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Acura MDX Navigation System Questions



  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    Can someone please tell me how I get to the edit screen to delete or edit an address in the address book? The manual tells you to go to the edit screen, but I can't find a way to get there.
  • grandzugrandzu Posts: 25
    Press the SETUP button then the menu will have a choice for editing the saved address book.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Choosing whether or not to spring for the $3,000 Navigation System (and backup camera) was the biggest dilemma in getting my new MDX. Ultimately I decided not to get the Nav system for a couple of reasons.

    1. Systems with the Nav system have worse residual value than the base model, which indicates that even the banks/manufacturer know that the technology will be obsolete long before the car is.

    2. Lack of traffic re-routing. A traffic system is great, but it's only really useful if it will automatically re-calculate your route based on traffic conditions. Letting you see icons on the screen and colored lines for traffic density is of rather limited use to me. I'd rather get a traffic alert and a choice to automatically re-route me around the problem.

    After test driving the MDX several times it became apparent to me that the $600 upper end Garmin I had was better than what came in the MDX, and could be swapped out again at a later date for much less than the $3000 the Acura technology option cost. Possibly if the Acura Tech Package included other features like keyless ignition, etc, I might have opted for it.
  • Does anyone have any additional comments on whether or not the real time traffic feature actually works or is helpful. I am trying to decide between the MDX and the RX 350 and this is one of the superior features that the MDX seems to offer.

  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    I went to the setup screen. There isn't anything there to edit an address, just a waypoint. Can you be anymore specific?
    Thanks. :confuse:
  • For the first several months after purchasing my 2007 MDX (New), I worked with the Nav system with 100% failure. It does not recognize my voice, is virtually impossible to use manually and is probably the most useless piece of gear I have ever seen.

    There! I feel better. Glad you guys enjoy yours.

    P.S. The screen also washes out completely if the sun is out. Only visible in the dark.

    Other than this minor problem, the MDX is perfect!
  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    OK, I found it!

    To edit or delete an address, you have to hit the "setup" button, then go to "personal information", then click on "address" and it will bring up the edit screen. Why would it have been so difficult to put that in the manual? :mad:
  • andre12andre12 Posts: 3
    I have an '08 MDX with the Tech package and the NAV traffic feature has NEVER worked for me, even though I'm supposedly in an area (Philadelphia) that's covered by the system. I never see any alerts, even though I'm in 1/2 mile view (and believe me, I pass traffic incidents on a daily basis). I do like the system, though I have to concur with others who stated that you can probably get a much better NAV system for a fraction of the price (e.g. Garmin). If I had to start over, I would have bought a unit after the fact. Good luck.
  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    The system is only as good as the local agencies who report the data to XM. In other words, it is not automatic when a traffic incident occurs. Usually, when dispatch reports the incident to the web, it is the equivilant of a multiple email which would also encompass XM, who theoretically rebroadcast it to our vehicles. Therefore, there are several steps needed, to make this function. I think you also need to go to "icons" and be sure you have the traffic incident (accident) icon feature turned on.
  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    When I have the freeway exit icons turned on, I see the little circle with the "I" in it (same as on the steering wheel), in the vicinity of where the exits are suppossed to be, however there is no other info such as the number or how far you are from it. Is there a way to do something with the circle that would show the exit number, how far away it is or obtain any more detail about it from the icon??

    Toyota gives the next three exit numbers by distance, and if there is a rest stop. That is really nice.

    Maybe I just have not found out what to do to get detail.
  • andre12andre12 Posts: 3
    I've done all of this and still nothing in regard to real time traffic updates. I called XM to make sure everything was o.k., and they assured me that it was. Until I hear from other Phila area MDX owners with this package, my only conclusion (seems highly unlikely) is that these messages are not being transmitted. I would be interested in hearing of experiences from others who live in my area in regard to this issue.
  • vamaxwellvamaxwell Posts: 1
    My in-laws took their 2004 MDX to their Acura dealer when the Navigation system just stopped working. She said they hooked it up to some device that told them it was "dead" and it would be $3500 for a new one. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
  • gtfranklingtfranklin Posts: 5
    Just an FYI for those frustrated by Phones not fully linking up with the HFL in the Nav. models. My Razr would not download phonebook, so I replaced with new Sony Erricson Z750a (AT&T) based upon previous tests of that brand. It was $50 (with $100 rebate). It works book downloaded, and signal stength and battery shows on monitor. It seems to take forever for the Hands Free website to list new phones, but this new Sony works fine.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    The video screen in my 2001 died a few months ago. I understand it is rare that this happens. I found an Acura dealer with a discount parts department that sold me a new display for a little over cost - about $1300.

    The navigation units are not too hard to replace - they sit under the passenger seat. You could save labor costs by switching them out yourself. There is as security code "pin" number that needs to be input once the new unit is installed. [A new replacement for the 2004 lists for $3240., dealer cost is $2592] So if it really is broken, the quote from the dealer is fairly accurate.
  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    Acura has told me the following scenario would work on a 2008 vehicle, and I wonder if anyone has tried it?

