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    I own a 97 SE it has 56k on it
    A while back, over a year by now I got a service campaign bulletin from Nissan
    regarding " a miner noise involving the exhaust manifold, and/or corrosion/rattles involving the main muffler and post muffler assembly"
    The bulletin goes on to say the the warranty on the exhaust manifold is extended to 100 months /100k and main muffler and post muffleer assembly extended to 60 months/60k

    At the time I did not have any of these problems so I just filed it away
    Since then the heat shield on the muffler has corroded and now vibrates against body sheet metal, so I plan on using this bulletin to get it fixed by Nissan

    The bulletin does reference "some 1996-1998 Pathfinders"
    So everyone with those years should check their mufflers for corrosion
    Hopefully your still covered under the extended warranty
    My warranty ran out at 36k so I'm glad I remembered the bulletin

    I changed my Bridgestone Dueler HT's at 50k
    Replaced them with Dueler HL's so for so good
    The HL's are better in the rain and somewhat quieter

    The truck has been great my third Pathfinder ( 87',92',97')
    I have been told I will need front struts soon as well as brakes
    which are making some horrendous noises
    Can't wait to get an 01' or 02'
    I will post my experience with muffler fix
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    Sure, I'm all for working on a better price anytime. Another few hundred dollars is always nice. They do have the 3% holdback to work with. I can't get a good feel for the out-the-door price because I don't know what your tax or reg costs are.

    Just be sure to understand right away if they are going to hit you with some baloney doc or advertising fees. No matter what they say these are just profit builders.

    But then again I'm out of practice since I bought my PF in 5 minutes on the phone from Canada. No phoney fees either.

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    The price you were quoted by the dealer seems too high. The invoice price for the LE and all the options that you selected is as follows:

    LE AWD - Bronzed Gray $28,910
    floor mats 58
    body side molding 73
    microfilter 38
    limited slip 216
    splash guards ~50
    Invoice + options $29,345

    At $30, 990 quoted price you would be paying approximately $1,645 over invoice before tax, tags, destination charge and any other fees.

    I believe many people are buying their Pathfinders at couple hundred dollars over invoice. I have also seen dealer ads in the newspaper advertising loaded LEs (less Nav and Entertainment) for $3,500 under MSRP, which would put it at $154 under invoice.

    I would try to negotiate a better deal. Good luck.
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    Thanks marger, I completely missed that scraff did not mention leather seats in his list. Yes, that price is WAY too high if it has no leather!!

    Now on the other hand with leather the invoice goes up another $1734 and it would have been a pretty good deal.

    Sorry again. I'm getting so used to pricing the Canadian LE's that come standard with leather.

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    Its an LE AWD with Leather and all the other trimmings I mentioned earlier. After further research, learning about the 3% dealer holdback, I gotta be able to do better then that initial price. Looks they are working me on an $1100 profit the way I figure. Am I wrong? Crazy in the head?? Someone slap me! ;)
  • scraffscraff Member Posts: 5 is 5% and tags are $130. So I'm looking at $31,510 w / o tax and tags. Wish Canada was closer to Maryland!
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    The canadian deal really looks good. Does it also apply to used cars?
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    In my experiences dealers usually start to whine big time when you talk about cutting into their holdback. I say, so what! Negotiate them down as hard as possible. But get the other fees outta their first so they don't try to get more money from you later.

    And so what that Maryland isn't right next door to Canada? I know TWO people from Maryland that have gone to Toronto and driven home to save a few thousand. $225 for a plane ticket, and a day to drive back.

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    Saving money from Canada can also apply to used cars, but it's not so easy. With a new car, you have a fixed item. Make a deal on the phone in a couple minutes. But don't you really want to see a used item first? Much more difficult to establish condition and price.

    My opinion is to go for the new, know what you are getting, and save the big bucks too. But I realize that not everyone may have the budget for this.

    I see '99 Pathfinders in the paper all the time for about the same price as a new 2001 from Canada!

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    Sorry about the typo. Previous post should have read re:#161, not 165.
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    I'm also looking at the Pathfinder LE AWD in the Baltimore, MD area. Where are you looking?

