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    Actually I take back my previous statement about the price. I forgot that Canadian LE's are pretty much loaded. So what I can say is that given an exchange rate of about 1.503, compared to a U.S. price, yes, that is a very good price for an LE.

    What I can't say for sure is whether it is a good *Canadian* price.

    And I still stand by my undercoating, paint sealant, etc. comment.
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    Thanks tonychrys I know that dealer paint seallant and rustproofing etc are high margin items, but these were all included in the price of the vechicle. Paint sealant just makes the vechicle that much easier to keep clean, and undercoating makes the vechicle a lot quieter. $41500 was the best drive away price I could get from about 3 different dealers in the area. I think I got a good deal .
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    Happy Holidays Everyone! I can't tell all of you how much I apprciate your help/time with sharing information on this board. It has truly helped me in my decision to get a Pathfinder.
    I have just purchased an SE here in Atlanta. During the test drive, I did not detect the dreaded "shimmy" that others have mentioned, but on my first trip out of town, sure enough it does shimmy. I have read all posts here regarding this problem, but still am not exactly sure what it is. Is it a tire balance problem? Is it a TIRE problem itself? Is it something worse? What should I do? Will the dealer take care of this problem? Will they act as if they have NEVER HEARD of this problem before? If any of you have had the "SHIMMY" and then had it fixed by the dealer, please share your experience with us. I am in Atlanta with a shimmying SE with 300 miles on it. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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    The first thing to do wheneevr you detect a tire shimmy is do the simpliest and least expensive thing: Make sure the wheels with the tires on them are balanced first.

    I've gotten our PF back from service and tire rotation, and experienced a shimmy at certain highway speeds. Complained to the dealer, they took off the wheels and rebalanced them (put those lead weights on the rim). Problem solved.

    I'm not saying this will cure your problem, but it's the simpliest thing to check first.
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    List is $44,300Cdn without undercoating, rust proofing and paint sealant. Since the dealer cost of these add-ons might be $200, you have a $3,000 discount from MSRP.

    While in a later post you said $41,500 as a driveaway price, I'm assuming $41,500 + GST + PST ...
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    Yes couimet price is $41,500 plus PST and GST . Even so still think this was a good deal, and the buying experience was one of the easiest I have ever had buying a vechicle.
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    Sorry you all, but I'm selling my beloved PF...I just can't continue to pay the insane cost of gasoline with the poor mileage of my PF. For those of you considering purchasing a 2001, beware that the market on SUV's is bottoming out, very similar to what happened with the Mini-Van craze of the 90's, only this time it's due to the increasing cost of gasoline. My PF, while still almost brand new, suffered from serious depreciation. Sure, I'm taking a loss, but a few years from now when gasoline is consistently over $2 a gallon everywhere, I hate to say it, but the big gas hungry SUV's will be a thing of the past. It'll be just like the oil embargo days, everyone will be dumping their big gas hogs for economy cars.
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    I just picked up my 2001 LE, $28439 plus did I do??? in Texas
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    I just purchased a 2001 SE. This is the first Nissan I have owned and while I have read great things about their reliablity, since I expect to keep it for a long time, is it worth investing in an extended warranty and are they really worth it. Based on my reseach, a bumper-to-bumper ext. warranty for 6yrs/72,000 miles will be about $850 - $900.

    Also, is it worth getting winter tires. I have the Bridgestones and live in the Midwest. Thanks in advance.
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    I am leasing an 01 PFLE for 24 mo. with 25,000 mi/yr It has the following:
    Limited Slip
    Navigation System
    Leather Pkg
    Floor mats
    Side mldgs
    S/R Wind deflectors
    Dest and Hdlg MSRP 36,852

    I can lease this car with just first mo.,registration and bank fee total $1211. My monthly lease including tax is $581. Any comments on this price.
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    Happy Holidays everyone! Finally finished with all the wrapping, now I get to be Santa Claus tomorrow :-)

    Sanandton - thanks for the reply. The noise isn't too bad, just wanted to be sure my PF is not missing a panel or insulation that should be there during manufacturing. I can live with it.

