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Infiniti G35 Tech Package

mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
edited March 2014 in INFINITI
I'm interested in opinions and more detail on the intelligent cruise control (Technology package option). With the vast amount I've read on the car, I haven't seen anything written about the intelligent cruise control, except for the couple of sentences on the Infinity G35 website.

How well does it work? What is the minimum speed needed to use it? Has anyone experimented with it in different situations? Can you adjust the distance between you and the care in front of you? If so, how do you adjust it?



  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    It's an excellent option, I've driven home on my 1 hour commute and never touched the brakes or gas... you set your speed and distance, basically you push the distance button and it cycles between 3 distances. I've only used the middle and farthest because the cars still new, but It gets pretty close.

    It will engine brake and maintain a fairly flexible distance, if it feels it needs to brake, it will apply a maximum of 25% braking and bring you down to a minimum of around 20 MPH, after that the system turns off. it won't protect you in an accident or emergency situation so you still (obviously) need to pay attention 100%.

    Also when the system is off, it still runs in the background scanning the situation in front of you, if you are approaching an object at a high rate of speed it will pre-charge the braking system in anticipation of you getting on the brakes, it's called preview braking.

    Overall it's fantastic and unlike conventional cruise control which is useless on any populated highway because of the slinky effect 75-45-80-70-60-45-30-90-40 are you speeds in a 10 mile drive. this eliminates all of that and keeps you at your set distance. So what I'll do is set it for 79 (yes you can set by MPH so when you want to accel, push up and it digitally speeds you up by 1MPH, press it 6 times and you go up 6MPH.) and cruise, when I hit a patch of traffic that's doing 60, it maintains 60 until I manage to pass. then I'm back to 79.

    When you approach a car and are slowed down from 79 to 60, when you switch lanes it gets on the gas pretty good so you are back to 79 in about 5 seconds... which means you don't need to use any gas manually to pass people.

    One thing I noticed yesterday morning on the way to work, it was 25 degrees out, icy and we had freezing rain coming down.. it would NOT let me enable the system... I'm guessing safety feature, but I haven't identified what specifically locks it out... was it the fact it was below freezing... or did it know there was rain via the sensor.

    It's not a stand-alone feature, it's part of the technology package which includes the Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), the Adaptive headlights and the backup camera.

    This is the best $1000 package, overall I would not settle for a car that didn't have this package, The backup camera is a fantastic feature and is worth say $250. The Adaptive headlights really work, turning up to 22% (roughly) and feed into a turn, and they are independent, so on slow turns only one headlight turns while the other stays strait to give you the best visibility, easily worth $300. And lastly the ICC is another fantastic feature, easily worth $450, and that's the $1000 package. you get more then what it's worth.

    I personally went with everything, G35S, Prem, Nav, Tech, 4was. It's all worth it.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    Thanks for a really comprehensive & useful description. I doubt I'd want it myself, but now I at least know how it actually works.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Thanks kring5

    It's nice to hear that it works well.
    I'm preparing for the purchase of a G in the coming weeks and I'm also set on the Tech package.
    My MDX has a backup camera and I love it. It comes in handy when backing into a spot in a parking garage. No more bumped walls. :P

    I like the adaptive headlights, but that wasn't the selling feature for me.
    I love the idea of the Adaptive Cruise and I'm glad to hear it works so well.

    My commute is almost all highway, and I love cruise, but cant use it due to traffic.
    It sounds like I'll enjoy having it and plan on using it a lot.

    If I could just decide on a color now :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    Color's are tough this year. the Liquid platinum seems to be a little too common, the Black is fantastic (That's what I went with) but as always, it's time consuming to keep clean, The Blue slate is very nice, This was my second choice, it cleans up nice and it's close to the color I wish they had offered, a dark gunmetal/charcoal/graphite, a metallic paint that's very dark grey.

    I must say that the Ivory Pearl is AMAZING, personally not a big fan of white, but when you see this paint in person it might suck you in! it's really beautiful and has a lot of metallic flakes. after seeing this in person I think this is at the top of the color list! check it out before making a color descision.
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    I agree, black was my first choice, but am concerned about the time and effort to keep it clean and small scratches become easily visible in sunlight. i am leaning toward the blue slate, looks black at night and the exterior chrome trim stands out more than in the lakeshore blue. However, the elegance and shine that the black produces, it just might be worth all the time and effort on Sunday afternoons.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Colors are very tough indeed...
    I love the White. I have seen every color in person, and I have to say the White definitely stands out... but I'm trading in a white car and would like something new. I also don't like the tan dash.
    I like the Platinum Graphite, but I keep thinking it's too Altima-like when I see it.
    I'm leaning very much toward the Blue Slate. It's sorta boring in overcast conditions, but blazes in the sunlight.
    I also love the way the chrome stands out on the trim.

