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    I guess it's just the effects of coming off of three months of intensive research into every SUV out there. I forget that people aren't like me (thank god, as my wife always says).

    I'll be much better once I've had a few beers.

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    Tony, I read the information about the turning radius, however, I was wondering if it really bothered people being several feet more than some of the competition.

    Now I would like to know on a ax listing $40601 what is considered a good price.

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    It's hard to say what a vehicle will go for just from MSRP. If you list your exact configuration and your part of the country, I'll be more than happy to give you an opinion if you like.

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    Tony, in Massachusetts the majority of all wheel drive vehicles come equipped with the heated seats, halogen headlights, wheel locks, spoiler, wood-leather steering wheel, premium package plus and wheel locks. this, including destination charges list at $40601.

    I know what the estimated miles per gallon is listed at, but in reality what are you getting?

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    For the configuration you listed, $36475 is a doable price IF the car is on the lot and the dealer is in a good mood. This is an out the door price not including TTL. I can't see any dealer turning down $36650.

    I can't comment on the MPG since we haven't even gone through a full tank yet!

    Good luck,
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    Tony, thanks for your thoughts.What is TTL?
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    Tony, the dealer quoted me $37600 and said I only got that price since it is slow in Jan.
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    TTL = Tax, Title, License, etc.. all the other stuff that is specific to your State.

    $37600 because it's slow? You need another dealer, this one has an attitude.

    Do exactly what I say and see the results: Call another dealer within a 100 miles of you. Tell him that you already got a price of $37,000 for that model from the first dealer. Tell him you heard his dealership got recommended by a friend, and that you'd rather do business with him if he could at least meet the price.

    I guarantee he'll meet it. You can then turn around and throw that in the first dealers face to see if he'll budge.

    I don't mean to sound rough, but the old "I'll give you a break because it's slow" line is really insulting nowadays.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    .What is a fair dealer profit on the rx300? Most of the dealers in Ma. will discount $2-$2500 when there is about $5300 between sticker and invoice. Tony thinks this discount is very small; maybe it is, but maybe not for this area.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated as to what other owners are receiving for a discount.
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    Anybody have the Lexus phone in their RX300? It costs a bundle but sounds nifty with a micro web *ignore* of sorts built-in. I've looked all over, with no luck, to find a browser/mail reader for the RX300 that uses the NAV screen and not just a tiny phone display. But I just read in the forum for the LS430 folks that they are all screaming about the awful phone in the big car. Any clue if this is the same phone they use in the RX300? To start off, the phone is on the Sprint network with no other choice. I would want digital/analog phone service from Verizon here on the East Coast (Washington DC). There seems to be much more wrong with the LS430's phone. Can anybody help me with the factory phone for the SUV?

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    Most of the people posting have recently purchased their RX300 using priceline. If you go directly to a dealer and talk to a salesman you have to realize that they are giving you the price that makes them the appropriate commission. Since your researching on-line go to the Lexus web site and find a list of dealers in a specified radius that your willing to buy from. Then go to their web site and email them with the configuration of the vehicle you want and to disclose all fees associated with the sale. By doing this you will eliminate the sales(middle)man and probably get the deal you want and avoid paying a service such as priceline. If don't feel confident with this approach use one of the services (they do haggling for you) recommended by current buyers in the forum.
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    Thank you for your thoughts. Do you have any idea what is a reasonable profit to a dealer?
    I already own an ES300 and am very happy with the service dept. and the dealer is very close so I would prefer to buy there, however, my impression is that their price is $1000-$1500 too high, but I think all the local dealers are keeping the price high.
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    If you feel that the price is too rich for you than don't purchase from them. That's why I stated to contact dealers within a radius you are willing to travel. In CT there are about four dealers within 45 minutes of me. I would personnaly have no problem driving to New York if they had a better price. Dealer profit is a whole different game, again each dealer is different. As others have stated after receiving better prices elsewhere the original dealer that wouldn't move on their price did later to not lose a sale. I have bought two Lexus at different dealers and still receive great service. If you find a better deal go back to the dealer close to you and tell them you want THEM TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS but that the price is right elsewhere.
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    A $1000 over invoice is a nice profit for a dealer that didn't have to do a lot of hand holding with a cutomer who knows exactly want they want. Especially if they want meet a quota and move cars off of the lot.

