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Nissan Pathfinder



  • I've been thinking about adding a few lights to my 2001 SE PF. I don't want to put headlights on but would like to add some "area" lights that would help out in situations like camping. Anyone have any experience adding more lights? Are there any issues and/or pitfalls I should know about (max voltage/wattage, wiring issues, warranty voiding etc...). Any help would be appriciated. Cheers.

  • ubrsfubrsf Posts: 51
    Pardon me, but don't most owners of 96 and 97 PF have more than 30,000 miles on their trucks? if so then haven't they already changed their tires? like in my case. I had to change them at 37,000 miles. This bulletin doesn't make sense!
  • Just can't get over how current the responses are on this bulletin board!

    For the person looking to buy a 97 Pathfinder, I wanted to let her know that they are a very good value compared to other SUVs in that class/year. I bought my 97 XE 4wd in mid 98 with about 20K miles on it for just under 20K. It hasn't had any major problems now with 45K miles. The only thing I've had a problem with is a sticky accelerator and a noise in the exhaust which started recently (maybe cracked). I still have to check it out. Maybe others reading this have had similar problems...that's actually why I checked out the site. I've read about these problems on other sites and heard varying results/solutions. I can't get a straight answer on the phone from the dealer which is 100 miles away. Anyway I'm going to make another phone call after doing some investigating.

    I live in 4wd country so the PF has been the perfect vehicle for me and my lifestyle. With the updates to the 2001 Pathfinder, you should be able to make a great deal on the '97 as demand should be down.
  • Date of the article was 1997.
  • Anyone fitted their 2001 PF with more aggressive tires (bigger)? I'm not talking 33 inchers, but slightly larger than stock? How do they look? Is the ABS still working?
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I traded my 99.5 LE (loaded) in for a 2001 LE. I was very pleasantly surprised by the value I got for my 99.5. I paid $40k CAD (including tax), put around 12,000 miles on it, and traded it in for $32k CAD. I could have got around $35k for it selling it myself, but it would have worked out the same after tax on the new vehicle. This means this truck retained 87% of its value after more than a year! Evidentally my truck lasted one day on the lot, and there was a bidding war for it. People like the new body style and the fact it uses regular unleaded (vs premium in my 2001). I think you'll do quite well on your sale.
  • Many thanks! I wondered why the resale was so high, I guess that does make some sense about the regular gas :) I also don't have very many miles on it, so I'm sure that's why I got a high number back from I only rated it "good" - it's really close to excellent since it has no scratches or dents and the inside is pristine. Let's just hope the Lexus dealers are as impressed by it as the Nissan dealer you traded with ;)
    Thanks again!
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    You're not thinking of buying an RX300 are you?? Peaches5, how can you do this...why not the QX4? Don't jump...we can work this out!
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    What brand/model of tires come on the 2001 LE AWD model?

    I'm overseas and I can't find out this info anywhere. I'd like to look up information on them so I know how they rate, etc.

    Many thanks for any help.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    ...on mine. Exact same tire as on my 99.5.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Thanks for your very quick reply!
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Another tire question, sorry...

    Does anyone happen to know the series of the Duelers?

    Dueler HTS
    Dueler H/L
    Dueler H/P
    Dueler H/T
    Dueler A/T
    Dueler M/T
  • phil47: No, no, no! Too small :) I want the LX470. I was going to get the Land Cruiser, but then rode in a friend's LX. Because the 1999's don't have the VSC, they're selling used ones around here for about $45K. Of course, I could always use the money for my kid's college tuition.......nah ;) I may end up with the LC anyway, but I'm TRYING to find a way to get the LX :))

    mbunting: From what I remember, the tires you end up with (at least on the 2000's) were regional and depending on the dealer. I have Toyo's on my 2000 LE.
  • JoeyJoey Posts: 1
    Back in 1997 I traded my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee in for a shiny new 1997 Pathfinder SE. I have not encountered any major problems with my PF except for a sticky accelerator which I had Nissan perform what they call a fuel induction service that fixed the problem. Maybe I don't have many problems that are supposed to affect the 97 models because mine was made in May of '97. I'm very happy with my Pathfinder and I don't have any regrets about trading my JGC in for one.
  • ds532ds532 Posts: 5
    Hey zekecl (post 131): I put new P255/70R16 Michelin LTX mud and snow tires on my 01 Pathfinder, and what a noticable improvement in driving and handling on snowy and icy roads! The original P255/65R16 Bridgestones were just to weak for slick roads (don't know why). Anyway, P255/70R16 will fit just fine...if you want bigger tires, I don't know if P265/70R16 size will fit, but I wouldn't go any bigger than P255/70R16 (remember, the clearance on the new Pathfinder has been lowered). The ABS functions normally as before.
  • pat01pat01 Posts: 23
    Regarding the later (after-the-factory) installation of the Microfilter to the 2001 model, as far as I understand (from my service guy), the filter is located deep behind the passenger dash. It may be highly likely that if this is not factory installed, the service site may need to be awfully invasive to clear this compartmental space to install it. I'd check with a local service center rep if you are strongly considering this route.

