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Nissan Pathfinder

meredithmeredith Posts: 578
This topic is a continuation of Topic 3255....

Nissan Pathfinder Main Comment Area - VIII.
Please continue these discussions here. Thanks!

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  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    So as long as we've started a new forum I'll jump in. Everytime we change over like this I get lots of mail looking for the info on how to save money by buying a Pathfinder in Canada and bringing it home to the US. So this time I'll put the info right here on top.

    So why to do this? Save some big money! The exchange rate just keeps getting better for the US. Here's some rough numbers for prices in Canada (converted to US dollars, and including duty):
    - SE 4x4, 5spd, LSD, sunroof. $24,100. (US dealer invoice is $28,214)
    - SE AWD auto, LSD, sunroof. $25,400. (US dealer invoice is $29,339)
    - LE AWD, LSD, leather. $27,900. (US dealer invoice is $31,433)

    Here's the answers to the most asked questions:
    - Yes, it's perfectly legal as a US resident to buy a new car in Canada.
    - Pathfinder meets all US safety and emissions requirements (California too).
    - You will have to pay some Canadian sales taxes, but they send you a refund after you take the vehicle out of the country.
    - The warranty is honored in the US.
    - It's identical to the US Path, but in Canada they come better equipped with options.
    - No two-wheel drive available in Canada.
    - Speedo is in km and miles; odo is in km, but can be changed if you prefer.
    - I have found some dealers willing to sell over the phone at close to invoice, far below list price.
    - Get your financing at home first.

    Quick summary of the process:
    1. Call dealer and make a deal. Get VIN number.
    2. Call Nissan and get US emissions and safety compliance letter (will fax if in a hurry).
    3. Go to Canada, pay, drive away.
    4. Stop at Canadian customs. Get form stamped.
    5. Stop at US Customs. Show compliance letter. Pay 2.5% duty.
    6. Register vehicle and pay your state's sales tax when home just like normal.
    7. Get Canadian sales tax refund check in the mail.

    I bought mine in Canada in September and I know of close to twenty more who have done it or are in the process. It's not difficult at all. Sure, there's a little paperwork to do. Many people are surprised how close to Canada they really are. Anyone from Chicago to D.C. is easily within a one days drive of Toronto. And much of the west coast is close to Vancouver.

    There is a lot more info and success stories in the last forum. I'm glad to help anyone out with questions or good contacts. Just email me.

    [email protected]
  • Had the opportunity to ride in a new Jeep Cherokee this weekend. Wow what a poorly put together vehicle. Rattles, road roar (when it could be heard above the engine roar), and even full time AC (air blowing in through the door panels and around the window seals) in 32 degree weather were the highlight of my trip. Another pleasing affirmation of the PF decision.
  • So I have been to the previous web sights and I guess I should now ask my question.

    Has anyone been able to locate the super bright headlights that come on some of the European model vehicles??? They really are an asset to night driving and they are not as disturbing to oncoming traffic. I have seen these light on such models as the Lincoln Mark series and the Audi series vehicles. I have also seen some of the imitations on American models too. The look almost blue.
    I am hoping to obtain a pair of these for my 2001 PF. ============================================

    On the windchill factor question. I am no expert but I believe the wind chill calculations are based on what the temperature feels to the human body based on the amount moisture that gets to the skin. The windchill factor applies only to humans and not machine parts or having an affect on machine parts.
  • MP superone in S Florida;
    thanks, I thought so too.
    E-mail me [email protected] and I'll be gald to help;
    Dan Lehrman, LCSW

    (We will arrange a conference call; that way, there will be no (oh, we don't do that anymore
    type of conversations, etc.) dan
  • Going on 300 miles with the 2wd LE; tight!
    no (thank god ) problems thus far; my wife noticed
    the littler "play" in the transmission lever. This was noted as "normal" in previous posts here, so that was good info to have.