    Maxzoey - I paid $41631 Cdn for a white LE AWD a couple of months ago, without the dealer add-ons you mentioned. I'm from the States, so that was a good price for me. As tonychrys said, I'm not sure if your price is a good Canadian price.

    Jbuecker - There has been plenty of discussions about this issue a couple of months back. I think someone even posted a probable fix for it (something about index balancing?) Try searching in the archives section. Mine PF has been shimmy free (almost 1k miles now), except for one brief instance. Have not been able to reproduce it. Hopefully it never comes back. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Cwopete - Sorry to hear that you will be selling a fine vehicle IMHO. One question though, why did you buy an SUV in the first place? I guess its not for the gas mileage!?

    Kathycpa - What are the options? See above for what I paid for mine from Canada, loaded except microfilter, mouldings and hitch. I paid $27,196+TTL (with 1.5308 conversion)

    Well, that's all from me. Hope everyone have a wonderful and save holiday season. Til next time...


    P.S. My wish for Edmunds is to fix the new software...Well, trying again to post...
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    I forgot to include that I have the leather pkg, floor mats and microfilter, side mouldings on 2001 LE PF $28439..... I bought in Texas
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    Something is wrong/good here? This price is too good. way below invoice.

    Is there something you are leaving out? Is it a 2001.5 AWD? If it isn't, that would explain the price, dealers are trying to get rid of the non-AWD models.
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    Looking for the best purchase price for a fully loaded 2001 PFLE 4WD. You said you got yours for 28439? Can you post info on a contact person, 800 #s, etc. Did you have any problem with limited inventory selection? How long was your wait? The dealer we went to has an SE 4WD- pretty loaded, but don't like the shift on the fly 4WD, no leather seats, no navs.Would like to hear from anyone who has an input on this matter.
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    I'm seriously considering buying a 98 Pathfinder with 45,000 mi. from a local dealership. The price is right and the truck is immaculate...and loaded. I only drive about 7,000 miles a year and I take excellent care of whatever I'm driving. HOWEVER...I don't want to have any repairs much less any major ones. I've never considered buying anything with this many miles on it and wouldn't be considering it now if it were anything but a Pathfinder. Anything I should be aware of?
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    I could use some information on your recent purchase from Tischer Nissan in Maryland. What salesman did you deal with when you bought your LE? How was your experience at the dealership?

    You can either post here or email me if you like: [email protected]

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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    I have been following the posts here for almost 1year now and don't recall any significant complaints with the 98 PFs. As a matter of fact, I can't recall a single complaint about that model year. We have two other PFs in the family besides my thus far flawless 01 with 10k miles on it. We have a 96 PF SE with around 60k and not a problem, also a 90 XE with 130k miles and no problems. The odds are in your favor to get a problem free SUV. Don't skip a good mechanic once over, or ask for some sort of warranty or return period. Good luck.
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    CWOPETE - sorry to hear you are selling your PF. I have a PF 01 and love it. I get 17-21 mpg and am happy with that. If you look at I think you will find that the SUV craze is still going on. In 2001 most new models of cars that hit the show rooms will be trucks. Anyway, are you selling your PF? If it is a 2001 give us the details. My girl friend wants to get one also. If you are in the NJ area I would be interested.
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    That LE price seems right in line with the best of them - maybe a 100 better even. When I bought in Canada (to bring back to the US) in Sept, the Winnipeg dealers were all nice but couldn't touch the price in Toronto. What dealer did you work with and who was the contact? Email me if you prefer. Thanks.
    [email protected]
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    Hey guys, I have a silly question. Can someone explain the rear differential to me? I kind of have an idea of what a differential does (transfers power to the other wheel if one slips). When in 4wd, all 4 wheels are engaged, correct? So, would the rear diffy only be useful when in 2WD? Worth the money as an option?

    Second, can someone give me more info on whom and where to buy from in Canada? I won't be ready to buy until this summer or fall, but I would like to have everything well planned out before then. Please email me any info if you got it.