    You might try Carmax, located in White Marsh

    But here is who I've been in contact with over the last 2-3 weeks:

    Carmax: I almost bought one 3 days ago (from overseas, sight unseen) for $31998, with Leather, Side Moldings, Sunroof wind deflector and it also had the Nissan Mobile Ent. System. It did not have Limited Slip, Microfilter, or the Tow Hitch.

    Bob Bell Nissan told me he would beat any price I got. Actually, they told me this twice.

    Security Nissan has been hard to deal with, via email anyway.

    Route 40 Nissan accepted my offer of $31,600 for a Loaded PF LE with every option minus the Nav and Ent System.

    Those are my findings in the Baltimore area, I still have another 2-3 weeks before I'll be statside and will be purchasing then. I'm just undecided on color.

    Let me know if you have any questions...good luck..and please inform me of any other contacts with Baltimore area Nissan dealers if I have missed them. Thanks.
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    If I were you, I would take $250 off the current price and see if they will bite. I especially like the idea of printing out the data from and telling them that you can always get your car from them. You don't necessarily need to show them this data. Good luck!
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    To Scraff and others,

    I just looked at the dealer incentives listed for 12/1/00 through 12/20/00 (see and it would appear that there is a current $500 dealer incentive on the 2001 Pathfinder. You might consider your dealer's profit margin just went up $500!! if you accept your current deal.
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    First off...let me start by thanking each and every individual that frequents this topic on!! The amount of information that I have gained from you all is invaluable to me and I probably would not be on the market for a 2001 Pathfinder LE if it wasn't for all the positive feedback found here.

    Now, on with my dilemma...

    What I'm looking at:

    2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE AWD
    (Sierra Silver) Invoice: $31,799

    Leather package ($1,734)
    Floor Mats ($58)
    Sunroof Wind Deflector ($42)
    Body Color Side Moldings ($73)
    Mobile Entertainment System ($1,126)


    My price is going to be $31,998 out the door (+ Tax,Title, and Tags)

    This is from the CarMax Nissan dealership in White Marsh, Maryland.

    My main worry is: I am currently overseas (as many of you know already) and won't be able to pick up/see the vehicle until January 5th or 6th at best.

    So, If I decide to buy today, I'm going to call the salesman that I have been dealing with and he will then have me fax a copy of my Drivers Liscense, a copy of my "sight draft" from my bank (USAA) where my loan is from, and a copy of my personal check for the down payment amount.

    He then will hold the vehicle in a special place at the dealership (where it can't be test-driven or touched) until I arrive in January and he may even be able to have it at the airport (BWI) all ready to go when I fly in on the 5th of January.

    Does all this sound good so far?

    What I'm going to do to hopefully avoid any problems:

    I'm going to have him fax me a copy of all the options that are on this vehicle along with the agreed price ($31,998), and have him sign it.

    After receiving his fax listing the options and the agreed price, I will then call my bank and have them send/release payment of the "sight draft" payable to CarMax and then I will mail payment in full via registered/certified mail to CarMax.

    I want to act now, for 2 reasons: My wife really wants the Nissan Mobile Ent. System (so do I though) and the other is because of the color: Sierra Silver, which is exactly want we want.

    The only option i wish it had is the Limited Slip. But I have decided that I can live without it now.

    How does all this look guys? Any chance I can get burned by doing it this way? I have talked with the salesman at CarMax more than 4 times already and he seems pretty believeable, and I think I could put my trust with him today without even seeing him yet! So, I feel pretty comfortable.

    I just wanted to post all this to be safe. If anyone sees anything wrong or has any information or comments for me, by all means: Please let me know qas soon as you can!

