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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    well its over, the 00 is gone, and I went looking for an 08 Tacoma, GOOD LUCK! I went to every dealer within 50 miles, majority have NONE, two had at least three, majprity are Manual trasmission, rest had TUNDRAS, you can buy a TUNDRA cheaper than a Tacoma. the 09 SR5 4x4 auto with full cab are on the lots, and they are at MSRP 29k and up. You will NOT find a simple 08 or 09 Tacoma, they are all coming out on the lots with Option #2, and up. So lets re-cap this.......
    I had a 00 with only 2 years left of payments. They buy it back, give me 14k, I am now literally forced to buy a " tricked out" Tacoma, at 29k, they give 1k incentive, I use my buyback $$ to place a good chunk down, I finance the rest....... hmmmm, through Toyota MOtor credit, hmmmmm they give me a LOUSY interest rate
    ( FICO is 711, no lates etc) nahhhhhhhh, Toyota is making out good, by the time I pay off this loan with the crappy interest rate.... I really got NOTHING. Dealers have ZERO incentives to sell on the Tacomas, they are pushing Tundras.
    Dont get me wrong, I was lucky to find an 09 Barcelona Red 4x4 auto, full cab, SR5, but was happy without all the whistles and bells of my old one... and I am now in severe debt!!!
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    I have had a case since May . My truck failed on the 26th of May ...Just received the offer . It was less then waiting for ISG to call with the date to meet ...Do not think this will happen quickly for you..have not heard of a 2001 that has not taken at least 2 months!..
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    What exactly is your model & mileage, and what was your offer? KBB retail in excellent condition for my '01 X-tra Cab SR5 4x4 with 39,000 miles is about $12K. I've purchased a new '08 Access Cab, so I'm in no hurry. I'm hoping patience will work to my favor.

    What is 'ISG?' I thought offers were being mailed....
  • mattz88mattz88 Posts: 9

    For anyone that is getting a hard time from Toyota in terms of the Toyota Tacoma Frames rusting out please try this website The Center for Auto Safety It has alot of valuable information on it and you can file a complaint if you wish. Another website is Home | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) | U.S. Department of Transportation file a complaint and they will start investigating your complaint. Hopefully this can help alot get many of these defective vehicles off the road and correct corporate irresponsibility. If you would like email me at
    Thanks - - 109-4.html - - as/
  • Here is the direct link to the letter the Dealers all got including what they are looking for and telling them how to treat the customers.
  • I have an appointment for 8-1-08 to have my 2000 taco inspected.
    I dread it so bad. I have been reading your posts for a few days and it's been a big help to me. So, I joined up to this forum today.
    I looked under the truck but I don't see anything right off, but I bet they will. I love my truck so much I just don't know what I'll do if it is rejected. I hate the thought of going in debt again.
    Will they let you keep your wheels and tires? How about the bug gard and the window wind gaurds? In other words can I strip it down and keep what I want?
    I wish I had gone in back in early june because I'm off all summer since school is out, I'm a lunch
    Now I'm scared about wrecking, so I'm doing it now.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    You may remove all aftermarket items. If you remove the wheels and tires, you must at least replace with something. My dealer said I could remove my tires and replace with balds, but the effort wasn't worth the cost. Find out first if your truck fails, then strip the easy aftermarket stuff. Toyota doesn't care; offer will be based on stock truck.
  • They let you take it back home to to get your personal stuff out too and remove your aftermarket things and then bring it back, but it holds up the processing till you get it back. I prepared for the worst and ended up with just personal things left in the truck the day we went. Then my husband took everything out. We left the cap on and the tow winch and got more money because of it. Then I remembered I had replaced the Toyota stereo with a CD player. I called and it was after they submitted their report and the dealer took my stereo out for me and told me to come pick it up. I agree about the tires. Depends on the condition. Someone stole my hubcap covers too and they still went by what was pre-installed by the factory plus the cap I put on and the tow winch.
  • Thanks for the info, schukanuoslady and heywood1.
  • jdailey23jdailey23 Posts: 3
    So I got my offer by email on the 22nd and faxed it back, how long does it usually take to get a call back and get the check? I ask because my wife and I are going out of town for 6 days and we are leaving on the 1st of August, we'd like to have our check so we can have some extra money, but on the other hand, if we dont get the money, we are going to take the rental instead of our new car we bought on Wed. If they would happen to call on the day we leave, are they going to give me some crap for not being able to meet them on that desired day or whatever day they are there?? Im the one inconvenienced here and arent they suppose to work around our schedule?
  • I faxed my offer back signed on June 16. By the end of the week the person going to the dealerships called me to arrange to meet her on June 26, which was the earliest she could meet me.