    Lastly, opinions on 01 PF LE vs 01 QX4? Seems like only a couple $K difference. Any thoughts?

    Thanks a bunch. You all are super helpful.

    [email protected]
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    I just bought a 01 Pathfinder LE 4x4. During the summers, I historically get tons of bugs splattered all over the front hood and bumper. I am wondering if the paint sealant treatment that nissan offers is worthwhile (says it will help this and also minor chips from flying rocks, etc...).
    Also is the extended warranty worthwhile, I've read that these are not all that great to buy.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    #320 pyrenus: a differential is a gear mechanism that splits power from one input source (from the transmission) into two output sources (ie. the L and R wheels). It also allows for there to be a difference in speed between the two wheels when a vehicle is turning (ie. the inner tire of the turn rotates slower than the outer tire of the turn). Most differentials (and in a 4wd vehicle there are 2 of them - one in front and one in back) unfortunately can send all the power to the tire with least traction; so if in 2wd one tire is on a patch of ice then all the power goes to that wheel and spins. Same for the front differential. Therefore a 4wd vehicle can get stuck if ONE front and ONE rear tire spin on a patch of ice. The two other tires will not get any power and the car will not move forward. Nissan has a very good rear differential which has a "limited slip" feature. It allows to send power to both rear tires even if only one of them has traction thus the car can move forward. In 4wd, your car will have power going to at least 3 tires and usually that is enough to drive through most situations. In winter or off road conditions, it is a worthwhile investment.

    In response to my prior question # 257 about the 4wd system of the PF I found this on an Australian car website:

    "Proving that motorsport does improve the breed, the All-Mode 4WD system used by Nissan in the Series 2 Pathfinder is a derivative of the ATTESA E-TS 4WD technology first seen in the high performance Skyline GT-R coupe road and race cars...

    Pathfinder's All-Mode 4WD system was developed having regard for the wide range of driving environments in which
    recreational 4WD vehicles are used.
    When set in the Auto setting, the All-Mode 4WD system automatically distributes torque between 100 per cent through the rear wheels to 50:50 front/rear when traction is difficult. In the Auto setting, front torque distribution varies with:

    Difference between front and rear propeller shaft speeds;
    Throttle opening angle;
    Rate of vehicle acceleration;
    Braking force;
    ABS operation; and
    Road speed.

    Torque distribution is via a hydraulically operated multi-plate clutch and in the Auto setting, the maximum split is 50:50 front/rear which is the same as the 4WD High manual setting.

    Hydraulic pressure to the clutch is varied according to requirements - the more pressure applied to the
    clutch, the more torque which is transmitted to the front wheels.

    Sensors monitoring factors such as front and rear propeller shaft speeds, engine speed, throttle sensor
    and ABS actuation deliver information to a transfer control unit.

    Following receipt of that information, the transfer control unit varies the hydraulic pressure to the clutch via a series of solenoids and valves.

    Hydraulic pressure for the clutch is generated using two pumps. One is driven by the main shaft and produces oil pressure when the vehicle is being driven forward while the second is driven by an electric
    motor and is used when the vehicle is reversing or travelling at low speed.

    The two pumps guarantee constant pressure in the clutch system and are assisted by one-way valves
    and discharge valves to ensure pressure is maintained and the oil flow is correct, even when the main oil
    pump is in reverse.

    Turning the 4WD dial on the dashboard to 4WD Low bypasses the clutch and locks the front and rear drive shafts,
    unlocks the sungear/input shaft and locks the planetary carrier which produces a reduction of 2.569:1 - this is actually
    lower than other Nissan 4WD models which have a reduction of 2.02:1."

    I hope this satisfies some of you.

    Mark ( soon to be 01 PF owner)
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    I have been looking through some of the posts and I didn't see this answered, if it has been sorry.