    1. Assume you have a bluetooth phone that does NOT allow the phonebook transfer.
    2. Borrow a phone that is approved for phonebook transfer, insert your sim and transfer your phonebook to the vehicle.
    3. Remove your sim and place it back in your own phone. You must leave the bluetooth profile for the phone you used, in the vehicle. In other words, do not selete the phone you used to insert the phonebook.
    4. Access the phonebook and dial a number using your non-compatible bluetooth phone.

    My local Radio Shack will let me use one of their phones for a few minutes to do this, but I would like to know if anyone has tried it.

  • swinbournswinbourn Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2008 MDX with Navi in Arizona and then I was transfered to Alaska. The system does not work in Anchorage but I can buy after market units that do? Is there something I can do to make the system work? It doesnt allow me to access the calculator or change the time without the Navigation up and running. A couple of times I have gotten a signal so I parked and set the clock and cleared the messages. The dealer has been no help, their answer was "we cant use navigation in Alaska". Called the 800 number and they were even less help. Said they planned to have this service in the near future??? Whatever that means. Thanks for your help! I love the vehicle and it does GREAT in the snow even with the stock tires.
  • hnikdelhnikdel Posts: 6
    The rear view camera on my 2004 stop working. When put the car in reverse, the screen goes blank. The nav system and other screen menu options work ok. Any idea how to trouble shoot this. My acura reference manual shows the location of the rear view camera control unit. How do I know that the control unit is bad?


    H. Nikdel
  • Yes. The same thing happened to me - just after the warranty had expired. Initially the dealer gave me the same option. I was considering getting a portable unit as I did not want to spend 3500 to replace the unit. I was angry.

    However, I decided to send my husband over to talk with them. They investigated my maintenance record and decided to replace the unit. This all happened around November of 2007.

    This is not quite the happy ending you think it is. I just started encountering the same problem last week.

    When it breaks this time, I will replace it with a portable unit.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    FYI- My wife likes my portable Garmin Nuvi 660 ($350) better than the standard nav in our (her) '07 MDX. :shades:
  • jclljcll Posts: 3
    Needawd, I need some help. I just got a certified mdx 05. Very good, I love it. I noticed you had some conversation with someone with regards to the welcome message. I don't get that. I can't find any info in my owner,s manual that talks anything about linking a key? (or a remote)? I have the tour package, navi, bluetooth and more...
    What am I missing?? About the conversation about a fuse missing, could that be my case??
    I hope you can help me. Thanks. :cry:
  • I had the same issue with my 2003 MDX and was given a $4,000 estimate. I did some searching on the topic and found that the unit is made by Alpine Electronics and they will fix for a $150 fix fee and ship back to you free, which is 4% of the Acura estimate. See I just called them and they confirmed that did the electronics for my model and year. You should confirm model and year. Not sure why the dealers are not offering this as it is an Arura spec. Good luck.
  • How do you buy the update from Alpine? I can't find it on their site.. If you want to reply private,
    Just got new 08 MDX
  • Thanks for replying. I've seen the update site you list, but the update there is $185, what I was wondering how you got it for $99?
  • OMG, I am at the dealer right now with a broken nav on my Acura MDX 2004. I'm only 6000 miles over the warantee and it's $4000 to replace (mine is shorting out. Of course, that's the same screen that you use to control the air conditioning and heat, so obviously I need to replace--not to mention I need the NAV). I a going to look at the site you recommended.
  • OK, I think Alpine is only for the updated disc--not a whole new system. I called Alpine and they told me I had to do that through the dealer. Does anyone else know a cheaper way to get a replacement NAVI unit for a 2004 MDX? We're in a recession, here!
  • I have an '04 non-nav but with the "trip computer" screen that I plunk my Garmin Nuvi 660 right on. Works great, my wife even prefers it to the factory nav in our '07 MDX.
  • I am completely with all those who have posted about their disappointment of the Navigation system in their MDX. My wife gets so frustrated trying to use the NAV system in our her '08 MDX compared to my 3 year old Garmin. Compared to my Garmin unit the word "intuitive" would not even remotely be an adjective I would use to describe what ACURA is selling as a NAV in their MDX. With the knob it takes at least 3x's as long to get your destination entered. Often times, we just give up because it is too aggravating. Then when you do get it to work, it doesn't even pronounce the same of the streets! Hello Acura...for $2,500 I think you may want to add that to your list of features your GPS system should have.
    The only feature my Garmin model doesn't have that the MDX has is voice recognition, but so far I the MDX hasn't demonstrated that it does a very good job of recognizing voices either!
    If Acura (and other car makers who are trying to reinvent the wheel), would wake up, I think they would realize they could offer a much better, user friendly GPS system to their customers if they would enter partnerships with these companies like Garmin who really do this for a living.
    Overall we are liking the MDX, but this GPS system is very disappointing, esp. when Acura promotes themselves as a luxury line.
  • grandzugrandzu Posts: 25
    Actually the 07-08 Navi will speak the street name if the navi is set to max feedback. But it is lacking especially when compared to a Garmin. And the Acura navi if partnered with Pioneer who makes navigation software.
  • Grandzu, I will try the max feed back setting. So far the only streets I have heard it pronounce are Interstate Highways. Everything else is turn right or left on "The Road". When I think of cutting edge GPS, somehow Pioneer doesn't come to jump into my head.
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