    I look forward to hearing more on the "lights" here; I remembered reading too, re: "airshocks"
    in rear as a means to make the rear a tad more
    "carlike" in ride, esp. for rear passengers; will explore this in future.

    The prev message re comparing this vehicle to the
    Jeep Grand Cherokee, is SO true. The PathFinder
    wins, tires down. We have one, we know. Not to mention, the rather pathetic way we feel we have been treated by the factory when our engine mounts started going out every 24 to 30,ooo miles
    (my problem, not theres).
  • mjowmjow Posts: 7
    After MUCH looking and research we purchased a new black 2001 Pathfinder LE w/leather,tow package, mats, sunroof deflector, body side moldings and microfilter - drive off the lot for 28,100 plus tax, tag, title - roughly $1133.00 below invoice. After searching the Atlanta market we felt this to be a fair deal.

    The ONLY complaint so far would be the fit of the carpet in the drivers side floorboard. There is a left footrest in the carpet that does not seem to stay in place.

    Also, is the LE supposed to have a power antenna?
    All the pictures show it in the down position - yet mine is fixed. What is normal?

    Happy in Atlanta!

  • Hey Phil. Thanks for the info on 4wd options.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    None of the 2001 US Pathfinders have a power antenna. Only if you buy in Canada do you get one.
  • Pathyenvy:

    You mentioned Whistler in your post so I am assuming you are in Canada.

    Contact your Nissan dealer. They should have be able to order a rack that will attach to your factory rack. Racks that are available are, Ski racks, Snow board racks, Sailboard/Kayak, Canoe, Sport box, Bicycle racks.

    The rack attachments are made by a company in Canada. They will not sell to individuals, only the dealership.

    They were very helpful in educating my local dealership in getting part numbers and also faxed two diagrams of some racks that I was looking at.

    I have also bought a Cargo liner from my local dealership.

    If you need any more info drop me a line.
  • mtt999mtt999 Posts: 15
    Which dealership in Atlanta were you able to get such a great deal below the invoice? Since I already have the 01 PF, I want to go there to check out the new Frontier.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    is a crock of s... invented for wussies. We never cared about such things back in Russia.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Your LE must be a 2wd, right? Sound like a great deal.
  • Razor22,
    I actually live near San Francisco, CA. I went up to Whistler as an add-on vacation to my trip to Canada to pick up my silver metallic 2001 Pathfinder LE. [You don't have to pick up the cars and come straight back, you know. =)] I asked the dealership (Richmond Nissan in Richmond, BC) about accessories and he said that they might not look exactly like the US accessories so I should buy them over here to avoid any surprises. *shrugs shoulders*
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    If anyone has bought a new 2001 Pathfinder/Xterra from the Carmax in White Marsh, MD....I would appreciate any feedback on what I can expect.

    It looks like I'll be stopping there during the first week of January as they seem to have the best price on the 2001 LE Pathfinder I have been looking for.

    Thanks for any info!
  • Since noone has answered your question yet, I will take a stab at it.

    There are a variety of headlights available that give off a white or blue looking light. The brightest of which (and most expensive) are true HID lights. There are conversion kits available that will change stock halogen lights into true HID lights. The ones I have seen cost $1000 to $1200. I do not know if they fit the PF.

