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    Have you seen the ads in the Boston Globe for Quirk Nissan? Apparently they're currently taking $4500 off Pathfinder SEs. Do you think that's before the $1000 cash back? If so, $5500 off the sticker sounds like a great deal, even more so if they'll offer this on the LE AWD.
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    also, is the cash back offer only on Pathfinders, or all Nissans?
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  • rich96rich96 Member Posts: 37
    Great, thanks.
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    As others have mentioned, the low fuel light comers on at about 16 gal. Which leaves about 5 gals left. Has anyone run this all the way down to see how much is usable? With the poor gas mileage I typically get 14-16 mpg. I am afraid to go any further than about 50 miles after the light comes on for fear of completely running out of gas. I have never put more than 18.3 gals in. The engine ran fine with no sputtering at all. Maybe I will get brave and try for a little more. Anybody ever do better than 18.3 gals at fill-up?
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    That sounds like my wife. She refuses to stop for gas until she is bone dry. Doesn't leave much room for error such as stuck in traffic, etc. I never understood that.
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    That's me... only I'm the husband. It drives my wife nuts, but I like I tell her, "I know how this puppy runs and I know how many miles are left. Sit back and relax"

    Haven't EVER run out of gas. Yet.
  • poswaldposwald Member Posts: 38
    As others have mentioned, the low fuel light comers on at about 16 gal. Which leaves about 5 gals left. Has anyone run this all the way down to see how much is usable? With the poor gas mileage I typically get 14-16 mpg. I am afraid to go any further than about 50 miles after the light comes on for fear of completely running out of gas. I have never put more than 18.3 gals in. The engine ran fine with no sputtering at all. Maybe I will get brave and try for a little more. Anybody ever do better than 18.3 gals at fill-up?
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    Is the cash back nationwide? A friend in NV is hoping to get one tonight.
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    Quirk originally advertised the SE for $26,999 prior to this additional $500 rebate, good until 1/2/01. With all rebates, they are selling them for $26,499. Not a bad price.

    The offer is good on MOST Nissans, including all PFs. It does not apply to the supercharged edition of the Frontier, or specialty (low supply, high demand) type cars like that --although I do believe it applies to the anniversary edition of the Maxima.

    I leased my first PF from Quirk back in 6/99, a 99.5 SE Limited (new body style). I have not been too impressed with their customer relations so when I returned this vehicle, I didn't even consider buying from them. I recently purchased a '01 LE from Marlboro Nissan. Best prices around. Clay's in Dedhams' limit was $31,900. Let me know if you want more info., etc.
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    I filled up the other day at 18.5 gals. I could have made it into the office if I had known (another 16 miles). With the below freezing temps here lately, I don't think I'd go any lower.
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    i am looking into getting my first car- a pathfinder! we heard that the 1999.5 edition was new with a roll bar and side impact bags. it seems that the side impact bags are just an option,and i can't find any info on roll bars and when they might have showed up. can anyone help me?
    ~looking in atlanta
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    My '99 SE just hit 36,000 miles yesterday. No problem so far, except for a faulty fuel sensor that got replaced. Tires wear are pretty good for OEM GrandTrek. I was looking for new tires a few months back but they look like they can hold it for about 10,000 miles more so I save a few hundreds bucks. They performed well on the snow and ice during a recent Lake Tahoe trip. Looking at Jim Wolf Kit, but haven't decided yet.
    I'm looking to start changing the oil/filter myself, any tips? DO I have to use Nissan oil filter? and how do I keep proof the the truck is regularly maintenance if I do it myself?


    Wish everyone a safe holiday...
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    I'm not sure about the new rollbar, but on my 2000 LE, the side airbags came with the leather option.
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    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the update on the GST refund. I guess I did timed it right. I'm hoping the rate will get even better, especially with the US economy slowing.

    Still waiting for the remainder of my order from nissanpartsusa. I e-mailed them a couple of days ago and still no response. Not too impressed with them. Maybe I'll call my credit card company and hold the charges.

    I'm also getting 16-17 gallons after the gas light comes on. I didn't want to overfill the tank or run it bone dry. Averaging about 17 mpg. I'm just thru with the break-in period so the mpg will probably go down! :-) STILL LOVING MY PF!!

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    Hey ya'll. I'm in Texas and I've been following these PF discussions for a bit -- finally decided to post some of my personal experience with this beloved beast.