    Richard, one final piece of advice, and basically what Michael already pointed out: If you don't like to shop/haggle, then go the PL route. You have nothing to lose other than getting the car you want, at the price you want! I know, I sound like a PL commercial, but folks here have proven it gets results without a lot of hassle.

    Good Luck,
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    I could be wrong, but I believe you are entitled to a $500 Lexus loyalty rebate since you already own a Lexus. Don't mention since when you are haggling for price since this rebate is suppose to be above and beyond everything else.

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    1. Turning Radius: My wife likes almost all aspects of the RX except for this one. I agree, both of our previous SUV's had more respectable, tighter, turning radii. Thank god for power steering.

    2. Climate control: On the 2000 RX the A/C indicator always came on if the compressor was running. On the 2001 there are instances, defrost for one, when the compressor will run without the indicator being illuminated. This can become a problem in colder climates when the compressor cycles off, either automatically when the OAT declines below 33F, or the operator de-activates the defrost function. When the compressor is cycled off many of the tiny moisture droplets previously condensed on the surfaces of the evaporator, but not having rearched enough mass to flow out the drain, will be released into the cabin atmosphere. If the defrost mode was used to defog the front windshield then the fogging "cycle" will now repeat (humidity will increase)again-and-again, typically getting worse with each cycle. This will continue until the use of the compressor is somehow discontinued in favor of HEATING the windshield surface to raise it above dewpoint and/or somehow extracting the overly humid air from the vehicle, say by lowering a rear window ever so slightly.

    Many new vehicles, expecially Lexii, do not have a reasonable level of exiting airflow from the rear of the car, thus the use of flow-thru mode has very little effect. I suspect that Lexus, and many many other luxury brands, restricts the exit airflow to keep the noise level in the car lower. The less fresh (COLD!) air "rushing", coming, (NOISE) into the vehicle the lower the blower speed (NOISE) can be.

    The more turbulent (NOISY!) the airflow through the vanes of the heat exchanger is, the more efficient those exchangers become. ALL of the system airflow travels first through the evaporator (cooling heat exchanger), then some or all is routed through the heater core (heat exchanger).


    1. On my 1992 LS400 I have a manual "wintertime mode" switch in series with the OAT sensor (thermistor) which puts an extra resistor in series with the OAT sensor and causes the sensor output to indicate to the climate control computer that it is 32F when it is actually 45F. Like Saab, and many other more sensible designs, the Lexus compressor then does not operate below 45F. This also has a desireable side effect in that it causes the system to warm the car up quicker on cold mornings.

    2. I also added four 12V muffing fans, two in each rear quarter panel, to aid in extracting humid cabin atmosphere. I got tired of lowering windows in rain and snowstorms. These fans automatically activate whenever the rear defrost heater (defog) or either of the front defrost (defog) functions are in use.

    3. I also have a switch mounted under the dash just beside the steering column which changes the inside air temperature sensor output. I use that one to instantly raise the system outflow temperature when I want to quickly defog and HEAT the windshield.

    I would most heartily recommend that anyone wishing to operate a 2001 RX in wintertime conditions install the resistor in series with the OAT sensor as an absolute minimum safety measure. On my 2000 RX I could simply de-activate the A/C when the indicator came on in cold weather. In the 2001 RX even turning it on then off doesn't deactivate the A/C compressor in defrost (defog, demist) mode.

    Does anyone know what happens to the metal(ized) Lexus logo in the center of the steering wheel airbag if the bag activates? I wear glasses but it still concerns me somewhat, it wasn't there on the 2000 RX.

    Why does Lexus ask me to agree not to be distracted by the Nav system and then continually put up the moving map display (a serious distraction) even when I am not using Nav?

    Why not leave the radio, climate control, OAT, etc, status indications up when I am not using the Nav, or even leave them up until something of interest "needs" to be displayed by the Nav?

    Why is the text for these other functions so much smaller than the (2000) non-nav LCD display?
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    In my 1992 Lexus I learned to open the sunroof in the garage at night to allow the accumuulated moisture to evaporate out of the vehicle during the night. I just found out that some newer Saturn models have a delayed mode of operation of the fan/blower for 10 to 15 minutes after the engine has been turned off for some significant period. Same problem, better solution?

