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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Electrical Problems



  • I don't know if the moderators here will let this fly, but if they let this reference go, check this out....
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Dead link...

    We allow a link like this as long as it's viewable to all and directly answers someone's question. If it's just to promote another site, no good.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • The Corvette door module looks similar to the Colorado's except that the Colorado's panel is physically attached to the door and window switches - just one assembly. Also, the relays inside are tiny and there is lots of logic on the PC board and it is almost all Surface Mount Devices (SMD). The relays look like single pole double throw relays so I checked across the closed contacts and they appear to be good. If my Hayne's manual wiring diagram is correct, the Body Control Module sends a signal to unlock the door on the white wire at the door module. When I monitor the white wire while pressing the key fob unlock button, I get a steady 4.7 volts. I would think that voltage should go up or down when the key fob button is pressed but it doesn't.

    I pulled the connectors loose on the BCM hoping that it might 'reset' it but it had no effect.

    I sure hate to take it to the dealer but I can't afford to just change out expensive parts on a whim and I can't find a decent schematic.

    I tell you why the truck costs so much - there's $15,000 in wire in the thing. When you start looking behind covers and things it's amazing how much wire and how many connectors there are!

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Bottom line you bought a piece of junk due to lack of checking it out according to your post so why not tell me the name of your dealer business so I can avoid doing business with you. :P
  • "kcram", there have been some issues on that site, due to a new software package. However, the link I was referring to showed the actual circuit board for the window/lock/unlock functions, as well as identifying which relay was what.

    It could have been helpful.....
  • The link works if you take out the dots and put in "thread." ie, /showthread.php?t=1606865.

    For anyone that is having a problem where both your door lock button as well as your key fob doesn't work then I'd look at the relay as a probable problem. The relays on the Colorado are smaller than the ones on the Vette but they are replaceable.

    Unfortunately, my problem was that only the key fobs wouldn't unlock the door... the switch still worked which means the relays are good.

    When I figure my problem out I'll announce it here.

  • "webman", I just thought of something. Have you tried resetting the fobs to the truck?

    To the best of my knowledge, you turn the key to the "on" position, then hold the lock and unlock buttons on the fob simultaneously for a few seconds, or something like that.
  • I purchased a $5500 unit for $1800! I think I have some room for repairs.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Not bad, let us know what you find when you get it fixed. In case it wasn't the added on equipment that caused the problem. Most likely, as you said it was but I always have believed in Murphys law.
  • Do I need to replace the 100A Mega fuse? (The battery light indicator is on.) The fuse appears to be good.
  • pre1pre1 Posts: 1
    On my newly purchased 2008 Colorado the IPC will not dim with the dimming control knob. After more than a few discussions with the dealer sales, service and management I was told that this is "Normal Operation" and shown GM bulletin #PIT4640 that discusses this problem. To briefly state the bulletin's description of operation and problem here are two key sentences that sums it up: "Some customers may comment that their IPC back lighting may not dim with the dimming control knob" and "When the Ambient light sensor determines it is dusk/dark outside, the IPC will then dim in conjunction with the rest of the backlighting components regardless of the headlight switch position".

    The bulletin's recommendations/instructions are "Normal operation. No repairs are recommended for this concern." "..... the vehicle is operating as designed".

    This may be how it was designed but this is NOT the proper/normal operation as detailed in the operation description quoted above. I want my IPC to dim as they are supposed to and they are telling me that they can't do anything about it because this is the way it was designed.

    My question: Has anyone observed this problem on their Colorado or Canyon and have a solution?????
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Cover up the light sensor and then the truck will think it is night time and work as you ask. You may also have to turn off the automatic headlights so they aren't on all the time. I just don't see the big deal. They sure aren't bright enough to bother you during the day anyways.
  • I'm having an issue with the wipers in my 08 Canyon. Periodically, the wipers will come on by themselves and make one complete pass across windshield and return to rest. This happens maybe once every two weeks or so. I haven't noticed any other electrical issues.

    Anyone else experiencing this? If so, have you identifed the cause and/or fix?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,564
    One would have to suspect the wiper switch since it replicates what you get when you accidentally hit the arm once.