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    I would be careful buying a car You haven't driven yet. Some of the PFs have a shimmy at highway speeds. Granted these are few in number, but if your luck is like mine there is a SS PF with the ent system sitting in MD with a shimmy waiting to greet you off the plane. My PF had a hint of the "shimmy" when new, but it has disappeared making me more assured it was a tire wear problem. If you feel compelled to buy as you describe above, I would have a right of refusal added to the purchase contract. If you arrive and find the PF has a problem of any kind then you could cancel the deal.
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    Has anyone noted any maintenance difficulties with the 2001 pathfinder or new 3.5L engine? (Such as access to the plugs, oil filter etc)
    Does the rear window air deflector reduce the dust and/or grime build-up on the back or liftback? Does it add any wind noise?
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    The only thing that I have done so far was change the oil on the VQ35 motor. The filter is at the front of the motor. It is angled forward and down @ about a 45 deg angle. The get to it, you have to remove a guard which is from the back of the bumper to the front of the engine (is this where the real skid plate goes???). There are a few bolts and one plastic clip to remove (IIRC). After that, it is a cinch to do the rest. That protective cover only adds 5 mins to the oil change. As for the plugs, I guess I will post back here when the truck reaches somewhere in the 60K to 100K miles range. :-)

    I haven't had a chance to wash my truck in two weeks! :-( And the back is pretty dirty. It would actually say that is it the dirtiest part of the truck. The good thing is that the truck sits in a garage all week though so no one sees it! :-)

  • nismofreaknismofreak Member Posts: 120
    Did any one get skip plates for their Pathy? Which parts of the undercarriage do they covers?

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    ...until you actually see and drive the vehicle. market data shows that car sales are slowing down and more incentives are going to come the consumer's way.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    did you have to raise the PF to do the oil change? Or was the clearance high enough that you do not need to "jack" it up?
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    Oil change is very easy once you remove the plastic cover. There is even a little spout attachment under where the filter goes to try and catch all of the oil that drips down during changing to keep things clean. There is enough clearance to get under the vehicle without jacking. One of the easiest vehicle to change the oil filter on in my opinion.
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    I just changed all of the bulbs in my 01 PF LE. I put the PIAA H4 plasmas in the headlights. Fast and easy installation about 5 minutes per light. Net result - a little bit brighter than stock. Has the blueish Xenon-like look. All in all, a questionable upgrade at a cost of $60.

    I also changed the foglights to H3 PIAA Platinum. I stayed with the 55 watt bulbs. PIAA does have an H3 light of 85 watts available. Net result - TONS brighter than stock!! A 100% worthwhile improvement at a cost $42. Took a little longer than the headlights to install but still very easy. About 20 minutes per light, most of which is trying to figure out how to get the black plastic piece off without scratching it. The fog lights do get a little warmer than stock but I do not think it is anything to worry about as the housing is all glass.
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    Yes. I had to jack it but the front right tyre never left the floor. I am not a small guy (6'2" 235) and I use a creeper (no sense in getting dirty) so YMMV.

    I used a 2.5 ton hydraulic jack to raise the truck. There are good jacking points right there on the frame. Nice!

    hopes this helps.
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    I am not as big a guy as nismofreak, and I had no trouble getting under to change the oil without jacking it up. No creeper though either. As was said, filter access is very easy. Only surprise I had was how little the filter is. Even my smallest filter wrench was too big.
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    poswald wrote:
    >> About 20 minutes per light, most of which is trying to figure out how to get the black plastic piece off without scratching it. <<

    OK, I give. What is the solution? The shop manual is a little vague here.

  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    Thanks for your feedback, guys.

    poswald: i, too, would be interested in the step-by-step of removing the black plastic without scratching. looks like it is worthwhile replacing the fog light bulbs.
  • poswaldposwald Member Posts: 38
    The problem here is that the plastic piece is very soft and easily scratched if you just brute force pry it off with a screwdriver. I am usually anal about this kind of stuff.

    What I found to work best is to stick your fingers into the little space between the bulb and the plastic piece and to then push away and out (towards you) from the glass assembly to try and make this gap as big as possible. Then have someone you trust, stick a small screwdriver (covered with a rag or something) in between this gap to gently pry it away until it pops off. The only thing holding the cover on is two little nips (what you are prying off)located on the lamp assembly side about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way down from vertical. Initially I was confused because I did not know which side of teh cover and where I should be prying. Hope this makes sense.
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    Jon- I left off the freight charge of $520 because CarMax doesn't charge any dest./freight charge, but I should have listed it like you said. ALSO: Thanks for catching my mistake on the Invoice vs. LIST price I mentioned in my last post. I've been crunching numbers and I surely just read it wrong when I went to list it all. Again, thanks.