    I also just saw a "post" where some pontiac owner was complaining about his OAT indication was almost always incorrect in the morning until he had driven the car for some distance, I believe he said thirty minutes. I suspect that his "problem" was part of the intentional design of the Pontiac climate control system.

    When a car is stored overnight in a heated garage the OAT sensor will of course indicate the temperature of the garage when the car is first started up and driven out into a cold winter morning. Since this same sensor is used as an input to the climate control system that system will not operate "properly" on that cold morning until the sensor has acclimated to the "new" environment, depending on the sensor's "mass" that "acclimation" might take a few miles. I found that the Lexus would even start up the A/C compressor, system in cooling mode, when I would first drive out into a sub-freezing climate.

    Since this OAT sensor is mounted behind the front bumper, just forward of the engine radiator (LS, RX, not sure about others) I have had instances in the wintertime in SLOW traffic, or after having stopped for awhile, that this OAT sensor was heated by heat radiating from the radiator causing the system to go into COOLING mode.

    post #1,2,3 Tahoe auto climate control defroster problem.
    post #42,43 SMELLY VENT
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    Has anyone found that when you have the front defroster vent button pressed on that there is a bad odor???
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    Chelsea90 are you speaking of a Lexus? an RX300?

    Actually my answer will apply to any air conditioned car but most especially to a Lexus.

    Lexus uses an especially complex, dense, evaporator design, moreso than is even required for the new lower efficiency refrigerant. Lexus does this to achieve a much better level of quietness in the car. A more efficient evaporator design will better cool the airflow, allowing for a lower blower speed and lower airflow noise overall.

    Because the evaporator is so dense, has layer upon layer of cooling vanes, there is a tremendous amount of often damp surface area onto which mold and mildew readily develop. And that is what you smell.

    In the Lexus this effect is worse because Lexus routes a disproportionate amount of cooled and dehumidified air, air that does not pass through the heater core, directly toward the windshield in defrost mode. If you check you will find that the airflow to the windshield in defrost mode is as much as 40F cooler (60-70F) than simultaneous footwell (100-110F) airflow, even in the wintertime when most designs would tend to keep the windshield warm.

    The best way I have found to defeat this growth is to allow the evaporator to fully dry out when the car is not in use. I do this by opening the sunroof within the garage each and every evening. If you follow this practice you will also discover that the front windshield has a much lower probability of fogging over when you first start out on a cold morning.
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    I have Goodyear Wrangler HP's on my 99 300sx and find them fairly noisy and harsh... does anyone have similar experience, and do Michelin Ltx ms offer a very quiet and smooth ride, or just passable? I don't want to drop a bunch of money on new tires (the goodyears still have many miles left on them) unless the michelins are REALLY Quiet and smooth. THANKS!
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    I have a 2001 RX300 with out heated seats and am considering adding them since I know people with heated seats that enjoy them. Does anyone have any idea if this would be something financially reasonable? Also does anyone know any major differences between the '01 and the '00 besides the additon of Altez (? not sure if thats what they are called) tail lights.
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    As an option heated seats are $440. I would imagine it would be much, much higher to have them installed after the car was manufactured. Heated seats are nice, but not worth the additional money it would cost you, in my opinion. I would they they might have to totally replace the seats-very expensive.

    Stores sell heaated pads designed for cars; this would probably be the way to go. Check mail order plac es as well. I suspect the cost would be about $50.
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    HID headlamps (+++), two level seat heat (++), VSC & Traction standard (+++), larger gas tank (+?), potentially dangerous metalized Lexus logo (----)in center of steering wheel airbag.
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    Today I was going to use the Nav to guide me to an old friend's new home north of Monroe Wa. Plugged the address in, selected the shortest distance route and off we go. Damn thing didn't tell me it couldn't guide me the last 3 miles until it ran itself off its map!

    Nice kindly lady's voice then told me "sorry you're on your own now". After we got home tonight I plugged the address in again and zoomed in to the destination and sure enough the Nav map didn't cover the area where my friend lives.