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  • I have a 2004 Chevrolet Colorado. During the Winter, after sliding across the seat and touching the driver's door handle, I received a strong static electricity shock. When this happened, all power door locks and driver's power window stopped working. After doing an internet search, I discovered this problem can sometimes happen when activating the power door locks and power windows at the same time, which I did NOT do. This information also said to just wait and they would start working again. This sounded very weird to me, but, sure enough after a few hours, they starting working, again. Please explain to me what happened and how to prevent this in the future. Surely, I won't have to deal with this all Winter. Thanks for your help.
  • My 04 Colorado currently has the exact same problem with power door locks and driver's window not working. It started when the weather turned cold. After truck sits in the sun for awhile, everything works again. Then, overnight, it stops working. I called my Chevrolet dealer and they said the same thing as yours. "Never hear of the problem and bring it in." My guess is the Master Power Door Locks/Power Window Switch becomes faulty after 3 or 4 years of use. Probably some poor-quality ones were installed, but Chevrolet won't admit it and of course it's out of warranty. Have you found a solution to your problem?
  • It's most probably the battery. That's what it was on mine, AFTER they charged me for the BCM which they said would fix the problem. After it didn't fix the problem they said the BCM was "bad anyway" then finally figured out it was the battery. Of course while they were testing the battery, charging and discharging it, torturing the electrical system on the truck, the blower resister fried the next day. "Hmmm, just coincidence" and another $130 bucks.

    The bottom line is they were good enough to replace a fuse bloc that had a service bulletin on it for no charge, what a great company... and my fuse block had scorch marks. The dealer agreed that in most probability the bad fuse block fried the BCM and battery. The dealer went to bat trying to get Chevy to cover it. The rep said no way. The whole fiasco including all the other electrical problems the truck has had have cost about $800 in bills.

    I'm never buying another GM product and once they go bankrupt, I'll not have to worry about it. From the looks of it, they're about there.
  • The BATTERY ???????? Were you having any problems with your battery? Mine appears to be perfect. I haven't had ANY start or other electrical issues. Testing with a volt meter shows 12.5 volts. Also, throughout the warmer months.......Spring and Summer.........I had NO issues with the power door locks or windows. Did the dealer mess with your electrical system BEFORE the new master switch was installed?

    Last night, I removed the master switch from the truck and brought it inside the house, where it's warm. I re-installed it this morning. It works perfect. In a little while, after sitting in the cold, I am sure it will stop working. I will let you know.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I doubt they will ever go bankrupt, but even if they did they would still be in business but just wouldn't have to pay some bills.

    A lot of auto makers are struggling to survive. The auto industry is saturated with too many companies, competition. I say we kick the Japanese back to Japan.
  • Misengineered or not, if they would have stood by their product and eaten an $800 dollar bill, it most probably would have meant future $30K+ sales. Now they can count on zero future sales from me. Repairs worth $800 bucks today isn't going to keep the doors open tomorrow. Maybe others feel the same and that's why their in the world of hurt they're in.

    Perhaps the Japanese have figured out this simple principle, don't be penny wise and dollar foolish. Don't know, never owned a Japanese vehicle. Hopefully Ford will still be doing well the next time I need a new vehicle, and perhaps by that time, Chevy will be a footnote in history like Packard and Studebaker. They are well on their way. There must be a reason.
  • man,
    you need competition, keeps prices low. Lets just say, if GM makes crappy car for america, and constanly having problems and the consumers has to keep spending money on it. Then If you go with a German or Japanese which has no problems or less problems and their vehicles built here... you wouldn't buy it?? I work hard for my money, I like spend a vehicle that has less problems! I was planning to buy a chevy, but they have many problems! Misfire, wiring, and no value. So I went and got a tacoma!! Right now Tacoma has dominate the Ranger and Colorado like SO far ahead. There's a reason for that... because it was built RIGHT! granted there are some tacomas will have issue, far less than gm thou... I come here and read forum on what's happening, i feel bad for you guys... *sigh*
  • Get on toyota site then you see toyota as problem , nissan as problem and all other
    keep your money in North america is a good way your keep community alive
    if you son have a choice to have a job on GM site or didn't work at all
    I got a 2004 canyon 4x4 Z71 (85000Miles)with problem , air bag light,catalityc converter,
    speaker,everything was solved at gm dealer with no cost,
    2005 Chevrolet Cobalt with (55000) my daughter , soon roof problem,power sterring problem solved at no cost
    my son as 2002 Chevy S10 with 132K and 0 $ spend on is truck
    no body at home Know someone you working at GM
    My wife as 2008 VW jetta with 3500 miles on it and was problem with is cluster
    sure was repair for free(3500miles on it)
    keep in mind
    the dollar spend in North America Stay in North America
  • I got a 2004 canyon 4x4 Z71 (85000Miles)with problem , air bag light,catalityc converter,
    speaker,everything was solved at gm dealer with no cost????

