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Hey all. What's up all? This would be my first post here. I'm 19, and if I manage to get to the dmv within the next couple of days I should have my permit.

My main reason for comeing here though is I have a few cars I'm interested in, but want something I can make own and race at a track. I'm looking for advice on what would be a good car to try get my hands on.

The cars I'm interested in are: 240sx, Mazda's (3,6,7 and 8 (not to fond of Mitas)), Eclipses, Stratus', Cobalts, GTI's, Neons, older Celica's, Mustangs (not early/mid 90's), and Accords.

I like all them. But I need to find something used that has a decent motor. I'm not to good with the tech aspect of cars, trying to learn. I like the idea of rear or all wheel drive.

I also plan to learn how to drive stick, I know the general concept of that, listen to the motor and look for the peak rpm to up shift, or down shift. So I'm gonna need something with a sturdy transmission.

I'm open to everything: cars not listed, info I should know about the guts of the cars.

Thank you for your time :)


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    I did some research, mostly consumer reviews and on avalibility. So far, I like the 1994 Toyota Celica GT, and the 05 Dogde Neon SRT-4. What ar everybodies thoughts on these to cars?
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    I think the Celica GT sounds like a better way to go, especially if you don't want trouble. But lots of people stuff larger engines into the 240SX--that's a popular car to build up.
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    I like the sound of the 240 being a popular car to build up, that would mean easier to find parts for it (right?)

    But I wanna try and do something different from everyone else, I don't see many GTs in my area, maybe two or 3 in a 4/5 month span. Do GTs have a good product base out for them?
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    Is that the last gen celica? If so they were pretty much dogs in terms of power even with upgrades. I'd go with a 240 or a Subie for a tuner car. Lots of stuff out for both of those. The other thing I'd suggest as a "new" driver would be to rather than spend money on mods. I'd spend the money on modifying the nut behind the wheel. Get yourself to some autocrosses and if you can afford it an HPDE with NASA or SCCA at a road course. You will learn how to be a faster, safer driver, and that modification can be taken to any car you drive in the future.

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    Thanks for the info. I would love to get schooled in raceing, but right now, my pocket is pretty shallow. It's gonna be a stretch getting a car. But I'll manage it somehow, always seem to.

    Yea it's the last gen cel. I think they're quite sexy though lol. I believe it's got 130hp stock?

    Heres a link: link title

    I'm toying with the idea of a 240, not sure the year of the model I like, I think it's the '92 one.
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    By the way doing HPDEs aren't expensive. About $200 for the day will gain you a lot more knowledge and speed than throwing $200 worth of "mods" on your car.

    I own a 1990 240sx. It would make an awsome first car much better than a celica. Oh and very reliable, over 200k on mine and I bought it a year ago with 180k :)

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    yeah the celica is a great looking car,, but you cant beat the RWD from the 240. but i think the last gen celica GT-S has a 6 sp trans, thats cool too.. theyre both really good cars!
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    Truly it all depends on (1) what options are available; (2) what you can spend; (3) how much do you want to modify and how/how much you want to race [i.e. drag, drift, corner, etc].

    Have you figured SOME of those factors out yet?
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    What ever I decided on I'm gonna mildly modify the body, nothing to crazy that a cop will see my car and pull me over for some cock sh*t reason. Then far as raceing I figure something I can get a decent top speed out of with out sacraficeing cornering to much, not gonna be anything wild though.

    I've been set back tho. Took on some bills for my mom, so I'm not gonna be buying anything for awhile. :cry:
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    What kind of racing do you plan on doing? That will dictate what kind of car and modifications you should do. Let's keep it clean also in here.

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    At this point, I'm not even sure now. Lol. All I know right now b/c my head is scrambled is that I want something that corners good and accelerates quickly. Something I could drive from point A to B but would be fun to drive.

    I know that the suspension, brakes and tires are gonna be the first to be done, then a probaly turbo that powers up in the lower mid range along with a intercooler. Then a better exhaust, after that its all dependant on wether I start going to track or not. But as for the car I'm stuck.

