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Nissan Pathfinder



  • how about setting up a 95 and prior discussion group?-
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    Hi Omega11:

    I bought the same size as my original tires, being P245-70-R16. I also got 'take off rims', which are the same as a Toyota Tundra truck. These rims are listed to fit the Pathy, but I have to advise that they have an additional 1 inch or so offset, with the result that about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of the tire was protruding beyond the fender of the truck. The result was that snow and muck was being thrown against the side of the truck. I have an XE model, which does not have fender flares. If you have fender flares, you may be okay with the Toyota rims, provided you do not object to the offset.

    I have returned the rims, as the dealer could not get the balance correct. I have been advised that 15" rims from earlier Nissan products fit, but you need to install a taller tire to keep the speedometer accurate. I have not determined if the 15" rims would clear brake calipers etc.

  • wodyr1:

    Have you ever found fender flares for the XE model? (model year 2000+)

    Wouldn't mind a set.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    You can add a discussion from the Town Hall page. I am sure prior owners may check it when it shows up under the SUV section. Our 2001 Pathy is the first we have owned so I don't have any knowledge before this one.

    Good luck,
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    Hi Colinj1:

    I priced Nissan fender flares which are used on the SE model, and they would be in excess of $700 Cdn for the set of 4, exclusive of installation and taxes. At that point, I abandoned the quest for Nissan fender flares.

    I am going to try to find some rims,with the correct offset, or else use my aluminum rims year round, with a good coat of wax to reduce the effects of corrosive elements.

    Snow here today in interior British Columbia, wishing I still had the Winter Dueler's on - much superior to the stock Bridgestones.
  • I too have bony elbows. Took a piece of 1" open cell foam and cut to fit top of arm rest. Covered with a white sock and just set it on arm rest when on a trip, tuck it out of sight on side pocket when not in use. JC Whitney has an armrest pad, #12TS5802P for $6.99 that fits between window glass and door panel, use with window up or down. Recent catalog page 131 or look under "interior accessories".
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I thought it's been mentioned that the QX4 will be getting a makeover next year. If that is true, the Pathfinder should follow right along.
  • Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for side mirror adjustment on the Pathfinder, particularly on the passenger side, to minimize blindspots? I find that it can be very hard to see / keep track of people who lurk in your blindspots, and that you have to be extremely vigilant monitoring traffic around you in this vehicle (on multilane highways in particular) in order to know what you can't see, even turning and looking, is there. (Why people seem to have a penchant for going exactly the same speed as you, one lane over, exactly where you can't see them, is beyond me)

    Has anyone else experienced this? You can see it when someone passes you -- you see them in the rearview mirror, then they pull out, then they disappear from both mirrors, then they reappear in the sideview and peripheral vision as they overtake. But it's worse on the passenger side, as the only way to see them is to turn and look through the "privacy glass" on the rear windows, which is about useless when it's dark or cloudy. It's very disconcerting to know (or not know) someone is there and to only be able to see them (or not) by craning your neck around, taking your eyes off what's ahead for much too long. Changing lanes to the right is an exercise in faith.

    Is there some trick to correct mirror adjustment on Pathys? Is this an issue common to SUVs? This has not been an issue on sedans and pickups I have owned. I have tried numerous different settings but all it seems to do is move the blindspot around.

    Any thoughts or recommendations?
  • i had several near miss accidents due to my blind spots- i bought one of those larger rear view mirrors that just clips over the existing one. brookstone has expensive ones. mine is from pep boys and cost me about $5.00- i angle it to see my r side blind spot. i also put a little bubble mirror on my driver side side mirror. no problems since then and i rely on both of them.
  • nwwoods - There are a couple of ways to beat or minimize the blind spot. One of the quickest things to try is to turn the mirror further out from the vehicle than you are currently used to, i.e. when you look in it, you shouldn't see any of the side of the car. I have found this to work well at minimizing the blind spot, most especially on the drivers side (but it helps on the p/s too).
    Two other things that could help - one is a blind spot mirror which uses double stick tape to attach to the existing mirror. It is a convex disc, and pretty much can see anything around you. Down side is that it eats up flat mirror space. Up side, once you get used to it, you won't be so dependent on the flat mirror, and it virtually eliminates the blind spot. I had never used blind spot mirrors until I started driving big trucks in my spare time, now I won't be without them, and use them more than regular mirrors. They cost around $3us, and come in different sizes. The other product which I have seen in catalogs is referred to as a european blind spot mirror. ("if we call it european the foolish americans will be amazed by it") It is a small convex mirror on a pivoting arm with a suction cup. You attach it inside the car to the windshield near the a pillar, and it gives you the same help as the one above, but without using mirror space to do it. Never tried it, but tempted to. They were priced around $10us.
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    Has anyone tried to install satellite radio in their 2001 pathfinder ? This thing really has the potential to render our 6-disc changer obselet.
  • woodyr1,

    You don't happen to have the part number for the 2001 pathfinder fender flares do you? I know it's expensive, but they certainly look great. If anyone else knows the part numbers, I would be very thankful. (2001 - Sierra Silver).

    Thanks all,
    Colin - vancouver, b.c.
  • I've got an XM satellite radio in my PF. I have the portable sony, and only use it with the cassette adapter. I would like a better connection, but it works really well moving between cars or home. There is an RF connection from sony (additional $100), and I've even thought of trying to run an input into the PF stereo (anyone tried that for any reason?). XM is by far the best gadget ever, a must have if you drive in remote areas or are sick of commercials.
  • I find my 2001 PF LE is no more supceptible or more prone to blinds spots than my previous Jeep Grand Cherokee or my current Honda Accord...just my 2 cents.
  • Do any of you fellas or gals know of a good detail shop and a decent dealership service department (if one exists) in the Washington, D.C., area, preferably in Northern Virginia?