    at NO COST???

    that's insane.. the truck is only 4 yrs old and u have a catalitic converter issue??? that thing is CRAZY expensive!!!! I had a pathfinder that never had that problem!!! and it was a 96
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    My next door neighbor this past spring had to have the cad. convertor replaced on his less than 6 month old brand new Camry. Point being, things happen on all products. These are made/built by people and I for one understand that. Yes I am a loyal GM buyer and have had problems with a few of my vehicles from them but not one has NOT been repaired properly. That is the key, how the manufacturer takes care of you. I had a Chevy Tracker that needed $1600 worth of tranny fixes due to my lack of use and storing it for 2 winters outdoors with a cover over it in northern Mi. weather. Bottom line rust formed on the shifter which went into the top of the tranny and needed to be pulled along with the transfer case in order to put in about $300 in parts. 18 months out of warranty and I called GM telling them what was up, how I always bought GM's and if they checked the records all maintanance was done on time or before. Well when I got my $1600 bill GM had picked up all but $360. Tell me how many of those foreign car companies would have done that. I'll stick with american and another reason to is I can go to about any town in the US and there will be a GM dealer to take care of me but may have to drive hundreds of miles to find a Toyota or other Foreign dealer.
  • the german dealers u might have problem finding about the Honda and Toyota is pretty much everywhere. then again i live in NJ, I'm in the mecca of all of everything. We have 3000 people per sq mile. But anyway, its a shame that you spend so much on a truck and comes with so many problems, I would be super pissed cause i need the vechicle to work. Every company has problems, it just seems gm has more... but then again what do i know, I dont deal with statistics.
    well, my dad had a friend had tranny fix for with within 4 yrs, Honda dealer said this should not happen and they fixed it FREE. I love gm only the Vette thou :D.. well just that money do not grow on tree. Spend it wisely and wish ourselve luck that it hopes it does not come with any problems!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    As long as you don't leave back east you're ok but get out west where towns can be 100 miles apart and your local BMW dealer may be many hundreds of miles from you.
  • Yes 0 Dollars
    i just ask the technical advisor why Gm knows the have a problem with the wiring
    and the didn't solve the problem, two days later a GM technician call me and give me a rendez vous at my gmc dealer
    and the solve the problem for Free
    he ask me the serial number of the S10 of my son and the check if all recall was made im 52 years old and i always have cars and truck (3 at the time)
    i try to made oil ghange by myself
    i got all kind fo car and truck in my last 36 Years, Ford (T bird,Stang crown victoria F150 Maverick) GM(Camaro Shilouette cobalt S 10 silverado canyon)
    Chrysler (Caravan ,W250 colts sebring )Volks (Jetta (2) rabbit)Nissan z 350 , Infinity G35X ,Toyota (corolla tundra)Bmw (323 i) Jeep CJ7 and Cherooke
    the all have problem
    the only car was G35X i only put oil change on this car for 2 years/48000 miles
    I pay 65000$ for my G35x and the service was cheap
    and the best service was Ford and GM

    have a nice Day,Jean
  • I recently changed my engine oil. Now do I have to reset the oil monitor system to prevent the maint. light from turning on in the future. If yes, how do I do this.
    Thanks Gary
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Catalytic converters have a government warranty for pollution control for 10-years I believe.
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