    The wife hates the Blue Slate.
    It's not her car but I do value her opinion.
    She likes the Silver, but everyone has a silver car now, and I also don't like the way the bottom half of the side mirrors stand out on the lighter colors, like silver.

    After seeing the brochure, I was absolutely dead set on Lakeshore Blue. It looks amazing in the pics.
    Seeing it in the lot on a sunny day, my expectations fell short. Very short.
    I think it would look awesome at night, but it's too light blue for me in the daylight.
    It either needs a little more dark blue in it, or more silver.
    Hard to explain, I suppose.

    Decisions, decisions.
    Still got a few weeks to decide though. :confuse:
  • carjcarj Posts: 1
    I’m about to put a deposit on a 2007 G35x with the following options (Premium Pkg, Navigation, Wood) but I’m on the fence about adding the technology package. Can anyone tell me if the technology package (Adaptive lights, rearview camera, intelligent cruise control) is worth the extra money?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Whether it's worth the extra $ is subjective. I pick up my G35x tomorrow night and it has all the options you describe. I've had a car with adaptive lights & camera but not cruise control...I test drove one yesterday and bought the one off the showroom floor. I was pretty impressed with the Infiniti's camera - far more advanced than the one I had especially since you can see angle and distance superimposed on the screen.
  • bobzgbobzg Posts: 6
    I get the most out of the rearview camera. I like how it has lines that show you where the car will go based on how far the steering wheel is turned. The lights are nice, but not essential. If I drove on the highway more, and didn't enjoy driving my G so much, I would make better use of the ICC.

    just my 2 cents, it's a great car with or without.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Kring5 made a post about this about a month back...
    The Tech pack is definitely worth it!

    My G35x Prem/Nav/Tech get's picked up tomorrow @ 5 pm. :shades:

    My current Acura MDX has a backup camera which I love having.
    The Adaptive lights, I've never had but think they're pretty cool.
    The ICC is the thing I'm really looking forward to.
    I spend a lot of time on the highway and don't get to use my cruise control much cause there's a lot of cars that keep getting in the way.
    Setting the ICC to 75 and not having to shut it off every time someone in front of me is doing 73 will be great!

    Look for kring5's post, as he mentioned how well the ICC works.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I moved the four posts above from another discussion. Kring5's post in the second one here. :)

    kring5, "Infiniti G35 Tech Package" #2, 5 Mar 2007 6:31 pm
  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    I've had the car with the Tech package now for a couple of weeks. So far, I think it is well worth it (to me anyway). As stated above, the rear view camera is very sophisticated - much more so than the camera our our 4 year old Lexus. The lines showing you the projected course is very usefull. I find myself using it frequently. The intelligent cruise works exceptionally well, and finally the adaptive headlights are very cool. I think it's well worth the money overall.
  • jagguarjagguar Posts: 25
    For some reason, I've been under the impression that the tech package is $2000. Just realized it's only $1100 the other day and called the dealer to see if it could still be added (I'm waiting for my special order). Dealer called the manufacturer and told me it was too late. So now I'm bummed. The adjusting headlights and intelligent cruise are cool, but I find the real value in the rear view camera. Being able to know exactly how far I can back up would be really nice. And I'm getting a 6MT and I never use cruise so the intelligent cruise would probably go unused. But I figured it might keep me from getting so many speeding tickets.

    Sorry, I guess I just had to vent.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    It's never too late until you sign the actual purchase paperwork, just cancel the order and place a new one. it will delay you, but you'll get what you want. The paperwork you did is not a contract or purchase... it means nothing more then you want to order a car.
  • dceadsdceads Posts: 7
    The rear view camera is nice for knowing how far I can back in to the garage without scratching up the lawn mower. I still have to look to make sure that I am not about to knock the side mirrors off though. It is definitely something that you can live out. I haven't noticed the effect of the adjusting headlights. I tried out the intelligent cruise the other day and I didn't really like it. It seemed to use the brakes a lot more than I thought was necessary. I think that I would have been just as happy without the tech package.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    dceads, It doesn't use the brake that much, most of the time what feels like braking is actually engine-brake. I've found the ICC to be very flexible, I've had people cut in front of me and the ICC just engine-brakes back to the set distance. I've found it does a good job of braking.

    I have found two issues with the ICC, 1.) when the sun is either rising or setting and you are driving in the direction of the sun, the system crashes and doesn't work, I think it's overloaded by the direct suns rays. 2.) Chrome bumbers can turn the ICC into a schizo, I'm guessing it has to do with the reflective properties of the chrome. I've been behind a truck and old car that had big chrome bumpers and the car seems to sputter, ICC can't handle this situation.

    I'd like to remind people just as a safty precaution that ICC only apply's a maximum of 25% brake power, so when it starts beeping, it means it doesn't think it has enough power to stop in time. and also, I beleive at 20 MPH the system turns its self off, So don't assume the ICC will take you to a stop in traffic. If you do, you'll find yourself in an accident.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    "The rear view camera is nice for knowing how far I can back in to the garage without scratching up the lawn mower."

