is the same kind I am driving. I bought it with my money from Toyota and he liked it so much he went and bought one. And was almost killed. And I am driving a time bomb right now waiting for the same thing to happen to me and there is nothing I can do till it happens.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    funny, we were specifically told once we sign the check the rental has to be turned in. Good luck to you. It has been nothing but a pain for us too.
  • cass6cass6 Posts: 3
    has anyone had more than one Toyota in the buyback program.. our 98 failed,everything went smooth, we purchased a used 99 and it failed also, our claim was turmed over to Toyota corp, after 3 weeks, all we have been told is that any toyota bought after March does not qualify for the buyback program.. how can they do this>? anyone know of a similar situation?
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I think Toyota has had to respond to some opportunists who were taking advantage of the situation, and buying multiple Tacomas from unsuspecting owners, and trying to flip them in the buyback program for the 1.5 value.

    The regional rep from Toyota told me that length of ownership is now being taken into consideration. My service manager said that owners of trucks purchased after the buyback program was announced may only be offered what they paid, as the timing seems suspicious.
  • cass6cass6 Posts: 3
    thanks for the information, I can see Toyotas side, but this was a replacement vehicle, not bought to be flipped, I dont understand why the buyback could not be valid because it was bought after Toyotas announcement I would hope they would take into consideration the fact I wanted a replacement truck and somehow ended up with another failed vehicle, I do not know what I can do at this point...
  • Did you not see the link back in May where the dealer letter was posted? It stated that the only trucks eligible were ones bought before the announcement of the buyback. And that if any dealer sold a truck in March before the buyback they had to buy it back from who ever they sold it to. And it also said the dealer would get book value for anything sitting in their lots. And if someone bought one after the buyback went into effect they would only get regular book value. Didn't you get even offered that? As they won't give 150% but they are supposed to give what the truck is worth regular book value. I would call Toyota if I were you. I know they don't want people cashing in on a triple amount of money too. I was shocked to see Toyotas on Ebay and people were buying them like crazy. So it is possible Toyota thinks some people want to make off this buyback. But then I also heard they were going to give the previous owner part of the money who had just sold it privately too. And the new owner the rest. I would never have bought another the same year. Did you buy it from a used car lot/dealer because they have to buy it back from you for what you paid for it if you did. It states that in the dealer letter on the internet.
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    Does anyone have the 800 number for the ISG people who are handling the 2001 and newer buy backs ...Its been since May and no appointment yet!
  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    Just to clairify what my insurance company told me. If you were offically told your truck had frame problems, you continued to drive it and got into an accedent because of it, the insurance company will not cover you. IT MAKES NO DIFFERNCE IF YOU HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE OR NOT.
  • cass6cass6 Posts: 3
    where can I find access to this letter, I obviously did not see it, this was bought from a Toyota dealer...
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Did you call Toyota and establish a case number? (800.331.4331, then option #5).
    I took my 2001 to my dealer on July 3 and called Toyota the same day, as directed by my service manager. My truck was inspected (and failed) July 16. Now I'm waiting for an offer....
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