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Lexus RX 300



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please, no soliciting on Town Hall. Try eBay :-)

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  • bcjacob1bcjacob1 Posts: 39
    Regarding the prior posts for trailer hitches, inDecember 2000, I ordered a '01 RX 300 AWD from a dealer w/ all options + the trailer hitch. When the car was delivered, it did not have the trailer hitch. The dealer said it would order the part and have it installed. After 4 months, I heard nothing + called the dealer. The salesman said that he was told Lexus will not install a trailer hitch on a '01 RX 300 because of "liability reasons." As I lawyer, I asked what those reasons were and were given none. I called several dealers, all of whom said they cannot install a trailer hitch on a '01 RX300 - but for differeing reasons.

    The dealer offered to put an aftermaeket hitch on my RX but I instisted on the factory one. The dealer said it was not possible to which I responded that I'll drop off my RX and pick up a new one (the one I ordered w/ the hitch). After threatening litigation and actuallly bringing my RX to the dealer to leave it there, I was told the hitch will be installed in 30 minutes.

    To this day, I don't know what the story is w/ the trailer hitch on a '01 RX 300. But, the dealer did install one for me - finally.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Brad, this is indeed weird. I mean if they were truly afraid of "liabilty" as they claimed, they why would they go ahead and do it anyway?? And why offer an aftermarket instead of the OEM version? Doesn't make sense.

    Did you try calling the Lexus Customer Service # and asking them what's going on? I'd be curious.
  • clee4clee4 Posts: 103
    This is tale of another horse. When I ordered my 01 RX, I did not order a trailer hitch, but wanted one. I was going to order a hitch from Irontoad, but when I went to pick up the vehicle, there was already a hitch installed. I do not know if the dealer installed it or was port installed. They just bolt on to existing nut plates inside the frame. What's the big deal?
  • apollo8apollo8 Posts: 9
    Can the helpful readers of this forum give me an idea of how many miles they get (I'll do the conversion to kms) per tankfull. Also what type of driving. Mostly highway, mostly city or mix. Thanks as always!!!
  • rxcurerxcure Posts: 33
    My average is 20, with a moderate mix of driving. My 22 mile commute takes me about 40 minutes: 10 miles is on a congested highway that has ~8 stoplights; 7 miles is on open freeway; 5 miles is stop and go traffic through a city with lots and lots of stoplights. When I do more freeway driving my mileage creeps up to around 22 (I tend to drive at 75 or so, if I were lighter on the pedal, mileage would be better). When I do more city driving or around-town errands, mileage dips closer to 18.
  • rlemos1rlemos1 Posts: 2
    I am currently a Volvo owner and considering a RX 300 over a Volvo XC.

    I was offered a take over lease - $ 435/mo for 14 mos plus $ 25.3 K with purchase option. The car is loaded - 27 K.
    Does this sound like a good deal ? If I did the math right I will be paying 31K total for a 1999.
    Thanks for your help
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    I personally would not take that deal. One reason being that currently in my area CT. 99' Rx's can be had cheaper than 31k (loaded) + certified by Lexus which extends the warranty. Many 99' leases are being turned in now(actually sense March).
  • apollo8apollo8 Posts: 9
    thanks rxcure. Can you tell me how many miles you can drive in total per tankfull.
  • rxcurerxcure Posts: 33
    I rarely go much beyond 300 miles with my '00 RX, even though according to gas tank capacity I have a margin of a gallon or two at that point. Note that the tank in '01 models was increased by approximately 2 gallons (someone can remind us of the precise amount), which would take you 40 or so miles further under typical conditions. You could push it a bit further, but it's better for the vehicle I'm told (and relations with your spouse) to not push the gas tank limits too much.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    From the Lexus website: 2001 fuel tank = 19.8 U.S. gallons.

    20 x 19.8 = 396 possible miles.

    I routinely do at least 350 - 375 miles before my wife smacks me for "running on empty".
  • aslawaslaw Posts: 4
    As noted in message #2295, we bought the car in Silver Spring. As the sales manager instructed the salesman to call me and accept my price, I don't have a recommendation of salespeople.

    BTW, once we arrived at the dealership, we were treated royally.
  • mlevinedcmlevinedc Posts: 45
    I am sorry, but I must ask - what does it mean to be treated royally when buying a vehicle? I really don't mean to be facetious but I'd like to understand what I am missing in the buying process.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    My 2-cents:

    Arrived at the dealership and were promptly greeted, not caused to wait. Showed a genuine concern for your time.

