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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • I heard about the news on this frame rust issue via the net. I have not received a letter. I called Peoria Toyota (Illinois) and inquired about my 2000 Tacoma. I was referred to a gentleman at the dealership as he was the one that was handling the rust matter. He asked for my VIN and called ne back an hour later. He said my VIN was not one on the list and I should wait for a letter. I told him that I just went over 100,000 miles and I was looking to go through the truck front to back with brakes, trans fluid and filter, cooling system flush, etc. as I was looking to keep the truck long term and I did not want to invest all of this money if the frame was rusted out. He told me he would be glad to inspect my truck for rust for a $40.00 fee. HA!
    I told him I would not pay the $40.00 fee and I would contact Toyota and I hung up. Five minutes later he called back and said he found an "updated" list and he would inspect it for free. I go Tues. the 12th for inspection.
  • annjotannjot Posts: 6
    Hi woodduck99, I got the same thing from the first dealership I called here in Alabama about an inspection. We have a 97 tacoma. They said my VIN number was not included. I called a second dealership and they said they can't go by the VIN and it would have to be visually inspected. When I spoke to the Toyota Customer Care Center about some of our other issues I asked her why the first dealership would have asked what the VIN number was and that it wasn't included. She didn't know why they told me it wasn't included and she said the only years the VIN would matter is the 1995 models. She said this is because half of 1995's were just "pickups" and half that year was the start of the Tacoma's. The trucks that were just "pickups" are not included.
    He obviously didn't get an "updated list".... must have just double checked and found he was mistaken and instead of admitting his ignorance he made up an excuse. So typical of a dealership! If you need the numbers to the cusomter care center I included them in a previous post. Good luck! I am still awaiting word here in's been nearly 3 weeks since our inspection and we do not know if it has passed or failed yet.
  • annjotannjot Posts: 6
    As bad as our 97 frame is rusted toyota won't buy it back because there is no "hole". They just reminded us that it has 4 more years on the warranty and if there is perforation during the warranty period they will buy it but not until. If the frame breaks and causes an accident they WILL get sued!
  • Just returned from Peoria Toyota with a clean bill of health. The rep. said I am still covered until 15 years after manufacture date. I have noticed the value of these trucks has dropped drastically in my area.
  • I'd be willing to bet my Taco is clean, too, because I drove it only in the mild climate of Los Angeles. But it is too bad that the value of the truck will drop as word gets out about the frame rust problem.

    I cannot afford another truck at this time, but when I do I am going to get a used Nissan truck...
  • I have a 2001 4 door kbb is 13,000 and they are giving me 16,100
  • releaserelease Posts: 8
    usergopats, did you negotiate this price?
  • grammydgrammyd Posts: 6
    Usergopats - How did you go about about getting this price???

    I called Toyota and asked about my 2001 and they said that my truck is not included. I disagree with them and think that it should be as it is the same vehicle with only a revised grill and dash controls. I have written 3 emails to Toyota and have not recieved a response to the last two.

  • 2001 Toyota Tacoma (second owner)

    I just back from my Toyota dealer, my frame faile the inspection!

    here is what i did/learned about the 2001's.
    1.a.) First call the 800 number listed in this thread use option 5 and file a complaint, I told them my service tech (non toyota) noticed the frame rusted through. They will call you back in 24 hrs and explain to you what the deal is.

    1.b.) Contact a dealer and schedule a frame inspection ( i was not told i would need to pay for this)

    I took it to get inspected the service guy looked at me /asked me as to why I wanted it inspected and comment it was not part of the frame extention. Once it failed the manager came out and talked to me, he told me this is the second one they have had inspected and failed, but the plan was different for the 2001 (toyota told me this too). he told me he could not advise me of what to do but they needed to have it inspected by a regional inpsection guy. Needless to say I left the vehicle and took the rental that was offered, new Ford F150, he lso told me it was 100% KBB.

