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Nissan Pathfinder



  • mbunting:
    The manual states that an All-Mode PF should be driven, if possible, in 2WD for the first 1000 miles/1600 km. RPM's should be kept under 4,000 and avoid driving long distances as a specific speed. Don't worry about the admonition to stay under the speed limit: that is a legal, not technical, remark. I find it amusing that the manual also states not to use the cup holders while driving as that may cause an accident!

    Glad Jon's directions swayed the Customs officials for you, but sorry you got a bad steer from someone at Royal Bank initially. As I said earlier, they were very helpful with my transfer.

  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    Savage4, I agree with you to some extent. Being this is a heavy "monster" compare to cars, it will take longer distance to stop but you should be able to "feel" the brakes. I drive a little Neon so there's really no comparison. During my search for the SUV, I did notice all the SUVs takes longer to stop. The SUV I felt did the best was the 4Runner :(. The manual has a section on brakes. If memory serves me right, I think it says the "play" should be 1/4" to less than an inch. I will verify this tonight.
  • I am reading that some of you are replacing the
    headlamp bulbs on your Pathfinders. Are you gaining any significant illumination? It seems to
    me the lamps are aimed just a tad too low. On a
    cross country trip a few months ago, carrying a
    full load, the lamps did not seem to be a problem.
    The weight of the luggage, etc. elavated the aim
    just right. However I can not see that the headlamps can be adjusted. I have thought about
    useing washers as spacers under the attaching bolts. Anyone tried this? At 12,000 miles our PF
    is performing flawlessly. No trips back to dealer
    yet. Also I have only one grease zert (on the front drive shaft) are there any more ???
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Thanks for the info from the manual. Looks like I'll just have to make alot of stops on my way from Baltimore to Indianapolis after picking up my 01' LE next month, I guess I can live with that. Besides, gives me some more stops to show off my new toy, right!!!
  • It's not unusual for ABS brakes to feel a bit spongy. But if it makes you uncomfortable ask
    your dealer or service shop to bleed them. Preferably with a machine. This is not anywhere
    in the manuals, but if you will have them completely bleed about 50,000 miles it will sure
    extend the life of the very expensive ABS module.
    (prevents sticking valves and plungers in the ABS
    module) I have made this a practice. "No ABS problems" The spongy feel could be air in the system.
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    Well, after looking at the owner's manual again, I have to retract my earlier post on the "play" of the brakes. I was mistakingly referring to the clutch pedal (for those with a M/T). The only reference on the brake pedal is the distance from the pedal to the lower dash panel when the brake is depressed. For A/T, it should be at least 2.75" (2.5" for M/T). I have not measured mine and not planning to. I plan to have the dealer look at it anyway. They should not raise an issue since the brakes are an important safety part of the vehicle that is still under warranty.
  • I have a 2001 SE and have placed the child seat in and it is my understanding that the anchor kit supplied w/ the car seat is all you need. I attached the anchor to the child seat and brought the other end over the seat back and attached it to the anchor hook in the cargo area. This anchor hook is under the carpet and is precut so all you need to do is bend it up. Is this correct? I saw a post that was referncing bolts under the seat and this confuses me? Any info would be appreciated.

    The question regarding the DVD player. I looked at the connection where the VCR connects. It is a five prong connections that does not look familiar. I am sure that if you can find a converter connector to connect to your DVD it should work. All the signaling and voltages should be the same.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Sounds like you have it right. The anchor hooks are the ones under the carpet cutouts about 1/3 of the way back from the seats in the cargo area. There are 3 of them (if you install all 3).
  • I used to have a Ford Bronco. I bought a neat loose fitting cover that velcroed to the side walls, thereby covering all of the interior materials in the rear cargo are. I then put a hard rubber floor covering over that, to allow my dog to get some traction. When I sold the car, I pulled all of that stuff up, and the rear cargo area looked like new. Anyone found that type (the loose type) for the pathfinder online?