    Sanandton & Crikey-
    I hear what you are both saying and it does make sense. Just wait. I guess the main reason I wanted to act today was because I'm afraid the $500 Incentive that's available now on the 01' PF would be gone come January. But after hearing your guy's points and discussing it again with my wife here today, we have in fact decided to wait.

    Sure, saving $500 would be great......but paying $500 more in a few weeks (if indeed the incentive goes away like reported on Dec. 20th) and getting a PF with no shimmy or any other problems, and after being able to test-drive it is what I should do!

    I'm sure I could do the deal today with no problems, but the benefits of waiting another few weeks far outweigh the problems I could get into if I bought today.

    Again, many thanks to all the help I have gotten today. Please keep me on the straight & narrow path over these next 2 weeks!!!
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    Incidentally, once you get the black plastic cover off. There are two 10 mm bolts that hold the foglight assembly on. You remove these and the entire assembly easily comes out. There is a rubber seal that you 1/4 twist in the correct direction to get it off of the lamp assembly(it is labeled with arrows). Inside of the rubber seal are 2 wires (a black and a white) connected to the fog light bulb itself. You easily pull the two wires off and can now remove the foglight assembly from the truck entirely. Once you have it out there is a tensioned wire, similar to the headlight that you push down and flip and the bulb comes out easily. Replace the bulb (careful not to touch the bulb itself), redo the wire tension thing, reconnect the wires (one is male and one is female so you can not screw up), put the asembly back into the truck and put the 2 bolts back in. Push the plastic cover piece back on and your done.
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    Has anyone put slightly larger tires on their '99.5 or newer Pathfinder? I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences on what would fit with out rubbing. I don't want to alter the suspension at all, but I would like to put a little more rubber on the trail. I'd also like to stick with the stock wheels.

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    I added a pair of PIAA 520 fog lights on my PF, but you need a brushguard for these lights. It helps a lot for visal when I was up in the mountain area at night.

    I also want to change my fog light bulbs but it seems a bit complicated. Maybe it's easier doing it but I'll go check it out. Since I do want to match my PIAA headlights.
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  • ds532ds532 Member Posts: 5
    to smithmd: I put slightly larger tires on my 01 Pathfinder: P255/70R16 Michelin LTX snow and mud tires fit well, no rubbing. Now I have a much better traction on snowy roads; the original Bridgestones (P255/65R16) were terrible on slick roads. I am not sure if bigger tires (such as P265/70R16) will fit or not.
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    Since the new software upgrade here on Town Hall seems to have deleted alot these posts, thought I'd be a nice guy and post them all here, for continuity sake anyway!!!

    Note: I do not have posts 184-226

    Hope this works:

    #227 of 246: le cost (pathfindme) Fri 15 Dec '00 (05:11 AM)

    OK, OK, you convinced me! He's giving me the
    factory leather for 1391 more so it's $31,391 w/
    everything but the navi/ent systems. I know I
    could probably do a little better, but I'm going to
    get it if he doesn't change anything on the
    financing - 6.9% APR for 60 months. Anyone getting
    any better APR right now?

    Also, talk to me about service contract and
    extended warrantee....



    #228 of 246: stevinwshingtn & loboy: Rear Deflector (plwilliams) Fri 15 Dec '00 (05:15 AM)

    The after market rear air deflector is VERY
    different from that which comes on the SE. I
    wanted the SE version on my LE and the accessories
    mgr at the dealer said "no problem". He ordered
    one which turned out to be the after market
    version. When it came in I went to have it
    installed and saw that it was not the SE version.
    It was the thin acrylic (or whatever) stuff and
    attached via the rear hatch window hinges. In
    fact, he said that new hinges were included in the
    box (I didn't see them). I went to the Parts
    department and they found the SE version on their
    computer. I love the SE version but, beware, they
    cost big bucks, approx $400 installed. To me it
    was worth it to get something as strong and good
    looking as it is. Hope that this helps a little.

