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Isuzu Trooper



  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I would expect the rebate still to be in effect for 2002 model year. However, I seem to remember that the factory-to-dealer rebate was still shown on various web sites. Since I saw no evidence of the rebate on a couple web sites, that's why I figured it was not in effect right now. Your salesman buddy will obviously know for sure.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    $1500 Factory to Dealer Incentives.

  • for checking it and valuable info!

    As much as I like Trooper, I still think that $23 for S w/ AT/TOD is on *HIGH* side. Even without taking into consideration that Isuzu is withdrawing it from the US market, it's still about the same as what I've paid for Explorer 4x4 XLT back in 98. And options-wise that Explorer looks more like LS, not base S model.

    I guess, I'd better wait till summer to see what happens with Trooper sales. If it will fall to the $19-$20 range, it would be my next SUV.
  • Albertr, I think you are overlooking some things. Have you driven a Trooper and compared it to your Explorer? Have you looked at the repair records? Have you looked at the price of a new Explorer? They're what, $30K reasonably equipped?

    I've driven both. The Trooper is a much better vehicle. Tighter, smoother, quieter, roomier, better off road (one of the best), better on road, better built.
  • Let him go! It is a lost cause.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The Explorer for one is much smaller.

    You can't get any SUV for less than $30K in the large-mid-size class. I dunno what guy gave away the exploder so cheap.

  • Thank you all for information and suggestions on this board! I really like Trooper, and don;'t want to start a flame war here, especially a silly one like Trooper vs. Explorer. That was never been my intention.

    I test-drove a 2002 S Trooper, and while it was a quick ride (didn't have much time that day), I *mostly* like it. Mostly is the word here. While I think it's a great vehicle, nothing is perfect. If you are curious what I didn't like about Trooper in particular, it's: - lack of roof rack, limited rear visibility because of split rear door and mounted spare tire (try to park in reverse), again split rear door in my opinion is not as useful as lift gate (can't leave it open to accomodate oversized load).

    But my point was not it, what I was meant to say is that a new Explorer XLT for $24 back in 98 had much more options than base S model of Trooper. In partucular I would miss a 8-way power adjustible front seats and A/C and sound control for rear seats. Other things missing like running boards and trailer hitch could be after-market installed on S, but would add to the cost too.

    As far reliability goes, isuzu's warranty is great! I've heard that many Troopers are quite reliable. However, my Explorer has some 63K trouble-free miles on it and it never fails me. The only thing that was replaced is manifold intake gasket, and it was covered by warranty.

    I like Trooper and I think my best option would be to wait till the end of the summer and see if any better deals come up by that time.
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions!
  • Just when I try to get out of this Town Hall, you drag me back in!!!

    You may recall I am the Trooper owner who recently
    hit 100,000 on my 96 Trooper and posted a website with fairly detailed maintenance costs, etc.

    Of course I am going to say that I think the Trooper is a much better value than the Explorer. My Trooper was purchased for around $24k with a 7500 off MSRP deal. It is a $30k Trooper S PEP, and even at close to $30k it is a compelling product.

    After 5 years and 100,000 miles the interior still looks great, no sags, cracks, rattles, etc. I do not have a problem with the Spare location, and find the 60/40 split has merits and shortcomings.

    Also, when you drive a Trooper you have something a little different. That is one of the aspects I enjoyed versus the 4Runners or Explorers that are so common.
  • Yes, there are no "published" rebates on Troopers, but they are there and are more than $1500. We bought my wife's LS about a month ago from the Knoxville dealer, who has (and still is) running ads every week for $6000 REBATE. They will happily give $6k off MSRP, but we did a little better: slightly more than $4k below invoice. Hardly any haggling at all. It may be different for others since we had no tradein and didn't use them for financing. If you're trading or want 0% don't expect it to be as simple. My guess is that the 2002s may run out before the Blazers (oops--Ascenders) show up.
  • Purchased '02 LS from Criswell in Annapolis, MD.
    Similar not quite as good as above. See Jason or Drew. Still had LS or 2 in stock. Bit of of drive from, Central NJ but, not many other dealers were willing to negotiate. Searched NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA. Rumor was that the stock out there now is all thats left.
    This my second Trooper. First one 89 LS purchased new, only lasted 221K miles. Rebuilt engine @ 160K and transmission quit.
    The one thing I like in LS over S is the the arm rest. Visibilty great, got used to the rear. And heated cloth seats are a necessary luxury.
  • Trooper in 'park in reverse' is fine for me. I know where my vehicle is and its size. If I wanted easy parking I would buy a mini.