    I was told by ISG if I didn't hear in 5 days about getting the check to call them back as they cut a check the day after they got my offer signed and she had the check from them overnighted to her. That was the earliest she could meet me. I would think you are going to hear by Wed from the person with your check.

    And they are not going to get mad if about when you meet them as you are being inconvienced. They are going out of their way to make you feel like you are being treated with the upmost respect as they want you to take that check and buy another Toyota. They gave me a certificate good for $1000 off a truck or $500 off a new/used Toyota car only too when they gave me my check.

    If they don't get in touch about meeting with the check by Wed, call ISG and tell them. I would take the rental on vacation. Heck... tell them you can't make it the day they want. As you probably won't get your check before Aug 1 unless by some miracle. And put the darn miles on their vehicle... I bought a new vehicle the week after they took my truck and drove their rental until I had the check in my hand. I wasn't about to put miles on my new vehicle when I had a free rental with unlimited mileage. Did they give you a truck as a rental? As they tried to give me a new 4 x 4 and I told the guy was he going to give me a step ladder too to get in and out of it....hahaha I ended up with a Scion XB. Hated it. Had a worst bench to sit on then my Taco had. My Taco had great seats. This Scion was hard as a rock almost to sit on. But I used it for everyplace local to go.

    I had turned in a 2 x 4 extend cab. And told him how the heck did he think I could get in and out of that 4 x 4. I hear the 4 x 4 Tundra is a gas hog too. The girl at my bank lost her Toyota and they gave her one of those to rent till her check comes in. She told me there is no way her husband will get a new Tundra. She said it rides great but really is a super gas hog.
  • modman2modman2 Posts: 2
  • jdailey23jdailey23 Posts: 3
    Well, my 30 days will be August 1st and already bought a new car, just dont want to put the miles on it, maybe I will tell them I cant meet til Thursday of next week if they call me today, which I doubt.
  • Hi everyone!!!!

    Just want to know if anyone with 2001 tacoma have frame rot? I see lots of rust on mine mostly around welded areas. Need some help on what I should do next. Thanx
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    Just take your 2001 in to the dealership and they will inspect it ...Just do not think you will be treated as the 95-2000 buyback..They will buy it back if it fails but you will be lucky to get book value and it is a very long procedure!
  • rcoolercoole Posts: 10
    I had my 2000 Tacoma (with 39,400 miles) inspected in May and it passed. Last Saturday (July 26th) I had it in for oil change and they found a hole (the size of a dime) in the frame. The hole is on the bottom of the frame in front of the front leaf spring hanger on the drivers side. I checked the frame myself in May after the inspection and did not see this hole but could see where the frame had been hit with the hammer. This hole is about an inch from where the hammer had struck the frame. Even though they recommend a yearly inspection, I'd check it at least monthly.
  • take it to another dealer ASAP. I heard some of the dealers are passing the trucks and then if you go to another one it fails. We had a hole in the passenger rear. And it was small and they took my truck. Go to another dealer. You have that right.
  • rcoolercoole Posts: 10
    I did take this truck back on July 29th to the dealer that had passed it in May and they failed it. Got the loaner car and am just waiting for the paperwork. I have a friend at the local parts store that is the ISG rep for Toyota, he advised that I take it back to the dealer that had passed it. To make a long story short, everything is working out fine with me! Just wanted to make everyone aware to keep an eye on their frames at least monthly even though it had just passed the test.
  • Hello I have a 2002 Tacoma and was told by a tech yhat works at a local dealership that Toyota was going to recall 2004 and earlier eventually. When I called the dealership they told me that they had no idea , and had not heard of a recall for the later years. Has anyone heard anything about the 2001-04 models?
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    I just checked my frame and found 1hole about the size of an egg on the drivers side and 4 holes the size of dimes on the pasingers side My truck is mint with custom work done to it I guess am screwed I just made an anointment to have it checked by toyota I dont think they would refund me for all the "extras" I put in the truck. Can any one out there suggest any course of action Th nx
  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    You are screwed.

    i took my case all the way to toyota corparate because i had factory itiems like lock diff, a $700 convienance package that KBB did not give any credit for and a fibor glass cap that was worth more than the $100 credit KBB assigned it.

    toyota corp said you are getting 1.5 X KBB; take or leave it chump. my insurance adgent and the national transpertation board both told me, drive this truck after you have been told its bad, get into an accedent and YOU are the liable one

    I am really getting sick of the eletist, snobby stuck up attitude I am getting up and down the line in this mess. the dealer's lie to you about what they can.and can't do in getting you into another truck.