    What is the difference between the Xterra and Pathfinder? I know you can get more horsepower, but is that all? It seems like the size and capabilites are roughly the same. Thanks in advance.
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    I got my LE 2WD I/leather, microfilter, floor mats, wind deflector, and tow package for $28,100.00 a few weeks ago. I am sure you could add the $2273.00 for the 4WD and the $216.00 for the LSD and be out the door for around $30,580.00.
    Give Art Marbury a call at Gwinnett Place Nissan in Duluth, GA @ 1-800-845-0385 or his direct # @ 1-678-480-7033 and make him an offer. Gwinnett Place promises to beat anyone's price - I called their bluff and got out for WELL UNDER INVOICE. They are the largest volume dealer in the southeast (so they say). Tell Art you got this info off the internet from Alpharetta Mike and I think he'll make you a deal! We're quite happy with our price!
    later - mjow
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    RE: #320 pyrenus: you ask the difference between the Pathfinder LE and the QX 4 . Iknow I was considering buying the the QX4 because at $49000 Canadian the I felt it was a superior vechicle, being more refined, quieter, larger tires, xenon headlights. But the pricing on QX4 is firm, there was no dealing to be done, and when I was able to get essentially the same vechicle, at $7500 less I jumped at it, and bought the Pathfinder. With the Qx4 being that prestige nameplate, and in short supply in Canada, the dealers just don't have to deal.
  • peaches5peaches5 Member Posts: 91
    I test drove both. IMHO, they are two completely different vehicles. I'm a middle aged soccer mom and the PF was more refined, comfortable, had the leather, heated seats, wood trim, etc. The X is more rough - for the young and young at heart that are really going to work the 4WD often where it doesn't matter if it gets splattered with mud. The PF is just as capable offroad as the X, but I tend to think it's for people like me that are driving it to the grocery store and use the 4WD for snow and, most importantly, the beach ;)
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    I bought a 1996 4runner SR5 V6 new in 1996. Around town in Pa hills I am averaging 15 mpg. Towing 5x10 motorcycle loaded h-d softtail classic and 500# of gear to Fla 4 times average 15 mpg. In Fla on flat land w/o trailer I am getting 20 mpg. Have erattic (not linnear) guage which was changed but did not help. Check miles every fill up. Only 25k miles, but had to have rotors changed out of warranty but Toyota paid. Also had Toyota electric converter box changed 5 times. Again Toyota paid. V6 is a little anemic so another dealer gave me 01 260 h.p. Pathfinder overnight. What a difference. Does not moan...just goes. I am concerned about no frame, struts up front, mileage, and resale. Any comments?
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    Lets see here, Ok Im looking at a 2001 Pathfinder SE 4x4, cd, silver, (not too sure about all of the options quite yet) 7K miles. The asking price in my autotrader is $27,900. I hopefully will be able to get them down quite a bit since the TMA now is 27145 or so, how does $26K sound? Do you think its possible? THANKS SOO MUCH!!! Neil
    P.S. Im getting a car within the week or the begining of next week (monday) so any hints to prices or oppinions would be Greatly appreciated thanks again.
  • qx4bobqx4bob Member Posts: 2
    hey peaches5,
    any news on the popping noise? we've got a 00 qx4 with 12,000 in the upper midwest and have the same issue. the dealer is checking it this week, so let's compare responses.
  • sanandtonsanandton Member Posts: 342
    I believe the PF would have 240hp not 260. Still a silky smooth power source. Every day I get into my PF, coming up on 1 year in april I love it more. Resale seems to be bolstered recently, especially in light of the outdated 4r platform and power of the PF. Someone posted earlier on the trade in value of a 97 or 98 PF and they were very pleasantly surprised. The PF was recently named #1 in initial quality by JD power, and I believe scored very well in overall appeal. You have had a small taste, now buy the whole pie and join the rest of the impressed new owners here. (No I'm not a Nissan sales guy and I don't own a majority share in Nissan. Just love this SUV)
  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    Is anyone hearing this radio ad? My sister (In Indiana) heard this ad and emailed me to let me know. She didn't hear it all and didn't get all the information, so I thought I would try here.

    If anyone has any information, please let me know.

    Do you happen to know where this is available?

    When does it expire?