    The lack of a lift gate or rear opening glass is a flaw of the 70/30 doors. But then again I don't have to lean over a lift gate...but then again that 70 door with the spare can be heavy especially when pointed up a hill.

    Personally I hate stock roof-racks. They have low load limits and can rarely accomodate two bikes a kayak and a canoe all at the same time. I do understand though how it sucks that it isn't an option. Thanks GM :(

    Running boards??? who needs'em!!!

    If in 1998 I bought goods or services for $24000,
    in 2002 the same goods or services would cost $26576.69 (

    No A/C or audio control for rear seats. While audio controls would be fairly easy to add-on, A/C just wouldn't be feasable.

    I'm curious as to what your needs are. Seating for 7 or is 5 fine. Off-road ability or street ability. Reliability or shopability. Easy cargo or 10 foot pipe hauling. Let us know what you need most (A/C for rear passengers...) and we can help you more.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The rear A/C and radio controls signal that the Trooper is definitely not the vehicle for you. You aren't shopping an SUV you are shopping an Luxo-mobile. Running boards? you mean those aluminum things that break if anyone but a waife stands on them? At the last auto-show, my buddy and I both 250lbs each both stood on the explorer side steps and nearly broke em off. Good old Ford Quality I guess.

    The rear tire isn't a problem for most Trooper drivers since they are above average intelligence and can actually turn around and look at where they are parking, as for the 70/30 doors, if the 70 section had the window that would go down into the door it would solve that problem. And for luxo, lets see Largest OEM moonroof of ANY SUV produced. In '92 it was the first SUV to have power retracting side-view mirrors. Auto-climate control std. 6-disc std, 8 way driver and 4-way passenger seats. The only VARIABLE heated seats (not just high and low), more cubic feet of storage than the explorer (by a lot). No need for fancy towing packages, slap a hitch on and go.

    As for roof racks, I have found no need for one on my truck, not to mention all roof mounted stuff on any US sold SUV is rated at no more than 150lbs, maybe 200 on excursion/suburban. Thanks to lawyers.

    And the "63K miles w/o a problem" doesn't impress me at all. We have guys on here with 00s that are turning 50K, and some people with 94s with 200K. Reliability of explorers is horrible and all your fancy stuff does you no good if it's sitting in a dealer's garage bay! :)

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    It's been a couple years, but at one point I don't think there were more than a handful of people in the USA who knew more about Explorer features/options/prices than me (it was my job to test the "Build Your Own" portion of Ford Motor's various web sites, and Explorer was one of my vehicles). My recollection is that the base Explorer XLT was not quite as well-equipped as the "base" Trooper S. I could be wrong, though. Many things on the XLT were optional, and loading one up with options easily pushed its MSRP past $29-30k.

    A 1998 Explorer XLT 4x4 for $23k would have been a great deal...on an Explorer. However, I can't imagine this price was widely attainable, as the average MSRP on that truck was probably around $27-28k and I don't believe Ford was discounting 'em as much as Isuzu was the Trooper.

    Yes, the Trooper lacks some of the comfort/convenience features that many of the other SUVs now have, such as rear air and radio controls, additional power points, etc. This is an unfortunate drawback (to some, including me, but not to many of the others here) of the Trooper not being significantly redesigned since the 1992 model year. However, things such as running boards, roof rack, etc. are easily installed aftermarket at better quality and less money than factory- or dealer-installed.

