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Kia Sedona Electrical Problems

pereziperezi Posts: 3
We are currently having problems with our ESC.

The ESC Off light is on all the time.
A bit of background. We purchased our vehicle on president's day. Instead of taking it home there was an air bag sensor that came on that they wanted to take a look at. Nearly two weeks later we picked it up after sitting in the dealership for 3 hours. The after factory leather that was put in apparently caused issues with the passenger air bag monitor. So, they still didn't have the right part so they put a cloth seat until the new part came in. We hade the car for approximately a week and the ESC Off light was still on and we are waiting for the air bag part.

In the mean time the battery dies ... twice ... notwithstanding the jumping and allowing time to charge it. Oh, on two occassions when we started to drive with the wheel turned it felt as if the brake or something else grabbed at the tire and caused it to abruptly albeit briefly stop. Suffice to say we had road side assistance pick up our car and deliver it to our service department. Since that time they have replaced our battery, put back the leather seat with the appropriate air bag monitor but still cannot figure out the ESC Off light which I am told may be what caused the grab at the front tire.

Here I sit waiting for them to call and tell us our vehicle is actually fixed as I continue to make car payments.

Wish I could just return it.


  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    do yourself a favor early on and check with a lemon law lawyer in your area. the best thing to do maybe to go that route. i wish i did with our sorento lemon, now it is too late :lemon:
  • iscazziscazz Posts: 5
    Welcome to the wonderful world of KIA. :lemon:

    My second Sedona lemon from KIA is still malfunctioning in the same manner. Air bag sensors, check engine light, esc light, abs light, tpms light, something in the suspension rattles and causes the brake pedal to jolt at the slightest bump.

    The dealership and corporate Kia have both inspected the car 6 times and every single time they say, "The car is functioning as designed."

    I agree with the statement to find a lemon law lawyer and get out if you can, but I think you'll find it to be a long, hard road. I've been working on it for months. Kia is very slow to acknowledge anything. GOOD LUCK!
  • pereziperezi Posts: 3
    We were finally told the esc light had been fixed yesterday and they told us to come pick it up. We arrived and the esc light had been fixed. Now the drivers side air bag light is on. They tried to fix it while we waited and naturally that didn't work. We left and were told that they would call us today. After not hearing from them by lunch we called them and were told we already pick up our vehicle. The service people are killing me. They finally realized they had the vehicle and oh by the way they need a part which won't be in until at least Monday. Today is the 20th cumulative day our vehcile has been in the shop compared with the 5 days in our possession. I will probably send out a final demand under lemon law ... I may also consult with counsel.

    What happens if they do fix it over the next ten days and then we have another problem? How does Lemon Law deal with this situation?
  • germmgermm Posts: 3
    We recently purchase Sedona LX 2007. It was new off the lot with only 32 miles on it when it was purchased. I had done so much reading on minivans and most reviews often state the Sedona as one of the highest rated. Consumer reports actually gives the van a "recommended" on their report.

    That being said, Consumer Reports did mention that the Sedona had some headlight issues. On my first drive at night, I did notice the headlights were very accurate. This was no bother until last night when we went for a drive in the mountains. Because of the way the lights were positioned, it was very difficult to see around turns. I started to understand why consumer reports did not give the Kia reports for the headlights. My question is: can I adjust the positioning of the headlights so that they aim higher? Has annyone else had this concern?
  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    :confuse: Can you provide a link to the CR headlight issue? Seeing around curves? Headlights are designed to illuminate a zone ahead on the ground and slightly to the sides of the vehicles front orientation. Adjusting your headlights higher will in all likelyhood put glare into the vision of oncoming traffic, which is very dangerous during night.

    BTW, I believe either Mercedes, Volvo or BMW have lights that angle when set for driving in hill/mountain terrain...
  • germmgermm Posts: 3
    you have to have a membership to to read their online review. You will notice they give the Sedona a "fair" rating on their headlights which is lower than most other minivan ratings. I would suspect the reasons for the "fair" rating are similar to my sentiments above. It is very difficult to see while turning corners on a hill. Try it.