    In about 10 days I'll be purchasing a PF in the Baltimore area (or I may be even buying in Canada, thanks to Jon, but still unsure) and would like to get this incentive if possible.

    Please contact me via email at: [email protected] or post here, of course!

    Thanks for any help-

  • mark195mark195 Member Posts: 2
    Hello all, I'm looking for some input:

    I am considering selling my 01 SE. With the increasing cost of gas and other things I can't help feeling that I am overall paying too much for my PF. Don't get me wrong, I love the car and do not want to get rid of it but I am feeling as though I have over paid a little bit. I have a 01 SE with everything but leather and 8K miles. Does anyone have an idea of what type of price I'd be able to get for this car. I don't want to take a bath of this thing so I would like to know what I should expect if I trade it in or try to sell on my own. Any input would be appreciated.

  • peaches5peaches5 Member Posts: 91
    LOL, I just posted to you over at QX4 ;) It's in the shop now. I had a laundry list of things I wanted checked out before my 12/12 ran out. Plus I have some damage that rodent caused that they are having to order a part for - oy. They did call yesterday and say "The steering problem is fixed" but no other information. When I pick it up, I'll report as to the fix and if it's really fixed :)
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    Has anyone noticed an odd noise coming from the drivetrain (sounds like it is coming from underneath the rear seat) at highway speeds mainly 45-70 MPH. It occurs when maintaining speed or slowly deccelerating. It will go away when you accelerate or coast. It only occcurs when the Auto mode is selected on the All mode 4WD. If you turn it to 2WD it instantly goes away. Another thing I noticed is that occasionally it will jurk forward slightly when I shut the engine off when the 4WD selector is in Auto mode. I just want to be sure that the All mode 4WD is working properly. Thanks.
  • savage4savage4 Member Posts: 11
    I have heard the add here in the north east. The add says it is on all 2001 PF's from now until January 2.
  • lrichardslrichards Member Posts: 18
    I am looking to lease a 2001 Pathfinder SE with moonroof. I live in Maine and I would like to make a deal anytime in the next couple of months. Does anyone know of any lease specials, rebates, or incentives coming up in the near future? What should I expect to pay per month for a 3 year lease? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Lisa
  • loboyloboy Member Posts: 75
    Someone posted a while back about the "jerk" (for lack of a better term) when turning off the engine with the AWD engaged. This is normal according to the manual. As to the drivetrain noise you described above, I haven't notice anything unusual on my LE AWD, but I usually don't switch into/out of 2WD/AWD unless I'm going slow (<30 mph), especially not in freeway speeds. I'll pay closer attention next time. I posted an "excessive noise" question last week, noise coming from the rear wheelwell. Sanandton reponsed back that his LE also has the noise. Probably more of a design issue than a manufacturing one.
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    Hey Don,

    Hope you had a great holiday. The trip to Santa Barbara was fantastic. The PF ran great, even loaded down with presents and our black lab. I even got about 20 mpg zipping along between 75 - 80. It's hard to keep the speed down! I was curious to know if you ever got an answer to the Canadian $ versus US $ for the GST tax. If not, then fellow Canadian PF purchasers --- did the refund come in Canadian or US dollars?

  • sivi1sivi1 Member Posts: 82
    sorry i mean 260 pounds of torque vs. 215 in 4rn which would make a big difference pulling the motorcycle trailer. thanks.
  • loboyloboy Member Posts: 75
    Glad to hear you had a great trip...back to your question. No, I don't recall getting an answer on this forum. I hope the refund is in Cdn $ now that it is a little stronger against the US $ (today at $1.511Cdn/$1US)
  • taf7417taf7417 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info aspenwhite. I hope there is nothing wrong with it. I have about 2800 miles on mine. I usually drive in 2wd, but I know it shoudn't be bad to drive all the time in the Auto mode. In fact that is what the dealer recommended. I just hesitate to do so because of the noise. Did your first PF LE have the all mode 4WD? Everything else about mine is absolutely perfect. I just hope the noise is normal. Thanks.
  • mjowmjow Member Posts: 7
    First, I say check the manufacture date on the drivers door panel. If it is earlier than 09-00 then it is "possible" that the tires are bad (a tech told me this - are they the bridgestones?). I purchased my 01 LE in Atlanta (Gwinnett Place Nissan) and noticed the problem a few weeks after the purchase on HWY 400.
    I went back to have a tow package installed and had the tires rebalanced. So far it has solved the problem. BUT, the service tech did tell me that several owners have come back and the only way they solved the problem was to have the tires replaced. IF you get to that point, have them put michellins on instead of bridgestones. I had this done on my Infiniti I30 a few years ago and it was like a different car on the highway. Hope you enjoy it !