    First of all - I don't know anything about no rollbar, but sure could have used one on the 16th of December. My husband and I were out for a nice drive on an unfamiliar country backroad and came up fast on a curve. At lease one of the tires left pavement and hit the mud which put us into a skid across a bridge. Not liking the idea of going into the creek I turned the wheel and put us right into a roll - ouch and ended upside down. Both my husband and I walked away (alas, my poor PF did not) and we are convinced it was in no small part due to the side impact airbags. The top of the passenger compartment was crushed (no evidence of a rollbar here) to the top of the seat headrests, but other than that, maintained enough integrity to let us leave with just scrapes, bruises, and bumps - hence, my username crasht :)

    Would I purchase another PF? You betcha! I'm looking to buy exactly the same thing I had before - LE 4x4 w/leather, sunroof & rear deflectors, mats, filter, etc. Perhaps Sahara Beige instead of Bronzed Gray this time.

    I hadn't known about the AWD model until recently, but my husband feels that we're better off sticking with 4WD. We're out in the country and on dirt roads which turn to clay mud anytime it rains and 4WD really makes it easier going for us. I also like the fact that I can eat a 4Runner alive on Central Expressway anytime - hee, hee.

    Anyhow, going to Canada to purchase is not in the cards for us, but we were thinking of going back to Trophy Nissan where we originally purchased and thought we had a good deal. They're willing to sell at the same price. . .$31,700 (plus TT&L)is this considered reasonable? Haven't heard about the 1,000 back down here in Tejas.
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    Sorry to hear about your ordeal. You mentioned that you prefer the 4x4 version instead of the AWD. The AWD IS 4x4 with the addition of an AUTOMATIC transfer case. I would highly recommend going with the AWD version unless you prefer the stick option. The AWD have the following switches: 2H, AWD, 4WD HI, 4WD LOW (some other AWD SUV dont have a low range). If you set it in AWD mode, there is no need to transfer in/out of 4x4, just a simple switch. I think this will help with your country outings better than with the old style 4x4. I hope that makes sense. I'm sure others can argue the same thing. Good luck with your search.
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    Thanks for the info. I guess it's a $500 rebate instead of $1000. As for Quirk Nissan, I've heard bad stories from them too, so I wouldn't buy a car there. If I do decide to buy one, I might try bringing their ad to another Nissan dealer asking them to match the price. Still deciding between a Pathfinder and a Maxima SE, though. A fully loaded Maxima SE goes for around $30000, with a $3600 discount at Quirk. I'm not sure if I'm ready to jump on the SUV bandwagon just yet. I guess I have some thinking to do.
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    Hey Steve,
    Just an update. I received an e-mail back from Nissanpartsusa and they shipped the mounting kit yesterday (tracking it now). I should see it tomorrow or Saturday. I'll keep you posted as to the outcome.
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    Just bought an 01 LE PF, Leather and 4WD, MSRP was $34,417.00 + $854.00 for the desert protection package. Total came to $35,271.00. The dealer shaved $4000.00 off the price and I paid $31,271.00 + tax, license etc. The dealer recommended leaving it in all wheel drive at all times. The book, page 5-19 recommends two wheel drive position for first 300 miles.
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    Thanks for the input regarding AWD. It does sound like something we should consider.

    BTW,do you know whether gas mileage is better or worse with AWD? My last PF averaged ~17 mpg and most of that is highway driving at 70-75mph naturally in 2WD. I must put about 500 miles a week on my vehicles and gasoline consumption is definetly higher with the PF than with our V6 Camry!

    One other question I have for anyone out there (this topic may have been addressed before), about synthetic motor oil. I've been told that using something like Mobil 1 instead of regular oil can help with extending gas mileage. I've read comments about filters earlier in this forum and plan to research that more also.

    Thanks for the info!
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    You're welcome. I'm also getting about 17 mpg on my LE AWD with about 60-70% highway driving. I don't leave it in Auto mode all the time (I was told by the dealer to leave in 2WD if I don't need it). I only switch into Auto mode when it rains. Here in the Pacific NW that's a lot! My guess is mileage will be worse if leaving in Auto mode, but to what extent I'm not sure.