    Now that's a rather stupid Lexus programmer BUG! Get me lost out in the wilderness and then tell me something it "knew" before we started!

    Had I known in advance I could have used Mapquest!
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    Not really a software bug as you describe, but a limitation of the geographic database on the DVD, which Lexus (and many other GPS systems) licenses.

    If you turn to the back of the NAV manual, there is pictorial description of the map areas that are covered in detail and those that are not throughout the country. I will grant you that the images in the manual are not that detailed.

    Also, I believe you are entitled to at least 2 software updates. The DVD disc that is shipping with most 2001 models is the year 2000 version. You might want to contact your dealer for an update.

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    Everything you wanted to know about Lexus is on this website (All models, including RX 300)

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    When the RX300 Nav system did a "route search" to the specific street address of my friend's house, it displayed the distance to the destination on completion. The software could have "discovered" at that point (just as I later did for myself using the system map)that the destination was outside the system's map coverage area and given me an advance warning.

    I do not consider it to be a software BUG that the map was incomplete, but I do consider it to be a serious design failure regarding advance indication that it was going to get me lost!
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    To Tonychrys:

    My sincere apologies, I did not realize that I was in essence "preaching to the choir" about software bugs. I just checked your bio.
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    That's what these forums are for: to exchange ideas and debate the issues. Having just taken delivery of a new RX, I have no misconceptions about the limitations of this vehicle. I did my research and the pluses out weighed the minuses for my family.

    I agree with your point that it would have been nice to get a warning that your final destination was out of the database's "detail" range. Since the system is DVD based, I don't see any reason why the operating code couldn't be "flashed" to change the default operation.

    In other regards to firmware, it's annoying that many of the "body" electronics are programmable, but only by the dealer. I talked to the dealer this morning about it, I wanted to know whether the doors could be programmed to auto-lock once the car hits 10mph. My Grand Am does this and I think it's a great safety feature. Alas, he said no, but I don't think that is the final answer. I say this because I hear that the original Japanse version of the this vehicle, the Harrier, does in fact have this feature.

    I would make a comment to Lexus USA if I was you. The only way they will make changes we want as consumers is if we give them feedback. Who knows, they might make you a beta tester for a Nav update.

    Keep the comments and suggestions coming,
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    I bought my first Lexus, a 1992 LS, in October of 91. That was back when their motto was "The relentless pursuit of perfection", and to my knowledge Lexus had, and still has, no method for customer "feedback".

    Now here it is 2001, I just bought a 2001 RX300, their motto is now "The passionate pursuit of perfection" and to my knowledge there is still no feedback method.

    Ilya at Lexus "helps" told me that in some regions of the country customers can use their VIN to access a section of that allows emails. I went through about four postal codes trying to locate one that had this facility with no luck.

    My company manufactures and ships "legacy" computer systems throughout the world. I have no question that much of our success in our market is a result of providing an "open channel" so our customers can most readily tell us of their likes, DISLIKES, product needs, or just simple comments.
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    Someone told me that there was a lease program being offered by Lexus and that it was being advertised.

    I live in Northern Virginia and wonder if this is a regional or national program. I have seen some of the deals that have been negotiated on these cars in Maryland and am wondering if anyone can offer me guidance regarding the leasing a RX300 as far as an appropriate amount for capitalized cost, residual value and money factor. I have excellent credit.

    Thanks for your help
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    I heard a rumor that there is a major redesign in the works by Lexus for the RX300. And the totally new RX300 would be release in the next model year, anyone care to comment. I was looking at a Highlander and I made the comment that its was price and that a used RX300 could be attained for less. The sales people keep saying I would not want certified per owned RX300 that would be re designed and possibly loose value. So here I am being a little nervous and realizing that Sales people will tell potential buyer anything.

    Thanks in Advance

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    You need to go through the messages here, all of this has been discussed. Here goes anyway.

    The RX will get redesigned for I beleive no earlier than MY 2003, meaning you won't see it until Fall 2002. The car will be a little larger since it will be using the platform that the new Toyota Highlander is using. Another important point is that it will be produced in North America. I consider this point a DETRIMENT, look at the quality control issues Mercedes, BMW and others had when they shifted production to NA. Sure, they'll work out the issues eventually, but when you are paying for quality and luxury you shouldn't have to be a consumer guinea pig while they work the kinks out.

