High Mileage Honda CR-Vs

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My 1997 CR-V recently reached 211,000 miles...I'm wondering how many more miles it will last! How many miles do you have?


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    I'd guess about 100K more. Typical well maintained Honda's can give you 300K. Of course, even though the car will run forever, that doesn't mean the accessories will all work for that long.
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    I have 250.4 miles on my CR-V. Hopefully it will last me another decade or so to catch up with your miles.
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    I am curious how much money did you spend in repairs for your '97 CRV? :surprise:
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    These motors can go a long ways....If you made it to 200k that can only mean you have kept your valves adjusted and the oil changed. I have a 97 with 410k miles, all original...Head, block, and even the automatic trans...Just make sure you keep those exhaust valves adjusted every 30k miles and your oil changed every 3k miles and it'll keep on keep'n on.
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