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Isuzu Trooper



  • I'm sort of glad the cover is difficult to take off... I won't mess with it until I really need to (hopefully, never). That way, a potential thief will have a hard time stealing it. Those things sell like hotcakes on eBay :-)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I usually spread teh bottom pieces and it comes off pretty easy. Also after you do it a few times it's easier to do.

  • jrr2kjrr2k Posts: 35
    Hey All - I'm now the proud owner of a 2002 Trooper! Oh yeah baby! Local dealers are giving them away. 8k off MSRP, plus they gave me side steps and a ski rack!
    I am loving this vehicle. Great ride , power, and it looks nothing like the new assender minivan.
    I wonder about the future of Isuzu. The good deals on the trooper were no doubt the result of weak sales for 2002, poor JD Power quality survey scores, and consumer reports safty tests.
    Personally I think CR is retarded. All SUVs have rollover potential - they should downgrade acura integra for poor off road handling !?!
    Weak sales are another thing. Anyone see this company turning around? The assender can't help.
    All in all I think this rig is tops - I'm sure you agree.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Check out for tons of info I've collected! We are a nice group here lots of good info passed along too.


  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    "poor JD Power quality survey scores" ?! Did you see this information somewhere, or are you just guessing? The newer (92+) Troopers are generally regarded as being well-made and reliable. I'm hoping you haven't heard otherwise from JD Power.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    There is always a lot of talk of these reviews. I have never been able to negotiate any site with that information and come up with anything useful or really even specific to what I am looking for. Does anyone have a good link to review that information?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I think they want you to buy the good stuff :-)

    Best I've ever done is through the press release links.

    Steve, Host
  • jrr2kjrr2k Posts: 35
    Hey bluedevils - JD Powers & Assoc. ranked Isuzu #33 out of 36 nameplates and the Trooper #220 out of 224 vehicles surveyed. Note this was the 2003 Initial Quality Survey. Initial quality must differ from overall quality greatly. People surveyed may have included problems with the dealer into their review. Overall my research showed strong owner loyalty to the Isuzu brand and most owners happy with the Trooper model.
    I used the JD Powers surveys as leverage when buying my vehicle.
    Other model rankings that are interesting:
    Ford explorer #193
    Isuzu Axiom #219
    GMC Envoy #202
    The worst vehicle ranking Daewoo Lanos at #224
    Worst nameplate Kia #36 of 36
    I don't give this survey much credence...Subaru ranked #30 of 36...I have a subaru with 220k orig. miles on it. (Rocky MT miles) THATS QUALITY!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    JD Power & Associates names Trooper #2 behind the 4-runner in reliability for 2003. I like that a lot!

  • If included as part of the "initial quality" of the 2003 Trooper may very well have caused ratings to drop a lot. My local dealer reluctantly took on selling Isuzu when they bought the GMC/Pontiac brand from another dealer that went out of business. They went from Caddilac/Olds to Caddilac/GMC/Pontiac/Isuzu overnight literally. But Isuzu is the red haired step child, the cinderella, unwanted and neglected. Many dealers watching Isuzu sales go away are no longer pushing the brand and so Isuzu new buyers might have had a poor experience.
    If "initial quality" includes the dealer rating, then with all the Chrysler commercials about being first in "initial quality" it must be that Chrysler has great dealers, since the quality does not seem to be there in many of the vehicles. They are feature rich though, I don't mean to knock Chrysler, just the notion of "initial quality" including dealer ratings.
  • jrr2kjrr2k Posts: 35
    Good call boxtrooper - there is no reason dealer/buyer experience should reflect a vehicle's quality.
    Personally I had a good experience with the local dealers. BUT due to poor sales performance of the Isuzu brand I can see dealers becoming aggressive.
    Initial quality is just that. My guess is there is not much seperation from the top to the bottom.
    I have to smile though---My trooper is a quality rig, and the poor sales and JDP IQ rankings have created a great price.
    True quality takes years and miles to evaluate.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    paisan and jrr2k, where are you guys getting these JD Power factoids?

    I've never found any details about JD Power's survey results. Like steve_host, the most info I've seen, which is never very much, is in their press releases.