    When I heard about the production shift, I thought to myself that I definitely made the right choice buying now.

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    The RX300 is basically a front wheel drive vehicle, very much like the AWD Chrysler T & C minivan. I would suspect that Lexus will very soon change the driveline setup to somehow reach a normal drive bias of 70/30 rear/front rather than the current 30/70 rear/front.

    Both Ford and GM's luxury divisions will soon be switching back to rear wheel drive because of the inherent safety of that configuration versus FWD. Just one of the many reasons why Lexus (and Mercedes and BMW) is still out-selling these FWD american luxury cars.

    I would have bought a 2001 MDX for its (A,4WD)driveline design if it had HID. I figured that the 2001 RX with Traction would give me enough rear bias balance when/if I needed it.

    If the RX is to remain competitive in the TRUE SUV marketplace, they must soon address the driveline issue. And again, I do not mean off-road.

    These changes can of course be made without affecting the overall body design, appearance, of the RX.

    I wouldn't worry so much about a Lexus (Toyota) of american manufacture if I were you. Remember that it was the 1990 LS400, basically a copy of the Mercedes, that made BMW and Mercedes sit up and take notice of true market desires. And don't forget that the Camry is made in Kentucky.
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    I kind of disagree on a couple of points.

    Where did you get the 70/30 F-to-R split? I always thought it was 60/40, but have yet to find an official source for this info. Anyhow, because the RX is a "true" AWD and not just automatic 4WD like the MDX and others, I believe it is inherently safer since traction is on all 4 wheels all the time.

    Also, the RX has the VSC system, similar (if not exact) to the MB ML320 ESP. Again, not many other vehicles have this.

    I'm still no fan of NA production. Look at the quality issues that plagued the '98 and '99 ML320. And there were numerous issues with the BMW X5.

    Just my opinion, but I could be wrong.

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    As Tony has said this issue has been discussed before. Although there is some misinformation floating around. So I'm going to try and clear this up, The RX/Camry/Highlander (look at the Highlander in Edmunds Review it states the same) all share the same basic platform. The Toyota Harrier is Japan's version of the RX. And out about a year of two before the RX. The dimensions of the Highlander are a bit different than the RX (Longer). Lexus dealers are actually upset that they are now asked to sell the RX a smaller vehicle than the highlander for more $$$ the Highlander/Harrier was never supposed to come to the states. Now about the redesign Lexus usually does this at about the five year old point of a vehicles life. The Camry is now into its fifth year. Common sense says yes it will be redesigned soon. I made a comment before that when a company starts to offer special/limited editions (SilverSportRX) that should open your eyes a little. The good news is that with past Lexus redesigns the new model doesn't make the later looked dated. It's more of an evolution than replacement. This is why among other things (quality, features, etc.) Lexus has good resale value.
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    Right. No official source. I have heard 70/30, 68/32, and now 60/40. Lexus saleman said 68/32.

    As I have said, I bought a 2001 AWD because it had VSC and Traction. I tried these features out on a muddy, wet, dirt road just after buying the car. It was easy to get the vehicle "sideways" in the mud and the VSC light (vehicle outline with "squiggly" tire tracks top left of instrument panel) illuminated almost immediately. In repeated tries, "sideways" and "stuck in the mud",I could feel no descernable action on the part of differential braking nor did I ever detect any de-throttling of the engine. In each instance what did happen within mere seconds of the VSC indication was an ABS failure indication simultaneous with a VSC failure indication. The VSC "active" indication would extinguish as soon as I removed the yaw input by righting the vehicle. the two failure lights would extinguish once I drove the vehicle on the straight and narrow for about 50 yards.

    There are two places in the owners manual where it states in bold type that either of these failure indications is a serious matter and the vehicle should be serviced immediately.

    The Lexus Bellevue service manager disputed this and told me that this was a normal indication under the circumstances. Lexus "help" is still trying to find out the truth of this matter.

    The traction facility on earlier Lexus models would (very) noticeably brake the spinning rear wheels and then de-throttle the engine if the accelerator wasn't soon lifted.