    The price you negotiated via phone/fax/email/handshake/etc. is the price you paid. No last minute surprises, no tacked on "accesories" or services

    Never rushed during the process, each step clearly explained if asked.

    Car was ready for inspection during pickup in an enclosed area. Was allowed to inspect the vehicle at your leisure.

    Hands on tutorial of the vehicle was given covering all features.

    Any last minute requests were honored as best as humanly possible.

    Was introduced to all significant dealer personnel, service manager, gerenal manager, service advisor and lead mechanic. All contact names and numbers were given.

    Vehicle would have been delivered to home/office if desired.
  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154
    I am new to this board; forgive me if this topic has been exhausted previuosly. I have a 99 AWD which I like very much EXCEPT the Nakamichi stereo is just plain awful. Has anyone had any luck with retro-fitting speakers or other fixes for this problem? I am currently driving the new LS 430 (my wife drives the RX) and I must say that the prospect of leaving my Mark Levinson behind and spending hours in the RX on the way to the beach this summer is most unappealling. Any ideas?
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    First thing to do is replace the speakers, they are always the weakest link. You can replace the front speakers with Infinty component ones (separates), though I'm not sure about the dash mounted tweeters. A trip to your local car stereo expert should answer that question.
  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    Been away for about a week, so here's my comments on some previous posts:

    We ordered our '01 AWD RX300 with a hitch. The RX was still in Japan (or in transit) when we ordered, as we ended up getting it a month later. Initially, we were told the hitch would be a port-installed option. When the RX arrived at the dealership, it didn't have the hitch installed. The salesman (who seemed pretty honest throughout the purchasing process) said the port doesn't install the hitches anymore (NJ Port). So the dealership installed it instead. It cost $75 more for the dealership for some reason (shop rates are more?). When spending $40k for a vechicle, it's worth the few extra bucks to get a Lexus hitch with a nifty Lexus hitch cap (IMO). We purchased at Lexus of Norwood (in MA).

    We just took a trip from MA to Prince Edward Island in Canada (about 640 miles). On the way there, I set the cruise between 75MPH and 80MPH. My guess is that was about 80% of the drive there. The rest was mountain, curvy roads that I had to accelerate up, slow down around, etc. (I thought it was fun. My wife started getting car sick.) The trip computer said we got 21.4MPG. It was tough to calculate at the pump because of the gallon/metric differences between the US and Canada.

    We drove about 400 miles while in PEI. It's mostly rural roads, travelling between 50MPH and 70MPH. The way home, I set the cruise between 75 and 85 (getting a little impatient on the 11 hour trip) with jaunts to 95MPH. The trip computer, when I got home, gave an overall average of 20.6 for the ~1700 miles we drove in 5 days time. Pretty damn good considering I did some outright hard driving while in PEI (one road was fantastic - red dirt/gravel covered, slight curves, hauled down it doing about 70 - giant plume of dust behind us).

    PEI is a lovely place to visit BTW.

  • clee4clee4 Posts: 103
    I second the comments by Tony. When I pick up my 01 RX this year the treatment was outstanding and when I picked up my 94 GS years ago, the treatment was very good. Two different dealerships. The RX: No extras added on to price, vehicle parked for inspection under natural light, documents completed, every button and control explained by sales person, introduced to all major players at dealership, vehicle arrived from port when scheduled, the sales person went along on the test drive, they called a few days later to make sure everything was OK, little things like plate frames, coffee cups, extra key fobs, a "full" tank of gas, a 3lb can of peanuts arrived in the mail, follow ups on service, and only 10 miles on odometer. The attitude of the dealership goes a long way towards satification. When you pay that much money for a car you just expect more then sheet metal and leather.
  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154
    Thanks for the response, and I agree that the speakers are almost always the place to start. Have you actually tried this? I would hate to sink another couple hundred into a miserable stereo, although at this point I may be willing to do it on a hope and a prayer.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    I understand your concerns, no, I haven't done it yet because I'm very satisfied with the (base) premium stereo on the 2001.