    I'm confused - how could Trooper be rated for anything in 2003 since Trooper's final model year was '02?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    One of the auto-industry web pages a while back. It was the 2002 survey of the '98 model year Trooper for reliability.

  • I think I have had Troopers long enough to tell if quality is good or not. I say for the money, nothing else even comes close to the Trooper's quality.

    I think the Toyota LandCruiser of a few years back like the one my brother has, is extremely good quality, but he paid almost three times as much to buy his new as I did to buy mine new. He says he will keep his LandCruiser a minimum of 15 years and expects no trouble. He gets worse MPG than I do making it that much more expensive. And as a general rule Toyota dealers are just about the worst there are.
  • jrr2kjrr2k Posts: 35
    Bluedevil - I got the info included in a "consumer report" by FightingChance. ( - $30 will save you $300)
    My guess is that these JD Power reviews are available for a price.
    Typo on the 2003. What I got shows rankings on 2002 model years. Oops.
    Some other facts about these IQ reviews:
    "Every year JD Power asks 50000 new vehicle buyers about problems in the first 90 days, then ranks nameplates by the average number of problems per vehicle"
    "The best models average 1/2 defect per vehicle, the worst almost 3 per vehicle"
    I'm serious about fighting chance, a guy here at the office is buying a Jeep Liberty and has 5 semi-local dealers in a bidding war for his business. I had 4 dealers out bid one another for my business. No floor salesmen either, only fleet and sales managers.
    ---I just got off the phone with Fighting Chance, they got the information from JD P's annual report - available at the library for free!
    BTW - they told me that JD Power sent them a stern letter with a notice to stop reprinting their reports.
  • Unicon's statement:

    I own a '99...yea I should have waited to buy the '2000....

    struck me as kind of funny. Since the '99 and '00 Troopers are basically the same engine wise, feature wise, etc. the added warranty coverage was a marketing ploy to try and move some of the Troopers from dealer lots. The quality remains the same, I'm sure that you won't have the type of problems a Ford/GM/Chrysler truck owner will have... you should be able to get way past the 50,000 mile mark with no problems and at least to 100,000 for the tranny (assuming you keep up the maintenance and don't jump your truck like Paisan!).

    There is a thread on where owners are listing their mileage and any major work done on their Troopers. Go check it out and I think you'll pocket that extra money you may have laid out for the extended warranty.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Try getting Isuzu warranty service in 2010!
  • Guys, I've got a new rumor to disspell. I was just told that my trooper may have a voided warranty. Its a trooper that came out of alamo's rental fleet. I figured vehicle has a 50k warranty. My colleague says any "program" car has a voided warranty b/c of fleet/commercial use. Anyone heard of this? Is he for real?
  • Does he work for Isuzu? If not, call Isuzu at 1-800-255-6727 and see what they tell you.
  • Of course most changes were minor but besides the warranty I think the main change was that the auto tranny got grade logic. Minor changes included a new grille, beige interior, standard rubber cargo mat and I think the tail lights are slightly different. When did drive-by-wire become standard?
  • cwp2cwp2 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the tire cover info. I finally got it off,but it does take some know-how. Now the bigger problem may be how to get it back on correctly.

    Also, I found Westin chrome tube steps for $229. Anyone know of a better deal?
  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    I cannot hurt to check Ebay as you never know what may show up. Also, St. Charles auto (800-727-8066)has very good prices on all Isuzu factory parts.
  • I have encountered a deal atmy bank on a vol repo 2001 Trooper 28K miles...16K...My son sys if that is what I wnt I should just get a new 2002 but I am looking at the diff in price. Do any of you have any input this is an LS model no sunroof but loaded with rack steps everything else ....4wd
    My next ?? is does this vehicle depreciate that much normally?? Have ther been any significant repair prob... I cn read loads of stats online but I would much rather tlk to consumers to get the REAL picture....Any info that you have would be appreciated...Thanks...really need to let them know by Monday...
  • ostazostaz Posts: 80
    fluffyme, 2001 LS for $16k is a good deal if the truck is in good condition (there may be some room to bargain down, as dealer are unloading Troopers, some even at a loss). As you you may have read on this board, Troopers are very reliable and you should be able to get 200k plus w/o any major problems.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You can check Edmund's True Market Value. Offhand, I would think a repo would be a pretty good deal pricewise assuming, of course, it's in good condition as Ostaz points out.