    About motor oils, there's been some good discussions in the Maintenance forum.
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    So no one is going to own up to running out of gas to find out what the actual usable amount of fuel is! I don't really like to let the tank run all the way to the bottom but there is only one place in the seattle area (that I know of) where I can get premium for $1.64 a gallon..costco. I'd hate to run out trying to save a dollar or two.

    I wonder if the drivetrain noise that is being discussed could be the electric pump that supplies hydrulic power for the transfer case? By the way that was a great explanation of the system Mark28 (see post #322)

    As for gas mileage in AWD vs 2WD there shouldn't be any difference since the front wheels don't drive in AWD unless the rear wheels start to slip.
    I generally leave it in 2WD unless I am in the snow. With the big tires and limited slip you have to be trying to get the rear tires spinning.
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    I had a 99.5 PF and they do not have rollbars. Neither does my new '01.
    Side air bags only come with the leather seat package for 99.5 thru current.

    Just curious --how fast were you going when the PF flipped over? How many times did it roll?

    The rebate is really $1000. Initially it was $500 and I believe it was last week or the week prior that they added the additional $500. However, Quirk is trying to keep $500, showing a rebate of only $500 instead of $1000.

    I can't speak for the Maxima but the PF is great in terms of utility, especially if you're a weekend Home Depot warrior. Driveability in the snow and ice is excellent as well. Of all the SUVs out there, the PF is one of the few that drives like a car.

    If you're within driving distance to Brockton, you should check out Center Nissan. They are selling the SE's for $26,188. Also, the cost of money is on sale until the beginning of the new year as well so you might as well take advantage of the special financing since it's so cheap. I think they have a website too:

    I have the all-mode and there are no strange noises. The MPG seems to be on par with my old 99.5 with the old engine. I have mine in auto all the time, ever since I passed the 300 mile break-in period since there has been off and on snow and ice around here.

    Does anyone know if the AWD works at all speeds, ie, highway speeds? My old 99.5 w/ the manual transfer case recommended 4H below 50mph. Just curious. TIA.
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    Does anyone know when the 2002 Pathfinders are going to be available? Just curious because I know there should be heavier discounts on 2001 PFs at that time. Thanks.
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    sbelfield I asked the dealer yesterday when I picked up my o1 PF, and dealer said 2002 model was due in September in Canada. Think you should buy now, I think pricing is great now.
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    Does anyone have experience with our manufacturer (Nissan) and their state's Lemon Law? My PF is about to be declared a lemon. My 01 LE AWD has been out of service for over 30 days (and only purchased November 18) while waiting for a replacement speedometer / odometer computer module. PS - My dealer tells me there is someone in Wichita KS with the same problem.
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    Thanks for the info. Iwill contact the dealership you recommended. Happy new year!
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    Also posted this on the QX4 board:
    Picked the car up today. Not very happy: they charged me for an alignment even though it was aligned 8 months ago. They say they guarantee everything for 12/12, yet my PF doesn't even HAVE 12K on it, nor is it 12 months old yet and so far, 2 alignments and it's better, but still not fixed. As far as the steering wheel popping, got the old "Couldn't duplicate". Well, duh. It's warmed up substantially since I took it in. I'll be driving it over the weekend when the temps are going back down and I'll call them AGAIN when I hear the popping sounds. Sorry I couldn't offer more info!
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    Well, I don't really know how fast I was flying, but I reckon it was pert near 40mph and I believe the curve was signed at 30mph. Also, my husband theorizes that when we swerved on the bridge, some part of the vehicle hit the bridge railing which probably contributed to the rollover.

    As far as how many times. . .I was so busy saying "oh [email protected]#%, oh [email protected]#%" that I didn't really count. It was estimated at least once, probably twice.
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    The all-mode 4WD system is an auto 4WD system. This means that in auto mode it requires no driver intervention and the computer will progressively transfer power from the rear wheels to the front wheels (up to 50%) when rear wheel slippage is detected. Auto mode can be left on at all times, whether the pavement is dry, wet or snowy. I'd leave the system in auto mode all of the time since there is no substantial wear and tear on the parts, nor is there a fuel economy penalty. There is also a 4WD High Lock mode for the all-mode system, that locks the centre differential and splits power 50/50 between front and rear wheels. This mode should only be used on slippery surfaces as the system behaves like a PT4WD system now (see below).