    Happy in Atlanta
  • peaches5peaches5 Member Posts: 91
    That's one of the other things my Pathy's in the shop for. I have Toyo's on mine and they've been balanced, rotated and a front end alignment. I'll try the Michelins if this doesn't work. I so wanted to love this truck!
  • goose1207goose1207 Member Posts: 113
    Does anyone know where I can find any instructions (preferably on the web) on how to install Xenon headlights on my '01 LE? It must be possible since the QX4 has them. Who makes the ones on the QX4? Thanks in advance. Everyone on this message board has been great and reading the messages helped me negotiate a great deal!
  • meca2meca2 Member Posts: 284
    The tires could be out-of round. Someone posted this earlyer. Or rotate the tires
    on the wheels 180 deg and rebalance. Tires 30 years ago needed to be trued
    on a trueing machine befor the ran smooth. I wish you luck. Steve
  • meca2meca2 Member Posts: 284
    Should be no drive train noise. I have 2000 mile on mine mostly in the snow
    and ice. Very impressed with the AWD . Slow to 30 or less to shift or better
    yet stop and then shift. Should here a "beep" then the 4wd lights come on then
    off you go ....have fun...... steve
  • jbueckerjbuecker Member Posts: 3
    I also got my PATHY from Gwinnett Place Nissan. The Manufacture date is 4/00 &
    the tires are'nt Bridgestones. They are Dunlop TG 35's. Are these common on the SE's? It sure seems a lot of folks have this "shimmy" . I am assuming replacing the tires with new ones are covered under our warranty?? -- Some one else told me that it might be a Rotor problem...Could this be? I do not notice any problems when braking.....
    other than the shimmy , I love the truck...Feels Strong and solid.

    Hey thanks again all for the help :)
  • stevinwshingtnstevinwshingtn Member Posts: 23
    Sorry I didn't answer your question earlier. I am on a holiday break from the big B here in Seattle and I haven't had much time to fire up the old laptop home. The GST refund comes in US dollars. They gave me a fair exchange rate. I think it was .65 something. That is a little lower than the conversion I got going the other way but the rates have changed since I bought. I think I was at about .67 something. Of coarse you had perfect timing and the rate was really good when you bought. You'll probably make money on your refund. I don't think they care what your rate was, they use whatever is current..

    I noticed the last time I filled up that I was able to put in 2 or 3 more gallons after the nozzle shut off the first time. That seemed like quite a bit and should help on with the short range I have been getting (less than 300 miles to a tank at about 15 mpg).

    Does anyone know how much gas is left when the light comes on and how much of it is usable. I guess the only way to know is to run it out of gas. Has anyone done that??????

    As far as road noise goes, I can't hear anything, the stereo is usually turned up loud to cover up the howling from my ski rack.
  • stevinwshingtnstevinwshingtn Member Posts: 23
    I forgot to ask, did you get the rest of the parts for your rear deflector?
    Are you happy with it? I have to order one myself.
  • goose1207goose1207 Member Posts: 113
    There is approx. 4-5 gallons left when the light comes on. Total tank capacity is approx. 21 gallons. The times that I've filled up right when the light comes on takes approx. 16 gallons or so.

    $1000 cash back here in New England until 1/2/00
    Ads have been in Boston Globe here.

    Current leases in Boston area are $299/mo ($315 w/ tax) for 36 mos, approx. $2k - $2500 down. This is for an SE with Bose and sunroof, 12k miles per yr.
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