  • amo5516amo5516 Posts: 2
    Where on the frame is the date?, as I have a 2001, and did you get any results from Toyota? Thanks
  • I heard the buy back/rust warranty was only for 1995 -2000 Tacomas. In 2001 a different process/manufacturer made the frames.
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    I finally settled with Toyota on my 2001 Tacoma...I received 100% book value incentives to buy another Toyota ...So I just picked up my Chevy ..goodbye toyota!!
    This whole process took 4 months!
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    The agent said that there as many 2001's failing as the earlier models..they are built on the same frame
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I accepted the offer of $15,400 + $1,000 new Toyota credit for my 2001 4cyl. 4x4 extended cab SR5 with automatic and approximately 40,000 mi. Other than one set of tires, I had done nothing to it but oil changes. Truck was smoked in, never waxed, not garaged, had a bent rear bumper, and numerous dings & scrapes.

    Process took about 7 weeks start to finish, and I am happy with this deal and my new '08 Access Cab.
  • jap245jap245 Posts: 2
    I received my letter regarding my 1997 Tacoma x-tra cab and upon inspection, I was told I qualify for the buyback. I had typical rust but no hole and within 2 weeks received a check for 12K
  • "I heard the buy back/rust warranty was only for 1995 -2000 Tacomas. In 2001 a different process/manufacturer made the frames."

    My truck was gone and I had a check in my hand in 30 days.

    Now, I am thinking that your 2001 might have been manufactured in 2000. If that is the case you can argue over the KBB price. As it states 1995-2000 yrs.

    Just because your title is saying 2001 does not mean it is not part of the recall. Look at your manufacturer date on your Taco's and see the date.

    And having had the experience of a Toyota rep on the phone because we sandblasted rust off my truck last Oct and painted the whole frame and then lost my truck to holes, well.... I had quite an experience.

    And no, I did not buy a Toyota. I went and bought a 2008 Hyundai Elantra with a PZEV emissions. I could not afford a truck again even with the $1000 certificate...Toyota raised all their prices even on used. Hello to better mileage.... I am very glad I didn't go back to Toyota. The Dealer I bought from and the service Dept. is soooo much nicer then the Toyota Dealers.
  • grammydgrammyd Posts: 6
    Heywood1, how did you get the 2001 covered? I called and gave toyota my serial number and they told me that my 2001 is not covered. It was built in 2000.

  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Ignore the serial number, and find a dealer who will inspect your truck. (Although I wouldn't bother if you bought your truck new and live in a mild climate where no road salt is used).

    Toyota is buying back 2001's that have the frame rust perforation on a case-by-case basis. Since '01's are "outside of the extended warranty," Toyota is handling these claims somewhat differently-- and using it as an excuse to offer less than 1.5x Kelly Blue Book value.

    The bigger difference is that owners of 2001 models did not receive any notification-- again, because they are 'outside' of the extended warranty (Toyota doesn't like the term 'recall').

    That being said, my experience was painless, and I feel I was treated very fairly by both Toyota and my local dealer's service department. My truck failed PA inspection due to holes in the frame, and my local inspection station brought the 'recall' to my attention. I drove it to my dealer (where I purchased the truck) the same day. A visual inspection confirmed holes in the frame, and I was offered a loaner vehicle on the spot. My service department also recommended I call Toyota and establish a case number, which I did.

    Seven weeks later I received a check, plus a $1,000 coupon toward a new Toyota truck. I'm lovin' my new '08 Tacoma.

    I recommend to everyone affected by this to be cooperative and patient. Keep in mind--especially everyone in this forum who has proudly switched brands in 'protest'-- there's no way GM or anyone else would be offering up this kind of deal for ten-year-old trucks with six-figure odometers......
  • luke57luke57 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Tacoma is rusting out as well. I've tried cleaning it up and spraying the anti-rust paint to keep it under control, but to no avail. I called the dealership where I bought it in July 2003, and they told me I could have a rust inspection done by them but that Toyota was only offering buybacks and repairs to Tacomas up to 2001 !

