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Ford Explorer Rust

monexpmonexp Member Posts: 1
I bought my '03 Explorer about a year and a half ago. I am noticing some rust on the hatch and around the inside of the sunroof. I hate rust enough that if this isn't something that can be fixed, either on my own, or somewhere else, I may consider trading it in. I just don't know if I am making a big deal outa this. I had a '94 ranger before this, There was no rust on that, so I am concerned.


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    lo1stlo1st Member Posts: 1
    I have a 03 purchased it brand new....and have rust all thru my truck and they try to tell me this is normal. first 6 months they told me and they put lube on the door hinges and then I started looking harder and found more rust. They took my seats out (they said) and sanded my frames of my seats and hinges that hold the seats down and painted them. Also......when I go thru a carwash some water comes in the driver side door. They told me it was due to the power wash. I said if so then it would come thru all of the doors. LOL well it is not fixed. My cruse control went out. Now both of my door mirrors when you go to turn them in with the bottom they will not. I have had several vehicles and never had rust like this. Also had motor on rear window go out, leak in that window and sunroof replaced and I complained about it from the first year I got it. left rear window fixed due to jumping and they fixed it. It is not consider a lemon due to it is not the same problem over and over. go figure. I would like to find more info on this rust problem due to they could of been under water at the plant due to flooding or something. If you know anything, please let me know.
    Thank You
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    hcophcop Member Posts: 6
    I have an 03 explorer and have rust on the front of my hood. I spoke to a buddy of mine who owns a body shop, he said it was a common problem with the explorers and the expeditions. He said the water runs down the hood and for some reasons the water gets underneath the lip and starts to rust out. I called ford corp. office and complained and worked out a deal to get it fixed for a small sum of money. I thought this was very generous of them but still felt that it should not happen to a new vehicle. I was told that a lot of people didn't complain about this and it was not a recall. She also stated if more people complained about rust they would consider the problem a recall problem. So I urge everyone with a similiar problem to call and maybe it would be considered a recall.
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    trailsandroadstrailsandroads Member Posts: 4
    I agree with hcop. The 2004 explorer I have, the paint has started to peel off on the top. Considering it's white and white does not hold heat like dark colors do, this never should have happened. I'm still waiting to hear from the dealership on this as they've contacted the ford home office. All these situations should be recalled and taken care of by Ford.
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    motorman41motorman41 Member Posts: 1
    I have an '04 Explorer that I bought new. It now has 51K miles. The vehicle has been garage kept sence new. I just noticed rust forming on the hood and on the factory running boards. The service manager at Ron Bortnick Ford, my local Dealership advised me that he has seen several Explorers come in with the same problem. He showed me the problem with the front lip on the hood that holds water and starts to rust. I am covered by the 80K mile Ford rust warranty, however, you must be able to put your finger through the rusted area to be covered and be repared. The service manager directed me to the Ford cust. service main number. I was told the same information. So, Ford wants me to keep riding around in a rusted vehicle until I can put my finger through the hole. By that time im sure Ford hopes that the 80K mile rust warranty will be expired. If anyone is looking to buy a Ford Explorer I would reconsider. All persons I have come in contact with representing Ford with my problem have been polite and understanding, and all agree that Ford should fix my vehicle, they just will not do it. This is unacceptable. My fight with Ford has just started. I was a Ford fan, and have owned several Ford vehicles (all bought new). After this experience I will NEVER buy another Ford vehicle.
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    2004xlt2004xlt Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 2004 Explorer (XLT) - bought directly off the indoor showroom floor with only (3) miles on it. This truck is not even in use for (6) months out of the year and is garage kept. I just noticed that there are a few spots on the front of the hood that are bubbling up. I called the Ford dealer to ask about any recalls on the paint and was told that it may have been due to a nick in the paint, but there isn't even an opening or crack in the rust bubble - yet! I've always purchased brand new Ford vehicles too. Please let me know if you were able to resolve your complaint with Ford. Thank you.
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    cluelessincacluelessinca Member Posts: 8
    here is the warranty wording.....does this mean paint is covered if there is no perforation ????