    Personally, bulletproof reliability, huge cargo and passenger room, and other obvious Trooper pluses far outweigh the extra doodads that are available on other SUVs but not on Trooper.

    If the Trooper is not right for you, I can understand. But you owe it to yourself to be very clear on what your reasons are.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    is this and the financing an "either/or" proposition?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'd think it would be an either-or scenario, but I'll verify next time I talk to my buddy.

  • cknottcknott Posts: 61

    As you can see from the comments from this message board Trooper owners are very defensive of their vehicles and especially their logic/reasoning behind the purchase of their vehicles. Please do not be offended by their comments, it goes with the vehicle. You will probably discover that once you purchase a Trooper that you will have a spiritual experience and will worship that vehicle for all the days of your life. I have noticed that Subaru owners, Ford Powerstroke owners, and Dodge Cummins owners also have this "spiritual" experience.
    A Ford Explorer is not a Trooper and a Trooper is not a Ford Explorer. In my personal opinion, I believe the Isuzu Trooper was designed from primarily a utilitarian and reliability approach with luxuries and amenities playing a secondary role, while other SUV's have been designed primarily from a luxuries/amenities/looks approach with utility and reliability playing a secondary role. Your Explorer is only a few years old with relatively low miles. Your desire to purchase the Trooper is based on cost/warranty considering your posts. You will probably need to wait and analyze the market a few more months, however, I do not believe that the price will go up.
    You should be able to find a dealer that will work with you and inform you of the rate at which Trooper supply is being replenished and sold. I can simply say that I have enjoyed my 99 Trooper and would probably purchase a 2002 LS 4wd if the price went below $23k....we'll see.
  • Okay, since Paisan's post about the tranny in the Trooper being the same one in the Catera, I've been fretting. I looked over the link he included, and it looks like the tranny is kind of a lightweight. I mean, the other vehicles that use it aren't in the same weight class as the Trooper. Should I really consider pulling a #3000 trailer?

    Or am I just neurotic? :0)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    With my '97 Rodeo I towed 5000lbs semi-regularly w/o issue (same tranny) and it had not a problem in 120K miles. Same goes for my trooper, I will regularly be towing 5000+ lbs behind it this spring/summer/fall for auto-x season and don't anticipate any problems. I regularly tow my 17' boat weighing in at around 3000+ mark and haven't had any issues. Also the tranny is one of the strong points on the isuzus, not may tranny failures to my knowledge.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yep, you are right, I think the Trooper was built with reliability/utility first and ameneties 2nd. And visa-versa on the Explorer, so the purchaser needs to decide what he wants before making a decision as to which vehicle to pursue.

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Very well put. Your observation is very astute, and you explained it quite well. Most vehicles do not share the same priorities as the Trooper. That makes the Trooper a great choice for those consumers who share the same priorities, and a poor choice for those consumers who don't.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    First, I've heard several good things over the years about the current Trooper transmission. It seems to have a good reputation as a very solid, reliable, long-lasting unit.

    Aside from that, I thought the major factor that placed stress or wear on the transmission was the engine, not the weight of the vehicle. I'm a novice here, but I have heard several times over the years that a certain transmission couldn't be used with an engine because the engine had too much torque.

    The Trooper's max torque is 230 lb-ft, which isn't a whole lot more than vehicles like the Catera (roughly 200 lb-ft with the previous 3.0L; probably more with the new 3.2L).

    Overall, I'm not worried about the transmission. To me, that GM puts this tranny in many vehicles is a good thing-- if it's good enough to go in all of these different vehicles, it must be a durable and/or versatile unit. On the other hand, you could argue that GM is simply squeezing extra mileage out of the trans by using it in so many different applications, and that it may not be well-suited for some of those vehicles.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    the tranny has been in use since '92 on these trucks, you'd think by now it would have started to show problems.

    Blue: How is the Kia doing? I saw one today on my way to work out the window of the bus and thought to ask you about yours.