    This is beginning to smell like a master plan from toyota corparate. Buy back these trucks for at times no more than their true value, get $500 for scrap, up the price of new trucks 5.1%, only put loaded trucks on the lot to choise from, give no rebate on the lower $ truck ($4000 on the tundra hog), don't let the customer order or get a truck from out of the "region", unfavorable financing compareed to other brands, 0 concideration if the greaved customer wonts to buy a Pries or Scion (only 500 off sticker on another Toyota product). The toyota corp is not the great guy their marketing gurus hav emade them out to be.
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    Just got off the phone with my Toyota Dealer (Who I bought the truck from ) They wont even look at it 2001 is not part of the plan and that if my farme has holes in ot there is nothing they can do I guess Toyota has bailing .... :lemon:
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    You have to agree to pay for the inspection on your 2001 - 39.00 most places if it passes ...If it fails they take your truck into a different program ..You do not receive 1.5 times book value ...most people are getting book value only on the 2001s..They can not refuse to inspect it again
  • I'm looking at buying a used 1999 Tacoma. In Chicago! How many trucks are there out there that are affected? The seller will let me have it inspected... and I will. But I would appreciate just a little perspective on this. Thanks!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    If you go back a bit, you'll see that Toyota is being very cautious about new owners of trucks affected by the recall since the program was announced... they are trying to keep people from buying and "flipping" bad trucks for the cash profit.

    Safe decision: find a much newer or different brand of truck than the recalled Tacomas.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • Thanks kcram. I guess I just need to get a feeling for whether ALL of these frames will EVENTUALLY rust out... or not. Is it a matter of time? The 99 tacoma I'm looking at on Sunday looks perfect for me. But I'm also looking at a Nissan Frontier 2002 desert runner. It's ugly as ______ but in good shape. So you're saying anything but a tacoma until we know more?
  • I took my 2000 tacoma in today and it passed. They said there was another recall on something else and they took care of that to. Something about the towing ...thing. I was so excited that I didn't hear it all that she was telling me. I have to have it checked every year from now on.
  • divwiddivwid Posts: 10
    Had a 2000 Tacoma here in S. Ontario. Received letter in May re: frame perforation due to defective undercoating. 96,000 kms (65, 000 miles) Failed inspection. Toyota Canada offered Canadian Black Book Value X 1.5. Offer was 19,000 Canadian dollars. Lost a lot of sleep and gave up some vacation days while mulling over situation. Since I paid 19,000 in 2003 at time of purchase of this truck decided to accept offer. Insurance issues, less value for my truck if I wait until next year, etc. Glad to be rid of the whole situation. Purchased 2009 Toy. Corolla and came close to breaking even on deal. Perhaps there ia a silver lining lining here with the more efficient fuel economy of the Corolla. Although I loved my Tacoma and really find a truck useful in this rural area I am now sleeping better and glad to be rid of the whole mess. Oh yes, sold off good tires on Taco. Replaced with "skins" to drop off Tacoma for final time. Hope I never have to go through this again. Bye, bye truck!!! DIVWID
  • I live in northern IL. I had purchased my 1999 TRD Tacoma 08/30/1999 for $22,552.00 the sticker was $24,132.00. I had an ASC $1200.00 power moon roof & alpine single CD installed. I received the letter in the mail then set up my inspection. I could see the frame on right side was rusted out, it did not pass. After a hassle from the service manager about my loaner I was on my way with a Trail Blazer.
    My Tacoma had 222,115 miles. I had just put my third set of tires on in March. My next step was to go on line to the retail price in excellent condition is $9375 x 1.5 ISG is giving me $14,062.00 + $1000 if I buy a new Toyota.
    Also on KBB.COM I used the Internet dealer price search. It turned out my local Toyota dealer had the best price for a new 2008 TRD Off Road Tacoma Model code 7553. Retail was $28,379.00 with out tax and all the charges. With the $2000 rebate out the door with tax and all $23,126.00 if you minus the 14k & 1k from ISG & Toyota my new TRD cost me $8,064.00.
  • What year was your Taco? My lock diff, was part of the TRD package.
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