    #229 of 246: Jill (sanandton) Fri 15 Dec '00 (05:49 AM)

    Glad you saw the light. What area do you live in?
    If it is in the SE I would be glad to help you
    get the same or even better deal on a LE with
    factory leather. You will not get the side airbags
    if it is after market. Also, are the seats power
    with after market leather?
    Don't waste your money on the service
    contract. Invest your 1400 dollars in the market
    or a CD. The chances are you will not need it with
    the PF. Now with the Jeep all bets are off.

    #231 of 246: Jill (sanandton) Fri 15 Dec '00 (05:58 AM)

    You may want to check out Http://
    New vechicles nissan pathfinders. My local dealer
    has 30 in stock most are less than 31k.

    #232 of 246: plwilliams: Rear Deflector (nano317) Fri 15 Dec '00 (07:42 AM)

    I guess is more expensive because the SE rear
    deflector needs drilling. Compare to the
    aftermarket it attaches to the hinges. The
    question I got is if you installed the aftermarket
    rear deflector do you use the existing hatch hinges
    or fo you have to replace the entire hinge with
    the one that it comes with.

    Thank you for your help.

    #233 of 246: Tyre recommendations (nismofreak) Fri 15 Dec '00 (07:39 AM)

    I am looking for a good M/S tyre for year 'round
    use. I am not impressed with how the stock Duelers
    feel in heavy rain. The configuration of the truck
    is: '01 SE 4x4 32/30 psi.

    Is the Michelin LTX M/S good? It seems to be well
    rated on Any other suggestions?


    #234 of 246: Accessories (loboy) Fri 15 Dec '00 (07:43 AM)

    allblue-thanks for the response. I think
    nissanpartsusa is in MD (Dartmouth Nissan). Part
    of the problem why it took so long was it didn't
    get ship for a whole week.

    plwilliams-thanks for the clarification. The rear
    deflector I got was the "acrylic" one. It is of
    the same material as the sunroof deflector. It is
    about 1/4" thick. Looks sturdy enough. We'll see
    what kind of mounting hardware I'll get (if they
    ever get back to me).

    #235 of 246: Room for three children! (anthonyv) Fri 15 Dec '00 (08:00 AM)

    We currently have a minivan. I am thinking about
    trading that in for a Pathfinder SE 4x4. I am
    concerned about the backseat space. Would it b
  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    #236 of 246: Another hidden features (travinh) Fri 15 Dec '00 (08:25 AM)

    There is no key hole to manually open the
    door from the passenger side. If your remote
    control is broken, you can't open the passenger
    side door to let your girl friend in without
    getting into the driver side first....

    #237 of 246: RE: room for 3 children (goose1207) Fri 15 Dec '00 (08:28 AM)

    The back seat should be fine for the kids. They
    also recline too so there is some flexibility with
    the space. They are not suitable for three full
    size adults though.

    #238 of 246: Tow hitch (travinh) Fri 15 Dec '00 (08:41 AM)

    My 2001 LE doesn't came with the hitch. I called
    Nissan OEM part dealers. They all said that the
    Nissan OEM hitch is on back order. It would take
    me a long wait to get one.

    I will need a hitch to tow a small trailer soon.
    Can anyone please recommend a good and cool
    looking aftermarket
    hitch for my 2001 LE? Should I get the round tube
    or retangular hitch?


    #239 of 246: Deflector (peaches5) Fri 15 Dec '00 (10:06 AM)

    I bought mine from
    I *guess* it's the SE one (I have an LE). I know
    it's not of the same material as a sunroof
    deflector. I didn't install it - had Nissan do
    that. Not sure of the prices though :( Irontoad
    seemed to have a lot of Nissan things and the box
    and parts all said Nissan.

    #240 of 246: Tow Hitch (bgritz) Fri 15 Dec '00 (11:10 AM)

    HIdden Hitch Class III tubular, or Draw-Tite Class
    III tubular

    My friend and I put on the Draw -Tite in about 15
    minutes no drilling, (you do have to leave off the
    tow plate in the end) and it looks great! I also
    installed a T-harness in about 25
    minutes-completely hidden out of sight.

    email me if you need more info, I can get back to
    you on Monday AM w/specifics.