    Why then is it being reported they cover until 2004's ! Does anyone know what else can be done once I get this rust inspection?
  • amo5516amo5516 Posts: 2
    Hey Heywood, I live in Milford PA, I was wondering about where you are in PA? As I have a 2001 double cab special edition TRD 4x4 6 cylinder. And I agree with you that Toyota is doing everything to eleaviate there problem with the Tacoma's. Thanks for your help
  • rcoolercoole Posts: 10
    Toyota bought my 2000 standard cab 4 cyl 5 spd manual with 39500 miles for $15,585. With the $1,000 coupon and getting the dealer down a couple of thousands from sticker price($29809.00), I have less in this 2009 Tacoma double cab V6 SR5 with towing pkg than I paid for the 2000 Tacoma ($16,320.00). Toyota is even running a special on financing for the month of Aug. 2.9% for up to 36 months. No problem going with Toyota again, GM, Ford, and Dodge would never consider such a solution to a problem like this. Until these guys (domestic auto makers) wake up and quit producing the vehicles they have been putting out there for decades, they will remain in trouble. I've owned new Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile and Ford. Nothing but mechanical and cosmetic problems (leather door panels in Buick Regal falling off, even after replacement under warranty), brakes on all GM cars, and the Ford rusted up even with rustproofing by Ford. Finally I purchased first new Honda in 1997 and all these mechanical and other problems disappeared. Couldn't be happier with the deal I've gotten!!
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I'm in Pittsburgh. Dealer was Baierl Toyota in Wexford and the service manager there was very helpful.
  • I got my money $13,130 in 3 weeks (99 with 170000miles) and had to turn the loaner in after signing off on the old truck. I was told the old trucks will be ground up, resold and NOT PARTED OUT. My issue with Toyota, they will not help you out and sell you a new truck while having your old truck locked up. "VERY STRANGE"
  • We just found out that our 1999 Tacoma is rusting out, too. Toyota is offering us $15,700 for it and my hubby is VERY upset because it is in excellent condition and feels that it is worth more...he's even talking about ditching Toyota altogether, which troubles me because I am a "Toyota kind of girl". How did you get the $1000 coupon? I'm thinking that that might make my hubby a little less sore over the whole (pardon the pun) deal. Did they just send it to you with the check for your truck? Thanks!
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    The $1,000 coupon toward any new Toyota was separate from--and in addition to--the buyback. I believe it is being offered to all affected owners of '95-'00 models. Mine was 2001 and out of the official extended warranty, so I just asked because I knew others were getting it. I think most owners of 2001's are are being offered this now. I had gone ahead and bought a new '08 Tacoma before waiting for the official buyback offer, so in lieu of a coupon, Toyota sent me a check for $1,000 separately and retroactively.

    I don't know the exact model or mileage of your truck, but $15,700 + $1,000 for a 9-year-old vehicle seems reasonable to me. (I wouldn't pay that much for a 9-year-old Tacoma with a GOOD frame....)
  • Hey all, apparently misery loves company. Toyota just confiscated my 2001 Taco due to frame rot. Toyota Corp said, I have to sit and wait for them to get thru all 1995-2000 claims first AND that I won't be getting the 150% buy-back program because my Taco is a 2001 and technically not part of the program. Apparently frame rot is different on a 2000 truck!!! I mean I thought rust and deterioration was all the same. I am guessing Toyota doesn't want any more publicity on this little issue, especially as it is now apparent on newer vehicles.

    Does anyone have any pointers for me, as I am just starting the Taco Wars?
    I am a Toyota advocate but frankly, in the last 48 hrs I have considered other options. But, I LOVED my Taco.........the truck was/is awesome. Practically new, it only had 46k miles when they took it away from me!!!
  • Oh, and did I mention they gave me a Camry rental.
    Which, don't get me wrong, is a sweet car..........but honestly
    a Tacoma VS. a all can understand!
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    Hi I also have a 2001 toyota tacoma Custom work and mint condition except for frame rot Are you sure they will give you 1 1/2 kbb value because I have been reading that 2001 only get 1 x kbb and no 1000 coupon
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    I got my check for my 2001 and only got book value extra 1000.00 and no 1.5 times book value...I would not count on any extra ...They told me in the beginning I was going to receive the 1.5 times book...But when the check came in they said that was all they were doing for the 2001 owners...So I bought a Chevy Silverado and love it...Thanks Toyota!
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