    tidester, host

  • This is just my opinion, and I'm very happy with our 2002 LS, but I think $16K is too much for a 2-year-old LS with 28K miles. Reasons: 1: my local dealer is advertising $7500 off sticker for new Troopers(therefore all dealers can do at least that well, IMHO). 2: I would be leery of any repo as you have to assume the owner spent no money on maintenance. People that poor at managing money are likely to be irresponsible in other areas, too. 3: The full warranty does not transfer to the second owner (except immediate family). 4, and most painful: this is an orphan vehicle. We have more than 9 years to go on our warranty, but I expect Isuzu to pull out of the US and/or go bankrupt long before then. When GM is trying to pay money to get LESS ownership of the company, what does that tell you? Isuzu has been sucking wind for years, here: no successful new products, no national advertising, they compete only in the hottest part of the US car market and yet can't make money. Do I sound bitter? Just wish I had somehow realized this was looming when we bought the thing in January. It is a great vehicle and I expect it to be reliable, so maybe we won't get burned too badly when we need parts and service a few years from now. It could be worse: anybody own a Daewoo?
  • For my purposes the 4-wheel drive Trooper is the best automative value in the country. I wouldn't sell my 99 Trooper for less that I paid for it (honest) since I then would have to replace it with a poorer vehicle. My 99 Trooper has been without problems, but I do all the basic maintenance myself and do not let repair "experts" go near it. I have also owned other Troopers and had similar experiences.
  • I paid 16.5K for a '98 with the luxury and performance packages over a year ago. I think I did just okay.

    I would be leery of a repo, for all the reasons elucidated by flyinlow.

    As for the warranty issue, it might be a good idea to consider buying a used vehicle and an aftermarket extended warranty. You don't have to have a vehicle fixed at the dealer that way. And I expect that parts will be available for quite a while.

    Isuzu needs to do something innovative (like Nissan did a few years ago when they were on the ropes) to stay in business. Supercharged diesels, fuel cells, something. They make realiable products (recently just quirky ones, but reliable). The Rodeo is an excellent size platform for a 4 cyl TD that would accelerate like a gasoline powered vehicle, but get 30 on the highway... and have tons of grunt for off roading. Maybe if GM gets lost, they can do it. Maybe.
  • jrr2kjrr2k Posts: 35
    First off thanks to all you for the warm welcome. Us Trooper owners need to stick together. (Excellent website paisan! - I'll be there alot.)
    One topic that deserves some discussion is the future of Isuzu. With huge amounts of debt and slumping sales it will take a miracle to stay put in the US market. With ALL automakers facing depressed future earnings, small players like Isuzu are in trouble. What does this mean for warranty maintenance of our vehicles? Resale value? forgetaboutit!
    One positive...used troopers will be cheap cheap cheap.
    Your thoughts?
  • savvas_esavvas_e Posts: 347
    I don't really understand why the US market is such a tough nut to crack. To me it's!

    If you look at Toyota and Nissan with their big 4WD's, the Landcruiser and Patrol, they are big sellers everywhere else in the world. In Australia, you will pay higher than market averages for a Toyota Landcruiser and they are always in the top 5 sellers for 4WD's. Why? Because of very effective marketing. People have a perception that they are high quality and they market an image of being able to go anywhere you want, at any time.

    In Australia, Isuzu-GM Aust and lately Holden have simply not done enough to push the Jackaroo/Monterey. I mean, they have had more rally success in Australia than any other 4WD and they don't push the point. Talk about missing a golden opportunity!

    Mitsubishi keeps pushing the Paris-Dakar success, and their 4WD outsells the Holden line as a result. They actually don't have anything else to push.

    Isuzu's problem to my way of thinking has always been a perception issue brought on by really poor marketing. You gotta spend money to make money!

    It won't be long before Isuzu will only be represented by their trucks in Australia (figure this one ... number 1 truck make in Australia!). I just hope Holden finds or develops a decent alternative to the Jackaroo/Monterey and eventually the Frontera.
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