    I am not talking about completely repositioning the lights, rather just moving them so that I can see further ahead of me. I have owned many cars and trucks in the past and this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this.
  • bagnallbagnall Posts: 2
    Perezi- Are you still having problems with your ESC light? I purchased a Sorento about a month ago and mine is currently in the shop now and has been for 7 days. This is the 2nd time. From you email posts, it sounds like I am having the same problem. I was told yesterday that this was the 1st time they had ever seen this problem since the ESC was introduced (at this particular dealership anyway). Any insight you might have would be helpful. Thanks.
  • I spent $200.00 on ebay and purchased a HID headlight conversion kit and it makes a world of difference. HID Xenon are the way to go. :shades:
  • i've heard too may nightmare stories about ebay hid conversion -- but more power to you for getting it right. i've bought hids from everyone on the block from the bmw forums to the hid guys at never burn out. my advice is for people to go with a major brand or with someone the car community trusts.

    but like i said, MORE LIGHTING POWER TO YA!

    did you go projector
  • I have a 07 Sportage. Same problem with the ESC light. It used to be fairly infrequent but is now a daily thing. I had told the dealer about it and they put the car on the computer and didn't see anything wrong (it is the ESC light not the check engine light but whatever).

    If anybody tracks down the source of this issue, link to a service bulletin, anything like that please let me know! I cannot afford a rental for a week or weeks and the dealer is scaring me it could take that long. As long as the ESC is actually functioning I don't give a flying fig about the light itself at this point.

    This is not the only electrical type glitch I have. Periodically the car dings when I get out as though I left the keys in (they aren't). Reinserting and removing the key generally solves it but hoping it doesn't go like the ESC light now.

    I had been chalking them both up to a fluke in that this car came with factory cruise control. But supposedly cruise control is not even available as an option according to the mfr site. Dealer didn't put it in, it came like that and it is Factory.

    Does everybody with this problem have some sort of option that would effect wiring or put in something aftermarket? The only Sportage I found on the net with this ESC light business had an aftermarket towing package put in.
  • My problem was that the car would stop by itself when going around corners and the ESC light would flicker, or the off light would come on by itself. It was very frightening going 50 miles an hour on a bridge and the car decides to stop (and not a gradual stop either, it's like someone slams on the brakes). It's an extreme safety hazard.

    The first time I took it in, they recalibrated the automated steering sensor. Worked a few days and then started again. The next time they had it for 12 days and ended up replacing the sensor. The dealership told me they had never seen this problem since the ESC was introduced. It's been fine for a couple of weeks now but I still tense up when I go over bridges.
  • ranbroranbro Posts: 1
    We purchased a 2007 Sedona EX w/ Power Pkg. & Luxury Pkg. on July 4th, 2007. Since then, a problem with the driver’s seat has come up that the local dealer that we purchased from was unable to fix, & is now saying it not fixable, referring us on to the zone representative, whom we have yet to meet. The basic problem is that the driver’s seat has gone out of alignment since we purchased the van. My wife is sensitive to this particular issue since we had a similar problem with the driver’s seat in a 1999 Saturn SL2. Saturn was able to correct the problem, but they had to do it more than once for this vehicle. When we were looking for a new van, this item was one of the first things on the checklist. Our Sedona initially passed the test on this item, but now the driver’s seat is canted toward the left front corner of the vehicle, enough so that it is causing back pain for my wife, who is the primary driver of the van. The service dept. was able to make a very minor adjustment, but not satisfactory. My wife was able to demonstrate the problem by taking a 36” aluminum yardstick, sitting in the seat, holding the yardstick at the front of the seat cushion with the 18” mark centered on the center seam of the leather seat cushion; it was evident that in relation to each end of the yardstick, the seat was out of alignment. The service manager at this dealership has said both “the seat frame rail bolt holes were manufactured in the current position & can’t be altered without voiding the warranty” & “they’re all that way”, when we tried to make the point that other Sedona’s didn’t have the same problem. Since we both use the Memory function to adjust for our preference (driver 1, driver 2), I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not simply a mechanical problem, but a computer/memory module problem that through changes from driver 1 to driver 2 is not aligning the seat correctly on the frame rails.
    Has anyone of you encountered the same or similar problem?
  • the dealer cant find any thing wrong. it is a strong smell. Every service person at the dealer came to the car and could not find a problem. Sometimes the wire burning smell can be smelled on the interior. Does anyone else have this problem or know what it is.
  • I see some messages with the power doors on KIA Sedona not working. My doors go all the way closed and then pop back open. Is anyone having this problem? If so did you find a solution?
  • I need help! The lights (normal driving lights) on my Sedona will not work but the bright lights will.