    The "old" part-time 4WD system, OTOH, can only be used on very slippery pavement (or off-road) due to the lack of a centre differential. Use the system on dry/wet pavement and you will damage the transfer case. If equipped this way, you basically have a 4WD Pathfinder which is 2WD until you pull on the transfer case lever. Obviously, driver intervention is necessary.
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    Ouch! Glad that you and your husband are okay. Side impact airbags are designed to help in the event of a side impact collision with door intrusion into the cabin. They do not help in rollovers since they deflate much too quickly and are not designed for that purpose. Do you have any pictures of your truck after the accident?

    BTW, did the roof really collapse to the top of the head restraints after 1-2 rolls? I would be surprised at this since it is not very good rollover crashworthiness compared to other SUVs on the market. Most SUVs on the market do not have rollbars. Instead, the A, B, C, D pillars and the roof are supposed to act as the structure. Unfortunately, SUVs do not have to meet passenger car rollover safety standard; these standards say that the roof must support at least 1.5X of the car's weight. Some manufacturers, such as MB for example, launch (off a platform) and roll all of their vehicles at least 4-5 times in internal tests to ensure that the roof doesn't collapse completely.

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    Anytime, Aspenwhite! I'm sure you enjoy driving what you have, and there're always future vehicles to look forward to :-) Of course, considering how reliable most Pathfinders are, you'll have to sell it before it seriously dies on you.

    Happy new year's eve eve!

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    I am wondering what the current prices are stateside for a 2001 XE model with the following options: 4WD-3.5 litre; stepside bars; undercoat; rear wind deflector. My neighbor just bought one here in Guam for $24,000- out the door!
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    I would be very interested in knowing the extent of the collapse that the passenger compartment sustained. As Drew mentioned, the A, B, C, D pillars and the roof are supposed to act as the structure and in your case, it seems that the PF did not meet that crashworthiness.
    I have twins on the way and I do not want to compromise their safety. If you can give us more information, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    Glad to know that you and your husband are still with us. :)
  • ac6000cwac6000cw Member Posts: 18
    I am considering buying a Pathfinder and I had a few questions for current owners.

    1. Where is the oil filter located? Is it reasonably easy to change? I ask because in my experience Nissan has a habit of poor locations making them difficult for the do it yourselfer to change. Any other routine maintenance issues for do it yourself types?

    2. Any comments on the original equipment tires as far as driving in snow? I have to drive 20+ miles to work on a road that is low on the plow priority list. I regularly drive through 3 to 6 inches of fresh snow and then packed snow and ice. The Pathfinders I have looked at have either Dun lop, Bridge stone or Too tires. They all look like a highway type of tread to me. Which is best?

    Thanks for any help. This seems to be one of the better boards of this type I have run across.
  • meca2meca2 Member Posts: 284
    The oil filter is in front of the engine behind the splash plate that has to be removed.
    The fuel filter is above the rear axle the most inconvenient place it could possable
    be. By a Toyota.
  • babblebabble Member Posts: 2
    Is anyone know where I can buy discounted service/factory manual for a 97 PF?
  • pathy57pathy57 Member Posts: 25
    Just finished trip, round trip about 2500 miles. Great vehicle, MPG about 19.5 with cruse at 70.
    All options working great, love the heated seats. Have about 8700 miles on now since September and really am impressed with fit and trim. Anyone looking for a Pathfinder I don't see how you would not enjoy the power and great quality.
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    A local multi location dealer (Kansas City) ran ad today;" $1,000 off invoice all (Nissan) models in stock, dealer retains all rebates". Edmunds shows no regional or national consumer or dealer rebates or incentives. Insight anyone? What about Canada, are rebates offered there (may buy there thanks to help from Jon Lofquist.)
  • crashtcrasht Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. Yes, I have photos and in looking at them it's amazing to me that we did not suffer greater injury than we did. My husband got the worst, which was a laceration on his head, but a few staples seemed to do the trick. The front passenger side of the vehicle (where he was)got the greater damage.

    I need to mention that the rear passenger areas did not sustain much damage at all. The roof area did not seem to cave in at all. Most of it was in the front area where the windshield is/was.

    I personally feel that our PF did what it was supposed to do, which is to protect passengers within the vehicle and bearing the brunt force of impacts externally.

    One other MAJOR factor to our survival were safety restraints. No matter how well built a vehicle is, you're asking for trouble by not wearing seatbelts. Always buckle up - you never know what is waiting down the road!