    I live in condoville and can't take care of my beloved 99.5 as I'd like to. And I'd like to take care of a few issues before the warranty is up. Passport Nissan in Alexandria is not acceptable!

  • The way to handle Alwaysfords adjustment is as follows:

    Sit in the driver's seat and put your head against the driver's window. Adjust the driver's sideview mirror so you can just see a little bit of the side of the car.

    Now move your head to the middle of the car and adjust the passenger side view mirror so that you can just see a little of the passenger side of the car.

    Now when you are in your normal driver's position your mirrors should be set and you won't see the sides of your car. You may have to adjust the mirrors up or down to suit your tastes.

    I have not used this method on an SUV (I'm still looking). I do use it on my cars. Try it out.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142

    I only enquired about price, and was quoted a price, without part numbers. Victoria Infiniti Nissan (Victoria, BC) are offering 15% off the 'regular' price of genuine Nissan accessories, so you may want to get a price from them. They have a website.

    You may want to enquire if the fenders for the XE are the same as the SE, as it may not be a simple fit.
  • I'll try that head-leaning adjustment out. I had the mirrors set to just outside the vehicle but not with my head leaned, this will be a wider setting, perhaps will be more fruitful.

    I was wondering about the convex mirror add-ons and will try them if the trick above doesn't address it. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful and considerate responses. We love the Pathy and other than the mirrors consider it the safest vehicle we've ever owned. Our recent Thanksgiving trip over the mountain passes in Washington was a breeze.
  • stuart - That is the technique I use, most eleoquent description. I have found the biggest help on cars. My wife drives the Pathfinder, i just keep abreast of discussions on her behalf. I drive an Expedition, and have found that because of the height, the mirror trick doesn't work as well. Small cars in certain conditions can be below the door sill, and out of sight. The convex mirrors find them everytime though.
  • Haven't tried sat radio yet but my Archos Jukebox MP3 player(6GB played through casette adapter) has already made my six disc changer obsolete.
  • Melody's Nissan in Bellevue and Kirkland WA have closed unexpectedly. They had over $100MM in annual sales, so I doubt that a few of us buying our vehicles in Canada (< 0.5% of sales) had much impact, but it's disconcerting nonetheless. I called Nissan North America and they weren't very positive about them re-opening. Newspaper article:

    Fortunately, there are 15 other dealerships in the Seattle area (use the "Advanced Search" under the Dealer Locator function on and enter Seattle WA under City and State to see them.)

  • I Live in Southeast Pa and was thinking of getting rid of my 2001 EXPLODER and getting a Pathfinder. Does anyone know of any good finance/lease deals in my area? There isn't any real advertiseing for Nissan in the local papers. Thanks in advance for your help.. STEWERT
  • I have been to the dealer 5 times for the same problem, a squealing sort of noice that is either belt relatred, or pulley related, and they have replaced the belts twice, and the a/c compressor once, and the the noise is stil there. Gonna start checking lemon laws in NH here. Got 32K on the truck and just about out of patience in trying to get this 30K truck fixed. End result would hope that I can just get a new truck, but will keep you all aprised....

    This board rocks!
  • Thanks for the info Woodyr1.
  • Squealing belts can also be caused by the belt tensioner. My wonderful Ford dealer kept spraying belt dressing on the serpentine belt in my Ford Probe and failed to stop the squealing. An independent mechanic adjusted the tension on the belt. And the squeal was history!

    Is this board quiet right now or are there really no good detail shops or decent Nissan dealership service departments in the Washington, DC, area? Does anyone have suggestions for dealerships to avoid? More than one dealership has returned my vehicle not only not fixed, but damaged. For instance, a Chrysler dealership returned my new car to me with ripped upholstery, ballpoint pen marks all over the seats, body damage, and, of course, that infamous NPF (no problem found) all over the service receipt.

    The idea of someone beating up on my beloved Pathfinder literally makes me sick. I'd appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
  • I've found a pretty good Service Dept in Northern Virginia. Rosenthal Nissan in Tysons Corner. They've done a great job in providing my regular inspections, oil changes and other routine service. They get the job done on time and usually less than the esimate. They even washed my car the last time I brought it in.
  • Stewert - I purchased my 2001 PF LE AWD loaded from York Nissan. They beat out 2 other dealers that didn't want to go below invoice. I just printed off the price of the one I wanted, presented it to them, and they beat it by a couple hundred dollars. Think I got it for about $800 under invoice - 3.9%/5 years

    Curious why your getting rid of a new Explorer? Probably a retorical question since the new Explorer I test drove sounded like it would die in a few short months, had a set belt not working, and they couldn't get the back seat up after folding it - this was brand new for peaks sake.
  • shek3shek3 Posts: 72
    does anyone know if the 2002 roof rack will fit a 2001 with a sunroof??? part numbers?? thanks, mike
  • My PF seems to be eating tires... I had the original set replaced by the tire manufacturer (Toyo) as defective after 25K miles (at my Nissan dealers insistence). The new set has 6k miles on them and are already showing significant signs of wear. I have had alignments, balancing, and indexing done to no avail. I rotate the tires every other oil change or about 6k miles. I have been to several dealers now and all I hear is that it is the tires and there is nothing they can do since I already had the originals replaced.

    Any one else having this problem? Any solutions or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • PFs do seem to have a problem with premature tire wear. I remember reading somewhere that Nissan sets up PFs with a funky alignment for better cornering at the sake of tire longevity. This person went on to say that they went to an independent alignment place and had them set it to more reasonable levels.

    For comparison, I was able to get 35k out of my Deulers before they were toast due to too much wear at the outer edge (closest to the sidewall).
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