    Corrosion Coverage
    Under your New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Corrosion Coverage begins at the
    warranty start date and covers body sheet metal panels against corrosion
    due to a defect in factory-supplied materials or workmanship. Corrosion
    coverage (which lasts for 5 years, regardless of miles driven) only applies if
    the corrosion causes perforation (holes) in body sheet metal panels.

    If corrosion does not cause perforation (holes), and is not the result of
    usage and/or environmental conditions, paint damage is covered under
    the terms of the Bumper to Bumper Warranty (3 years or 36,000 miles,
    whichever occurs first).

    link title
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    cluelessincacluelessinca Member Posts: 8
    ">link titleagain, here is the link to where the warranty is online, easy to find key words in it by going to "edit" then find, type the word you're looking for in the dialog box...


    <a href="http://www.motorcraftservice.com/pubs/content/~WO3EXP/~MUS~LEN/41/03frdwa5e.pdf

    has anyone gone ahead and had this fixed then sued the dealer in small claims court ?

    2003 white explorer

    los angeles suburb, CA :sick: :lemon: :cry:

    by the way: other things that have gone wrong, back up sensor works only intermittantly,
    electronics cluster in the dash has had to be replaced.
    gas tank sensor works intermittantly
    bulb goes out in the directional frequently (part of some larger electronics issue)
    basically i dont think i'd ever buy another ford..
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    mash59mash59 Member Posts: 1
    My 02 Explorer has rust all over the roof! I took it to a body shop and I was shown the cracks on my hood (very light and hard to see unless looking for them). I was told the hood is going to rust too. 6 months later it is! I notified Ford and they will do nothing about it. I was told by the body shop owner that he has seen a lot of Fords that do the same exact thing (the roof and the hood), usually the dark colors (mine is dark green). Ford knows of this problem yet they keep using the same process of painting, ridiculous!!!!! :confuse: :sick:
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    ted16ted16 Member Posts: 7
    edited April 2010
    Have a 2004 white explorer that has a spot about 1 ft square that has flaked off. It is not faded but is flaking off. Have you had any success in getting ford to take care of this problem.

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    cal12272cal12272 Member Posts: 1
    Was cleaning my 05 Explorer and when I went to clean the roof all the paint in the grooves was gone. There is some bubbling starting to go up on the high points.
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    tinman76tinman76 Member Posts: 1
    A couple months ago my wife & I purchased a used 2008 Ford Explorer from a local dealership with 40 some thousand miles on it. And recently looked under the drivers seat & found the underside of the seat & the gearing all rusted & the floor board is rusted underneath the carpet. How can there be rust from the inside out & is there any action that can be taken to have Ford fix this problem? :confuse:
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    cluelessincacluelessinca Member Posts: 8
    This is only my suggestion, I'm not an expert!

    Did you buy it "as is" or was there any warranty period?

    If you only bought it a few months ago, I would send a registered letter to the dealership stating the problem, insert pictures into the letter, and ask them for a refund. It sounds like the rust has ruined the integrity of a car thats not very old. I would copy your attorney and be sure to show that CC on the bottom. Or - better yet - have your atty send the letter on your behalf, people resond immediately to a letter from an atty, and it might only cost you $50 to have it sent.

    If they wont offer you a refund or excellent repair, file against them in small claims court right away (if the amount you are seeing is allowable by your courts) or you might lose your window of oppty. :cry: Good luck.
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    stamullenstamullen Member Posts: 1
    2004 explorer,noticed paint bubbling front of hood, lifted hood,found paint bubbling undersideof hood, vehicle has 49,000, bought new,garaged,something obviously wrong with these vehicles,
    dealer no help, FORD should stand up and admit the problem as GM did in the 70s with hoods
    and trunks on intermediate sedans and coupes, driving for 52 years,many new cars,once they start to rust you cannot stop it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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