    And with that, I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to all of you!
  • goose1207goose1207 Member Posts: 113
    I had the factory Toyo tires and they were great on snow, ice, etc.

    The '01 that I just got has the Bridgestone's. Nor'easter here in New England today. Took the PF to an empty lot to play. They have plenty of grip on snow and slush. No opportunity to test on ice yet though. The all-mode makes it feel like it's on rails. Very difficult to induce over or understeer, unless of course you're in 2WD.
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    $1000 is the rebate now until 01/02/2001.

    As I have posted in the Smart Shopper group, the incentive info on Edmunds is flawed and incomplete. I have yet to hear from anyone from Edmunds to prove me wrong.

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    Just bought an LE ALL-MODE 4x4 in Boston area. Although local radio ads mention $500 Holiday Cash rebates and my salesperson only mentioned the $500, my Purchase Agreement and the Business Mgr. showed the $1000 rebate. That explained why I was able to get the deal that I had thought unlikely, walking into the dealer. It does expire 1/2/01 as stated, and my dealer was talking about needing full payment by COB 12/31/00.

    Any recent Massachusetts buyers out there who can confirm the Advertising fee shown to me on the dealer invoice? It was stated as 1.75% of Invoice ($550 in my case), as of 4/00. This sounds higher than I've read on this post for other states.
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    I'm trying to decide between the SE with leather/moonroof or the LE(moonroof & AWD std) for about $350 more. My question here is about the AWD-is it worth it? I saw the nice desc of differential by Mark28. It is still not clear, however, what AWD gives you vs limited slip differential (LSD). I see that LSD is still an option on the LE so it must not be redundant with AWD. The SE would be fine w/part time 4WD except that you can only use the 4WD on slippery pavement-the AWD would allow 4WD to be on all the time. It sounds like LSD allows use of 4WD all the time or at least more often than without-is this true? If so, what does AWD give me beyond LSD? This is an issue for me because, besides the extra $350 for the LE, I like the grill and other style stuff on the SE better than the LE and I don't like the fake wood on the LE-but the AWD issue will decide for me.


    Happy New Year to all.
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    LSD is on the rear axle, it allows power to be diverted to either wheel as one slips (spins). This is a good thing for obvious reasons. Every 2WD and 4WD can benefit from this.

    The AWD system is addtional and complementary. As the rear axle loses traction (spins), power is diverted to the front axle. It lessens the chance that you you will lose traction or get stuck because of a particular wheel pair is not gripping the road. This system is automatic and needs no driver intervention. It's a good thing.

    Quadra-drive, on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, takes this even further: There is a differential unit between each wheel pair AND the front and rear axles. This allows power to be diverted to ANY single wheel at a given moment. They say the only way a JGC can can stuck is if no wheels are touching the ground.

    As an aside, I live on Long Island and got hit that snow storm yesterday. Trying to get my '97 PF to go into 4HI mode was a bear. The gear shifter kept getting stuck and I was following the instructions. It finally worked, but it was frustration. Thank goodness ther lease is up.

  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    Ome more thing:

    I agree with you, the SE looks better than the LE. I hate those stupid running boards. And I like the titanium accents on the SE. They made the LE too bland and that is one reason I might skip the PF this time.

    But get the LE with the AWD instead of the SE, the resale value will be much better down the road.
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    Hello group, just got back into town from a long road trip down to southern California to take the family to Disneyland. Had a great trip and the PF LE was just to darn comfortable!!! Anyway I put about 1000 miles on it round trip and thought I would report my gas mileage. On the way down I tried to stay between 65 and 75 and got 21.22 MPG. On the way home I was a little heavier on the foot and cruised between 75 and 85 and got 18.59 MPG. I have a program on my Palm Pilot that allows me to plug in all data needed and it calculates it for me. I was really impressed in the MPG on the way down.

    Now that we are back, it's time to clean it. Any reccomendations on cleaning the inside, dash, door panels,and the leather seats.? I used Armorall on my last car and it looked great. I know not to use it on the leather seats which brings up another question. What to keep the leather seats protected???
  • li_sailorli_sailor Member Posts: 1,081
    thanks, tonychrys...I agree that, for resale the LE is good. Your explanation of the functions of LSD & AWD makes sense...I still have my most basic question tho...does LSD make part time 4WD able to be full time? Will LSD allow turning on dry pavement OK and in full control while in 4WD?
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