    I use my backup camera so I don't scratch up my G! :P

    The adaptive headlights are better than I expected.
    I love em.
    I live in the windy backroads of NE and I have found night driving to be WAY better than it was in my last ride.

    They're most noticeable at lower speeds on sharper corners, as they will turn more in that condition.

    They're also pretty cool when pulling out of parking lots and stuff.
    They grab attention.

    I find the ICC to work VERY well, but have only had minimum use with it... until break-in is complete.

    For me, the Tech package was a great buy, and makes the car that much more enjoyable.
  • dceadsdceads Posts: 7
    Until my G learns to down shift the manual transmission, I think that I can tell the difference between brake and engine-brake. ;) I didn't say that it braked too much, just that it braked more than I thought was necessary. The thing that annoyed me trying to use it in Atlanta where people drive close quarters is that even when I set the ICC to the minimum distance other cars would cut in to that open space in front causing the G to put on the brakes. I will probably use it when I am traveling long distances, but my point to jagguar (a fellow MT driver) was that it was not all that necessary. Just so that I don't give anyone else that reads this board the wrong impression, I want to say that it does work!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I understand what you're saying about the braking and I agree, a little, but you have to remember what this is.
    It's not auto-pilot, it's cruise control.
    All of my previous cars (except the dreaded 78 green on green Pinto) have had Cruise Control and I hated to use it.
    No matter how empty a highway is, as soon as I hit that Set button, the masses come out of the woodwork.
    I would love to have a "set it and forget it" Ronco style cruise system, but the other people on the road, who all travel at different speeds and in different lanes, don't let that happen.

    The ICC is a breath of fresh air.
    It does ride back enough to cause morons to slip in front of you, as they play leap frog in traffic, but for traffic conditions which are light to medium, it's perfect.
    I set it, and it does it's thing, and very well too.

    It's not the answer to all cruise control issues, but it's an awesome step in the right direction, and I now own a car which I use Cruise Control in, so life is good! :D
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    Are there any bumper sensor plugs with the ICC? I hate those things.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I hate those as well (LOL)
    There is a little window in the lower front spoiler which houses the ICC unit.
    It's toward the center ion the sport model, and off to the driver's side in the Journey/X models.
    Working on a pic for you....

    Even notice that cars with those rear bumper sensors all have bangs, scratches and cracks?
    LOL.... just goes to show how well those things work!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I used Photobucket to upload the pic, but the quality of the pic drops greatly once uploaded to them...

    I circled it, but you can barely see it.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Here's a slightly better pic, you can see the ICC window in the lower spoiler, on the driver's side.
  • luvbugluvbug Posts: 1
    Mine is the G35x w/nav. I should've gotten the tech package but didn't. :-( It would be great if i could just replace some decklid piece and add the camera.

  • lburianlburian Posts: 5
    I'm down to the final stages of buying. Definitely going with Premium, Nav and wood. Also struggling with whether to get the Tech Package. But BIGGEST issue is the color. I'm leaning towards the Blue Slate (graphite interior) - - but my wife thinks it looks to PURPLE in the sun-light (as opposed to Navy). Anyone else have that concern (about the color, not my wife!)???
  • bmulberrybmulberry Posts: 29
    Just picked up Blue Slate with Graphite today. Very happy with the color as is my wife. Looks more gray than purple to me.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I also have the Blue Slate/Graphite/Wood... no purple to be seen.
    It's an awesome color and quite frankly, the nicest in the otherwise boring lineup of colors, in my opinion. ;)

    I also have the Tech package and I absolutely love it.
    The Adaptive Headlights are great and tilt way more than the Lexus IS lights... you can actually see them working.

    The ICC Cruise works very well and I now use Cruise Control again. Regular cruise can't be used around here.. too much traffic. The ICC takes care of the problem of constantly hitting cancel, resume, cancel, resume.

    The Backup Camera is also great and since I back into parking spots, I use it every day.

    It's cheap money for what you're getting and I read tons of posts from people who are now sorry they didn't get it.
  • I also got the tech package and while I was slightly hesitant going into it I do not regret the purchase at all! The ICC is great - takes some getting used to but is an awesome feature - just have to remember to stay awake while driving! I though the backup camera was also kind of gimmicky but I find myself using it all the time now. I don't notice the adaptive headlights so can't really tell if they are useful or not. Overall I am glad I went with the tech package - well worth the extra $$$.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The headlights won't be very noticeable, unless you're on nice curvy roads.
    I live off some very back roads and the novelty of the lights has yet to wear off.
    I love em' :D
  • I have recently purchased a used 07 G35x with Premium and Nav. Which, if any, of the Tech package components can be added by the dealer after-the-fact?
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