    Has anyone ever tried to change their own Microfilter on the 2001 AWD PF?
  • The Bridgestones are the HT series. PFs also come with Dunlop Granteks and Toyo tires.
    I have the Bridgestones, and have found them to have excellent road manners thus far. I don't do much off roading and snow is only 3-4 times a year here. They are very quiet on the interstate, and handle very well.
    I won't recap the entire drive, but had to reach a destination in a hurry by driving through the foothills of a local mountain range not long ago. The PF handled in a sports car like manner, and the tires provided me plenty of control. I think they are a good combo.
  • Someone please tell me they think this is a good deal. About to purchase tomorrow. I'm pretty sure its a sweet deal, but I'd love some support on this. Thanks!

    LE AWD - Bronzed Gray

    floor mats
    body side molding
    limited slip
    splash guards

    before tax, tags, and destination charge ($520?)

    $30, 990.
  • mcc32mcc32 Posts: 4
    What are the implications of using non-premium (middle grade or reg.)gas in my '01 LE?? Is it just a gas milage issue or is there something more sinister involved?
  • I remember somebody posting about installing the microfilter themselves.

    It involved them removing the glove box, cutting heavy cardboard like substance cutout for the mf (I believe he said it is marked where is should be cut) and then replacing the glove box.

    It was also recommended to use a very sharp utility knife (ie. one with a new blade) to keep the cut clean.

    For me, it would be a pain in the %$# if I had to take the glove box off and replace it every six months to replace the filter. Also, the filter is probalby $15 apiece as well. Just my $.2.
  • sorry about the confusion with the 1997 article. In my case I bought a 97 leftover new in mid-98 and only put 20,000 miles on it (rotated religiously) & need to replace tires. So that kinda got my adrenaline goin to "discuss" with Nissan consumer affairs & this board. But I do think overall it is still a great vehicle... Good luck all.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    In addition to increased gas mileage (and lower HP), you're engine will be running slightly richer to compensate. This eventually leads to fouling (plugs, O2 sensors, etc.). For short term emergencies, don't worry about it, but you shouldn't be using it regularly.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    $31,510 seems to be a good deal for an LE AWD. Just about at invoice. Probably the only way to go much lower is to go to Canada to buy. Would save close to $3500 off that price. See my other posts above (#1 for example) for more info. Or email me.

    Love that bronzed gray too.
  • lopro1lopro1 Posts: 13
    Should I buy new rear shocks, or air springs? Help. I have a 98 QX4, and would like to take up to the moutains w/friends in tow.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Drove the PF all weekend exclusively. I must say that the brakes react better after the dealership bled the brakes last time it was looked at. It is a heavy vehicle, but not heavier than the next SUV. It does not stop on a dime like my Acura 1.6EL does, but I think this is inherent in vehicles of this nature.

    Recommend having the dealership bleed the brakes and never try to brake late.
  • ubrsfubrsf Posts: 51
    I had the same sticky gas pedal, and all that Nissan did was cleaned out the deposits from the throtle chamber for free. Now I don't know what "Fuel induction service" is? but i hope you didn't get ripped off. Sounds to me like the mechanic did a different service, still cleaned out your throtle chamber and then charged you for fuel induction service. Cause i have had several friends with the same sticky gas pedal, and they all got their throtles chamber cleaned. Hopefully i'm wrong!
  • Jon,

    You think I should try to work them to under invoice? Is it even possible? Out the door, tax, tags, and dest charge I come up with $33,215. I'm ready to go tomorrow, just making sure all my ducks are in a row. Thanks!
  • Does anybody out there have installed a Remote-Start for PF AW 01' ? I would like to hear your opinion. Is it voided manufacture warranty even if I have it installed from Nissan dealer. I would appriciate if somebody give me some suggestions. Thanks
  • Are you sure about using regular even occasionally? I remember reading a much earlier post where the poster stated that after putting in regular, he had heard pinging from the engine "for a while" and then it stopped. You do know that the pinging is detonation in the engine? Which means that the computer could do nothing to retard the timing and the result is engine damage. Now before every yells at me about this, this damage may not be readily apparent. I am also anal about my engines and vehicles because I keep them for long periods of time.

    Please re-read the manual about gasoline grade usage. If I wrong, no harm no foul.

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    ... it's OK to use it occasionally, just not regularly. I used it once just to feel the difference. Although the truck felt a little more sluggish, it certainly wasn't pinging. I do know that sometimes it takes the PCM a little while to "readjust" the combustion parameters to the new fuel. Maybe this is what happened...
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