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Lexus RX 300



  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539

    Why would a supermarket heat milk? Does it remove Glycol from the oil when warmed? :)

    Imagine going to the supermarket for a gallon of milk with the price posted as $0.39 and getting to the counter where they tell you that will be $0.50 extra for shipping and handling, $0.25 for heating and rent and, oh yeah, $0.15 for advertising. For good measure, we'll tack on an extra $0.05 as a restocking fee!

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    I was referring to heating the store in which you buy the milk! We'll add the same amount for air conditioning in the summer. :-)

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Does anyone know of an aftermarket strut/coil spring assembly for the RX series (and HL?) that when installed allows enough clearance such that tire chains can be used on the rear?

    Is this something that an aftermarket supplier might be willing to custom fabricate?
  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    Took out the 2001 RX AWD last night during a so-called snow storm (a measly 3-4 inches with some ice under it).

    First test, of course, was hammering the gas in a straight line. Very uneventful. Basically the same acceleration as on dry pavement. Didn't notice any wheelspin. The same test in our '96 Accord (auto) resulted in spinning the tires through 3 gears (my neighbors probably hate me now).

    Next test. Go to the end of the street, stop, cut the wheel, and hammer the gas. The car made an initial jump, rear end skidded for about 1/2 second, the engine cut out, and a little orange car on the dash blinked and a loud beeping sound emitted. Whoops. VSC works. (that beep is WAY too loud for my liking - scared the crap out of me at first - thought I broke something). After the engine cut out for about a second and everything was under control, the car took off again and accelerated without any problem.

    Next test. Exit the local plaza onto a busy road, up hill. Went to the exit of the plaza, stopped (exit area is cement - slippery when wet). The roads in this area were icy/slushy. Hammered the gas with the wheel turned (not as sharp as previous test). Very uneventful. Just accelerated like on dry pavement.

    Next test. Hammer brakes on snow covered road. Turned back onto our street (very little traffic). About 3-4 inches of snow cover. Doing about 30 down hill, hammered on the brakes. Got that lovely clickity clack sound from the ABS. The rear end move slightly to the right, but nothing dramatic. It stopped in an appropriate distance considering the conditions.

    In all, impressed with the drivability of the RX in inclement (snow) conditions, albeit not the types of storms the Northeast typically gets.

  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    IMO, if one drives in conditions that require snow chains, even on a Jeep Cheroke, then a Lexus RX300, even in AWD form, is an unwise choice of vehicle for traveling in those conditions.

    It is, after all, a raised AWD Camary with nifty headlights and navigation.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706

    Did you have any indication, say steering wheel jerking left to right or vice versa, that TRAC was actuating the front brakes?
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    that one takes the cake.....but warm milk used to put me to sleep....zzzzzzzzzz
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Gee, you seem to be saying snow chains weren't appropreate on my 63 T-bird back in Montana in that time frame.

    Snow-chains are completely appropreate on each and every vehicle going over a mountain pass when the State patrol insists, and many, MNY other instances.

    Get REAL!

    Moved here into the Seattle area 35 years ago and haven't really needed snow chains very often but when I did the was NO substitute. Helped our kids deliver their newspaper routes more than one time with chains on the rear of a Ford station wagon or a 78 Ford cargo van.

    My 1978 911 Targa got "fitted" for chains one spring when I wanted to take it skiing, beautiful, bright and sunny, COLD day, with the top off but needed chains to navigate the ski parking area.

    Worked just fine!
  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    Get real? Willy, you can do better.

    Notice that I started the message with IMO. Now anyone else's opinions are wrong if they dont coincide with yours.

    BTW, our windsheild doesn't fog, nor do we have any mildew smells.

  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539

    I didn't notice any TRACS activation. Is there a light on the dash, accompanied with a loud beep, when it activates? I'm guessing that it takes VERY slippery conditions for TRACS to kick on, as having AWD should take care of slippage a good percentage of the time.