  • Well, my first guess would be that the normal (not Hi-Beam) headlights blew out. Do the tail lights light up?
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Open the hood of the van after the engine is nice and hot... stick your nose in there and see if you can locate the source of the smell.
  • Dweezer, I have the same problem. It also closes unexpectedly; a major problem that almost lopped off my fingers a few times.
  • I have the same issue - just popped up yesterday - Fuses are Ok, Relay Ok, and I find it difficult to believe BOTH low beam headlights went out at once.
  • I have a 2002 Sedona LX. All of a sudden my rear tail lights don't work anymore. When I have the key on, my head lights work fine but not the rear tail lights or the licence plate lights. All signal and brakes lights are working fine. I don't think it is fuse related or switch related. Is there maybe and inline fuse that feeds the back lights? Thanks in advance!
  • Hi, how you doing? I am currently having the same issue as you posted regarding the low beam headlights not working and highs are fine. As you said, I have a hard time believeing they both went out at the same time. I've checked all the obvious (fuses, relays, etc.). Curious, did you ever get this problem resolved and could you please pass on some of the details.

    Thank You
  • My sedona has had this smell for almost a year! It seems to happen every few months. So then I kept thinking about what changes every few months - OIL! So I am guessing it may be a burning oil issue. When the 'time to change your oil' sticker says the miles are up is when we seem to start with the smell all over again. However, no dealer has wanted to tell me this is true. They just think I'm nuts. That's why I finally started searching.
  • I just got my Sedona back after a new altenator was installed (out of warranty!!!), but now the Airbag light will not turn off, Any Idea?

    Can't wait to return the vehicle after the lease!! :sick:

  • mrspomrspo Posts: 2
    Hello, Am new to this forum. Writing because I, too, seem to be a member of the club of folks who have persnickety low beams. Am experience issues with the low beams on our 2007 sedona. Out of the blue, we lost both low beams within one weak of each other. Both lamps were fine. I took the headlights off and messed with them, they'd work for a while, then fail again. Right now, passenger side is working, but I suspect it'll fail again soon. No rhyme or reason. Have you had any success in finding out what can be done about this. I'm planning on going to the dealer next week.
  • tmladtmlad Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Sedona, and also recently had to replace the alternator. When I got it back, the air bag light is on, and my low beams don't work. Any ideas? The fuses are all good. I can't imagine both lights burning out at the same time.
  • mrspomrspo Posts: 2
    My issue ended up requiring purchase of two new lamps. Unfortunatley, my model year uses a new lamp type *H11b) which is next to impossible to get and ridiculously expensive. 43 bucks each. The dealer said the quartz halogens are good for about 30k miles now and that's about it. Also, people should make sure their headlights are turned off at the switch when they start their car - they said the starting surge shortens lamp life. Hope this helps...
  • I have a similar problem with my Sedona as well. It only occurs after the vehicle is driven for a while (probably 30 minutes or more...) and since I have 2 children, I am going bug nuts attempting to locate the source. I'll take it to the dealership as a last resort, due to the fact that I want to locate this problem myself before spending out the exorbitant fees (one arm one leg and everything inbetween) are paid...any ideas? I've checked inside the passenger compartment (Found a partially eaten set of chicken nuggets...mummified..) but, no charred wires, no obvious swells or expansions on the wire connectors themselves...
    Thanks in advance...
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