    By the way, this board was partially responsible for my turning in my Acura CL-S (ONE year into ownership) for a Pathfinder LE. I love it.
  • couimetcouimet Posts: 130
    I agree that this is a great roof top carrier - It takes no space when not in use but holds 13 cubic feet when needed. Beats the rigid cargo boxes for occasional users of rooftop carriers. Mine is always in the "truck" ready for use when needed ...
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    I'm looking at the following:

    2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE AWD (Sierra Silver)

    Floor Mats
    In-Cabin Microfilter
    Tow Hitch III
    Body Color Side Moldings
    Sunroof Wind Deflector
    Nissan Mobile Entertainment System
    Leather Package

    Only option not on it: Limited Slip

    Out the door price of $32046 including fees ($48)
    Not including Tax-Title-Lisc.

    What do you all think? Looks like I'm paying about $800 under invoice
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    After talking with the salesman again on the phone I found out that a couple of the options I listed above are not on this particular Pathfinder: (Tow Hitch & Microfilter)

    2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE AWD (Sierra Silver)

    Floor Mats
    Body Color Side Moldings
    Sunroof Wind Deflector
    Nissan Mobile Entertainment System
    Leather Package

    Only options not on it: Limited Slip, Tow Hitch, Microfilter

    Out the door price of $32013
    Not including Tax-Title-Lisc.

    Now it looks like I'm paying about $400 or so under invoice.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    If you purchase a Pathfinder without the In-Cabin Microfilter, is it possible to add one after purchase?

    I thought I remember reading that you would have to cut out an opening somewhere in the dash to install one if you didn't originally get the MF when you ordered it? This may be on an Xterra, I can't remember, can anyone confirm?

  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    mailbox! I go outta town for one week and wack, we have a nice little dent in the front right quarter panel. At least it didn't break the paint. Oh well, it is still a great vehicle, just has more character now.
    Ruski, saw your hidden response about wind chill and I'd have to agree with you. It is a media buzz word that creates more interest in the weather portion of the news.
  • Looks like a good deal to me. You will rest easy at night, especially after driving the PF for a while. Each day it proves it was worth every dime. A rarity in Autos nowadays.
  • How many people here got the NAV system for their 2001 Pathfinder?
  • I am looking at a 1997 pf with 37,000 miles. The condumer reports says it has average reliability for that year. Anyone have one they are happy or unhappy with. Any comments. Should I buy it?????
  • duperduper Posts: 127

    I have 1999 Pathfinder which is excatly the same as the '97. It's been 35,000 miles and it's great. As far as I know, 1997 is the second year of the new design so some of the existed bugs probably already got worked out. If the price is right, and with only 37,000 miles on it, it shouldn't give you any problems.

    Good luck
  • duperduper Posts: 127
    Finally I put on the side mouldings for my 99 SE. They look great, give the truck a perception of being longer. The process was not that difficult, about 30 min or less. As Phil47 mentioned earlier, the tricky part was the measuring tape. If you lined it up straight, your moulding will look like dealer installed :). Unfortunately, mine is about 98% straight :(.
    If you're considering adding this, I recomment shopping around. I got mine at and the price is pretty high. I found out later that at it's much cheaper but they only listed 2000-2001 model. I think 96-2001 has the same doors and body panels so I'm not sure why different models were listed.

    I'm taking it to Tahoe snow next week and have some fun...yeahhhhh

    Wish I have a digi camera...ohh well.. that's for x-mas.. take care everyone
  • lzzzlzzz Posts: 4
    The navigation system in the PF is great because it gives a bird eye view. You could also zoom in for a closer view. I think Nissan has one of the best Navigation system out there. The only downfall is that you have to update the cd every 6 months with all the road changes. Also, there are some mistakes in the system. I would only get the Nav. system if I am a frequent traveler. Other than that, I wouldn't spend that extra $1,200.
  • I'd like to get the wood trim piece for the passenger a/c vent on the le. Do you have a good phone number for autostock? Thanks.
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    duper-I'm also adding the side mouldings for my 01 LE. I bought mine at nissanpartsusa about 2.5 weeks ago (still waiting though). Just for the fun of it, I checked the prices on nissan-accessories and they were more expensive, $2.51 each to be exact (you have to buy 2 of them-left and right). That goes for all the other accessories. Granted I was comparing the 2001 models. Right now, nissan-accessories has free shipping (UPS ground), so that could make up the difference. You're right about shopping around though. Btw, how long did you have to wait for yours to arrive? I think 2.5 weeks is an extremely long time for any shipment. Guess I'll e-mail them tomorrow.