    Our former '99 Acura TL had TRACS (or whatever Acura calls it). It would ALWAYS activate in snow (and even rain), causing a ABS-like vibration in the front end. Then again, it WAS the ABS turning on. It didn't do much in the Acura though. The fun pedal always overrode anything TRACS could do. They should have incorporated a fuel cut off as well.

  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    What's the latest info on an updated DVD for the Nav system? I was first told Fall of '01, but then I read somewhere (not officially from Lexus) that it was pushed to Spring of '02.

    Any official word?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706

    I don't think VSC is programmed to cut the throttle so it was my presumption that you encountered both actions simultaneously. VSC to prevent understeering (you had the wheels turned already when you "hammered it") and TRAC to help you regain, or maintain, traction from a "standing" stop with WOT.

    TRAC will first apply the brakes to try and help regain, maintain, traction in this circumstance and if the wheelspin persists it will then begin to de-throttle the engine. My 92 LS would de-throttle the engine far too quickly but I understand the newer madels have more of a delay.

    Since you said you experienced engine de-throttling I suspected TRAC had been activated and asked what affect TRAC braking had on the front, if that's what happened.

    From reading the MB material it appears that the TRAC type of brake application wouldn't be appropreate in a VSC circumstance. But maybe that's only true after the vehicle has gained some level of forward momentum.
  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    I didn't feel anything on the front end of the vechicle (no shaking or vibration), so I'm not sure if TRAC did anything in my situation (stopped, wheel cut hard, stomp on gas).

    I thought VSC use braking and/or engine/fuel cut off to control the vehicle. Wouldn't the braking portion of that be very similiar to the TRAC system? I know that TRAC controls wheel spin, which CAN cause loss of control, which then trips VSC. But in my case, the rear end tried to swing out from a stop, so the time between wheel spin and "loss of control" was very small (less than one second it seems).

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I'm having dinner with one of our state senators late this month and I will continue to push her to initiate legislation out-lawing any type of "animated" display visible to the driver of a vehicle.

    The moving map display doesn't really concern me so much but then I read on the internet about so many people being successful in playing movies on these screens.

    It wouldn't really surprise me if we never see an update, maybe the manufacturer's are having second thoughts about providing such a "cutsy" driver distraction in light of what's happening around the country and the world regarding legislation of cellphone use.

    What I would personally like to see in an update is a firmware change that blanks the screen entirely except as the vehicle nears a "true" decision point. "true" decision points meaning an actual deviation or turn is required, not, "continue on the road you're now on" message types.

    Oh, while we're (I'm) on a wish list kick, instead of continuously displaying the moving map (and yes, I know I can blank it) why not continuosuly display all of the various parameters, radio, OAT, climate control, like the non-nav LCD and with high contrast larger "icons" that can be much more read by the driver without first depressing some button to bring them up and then leaning over closer to "see" them.
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    My wiper blades are not as effective as when new and need replacement. Will this be covered by warranty? 4months/14k miles 2001 RX. Whats the expected life of wiper blades (Seattle)?

    BTW, where does the washer fluid for the rear window originate from?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I believe VSC activity is limited too:

    Over-steering or skidding: (the rear of the car wants to LEAD) VSC applies the brake of the front wheel on the outside of the turn or skid.

    Under-steering (or plowing{?}): VSC applies the brake of the rear wheel on the inside of the "turn".

    Some have proposed that if under-steering is the problem and the initial VSC rear brake application doesn't work then applying both rear brakes, slowing the car so the front wheels can regain traction, might help.

    You can probably readily see that de-throttling an under-steering FWD vehicle might be entremely detrimental, whereas in an under-steering RWD vehicle de-throttle might help. But then RWD vehicles are not as prone, nearly, to under-steering as are FWD.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Eastside. I replace ALL of my wiper blades each fall and no this isn't a warranty item becuase it is expected to wear out, like a clutch disc.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Supposedly you can take the green side of a kitchen scrubber/sponge and scrape the blades gently. This removes a bit of the old rubber and renews your blades for a few months.