    NA manufacturing. I firmly believe that we can be the best there is worldwide at manufacturing. The mistake we too often make is allowing management (purchasing) to over-ride engineering and QA.

    Toyota/Lexus has these priorities squared away. Not fully obviously, but moreso than most.

    The Lexus product line, overall, is the very best one can purchase in today's market.
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    "The traction facility on earlier Lexus models would (very) noticeably brake the spinning rear wheels and then de-throttle the engine if the accelerator wasn't soon lifted."

    Agreed, this is the way VSC is SUPPOSE to operate. I'm sorry to hear yours doesn't. I hope they figure it out, and I hope it's not a widespread/design problem.

    "NA manufacturing. I firmly believe that we can be the best there is worldwide at manufacturing. The mistake we too often make is allowing management (purchasing) to over-ride engineering and QA."

    I'm not going to touch this one because I'll get flamed. Bascially has to do with our values as a society and work ethic.

    "Toyota/Lexus has these priorities squared away. Not fully obviously, but moreso than most.
    The Lexus product line, overall, is the very best one can purchase in today's market. "

    So far, I agree 100%. This is my first Lexus and so far things are good. I have a small "ticking" sound from the engine on my new RX and I'm waiting to see how the dealer addresses it.

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    Its now a week since I got my RX300SE here in the UK.
    First impressions are that its very quiet, very lively and a superb vehicle to drive. No problems with navigating, my wife tells me which way to go.(That saved a few quid on the nav system). If you look at the Lexus UK site at you can see the difference in specs to the US version. Hope to try it out towing my caravan (trailer) in the next week or so and will let you know how I get on.

    I find the posts here invaluable as you guys have had a couple of years experience of this SUV and we have only had it since last October.
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    I don't think anyone has to worry about the production shift to the US (Isn't it Canada?) Isn't it going to be the same factory (expanded) which makes the Camry Solara? Also, Camry's, Tundra's, Sequoia's, Avalon's, and maybe others are made in the US. Do those cars have or had quality problems? Nope...
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    I had to touch the statement that Tony wouldn't. I happen to work in manufacturing so hears my take on the subjects above. Management doesn't often override engineering and QA (quality control) the problem is very simple. What works for engineers on paper doesn't always apply to real life. Problems arise that are often (always) overlooked or unexpected. Management looks to solve those problems (At least in my experiences). QA is the equivalent of the police they receive the specifications and check quality accordingly. Although I'm not certain the difference between Domestic and Foreign companies it could be the tolerances of those specifications they use to build their product. Toyota's standards are probably higher than that of say Fords. As far as our values and ethics I'm often being told by my manager that expecting the same from the people that work for you as you do yourself is unrealistic. One last point of note strictly factual: Toyota doesn't go out of house for the assembly of their products as do other makes. What this means is that unlike say G.M. that will receive an assembled dashboard (they cannot verify the quality because they didn't build it). Toyota oversees the entire process which assures that all of their quality standards are met.
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    FYI, the torque split in normal conditions is 50/50, just like Highlander an RAV4.

    Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
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    My company builds and sells legacy computers into the worldwide market, one of our largest market segments is Japan. Got that? Legacy? Japan?

    The Japanese manufacturing segment does NOT accept change easily. Ever heard of "if something works, don't fix it?".

    Look at the 1990 Lexus LS400, see anything special there? My term was understated elegance. Then why was/is the car such a hot seller in the US market?


    The responsibility of QA is to be certain the product is built to specifications. Do Ford engineers intentionally design cars that fail? Or do Fords fail becuase something went wrong in the manufacturing process.

    Many of us are stuck with unsafe front wheel drive cars because the detroit penny-pinchers realized that it was cheaper to build front wheel drive that rear wheel drive!

    To Tony. Where did you come up with the 50/50 torque split figure? The RX300 shop manual says that NO torque is delivered to the rear unless the clutch's viscous fluid is heated by the turbulence created by differential turning rates of the front to rear clutch plates. The transaxle diagram indicates that the primary engine driveline is directly coupled to the front wheels and the rear wheels are driven from/off the front driveline through the viscosity of the fluid in the clutch. So the actual torque split under normal conditions is determined by the NORMAL (non-turbulent heated) viscosity of this fluid.