    #241 of 246: t-Harness (bgritz) Fri 15 Dec '00 (11:08 AM)

    That's for the electrical, sorry.

    #242 of 246: Survey: PF Speed to not turn tippy? (crikey) Fri 15 Dec '00 (11:47 AM)

    Being used to a low-to-the-ground car, I can
    normally make stable turns at quicker speeds.
    Since I always have that turning hangover when I
    drive the PF, I always feel that the PF is going to
    tip over when I turn.

    Question is, at what speed do you guys turn when
    driving the PF?

    This morning, I took the exit ramp at around 50mph
    and boy, did that wake me up!

    I know, I know, I should go slower. It is an SUV,
    for crying out loud.

    But, feedback is welcome.

    #243 of 246: That depends... (phil47) Fri 15 Dec '00 (12:35 PM)

    ...on the radius of the turn, whether it's a
    constant radius or tightening, and whether the turn
    is negative camber...

    That aside, the aggressive tires, softer
    suspension and high center of gravity of an SUV
    generally mean that you need to corner slower (I
    find around 2/3 the speed I used to corner in my
    Honda Accord as a crude reference). The most
    important thing to remember is to "set" your
    suspension before entering a turn. What this means
    is, just as you enter the curve, turn in slightly
    (less than required) and gently to load the
    suspension on one side of the truck. The truck will
    be leaning slightly but stable. You then
    immediately but slowly increase the turn-in to the
    amount required to actually complete the turn. If
    done properly (it takes a little practice), you can
    take corners faster but safely as the truck will
    not lean violently which leads to reduced traction
    or rollovers. In engineering terms, you are
    applying force statically rather than dynamically
    resulting in less deflection (sorry loboy, I
    couldn't resist!).

    #244 of 246: Got my LE AWD today! (scraff) Fri 15 Dec '00 (12:45 PM)

    Fully loaded - Bronzed Gray - Charcoal Leather
    (except navi / ent) - got it from Tischer Nissan in
    Laurel, Md.

    $31,098 including destination charges. They
    matched CarMax price for me. They were trying to
    get me at $31,510, but I worked off the
  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    I plan on purchasing my 2001 LE Pathfinder in about 2.5 weeks from Maryland also. I had planned on making CarMax my first stop when I get into the area, however, I wanted to clarify exactly what options you got on your PF LE for $31,098?

    Did you get:

    Tow Hitch package
    Limited Slip Diff.

    It was my understanding, from speaking with 2 different sales rep at the CarMax there, that all the 2001 PF's they have priced at $31,098 do not include those 3 options (Tow Hitch, Filter,Lim. Slip).

    So, if you were able to get any of these options on your PF at Tischer Nissan, then maybe I'll make them my first stop when I get into town. How far of a drive are we talking from BWI airport to Tischer Nissan? Can you give me any contact (name/number) of whom you dealed with?

    Thanks for any help you might have!
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    Okay, I'm taking a poll. Who likes (or owns) the charcoal leather interior and who likes (or owns) the beige leather and why?
  • loboyloboy Member Posts: 75
    We have the Aspen White LE. It only comes in Beige leather. Charcoal would be too much of a contrast.
  • ds532ds532 Member Posts: 5
    to nismofreak (post #233) my new P255/70R16 Michelin LTX M/S tires are great off raod and on snowy and icy roads. I agree, the original Bridgestones were lousy on wet and slick roads. I haven't tried these new tires on rain (all I get here is snow right now...I live in Wyoming); the Michelins are grat on snow, though, and I think they'll be great on wet surfaces as well.
  • loboyloboy Member Posts: 75
    I'm not sure if I like this new layout. Lost about 3 new posts already tonight. Guess I'm going to have to get use to it.
  • drew_drew_ Member Posts: 3,382
    You won't have to get used to losing posts because it won't happen regularly. When we moved to the new software, all of the data (and there's a lot of it to move) that migrated over to this platform ended on Wednesday night. Anything posted on Well Engaged in between Wednesday evening and today was "lost". FYI, TH members were warned about this on the mainTH page, as well as the Talk to the hosts topics.