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    So far (2 weeks, 350 miles) there aren't any major things wrong that need fixing (i.e. "initial quality issues"). There are a few little things I've noticed that indicate perhaps the build quality isn't top-notch and up to Lexus/Acura standards but that neither surprises nor disappoints me.

    Overall, you make some minor compromises in comfort/convenience features in exchange for a van that costs a LOT less than the competition. It's a compromise that I feel is well worth making.
  • I have re-thought my Trooper vs. Explorer statements made earlier.

    My real feelings are, back in 1996 when I made my purchase, the Trooper was (IMO) a way better value than the same year Exploder.

    Buying a Trooper today, I think one has to consider the fact that they are buying mostly 8+ year old technology.

    Granted it is very robust old technology.

    I would hold off, as I have said before, I think the next generation of SUV's are going to be very impressive. They likely will seat more, get better mileage, run cleaner, etc.

    If you really need off roading capability, then go with the Trooper. If you are like the other 99% of SUV buyers, you may want to wait for the next gen's.
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    My feeling was that if the Trooper was as tough off-road as everyone was saying, than that should forecast a really tough long lasting on-road vehicle. I could care less if I ever went off road; but I do care to have a tough high mileage, low cost vehicle. I have 56k on my 2k "s" purchased 6/30/01. I will have about 135K when I finish the payment book (God willing). If I can then run it 225k plus until I need another, then I'll be a winner and the Trooper will then have proved itself a great value. Remember the Junkman will give you the same $30 for a Toyota or Isuzu when they both have a quarter million miles. The trick as I see it is to run it as long as possible, used value be damned! Let's recap
    1. a 31k truck for 24.3k
    2. 56k trouble free miles (so far)
    3. a very tight vehicle all around
    4. My only problem is that when I am ready there will not be any new ones to buy (insert teardrop)
    I guess I'll have to buy a used one on Ebay, but that's OK because the general public could care less and doesn't want them. This will mean reasonable prices on used. However, I guess parts will go through the roof once the importation of Troopers ceases. Maybe there will be another value as good as the Trooper, but for the life of me I can't figure it out at this point in time. Cheers! to all.
  • discontinued overseas? That's when I would start to worry about parts. The tranny & engine could probably be ripped off an amigo/rodeo/axiom if they had to be...damn computers!
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I believe Isuzu passenger vehicles will only be produced in North America after 2004. There have been several articles out there about them cutting jobs in Japan and elsewhere. I would imagine the Jackaroo will not be produced in the future either.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Will be the last model year of non NA built Isuzu SUVs. They are converting the mostly idle plant in japan over to produce more Trucks and Busses. Parts are required to be carried for 10 years after a model has been sold. Also as was stated above the Axiom and Rodeo have similar setups.

  • serranoserrano Posts: 107
    The transmission torque ratings are more than sufficient to handle the engine torque. The transmission is, in my opinion, one of the outstanding features of the Trooper. It shifts firmly and quickly, and it has been very reliable.

    One of the great features of the transmission is that it will lock the torque converter in both 3rd and 4th gear. With a solid lock, there is no fluid slippage and the transmission will not overheat. Very few other transmissions have this feature.

  • Someone a few posts back said that it's no big loss not to have a factory Trooper roof rack. He said the aftermarket racks are better and cheaper. Well, I've looked at Paisan's site and seen how you can get Overlander brackets that bolt right to the Trooper studs (aren't we all!). Then you can get a safari basket type rack. Well, ignoring the cost, that's not what I want. I want a factory style rack (stronger would be better) with side rails permanently mounted but with crossbars that would be removable, preferably. That way, for the relatively infrequent times I need to throw on a piece of plywood, sailboard, skis etc., I could mount the crossbars but not have the extra wind noise the rest of the time.

    The problem with the Overlander brackets is that they seem to be designed to stay on permanently and would look crappy without the basket or crossbars attached. There's a company that sells several styles of OEM racks, but they have to be screwed through the sheetmetal and don't look strong. Does anybody know of any other options?
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