    I was doing alot of research on cars, and this is what I came up with so far:

    94/95 RX-7
    95 Dodge Sealth RT or ES
    92 Z-28 Camaro
    97 Eclipse GSX

    and I love RX-8s, but that isn't happening anytime soon.
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    Where do you live? If it's anywhere that gets significant rain or snow, I'd shy away from the RWD cars if you are going to street drive it.

    RX7- Good handling car, a bit pricey even these days for a non-beat one. Extremely small inside.
    Stealth- Heavy Heavy car, more of a grand touring car than a handler or track car, parts can be difficult to come by.
    Z-28 Heavy RWD, reliability issues, horrible handler
    Eclipse -Good handling, a bit heavy, most if not all are beat to crap after the Fast and the Furious days.

    I'd personally look at a 2002 WRX, they can be had for relative little money, tons of aftermarket, handle like a dream, and a few mature owners out there so you could get one in good shape. Oh yeah and you can pester me, your host with all kinds of Subaru questions on upgrades and how to race em!

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    Thanks for the feed back. Ill do some research on the WRX, I'm not the biggest fan of how they look though, mainly the hood, but that can switched off for something else easily enough.

    I live in Philly, our weather is kinda sparatic. Random rain and dry spells. Winters with lots or little to no snow.

    What else might be a good option, I like the 240sx too. Havn't really reseached that much though. I think the year I like is the 92 model.

    Yea, I heard horror stories bout the Z-28. My old teacher had one, had to throw sand bags in the trunk lol.

    I liked the 92 Celica until I seen how weak it is, read a reveiw saying its good when the driver is alone in the car, but add passengers and it stutters like a baby choking on milk. Kinda sad that a nice looking car like that has that problem, even the ones out now. Quite sad. But thats just what I read, so I dunno. Not as sad as Hundais (is that how you spell it?) attempt at a sports car before the tib. 83hp, :confuse: lol oh well.

    As for the Tibs, didn't research them yet, they're a pretty nice looking car. Read the interior is kinda cheap though. Forget what car I read about that if anything with a mildly sharp edge ends up in the rear seat you'll have a nice little battle scar to show for it.

    The 04' Corolla S seems nice too. God, theres to many choices.

    Well I'm babbleing now, later and again, thanks for the help.
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    I went to school at Drexel in Philly and live in the NY/NJ area. I own a 1990 240sx, great little car and great to setup for racing since it's relatively in-expensive and a ton of parts out there for em. I know a few guys who race the 240sx on the road course as well.

    If you ever want to go up to Pocono to check out an HPDE let me know I'm an instructor up there and can hook yah up with a ride-along to really get you interested in racing!

  • maudit87maudit87 Member Posts: 20
    Sounds like that would be awesome, but i work 6 days a week, sometimes 2/3 weeks in a row.

    Stupid Dunkin' Donuts...

    I don't really have a way up there ether.


    Would a rid-long mean being in one of the cars being raced?
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    Well not during a race but during an HPDE which is a driving instructional clinic where we have "open" track time. Just as intense as racing but there is no actual competition going on. I routinely hit 120+ during an HPDE.

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    Sounds pretty sweet. I love when my friend hits that in his car. He's had it pretty close to 165. Lol, although I can't condone it, I love it. Such an oxy morron right there.

    I'm gonna look up the 02 WRX tonight.

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    Yeah I actually drive slower/more carefully on the street now since I've been racing and doing HPDEs because I know the inherint dangers of going fast on the street compared to doing speed at the track. I wish the NJTP had flaggers on it!

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    I am a new driver who is very eager to learn about

    and race cars but the only problem is that I need

    a cars first and I need help with buying one, I

    didnt know which forum to go to so I figured this

    was the best one, anyways Im looking at a budget

    of about 7 to 8 thousand. Any suggestions on any

    types of cars would be great.

    Thank you
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