    There's are great bunch of Lexus owners who have extensive experience with changing out the stereos at

    Try this link:

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    How about getting some of them over here to post about their experiences, and to contribute their expertise too? ;-)

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  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    For speakers try "MB Quart"

    Under Tony's tacked on accessories/last minute surprises add no window etching, scotch guard, and no insurance in case you lose your job at the post office and can't pay for the car.
    (Finance guy's love this one)
  • ranjithwranjithw Posts: 9
    Hello All

    I live in Missouri. I talked with a RX300 dealer to buy a RX with the premium plus package. He offered me one for 36.5K. He also offered me another RX300 with NAG system for 38.2 K. Could somebody tell me which deal would be better? My wife wants the NAG system but we can live without it. Thanks
  • tommy37tommy37 Posts: 1
    hello people I just got a sliver sport with navi. and every opt. awd.i paid 40k is that a good price? I put on mania 4x4 brush guards + side steps (blk on sliver...) I got piaa fog lamp in the middle... am thinking about getting rear tail light guard for it but I know if I should any suggestions???? how does the factory tow hitch look like? I would like to get that also. well my sales person was so nice to me and I have great service.... am from philadelphia.2002 are they changing the style or what I heard its be 3rd row seating I hope they dont redesign it ..... wonder if its installable on the 2001 rx300 oh wellz any1 selling giovanna rims anzio 20' for my suv.....please answer back thanks
  • drummerboydrummerboy Posts: 30
    -RX300 probably won't be redesigned until 2003. I also read about the 3rd row seats... but you won't have to worry about that. There is no way for Lexus to fit a 3rd row of seats in that little space.

    -I have a 2001 RX300 with nav. The nav is awesome... compared to the nav on my mercedes, the Lexus Nav is much better. I think it's an option that you can't go without.

    -I upgraded my stereo by adding a pair of 12 inch subwoofers in the back. The subs are powered by its own amplifier. Most people don't understand how much of a difference subwoofers can make. The sound is at least twice as good as before. I wanted to change the speakers and hook it up with its own amplifiers. However, i wasn't able to do it without deactivating the voice guidance of the nav. If anyone's planning on getting a new RX, I definitely recommend getting the nav and then adding a pair of subs in the back (it cuts the trunk space by 1/2 tho!! But it's well worth it.)
  • mlevinedcmlevinedc Posts: 45
    I guess I am just expecting too much in the Lexus buying process because I don't consiider the following as royal treatment but the simple cortesey of a "deal is a deal".

    You see I expect: -The price negotiated is the price paid.(it was)
    -The vehicle to be spotless, prepped properly
    and parked where I can examine it. (it was)
    -To be greeted promptly when I have an appointment
    to hand over 40 or 50 grand and receive the car(ok)
    -Not to be "sold" add-ons prior to closing (they
    tried -Simonize, alarms, undercoating...)
    -Not to be turned over to the Business Manager to be
    accosted once again "Are you sure you don't want to
    to lease?" (and me with check in full, in hand)
    -To meet the Service Manager (I did)
    -To have the paperwork (that they charge 229.00
    "conveyance fee" to do) correct and waiting(it

    I personally do not consider the above being "Treated Royally", I thing these things should be just common RESPECT.

    My vehcle was also delayed three days (after waiting 6 weeks for it) because the parts department sold the chrome wheels that were "on reserve" waiting for my delivery. I wanted the Bridgestones and got Goodyears because (we don't have any extra Bridgestones).

    It's amazing how different dealerships interpret "The pusuit of Perfection" eh?
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    I recently traded in my 00Rx for a 01RX and had to make the same decision about NAV. I went through all the old posts on this board and some others and found that a lot of people are happy with NAV but there are also some unhappy ones. Some dissatisfaction came from the operation of the NAV itself (which I could live with). What I did not like was it makes operation of the basics on the screen (radio,heat,A/C) more difficult. This complaint comes mostly from people who had a RX without NAV and traded up to NAV. One old post on this board even expressed desire to trade again for non-Nav. Anyway, I decided to save $2K and pass on the NAV this time around. If you have the time, go back over the old posts and come to the conclusion that's best for you.
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    I regard to your question on the hitch see post#2274 and some follow on after that. I my opinion the HL hitch looks better than the RX factory hitch and is much less expensive. I see you are from Philadelphia, is in that area and they sell that hitch and do installations. The only thing missing is you don't get the Lexus Emblem hitch cap but you should be able to buy at least 100 of them with the money you save. I am not sure of the cost, my Lexus dealer gave it to me for free when I said I lost mine.
  • ranjithwranjithw Posts: 9
    Thanks Mikey00

    Do you think then 36.5K for an RX300 with Premium plus package is a good price to pay? Do you think that I am getting a good deal?

  • rrabyrraby Posts: 10
    I bought my '01 RX w/ Premium Plus back in January in the DFW area and paid $36.5K driveout, including TT&L. Dunno what prices have done since, but unless those are driveout figures you're quoting, they sound high to me.
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