    The next option is to replace the stock halogen bulbs. There are a variety of bulbs on the market that will produce the white/blue light you mention. At the top end appear to be PIAA and Solaris bulbs. The PIAA bulbs produce a color temp of about 3800k and cost $60 to $70 per pair. The Solaris bulbs produce about 4300k and cost $70 to $80. The next step down would be to go with the GE, Philips, or Sylvania bulbs. They produce a color temp of about 3500k and cost $20 to $30. For comparison, the stock halogen bulbs produce about 3200k.
  • I just put the PIAA's in my 01 Pathy. Definitely produce that xenon blue-ish color, and the visibility is improved, but not dramatically. I bought the stock wattage bulbs. Installation was a breeze (10 minutes per). Not sure if I'd recommend to everyone. If you're the type to be fairly anal about this stuff, then yes. Otherwise, spend your money to fill up that cool in-dash 6 disc CD changer.
  • Home made Cd'd it may void the warranty on the 6 disc player. I speak from experience.
  • No one has answered the question posed earlier about problems with the 6-disc changer. In the first day after I picked up my PF LE, the lights on the changer did not light up when I started the car. I cursed it, turned off the car and re-started and the lights came on. It played fine, but the lights going out didn't make me happy.
  • Just had my changer replaced due to non factory cds getting stuck while on random play mode. Could you repost your question? I can't seem to remember it. May or may not be able to help.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    If you don't use random play, do the non factory cd's (CD-R's you burned at home I assume?) still get stuck?

    I may have to go with a NAV. system on my PF now, which of course, would add the changer in the back rather than the 6 disc in-dash changer, since I burn alot of cd's at home.

    Who knows, maybe they'll still jamm up with that changer also. Does anyone here have the NAV system? How do you like the changer in back, is it a BOSE changer? Any problems with CD-R's that you know of?
  • Well I'm not going to test it out with the new CD changer as I was without one for almost a month the last time. It may have been a coincidence, but I had listened to the same Cds for at least 2 weeks on manual changing. The very day and trip I switched the changer to random it locked down. 4 of the Cds were home made and two were factory. I would like to blame it on my daughter's Brittany Spears Cd, but it was factory. I currently have the burnt Cds in my wife's Expedition 6 disc changer. It is one of those mounted in the center console. Requires each cd be loaded into a carrier tray. It has not locked down as yet.
  • mjowmjow Posts: 7
    The CD changer in the rear of the Pathfinders with Navigation is a Clarion - it is the factory match for the Bose system. My Infiniti has a changer in the trunk purchased from the Infiniti Dealership and installed by them - and it's a Clarion. Go to the lot and find a Pathfinder with Navigation - open the rear and look in the compartment on the right - the changer folds out. It's a great unit - NO PROBLEMS since 1997!
  • mtt999mtt999 Posts: 15
    Thanks! I will go Gwinett place Nissan this coming Saturday and hope I will get a good deal on the Frontier.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Thanks for the info on the cd changer fellas. I may check out the PF with the Nav system (If I can find one) when I go do a test drive. I kinda wanted the Nav system anyway, but I also don't won't to pay that much for it. Guess it depends on what deal I can make when I start my search next month.

    Again, thanks for the info.
  • In regards to #15 truckin5 what model PIAA's did you replace your stock headlights with. You mention you used the stock wattage. What is the stock wattage? Is there a higher wattage bulb available from PIAA. I know that PIAA has this 85 watts of light from a 55 watt bulb thing they always promote.
  • mtt999mtt999 Posts: 15
    I would like to know where do I find the PIAA bulbs for the headlight? Do I order off the internet or any auto-part stores would carry it? What is the recommended wattage? What could cause if one overwatt it?
  • For whatever reason, Nissan doesn't sell seat covers for the Pathfinder. Does anyone have any ideas on where to purchase some decent ones online or at a B&M store?
  • Guys, I have a fully loaded 01 4x2 LE Pathfinder I need to sell right away. Please contact me if anyone is interested. I live in Southern California (Orange county). Thanks.
  • Since hearing about sanandtons problems with the changer I've been leary about loading up my changer with CD-R's. I do however, load one up in the first slot and play that (with the rest of the slots empty). I'm guessing (based on info from sanandton) that the mechanism which switches the cd's around (Especialy on Random) may be affected by the slightly thicker size of a CD-R. So, I just pop one homemade CD in at a time and so far, no problems. I figure it's better to find out under warrenty what's going to happen than to wait for later. Has anyone called Clarion to inquire about the capabilities of the in-dash changer and if the rear cargo changer is different? Just a thought. Cheers.

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