    Unless I have a very serious misunderstanding of the whole thing the best torque split under worse conditions, rear wheels almost stalled, is only about 50/50.

    Think of it like towing a trailer on which the trailer brakes are activated by compression of the trailer tongue. The tongue is compressed by the inertia of the trailer's mass as the pulling vehicle slows or stops. The trailer's brakes can never apply more stopping force than that of the lead vehicle.
  • bosptonbospton Member Posts: 1
    I am a recent owner of a '01 RX300 AWD and on the whole, I am very happy with the car. However, recently I noticed several "pin head" sized chips in the paint on the car hood. While I never expected the car to remain perfect, I assumed it would be awhile before the hood would start to chip. The car is only two months old, has less than 800 miles on it, and has never been driven over 55 mph. I know this may sound funny, but I am wondering if it is at all possible that there is a defect in the paint job or whether the hood could have been repainted. The only response from the local Lexus service manager is that "light" color cars chip easier. BTW, when I first picked up the car, I noticed that the finish on the hood (as opposed to the rest of the car) was not smooth and had "bumps?" on it. Thinking it may be dirt or tree sap, the salesman had it buffed prior to driving it off the lot. What do you guys think? Am I crazy or what? Thanks for your help.
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    wwest: I didn't come up with the 50/50 split, Drew did. So I really can't answer any of your questions. I'm still waiting for the definitive answer from an official Lexus publication (website, literature, etc.)

    Also, I am an engineer by training with stints in design, production, QA, marketing. I'll offer this very simplistic answer in terms of bad products: It's not any one area that makes or breaks it, it's an overall "attitude" in the culture of facilty producing the product. My opinion is that the Japanses manufacturers ensure that this culture is in place and everyone is focused on the product, down to the guy who sweeps the floors at night.

    bospton: I don't think you are crazy, and yes, you could have gotten a car that was damaged in transit and repaired. But you should have been told this. Also, it is possible that you got a car that was painted with contaminanated paint. It's rare, but it does happen (Chrysler had a huge problems with Grand Cherokees a few years back). You should push the issue with the dealer.

  • mvs1mvs1 Member Posts: 462
    To answer your question in 1990 Lexus was technically a new brand although Toyota was know for its reliability their were numerous questions hanging over the head of their NEW luxury brand. Reliability although a factor to Lexus success was an unknown at the time. Could the success of Lexus be attributed to the fact that they undercut BMW & MB by about $20000??? If your recall the LS400 cost around $35000 in 1990. Currently the AS still is a value leader.

    "My company builds and sells..." I'm sure we could go back and forth "My company builds and sells broad cast systems in the worldwide market Japan included we must adhear to strict standards (harmonization) to even be able to sell products globally"

    Your assessment of QA is basically the same as I stated above. As far as cost cutting that is a reality in any business do you think that the Japanese do not try and make a product cheaper. The specifications and tolerances are given to manufacturing by engineers/design a Ford could very well fail because of a problem with manufacturing it could also fail due to design error. The problem lies with a lack of communication between engineering and manufacturing. Try telling an engineer that the part he/she designed is flawed, see the response you get! Tony you said it best it is definetly an organizational attitude toward a product, put the egos aside and produce the best produce possible.
  • alafan1alafan1 Member Posts: 15
    wwest, If you haven't already found it go to They have a section for owners where you use your vin # to sign in.

    [email protected]
  • plumbstarplumbstar Member Posts: 12
    I paid $37,453 for my 2001 RX300 AWD w/ nav. pkg., heated seats & chrome wheels. The rear of the drivers seat has a squeking sound & the seat back does not tilt as far forward as my 2000 RX did. I'll get that fixed at my 30 day checkup. All in all a great car though. I love the nav. but really miss the Nakamichi stereo in my 2000. The suspension is stiffer than before, but well worth it in terms of handling
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    This is below invoice for just the Nav package alone... the Chrome Wheels invoice for another $800.

    Is there something you are not telling us? This is an impossible price for a *new* RX equipped the way you say. SOMETHING has to be wrong with this car.

    I'd love to know what dealer if this is true. I'll buy a dozen cars and resell them at a profit.
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