    Have fun on your Tahoe trip. Let us know how the PF does.
  • duperduper Posts: 127
    It took 2 weeks+1 day for the part to arrive at the...wrong address. It got delivered to my old house even though I repeatedly (twice) told the guy taking order via the phone of my new address. When found out it was the wrong house via tracking number (they never send you a tracking number, you have to email then and ask), I called UPS and they said Nissanpartusa has to issue a re-direction in order for the to retrieve it ( it could take up to 2 weeks). I ended up jumping the fences to pick it up in front of the door at the old house (no one was home, they seem to out of town for the weekend or something).

    One advice though, do not peel the red cover tape on the back of the moulding all the way out. Just pull out enough (3+ inches or so) to have to initial stick and slowly pull the tape out and align the moulding. Make sure it's straight before press on it because once it has pressure it sticks like hair on crazy glue.

    Goodluck and keep us update on it.

    Have fun
  • Send George an email at . George also emailed me a "map" of all the parts/kits that were available for my `01. I ended up getting pieces for around the interior door handles and for the overhead console. They look great and hard to distinguish from OEM. I think I started all of this with AutoStock back in September and George told me he had no problem with me giving him a plug in this forum so hopefully he's still as accommodating
  • mek7mek7 Posts: 3
    The dealer was going to take too long to bleed the brakes so I just went with the oil change. Maybe when I can drop it off I will have them bled. I wasn't going to sit there for 3 hours.

    I was prepared to pay for the oil change but the service guy comped it "since it was my first time in the service department". Not bad.
  • dannykadannyka Posts: 115
    I have a '99 SE which did not come with the hook for the car seat. I had to buy and install it myself. At some point, they became required and so is now included with yours.

    I have a friend at work with a '97 PF. She has about 55K miles on it and has not had a problem with it as far as I know (or at least was worth telling me about).

  • I have a 1997 LE - burned through tires at 21,000 miles. Vehicle is otherwise great. I'm in a dispute with Nissan about what I feel (and others on this board) is premature wear due to the front-end (struts...) Other than the posts here and NHTSA sites, anyone having any additional info to support the idea of the vehicle being responsible as opposed to just the tires? If anyone has a copy of the "Plastics and Rubber" magazine article that supposedly made mention of this issue, please let me know. Any and all help appreciated. This is my 2nd PF and I've raved about both of them. But if Nissan won't admit there is something amiss here, I may need to revisit my feelings about Nissan cust. svc and products... Thanks in advance.
  • I also hav CD-Rs in my changer, so far no problems yet. I've noticed that the people who uses the Shuffle function (which in mix the songs in different CDs) have that problem. I think, from my opinion, it's the changer that's over working then it goes bad. so I would stay away from the shuffle function. Anyone else got another opinion?

    Crikey: Yeah, I got a lot of modify civic and other cars that makes on sense. blue blinker, clear lenses, big exhaust( and I mean big). I guess the cops will leave me alone for my headlights. Well I guess I'll have to wait for the 4runner vs pathfinder discussion group to come back on.
    Love my PF, just got my first oil change. It's been great so far. Just went skiing this past weekend, kind of want to drive the PF up to the ski slopes like the commerical. then I decided not to. Hahahaha

    Enjoy your PF guys.
  • I have a 2000 4WD LE that just isn't what I wanted in an SUV :( I want to either sell it or trade it in and checked which gave a $25K price for trade and $32K for retail! I can't believe it's that high (I paid $28.8 a year ago). I'm just curious to see what people are paying for used 2000's. If I can even get the $25K I'll trade it in tomorrow :) Any info would be great - thanks.
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