    Usual disclaimers :-)

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  • ravlravl Posts: 129
    This forum is B U S Y right now.
    Somewhere WAY back there, the host, I believe it was you, Steve, gave me props for my strategy on buying. Just wanted to say thanks! I prolly should sell cars, but I'd be nervous, being a chick, and all. I enjoy most all aspects of car ownership, with the exception being mechanic. I like to pay someone to work on the car.

    I guess that love stems from my Dad's upbringing. He loved Corvairs and Porsches and in the '70's I helped him restore some *nice* 'Stangs, Firebirds and Camaros. We had a '66 Mustang with Pony leather interior, indash 8track and the spoked wheels.

    Again, thanks for the props. Made me smile. :)
  • jtc2jtc2 Posts: 4
    What is the smart way to approach this service event? Is it worth it to sign-up for the full $300+ worth of service or is there a smart alternative. My RX has been 100% dealer serviced so far.
    Thanks for advice.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide will estimate parts and labor costs for each service, localized to your area. Then you can take the print out to the dealer and see what they say :-)

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  • Does anyone feel that for some reason the RX is especially hard on wiper blades?? My wife's RX (SHE WHO KNOWS AND MUST BE OBEYED) requires replacement (to prevent chattering) of the driver's side blade more often than any car I've ever owned. I can clean the blade when this starts and get a few minutes (per each cleaning) of silent operation and then, there it is, that sound as annoying as fingernails on a blackboard.

    Not my vehicle most of the time, but my mood gets very nasty (and ya'll know ah'm one 'a them southerners, so we're talkin' wantin' to kick some *ss) indeed when I have to drive or ride in said circumstance. Any suggestions? (And, oh, doesn't that leave me wide open........)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Well, not sure I can be of much help here, but...

    I NEVER go to Lexus for replacement blades.

    I just put the new PIAA wipers on both my 99 and 2001 911s but too early to give a report.

    senior moment here.

    Couldn't remember the exact name so I had to skip back over to the net and do a search.

    Bosch micro edge excel wiper blades.

    Used the plain micro edge until the advent of the excel but both of these have given me good service and served me WELL here in the Great (WET) Pacific Northwest. Arkansas should be a piece of cake.

    Damn, Doctor, you can't come to my dinner in Memphis and I can't have dinner with Bill here in Seattle if I'm in Memphis..
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Anyone besides me ever notice that in rain with the wipers on high speed the RX "ROCKS"?
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Of this story that one of my old professors told me. He happens to be the one in charge of creating the pilot program for driver profiling, here in CT, don't know yet if it's nation wide.

    Well, a senator in a state had her windshield cracked by a rock kicker up from an 18 wheeler. So she lobbied for the mud flaps on 18 wheelers in her state to be of a size larger than is currently used. Then the argument was brought up on how the truck drivers would have to enter her state only, pull into a stop, and change their flaps to meet state requirements. Needless to say she lost. SO, about the Nav Willy........
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    No need for them on my RX, with the windshield removed.....

    Ravl, if you sell any cars in the future please get the name of the cookie supplier Lexus uses. Oh, how I remember that July afternoon back in 99' yummmmmmm.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    US senator from Washington State.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Next time.. would you prefer the truth or what you want to hear?

    Its a legit charge.. dealer makes not one red cent on it. Yell at Lexus, not the dealer..

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I assume you're responding to my statement about advertising fees.

    Yes, if that's what you say I have no doubt that the Lexus dealers religiously, under pain of death, send off a check to Lexus Corporate each month accounting for each and every penny they collected as ad fees.

    And I'll even take your word for it, in advance, that the dealer's don't profit from this in any way, not even as a portion of the rebate check they get each quarter for helping fill the corporate coffers with HUGE profits.
  • kmhkmh Posts: 143
    You could try but I don't your wiper blades will be covered under warranty. If you've had them for over a year, it's probably not a bad idea to change them out anyway, IMHO.

    I made the mistake a while back when at a car wash, I sprayed the windshield during the "waxing" portion. The very next time I needed to wipe the windshield in the rain, the wipers bounced and skipped all over the window. So, I wiped down the windshield afterward with a good glass cleaner and replaced the blades and, viola, smooth wipes. :-)
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