    Thanks Mike, for copying and reposting the messages here. I hope my explanation above clears things up.

    Drew Townhall co-host
    Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories conferences
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    I'm considering going the buy-in-Canada route, but my concern is convenience and the shortest ride home. So, which is the the closest major buying market in Canada relative to New York city? From my approximations, it's either Toronto or Ottawa.

    Any insights appreciated.

  • couimetcouimet Member Posts: 130
    Mapquest distances are 440 miles to Ottawa, 490 to Toronto from New York. You save a bit more by going to Kingston - 380 miles.

    See for Dealers ...
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    First, this new forum software stinks I just lost a message I was trying to post. And I run Interned sites for a living, so I know how this stuff should work.

    Thanks for the info couimet. I show plane ticket to Kings ton will cost about $494, plus no direct flights. A ticket to Ottawa will cost $402 direct, 90 minutes. But every 50 - 65 miles one can save is an hour less drive back time!

    Any other Canadian/New York border friends have any other suggested cities?

  • couimetcouimet Member Posts: 130
    If you're flying, go to Ottawa unless you can get a better price at a Toronto dealer ...
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    Just thought I'd let everybody know.....I don't know if there is some new incentive available (besides the current $500 one anyway) but the Pathfinder I'm looking at has dropped $1100 over the past week at CarMax. Here is the details:

    2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE AWD

    Mobile Ent. System
    Floor Mats
    Sunroof Wind Deflector
    Body Side Moldings
    Leather Package

    (NO: Tow Hitch, Microfilter, or Lim. Slip)

    My price would be $31,398 out the door plus TT&L

    Crikey - Sanandton: Do you guys think I should still hold off and wait another 2.5 weeks to purchase in person? I sent them a fax, asking them what I would need to do to "hold" this PF without sending all the cash (I proposed a $1,000 deposit) and to also havve the option to change my mind when I arrive at the dealership on January 5th.

    what do you think?
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    THis is a great price! I used to price out your configuration (I used my NY zip code) and tis is what I got:

    MSRP= 35,854
    Invoice= 32,463
    carsdirect= 32,007
    your price= 31,398 !

    If this price is real and in your color, I'd jump all over it. But make sure there is a clause that let's you out if the vehicle doesn't test drive satisfactorily when you pick up. Also, ONLY use your credit card to leave a deposit, any reputable dealer will accept this. Anybody who leaves cash or check is asking to be taken, a credit card will fully protect your deposit in case of dispute.

    Good luck!
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    I still have not heard back from CarMax as of yet. It's only been a couple of hours though. During my last conversation with him last week, he said they could not take a credit card whatsoever. I didn't really press the issue with him at all, so this time I may press a little harder...and tell them I'll buy from a dealer who does. Maybe that will help:)

    I'm unsure on color really also. I think I like the Silver the best...but I don't think I'll really know until I see it in person. My other top choices are: Bronzed Gray, Super Black and Green.

    I may call him before they close tonight...but I really wish he would respond to my his defense though, maybe he isn't working today? Guess I should call them, huh!
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    As of about 5 days ago, this PF only had 21 miles on it. Which is good!

    Your numbers are right on with what they list on their web site also Tony.
    I almost jumped on this vehicle when it was $31, $31,398 I may just do it. If they accept credit card as deposit for it and if they allow me to change my mind after test drive.
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    Personal opinion: we currently have a '97 Sahara Beige coming off of lease (in fact it's 2 months past!) and I love the light gold color. But the wife refuses to get another one the same color if we go with the PF again (we're also considering a '01 JGCL). We've already looked and she really likes the Bronzed Gray and I like the Super Black. So you've obviously made some good choices ;-)

    But if I was getting one for the first time, I'd get the Sahara Beige. Very rich looking.

    The only legit reason I can think of why they would go so low is that the vehicle has been on the lot less than 30 days and they are willing to give up some of the dealer holdback?
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